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Voidship: The Long Journey is nearing a major content release. We invite new testers to travel the void and find all the pesky bugs.

The development branch is now available with tons of new content, balance and optimizations. However, since this is a beta branch we cannot guarantee complete stability. A beta may have bugs and crash. It is also important to note that after official content update your beta saves will no longer work. If this trade-off sounds exciting to you, then we invite you to join us in testing the latest version of Voidship: The Long Journey!

How to select the beta branch
Head over to your Steam library and right click the Voidship game name (in the list on the left). When you right click the game a drop-down menu should appear, with several options. Select 'Properties' from the drop-down menu.

Once the Properties window opens there will be a BETAS tab at the top. Select the BETAS tab, select 'beta' from the BETAS tab.

Once you close the Properties window Steam will begin to update your client to the latest beta version of the game.

How to submit bugs
You can submit bugs to our discussion forum in ´Bug Reports/Tech Support´section under a pinned discussion: click here.

How to switch back to a stable branch
If the beta build is crashing too often, or if you would like to return to the regular Steam release, no problem! Simply open the Properties window again. Then, in the BETAS tab you can select 'NONE' to return to the normal branch.

Thanks so much for helping us test the latest version of Voidship: The Long Journey!
Voidship: The Long Journey - kenakuhi


3 weeks have passed since Voidship: The Long Journey launched on Steam. It has been an amazing ride for us and we thank everyone who helped to make this game a reality. We offer our thanks to our testers and everyone who provided us with valuable feedback. We are honored to have so many early players, thank you all for buying the game, writing reviews and talking about it all over the internet.

With your help, most major bugs have now been fixed and some requested features and balance already added. (More info in our Steam bug reports forum).

From now on we will be concentrating on bringing you more Voidship universe content in scheduled free content updates for Voidship: The Long Journey.

Next content update we will be concentrating on:

1. New random events to make your playthroughs more varied. Keeping the game fresh for longer both in dialogue and on the battle map.
2. A challenges mode for special one-off battles.
3. Small improvements like additional display settings (camera rotation, screenshake etc.).
4. Small balance tweaks to continue to refine the experience.

As we’re developing this first free update new features will be incorporated into the beta branch on Steam. We will let you know when the first of these additions are online.

We invite you to come to share your own ideas about Voidship in our Discord or Steam Discussions threads. Minor bugs will now be dealt with in order of priority, please post your findings in Steam Bug Reports or in the appropriate channel on our Discord.

Milu & Kristi
Voidship: The Long Journey - kenakuhi

Good news everybody! About 6 months ago Nookrium made a Youtube video about Voidship when it was still in beta. His followers have been so good to us and many of the original community members found us through this video.

We are happy that Nookrium will be streaming Voidship on our launch day 10:30 pm PST.

Subscribe to his Youtube and follow his Twitch and I´ll see you at the comments!
Voidship: The Long Journey - kenakuhi

Gather around as we polish the hull, fine-tune the engines and prepare for liftoff.
Voidship: The Long Journey will release on February 8th.

Voidship: The Long Journey launch trailer

The Terran Empire is in shambles and you barely escaped the onslaught. Your only mission is to reach a set of coordinates, a journey that will take several centuries. To reach your destination you´ll need to build your ship, explore unknown sectors, gather resources, find new crew members, discover new technologies, assist your allies and defeat your enemies.

Key features:
  • Build your own ship
  • Space travel takes time
  • Uniquely skilled crew members
  • Complex strategic gameplay
  • Play RTS or shooter mode
  • Real-time 2D space combat
  • Randomly generated maps and rogue-lite gameplay

If you love exploring and battling through unknown quadrants of space with a fully customizable warship… Voidship: The Long Journey is for you!

Come chat with us in Discord or Twitter!
Wishlist Voidship: The Long Journey and we´ll see you at launch!

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