Vambrace: Cold Soul - Headup Games

PAX East is around the corner, there is only one week to go! If you want to take a deeper look and get your hands on the roguelike fantasy-adventure set of Vambrace: Cold Soul, let's meet in Boston! You find us at booth #23078 on the main floor!

Come by, meet the nice guys of Headup and Devespresso Games, let's have a chat and get your hands on five more gems of the Headup portfolio: Colt Canyon, Silver Chains, Dead End Job, The Textorcist and Fromto (developer on-site)!

See ya in Boston!
Vambrace: Cold Soul - Vincedings

Vambrace: Cold Soul has been a long time coming. That is, the original concept is nearly 19 years in the making. In his youth, Minho Kim, our lead artist and CEO of Devespresso Games, often worked on the conjured world of Icenaire as a form of escapism. He populated the realm with a variety of interesting characters and dramatic events.

Most elements were loosely connected, while others found more solid form through discussions in Korean online forums. In there, he shared his art with other high-fantasy enthusiasts. They eagerly contributed to this ever evolving patchwork world. He even illustrated avatars for the most dedicated participants. Through the years, he honed his skill with pen and pencil. And though he would work on many new projects, Icenaire would remain a fond one. He eventually moved into the esoteric realm of game development.

Tristan Lee Riven our game designer and COO at Devespresso Games recounts the dramatic shift. "I somehow managed to convince Minho to join me in this harebrained attempt to make our own game. That's despite the fact we had no experience or knowledge of how to do so under our belts."

The two had met in Seoul, South Korea, when Tristan happened to walk by and see Minho working on some drawings. "I invited him for a coffee and we had a discussion about his art and some of my own ideas. Everything clicked right away. We both just enjoyed the creative process of making new worlds together," Tristan recalled. The team eventually managed to figure out the complex logistics of shipping an actual game. After completing their first title, The Coma: Cutting Class, Minho's new priority was returning to the land of Icenaire he had been working on for so long.
Vambrace: Cold Soul - Vincedings

We now have a date, for when you can set foot in the city of Icenaire and start your adventure as Evelia Lyric!

PC and Mac versions will release on 25th April:

We're looking forward to share more about the world of Vambrace in the upcoming months, so stay tuned and don't forget to Wishlist :)


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