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This week we've introduced a set of hydroponic bays, changed how airflow and ventilation works and also added medicine production.

First thing you'll notice is that oxygen wont be working quite the same as it was before. Life support now creates and stores oxygen in tanks then vents disperse oxygen into different areas in your station.

That means a new utility system for ventilation, oxygen tanks, vents, and a few new door types. There are now two types of doors, ones that block airflow and ones that don't. This can help you setup rooms and quarters, for example, that don't all need their own vent.

Up next we have hydroponics. You can now grow vegetables AND fruit, as well as medicinal plants that can be manufactured into medical supplies, to treat wounded meeple (Sorry, they ain't free anymore).

Save files are NOT broken this patch, however, you will need to make it a top priority to setup vents and probably replace some of your bulkhead doors with regular doors when you first load your station. Oxygen does last a little while, so you should have enough time (hopefully) good luck!

As always, feel free to join our discord community, we're always happy to answer questions and hear feedback!
Aug 16
Meeple Station - Last_Villager
This week we've worked on and fixed some existing issues with doctors. We've introduced medical beds and you can now setup medical wards to house your injured meeple, making it easier for your doctors to treat patients (instead of chasing them around the station)

You'll also notice meeple who are injured will seek out medical beds. But so long as you don't have a homicidal guard on the loose, hopefully your wards will stay relatively empty.

We've also done a fair bit of balancing to the meeple creation process, especially considering the difficulty. We're planning on putting in more traits and expanding on the health system shortly.

Amongst other bug fixes and such, we're laying down sound groundwork for another large patch. We'll be expanding on the ship management system and factions soon.

This will bring about a fair bit of change to the balance of the game and growing your station!

As always feel free to drop by our discord community!
Meeple Station - Last_Villager

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the bug reports and saying Hi on our discord community! This week we're just rolling in some light content and bug fixes in preparation for our next major patch.

So whats coming up next in our big patch?
We'll tell you later.. ;)
Meeple Station - Last_Villager

This week we've added a feature to be able to customise your starting crew when creating a new station. You can now balance advantageous traits or disadvantageous ones in order to add or sacrifice skills and attributes elsewhere.

Customising your Meeple has been a highly requested feature and we're glad to bring it into the game. It adds a lot of depth and a good amount of experimentation with your crew.

As we were testing we frequently got carried away trying out different skills and attributes and mixing them up with unique traits. For example, we found being able to add both the Chatterbox and Influential trait to an officer turned them into an abundant source of happiness as they flittered about the station talking everyone's ears off, much to their liking. But making sure they weren't extreme in any given attribute, so every crew member could find common ground and get along with them.

We're curious to see what other trait combinations might have strong benefits, or perhaps extreme pitfalls. Ever see an astrophobic Miner? Or a violent Guard? well if you haven't... now you can! (Even though you may not want to).

Along with this feature we've been flushing out as many bugs as we can and trying to focus on the overall polish of the game, after many large patches in the past few months we felt it was due, and will be focusing on bug fixes more intently the next week, before getting to work on our next major patch.

As always, feel free to stop by our discord community and say Hi! We love taking feedback and actively respond to any bugs or issues you might find!
Meeple Station - Last_Villager

Our long awaited UI overhaul patch is here! This one took a bit longer to wrap up, however we're glad we did. Things are beginning to feel a lot cleaner than they were before.

But this isn't JUST a UI update, we've been taking a lot of feedback and re-designing a lot of older menus and panels to make the game more ergonomic and intuitive in general, to improve the overall quality and ease of playing, as well as preparing for our next batch of planned features.

Here's a little screenshot of our new dynamic title screen, mmmmmm.

So whats coming next?

One of the large differences with the new UI is the Meeple panel. You can now view a lot more about each meeple and a lot easier. A long requested feature has been the ability for meeple to be more customisable, choosing your starting crew and having them improve and gain experience in the jobs you assign them. These are all in the works and coming soon in the future!

However, something we're actively working on for our next major patch is the addition of entities and other factions. We're adding on to the player ship construction mechanic and focusing on making interactions with traders more meaningful. (Yes, and pirates! They'll be coming back in full force, for those who have already witnessed the full force of pirate bombers and swarming invasions, you'll know what we're talking about)

We're currently working on a variety of ships for the player to create, as well as the ability to customise and color them.

Over the next few weeks our priority will be on fine tuning any UI we've missed and adding in factions, new ships and hopefully more which in turn will limit the infinite-super-monopoly stations some of you have been creating with our magically appearing cargo bustling trade ships.

All of this will be wrapped up in a bundle of new features.

Stay tuned! we're very excited about what's coming next! As always, feel free to drop into our discord server and have a chat, say hi, or ask questions.
Meeple Station - Last_Villager

This patch brings in some enormous changes, I'm not even sure where to begin!
We've been working hard to bring some of the core aspects too some of our major features.

O-Mega Patch!? Whats all this nonsense about!

This patch we've introduced a completely new map system, reformatted save files (but haven't broken them *phew*), added ship construction and a bunch of little bits and pieces you may notice. These are all the first step towards the much larger scope of the game we've been wanting to get at for quite some time.

You'll now find a new feature with docking gantries, you'll be able to construct your own ships! Why? well you can now send crew and resources to other stations, YOUR stations in fact, we've reformatted save files and opened up the map to allow you to build and maintain multiple stations at once!

We still have a lot more features that we'd like to introduce, and these large patch changes are just the beginning. We are working every day at fleshing out these features and expanding on them as much as we can.

How are we going to flesh out these features?

Well, firstly, we'll eventually open up the entire galaxy, as you're currently limited to your own solar system. Second, we're going to overhaul the ship management system, as it's our hope that you'll end up with dozens of stations and a large network of ships, customised of course to your liking, and managed more effortlessly through an intuitive UI.

Third, we have a complete UI overhaul coming in the next few weeks, as well as some overdue changes to how traders will work, introducing factions and persistent entities into your little meeple world.

All this and more! we hope you can enjoy what we've been cooking up over the past few weeks and stick around as we expand on it even further!

As always, feel free to join us on our discord server, we're active daily and love getting user feedback!
Meeple Station - Alex Poysky
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Meeple Station - StephenLucerne
We've added some new bits of content this week, but heavily focused on cleaning up as many bugs as we can, especially after all of the recent large changes.

This week you may notice a new odour feature - if you're not diligent enough in keeping a hygienic bathroom, that is -

(Odours may not be as deadly as the GIF implies)

We also have a few changes to the research tree.
But most of the bug fixes you can view on the title screen's change log.

So what's next?
We'll continue to keep an eye on bug reports as they come in. However, we're starting work on our next major patch, adding some huge new features.

We don't want to boast about it too much, but we're very excited! We're doing a complete rework of the map system, and we'll finally begin to add the first segment of story to our little meeple. That's right, they have a homeworld!

Amongst a whole lot of minor details, we'll be focusing on three major aspects over this next month for our mega patch, I'll explain a bit more about what they are here.

Firstly, the map

As you can see from the screenshot above, we're working on changing the style of the map completely. The idea is that you'll begin your first station in orbit of a small moon or planet, and you'll be able to explore the other planets within your solar system using your own ships piloted by meeple.

But wait! There's more!

Multiple stations

We're going to be removing the Quantum travel feature for space stations, instead, you'll be able to explore with your ships. But that doesn't sound like an improvement? Well, that's because we're going to be adding a feature where you can send crew off to build a new station, and give YOU the user freedom to jump back and forth between both of your stations, managing two entirely separate crews but supplying one another with your own trade lines... and we don't really plan on having any limit to how many stations you can build.


Simulated factions

Where do trade ships come from? they just magically appear on the edge of the map with bountiful cargo. But that's changing, now we're creating simulated factions, you'll be able to see where they are on your map, as well as the pirate stations, and they'll only be bringing what they have. That means if a faction doesn't have any Magnetite nearby, they wont be bringing any on their trade ships.

So that just about sums up the major changes we'll be working on the next few weeks, stay tuned! and of course, feel free to stop by our discord server and ask questions!
Meeple Station - StephenLucerne
After Friday's large patch we're trying to stay on top of bug reports. Keep them coming! Here is a quick summary of today's patch notes:

• fixed Chef descriptions
• adjusted various tutorial tips
• re-added plant bins so botanists can collect vegetables
• fixed thorium 232 and diamonds from not being able to be refined
• changed thorium reactor recipe and production rate
• fixed food dispensers not showing power requirement
• fixed another rare pathing bug
• added an improved pathfinding algorithm for outdoors
• added log warning when meeple are asphyxiating
• fixed a manufacturing bug where some unachievable orders would prohibit other manufacturing orders that were achievable
• added some new tooltips and UI adjustments
• removed edge scrolling inside of full screen menus
• added particles to the waste ejector
• added some optomisation when viewing utilities and moving between layers
• also added a fix for lag spikes when clicking and dragging to create long lines of utility jobs
• fixed a bug where utilities showed too many nodes
• added date and difficulty to save files
• officers can no longer demand airlock constructions

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