Oct 6, 2018
BlamBox - Eijei
Patch Notes
  • Fixed debug powerup exploit. (Reported by potatoboy9999)
  • Fixed box spawn issue. (Reported by Zaxtor99 and Nikol)
  • Added Thank You screen upon exit.
  • Added clearer Chinese fonts.
BlamBox - Eijei
Hi everyone! Here are some updates about the game.

Patch Notes
I've uploaded a patch to fix a bug where the boxes bounce to the left even if you shoot at them. I've also fixed a bug where the game gets stuck on a certain round.

Future Updates
The next update will include some quality-of-life improvements like binding the shoot action to the keyboard. I'm also really thinking about adding a feature where you can "store" a powerup for later use, but I need to test it thoroughly if it improves the game or it detracts too much from its core appeal.

Developer's Note
I hope you enjoy playing it! I know it's a bit challenging at first, but mastery is one of the main draws of the game, so keep on playing and you'll surely reach the top of the leaderboards. Till the next update!
A.J. Hecali - Heavenward Games

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