Kubifaktorium - BossConstructor
I made a new modding tutorial. It covers 1) Shadow meshes, 2) Model variations, 3) Dioramas and 4) Biomes / Terrain. You can find it at: https://youtu.be/KsIkqH4kTts

- Music: Added new music tracks to the game! They are specific to the desert biome, enjoy :).
- Content: Added a high capacity depot that allows you to stack things higher. Probably still buggy for a number of goods. :)
- Content: Added the automated stonecutter to the game.
- Content: Added the long train factory where you can build trains with 6 wagons.
- Content: Added the long train station (7x5).

- Gameplay: Made some more items high-stackable.
- Gameplay: Ships can now be loaded during the unload phase. Should solve some deadlock issues. (Partially not compatible with previous saves)
- Gameplay: You can now place groves & farms over existing trees.
- Misc: Added a Turkish translation to the game!
- Gameplay: Building recommendations now understand the concept of building substitutes. I.e., it will count outpost bonfires as bonfires.
- Gameplay: Trains now have different properties. Also, empty trains are now lighter / faster than loaded trains.
- Gameplay: You can now forbid consumption for depots/stations etc.
- Gameplay: Changed the train code to account for cases when trains that are too long enter a station.
- Balance: Your loadout now includes 3 machine parts. So you can now build your first 3 factories without having iron etc.

- UI: When linking good containers like stockpiles (a→b), container b now gets the accepted items of a as recommended items.
- UI: Changed the scaling to work better on extremely wide resolutions. You can still fine tune it in the settings.
- Visual: Added a particle effect to pasture animal taming.
- Visual: Switched to the standard shader which offers some nice PBR effects.
- Visual: Objects can now have different material properties, e.g. metallic effects for metals.
- Visual: Made water sprinkler particles prettier.
- Visual: When taming an animal, ranchers now follow the animal around.
- Modding: When your model has an excessive number of vertices (and when you should add a shadow mesh, see 2nd mod tutorial), you will now get a warning in the errors.txt.
- Modding: Added a diorama example to the mod folder.
- Modding: Voxel models can now be larger than 70x70x40. Note that this comes at a performance cost when starting the game.
- Misc: Made some changes to the shipping tutorial.

- Engine: Upgraded to the latest Zenject version.
- Engine: Replaced the deprecated signal system with the new signal bus.
- Misc: Separated the test code from the main code base.

Bug fixes
- Fixed: You can now build hoppers in the shipping port.
- Fixed: Issues after changing a bonfire color.
- Fixed: Farm zones / groves should no longer be operated when set to disabled.
- Fixed: Workshop priority is now cloned correctly.
- Fixed: Pasture animals should no longer leave the pasture to sleep. :)
- Fixed: Speed buttons not getting updated when game is paused.
- Fixed: Non-graceful handling of some deserialization parts.
- Fixed: Timing issue on conveyor belt deserialization.
- Fixed: Items being imported are now reserved until they are brought to their target stockpile.
- Fixed: Bug in ship tile reservation.
- Fixed: Pathing issue with houses.
- Fixed: Bug in the deserialization of logistics jobs.
- Fixed: Odd behavior of shipping port when a good was in transit while saving/loading.
- Fixed: Height of items on hoppers in shipping ports.
- Fixed: Fixed overhangs to look correct after mining mountain tiles.
- Fixed: Environment leaf particle colors for multi-biome maps.
- Fixed: Layout bug when enabling/disabling recommendations.
- Fixed: Some smaller issues.
- Fixed: Rotating the camera via Q/E not working while paused.
- Fixed: Hotkeys not working after closing the build menu with ESC.
- Fixed: Stone roads not requiring stone and some other road related bugs.
- Fixed: Roads having an effect when not constructed.
- Fixed: Entry/Exit hoppers not working on shipping ports.
- Fixed: Entry/Exit hoppers not getting correctly unregistered upon deconstruction.
- Fixed: Dioramas now save and restore the rotation of objects.
- Fixed: Stockpile tiles becoming unusable after being imported to once.
- Fixed: Adapted two tutorials to the automatic zone assignment.

- Fixed: Zeppelins freezing when an item to be transported gets consumed.
- Fixed: When a zeppelin cancels a job for some reason, it now unreserves the item and target tile.
- Fixed: Duplicated reservation after loading.
- Performance: Non-player animals no longer search for equipment. :)
Kubifaktorium - BossConstructor
- Content: Added automated sawmills to the game.
- Automated workshop function update: You can now use automated workshops like the sawmill without inserters. When no inserters are present, colonists with the logistics task will pick up and manually insert the required input goods. You can limit what they bring by assigning input stockpiles (similar to the manual workshop). Colonists will also stockpile produced goods (assuming you have an output stockpile specified).
- Gameplay: Entry and exit hoppers now have priorities you can set.
- Gameplay: Autofarms can now only grow crops that grow on any of the covered tiles. You can still grow all the things in greenhouses.
- Gameplay: When multiple recipes can be produced in a workshop and the stockpile priorities are a tie, the workshop now chooses the most scarce item.
- Gameplay: Added inventory targets to the ore crushing and adv. production tutorials.
- Scenario: Added a new tutorial which shows three ways how the automatic workshops can be used.
- Scenario: Added the "All The Biomes" scenario. Still work in progress, but improving.
- Balance: Less water, more land.
- Balance: You can now import goods from the next tier as well. So, you can now build trains on the grassland maps if you like.
- Balance: Some more ruins are now mineable and yield rocks.

User Interface
- UI: Hovering over a button now triggers a different color than selection. Also added hover effect to tool and menu buttons.
- UI: Added an experimental color blind mode which changes some UI colors to make them easier to distinguish with impaired color vision. I'll improve it further depending on your feedback.
- UI: Cancelling the build mode now reopens the build panel.
- UI: When taking a screenshot with F12, the game now shows a message including the file's location.
- UI: Added a warning flag to output stockpiles that accept more than 5 goods.
- UI: Added a warning when no carriage is assigned to a station.
- UI: Things that have a priority can now be set to "disabled". Probably a bit buggy, let me know if you find bugs. :)

- Engine: Upgraded from Unity 2018.3 to 2018.4.8 (LTS).
- Visual: Changed the color palette of the dark terrain to some warmer tones.
- Visual: Changed the way items rotate on the conveyor belts.
- Visual: The smoke effect in houses is now disabled when no colonist live there.
- Modding: You can now cycle through the dioramas in the main menu with F7.
- Modding: You can now add your own icons, e.g. for building categories. Have a look at kubi.example.buildingcategory as an example.
- Modding: You can now override item prices using OverridePrice.
- Modding: When uploading fails due to thumbnail size, you now get a more specific error message.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed: Items in depots getting picked up from exit hoppers.
- Fixed: Height of shipping port crane.
- Fixed: Distance between ore/stone/clay veins and other objects.
- Fixed: Limited the number of enemies that can spawn per camp.
- Fixed: Minimum spawns on multi-biome maps (Cowpocalypse).
- Fixed: Text in credits screen not showing.
- Fixed: Duplicates in farm product selection when multiple pages are visible.
- Fixed: Some visual glitches with the depot crane.
- Fixed: Food always fulfilling both drink and food need.
- Fixed: Not being able to assign stockpiles to buildings like shipping ports.
- Fixed: Possibly fixed a crash related to conveyor belt initialization.
- Fixed: Bug in input stockpile processing.
- Fixed: Being able to select railroad tracks and roads.
- Fixed: Bug causing output column in encyclopedia to be misaligned sometimes.
- Fixed: Limited the number audio clips that play in a second. Might fix audio glitches at 2x/4x speed.
- Fixed: Animation of animals on treadmills.
- Fixed: Carry position for animals.
- Fixed: Selecting things like trains in train stations.
- Fixed: Colonists should no longer "steal" items from tiles where inserters can pick them up.
- Fixed: Possible endless loop in depot when multiple entries / exits are present.
- Fixed: Animation for automatic workshops with build frames.
- Fixed: Some smaller issues.

Kubifaktorium - BossConstructor
Welcome to the latest Kubifaktorium progress report! Progress reports are ~10m videos in which I update you on the current state of the game, new features and my plans for the near future. Enjoy :)


In this report:
  • Launch, hundreds of fixes and performance improvements.
  • Steam Workshop support.
  • Additional languages: Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Japanese, Hungarian and Portuguese
  • Pastures.
  • Product Encyclopedia.
  • Kubifaktorium @ Devcom & Gamescom
  • Coming soon...
Kubifaktorium - BossConstructor
Thank you for all the bug reports, save games and more! My backlog of bug reports has finally been processed and most of the reported issues have been fixed in this patch.

Of course this does not mean that the game is bug free, but future bugs should be fixed reasonably quickly from now on. If you notice something, please report it using the bug report button in the top right of the screen, thanks! :)

- Visual: The conveyor belt distributor now shows connecting parts for incoming belts.
- Modding: You can now use PlantInfo→OnlyGrowIn to have a plant only grow in a specific auto farm / grove.
- Modding: Added DeleteObjectsInfo, which allows you to easily remove multiple vanilla object types. Have a look at kubi.example.removethings.
- AI: When multiple workshops deliver to the same stockpile, they will no longer overproduce.
- Performance: Decreased lag on conveyor belt initialisation.
- Performance: Fixed a big mid/late game performance issue that occurred when you have huge stockpiles in the logistics system.

User interface
- UI: Added production time to the objects' tooltips.
- UI: Middle-mouse-button drag now rotates the camera. Enable RMB-Drag in the settings to enable this behaviour.
- UI: When you click on a stockpile, the game now always selects the zone first.
- UI: Clicking on depot now selects the depot first (and not items in the depot).
- UI: The load game dialog no longer allows you to load saves with missing mods. Hover over the file to see which mods are missing.
- UI: World map and island saves now have different icons in the save game dialog.

Bug fixes
- Fixed: Bug in serializing autofarms while they transport something. Might also affect some other save-game related issues.
- Fixed: Border markers not showing on some tiles in specific circumstances.
- Fixed: Restarting a map resets your money as well (only affects new games).
- Fixed: DeleteObjectsInfo not working in the build menu.
- Fixed: Wrong language name in mods not shown as error.
- Fixed: Some smaller fixes.
- Fixed: A few serialization issues.
- Fixed: Deserialization bug for world map saves. Should fix world map saves from previous versions as well.
- Fixed: Items being imported by multiple colonists at the same time leading to all sorts of bugs.
- Fixed: The assisted mode no longer changes zone/job settings after loading a game or changing islands.
- Fixed: Bug after winning a map introduced by last patch.
- Fixed: Types deleted via DeleteObjectsInfo should no longer be added to your ship's cargo.
- Fixed: Mysterious things happening when high conveyor belts are involved.
- Fixed: Ships leaving the shipping port while exporting when a game is loaded.
- Fixed: New camera rotation not working while game is paused.
- Fixed: Adjusted camera scroll speed when moving horizontally.
- Fixed: Bug affecting mining jobs after loading.
- Fixed: Export items not correctly reserved after loading a game.
Kubifaktorium - BossConstructor

I was at Devcom and Gamescom last week to show the game. I got a ton of great feedback and met some amazing people. Anyways, here's a new patch! :D

Assisted mode
Simplifies a few mechanics to make the game easier to pick up for newer players. [Optional, on by default]
1) Automatically assigns colonists to all tasks/workshops.
2) Workshop products are automatically assigned to their output stockpiles.
3) Some items like building materials are automatically unloaded from your ship.
4) Adds all colors/zones to all colonists.
-- If you have more ideas, please let me know!

User Interface
- Restricted Stockpiles: You can now prevent colonists from eating/drinking from a selected stockpile.
- UI: The game now shows warnings in the main menu if you haven't played a tutorial before (after this patch). Start any tutorial to remove the message. It is not required to play through the tutorial.
- UI: When scroll on border is enabled, you can now scroll when your mouse is over the UI.
- UI: Added a message to automated workshops when their output boxes are full.
- UI: Probably fixed stacked icons in debug spawn menu.
- UI: Clicking on a good in the inventory target window takes you to its entry in the encyclopedia.
- UI: Replaced some icons.
- UI: When selecting a pasture, you can only choose animals that are available on your island.
- UI: Fixed the position of many tooltips.
- UI: Miscellaneous other text and UI improvements based on player feedback.
- UI: Improved the layout in the encyclopedia.
- UI: Added a scroll bar to the inventory screen.
- UI: Added a scroll bar to the colonist management screen.
- UI: Made icons a bit bigger and more contrasty. Also made the colonists stand up for their photo. :) Delete your iconcache folder for the icons to be regenerated.

- Content: Added 2 new variations of trains. Currently they only look different.
- Performance: Added some more statistics. When the game lags for you, please submit a bug report when it happens, thanks! :)
- Modding: InvisibleToUser-Items are no longer shown in the type filter UI.
- Modding: The game now creates an error.txt in your mod file which includes all the errors your mod has.
- Balance: The game now ensures that sheep (etc.) spawn when wool is required.
- Misc: Corrected a lot of English and German strings thanks to MoeGraph.
- Gameplay: When a workshop has multiple output stockpiles, the ones with higher priority (and their corresponding products) will be produced first.
- Modding: You can now add deterministic loot. Have a look at ActorInfo→DeterministicLoot

Bug fixes
- Fixed: Placing stone/clay/ore quarries.
- Fixed: UI message when a construction job has been completed.
- Fixed: When there is no enemy in an enemy area, it gets destroyed automatically.
- Fixed: Stacks are now rearranged after a crane picks something up.
- Fixed: Bug in the spawn point generation algorithm.
- Fixed: Building position of oil pumps. Also, fixed being able to build them outside of your territory.
- Fixed: When a single task crashes, the work system is no longer interrupted.
- Fixed: Some smaller fixes.
- Fixed: Icons for floor types.
- Fixed: Buttons remaining highlighted in some cases.
- Fixed: Need status icon colors flashing when hovered over.
- Fixed: You can now build beach chairs on the beach. :)
- Fixed: Selected loadout persisting to custom games.
- Fixed: Items getting stuck on conveyor belts when adding a new part to the network.
- Fixed: Height of items on conveyor belt.
- Fixed: Bug causing depots/stations not to work in the logistics system.
- Fixed: When a map is won and you increase the production target, it should still show as won after reloading the game.
- Fixed: Removing a conveyor belt now places carried items back on the ground.
- Fixed: Possible error regarding destruction of conveyor belts.
- Fixed: Multiple other issues.
- Fixed: Border markers visible under fog of war.
Kubifaktorium - BossConstructor

User interface
- UI: Made icons a bit bigger and more contrasty. Also made the colonists stand up for their photo. :) Delete your iconcache folder for the icons to be regenerated.
- UI: Added a slider bar to the encyclopedia.
- UI: Added a slider bar to the build menus.
- UI: Hovering over a save game now shows you the mods used in the game (will only work correctly with post-patch saves).
- UI: When you have the UI deactivated (F11), pressing ESC now brings it back instead of opening an invisible menu.

- Content: Added 2 new variations of trains. Currently they only look different.
- Gameplay: When a workshop has multiple output stockpiles, the ones with higher priority (and their corresponding products) will be produced first.
- Bug reports: You can now add your Discord ID or Mail address to bug reports so that I can get back to you if I have questions. Completely optional.
- Modding: You can now add deterministic loot. Have a look at ActorInfo→DeterministicLoot
- Modding: You can now add your own building categories. Have a look at kubi.example.buildingcategory.
- Modding: Changed the default values to match the format you are required to use.
- Modding: Replaced the ModdingAPI.html generation to make it prettier and better structured.

Bug fixes
- Camera: Mid-levels are a bit more zoomed out.
- Fixed: Border markers visible under fog of war.
- Fixed: Needs possibly not working correctly after loading.
- Fixed: Old zone handles remaining in memory after loading a game.
- Fixed: Items should no longer fall off or bug out on conveyor belts.
- Fixed: Depots ignoring type filters when used as storage.
- Fixed: "Ghost ships" from previous games should now disappear.
- Fixed: "Ghost zeppelins" from previous games should now disappear.
- Fixed: Numerous smaller issues.
- Fixed: PreventSpawn now works when enemy camps are spawned.
- Fixed: Importing is now a separate job from stockpiling, which solves a few issues.
- Fixed: Carriages locking up (probably).
- Fixed: Not being able to build farms on mined desert mountain terrain.
Kubifaktorium - BossConstructor
Production Encyclopedia
- New production encyclopedia! Replaced the existing production tree with a more readable and moddable civ-like production encyclopedia.

- Modding: Added the nocows-example to show how to stop objects from spawning.
- Modding: You can now replace existing workshop recipes with <ReplaceExistingRecipe>.
- Modding: You can now disable the hit animation for specific workshops with <HitAnimation>0</HitAnimation>.
- Modding: You can now prevent objects from spawning in sub-biomes (and in general) by adding <PreventSpawn>1</PreventSpawn> to the base info.

- Camera: You can now rotate the camera while the game is paused. Surprisingly tricky.
- Camera: The map overview no longer mixes with the other camera modes, thus fixing some weird camera angles.
- Logistics: The system now removes queued jobs when you remove existing logistics connections.
- UI: Removed the icons from the tooltips and fixed some icon positions.
- Misc: Added the demo to the Steam page.

- Fixed: Items being stacked incorrectly after loading a save game. (Does not affect existing saves)
- Fixed: Trains not finding paths when tracks are built using the track laying tool.
- Fixed: Track segment still showing as reserved after a train is deleted.
- Fixed: Colonists not taking care of a balanced diet as intended.
- Fixed: Height of mountain tile in dark biome + overhang.
- Fixed: Spawning of iron veins.
- Fixed: Removed output stockpile warning for robot workshops.
- Fixed: Possibly fixed some crash issues.
- Fixed: Mods not able to set attributes to default values.
- Fixed: Zone size preview font size now scales with resolution.
- Fixed: Treadmills used while still under construction.
- Fixed: Size and output position and animation of oil wells and pumps.
- Fixed: Items brought to shipping port while it is still under construction.
- Fixed: Objectives are now updated while the game is paused.
- Fixed: Cargo ship serialization while exporting.
- Fixed: Cargo ship importing extra items when saving during unload.
- Fixed: Bug in carriage destruction handling.
- Fixed: Possible crash related to zeppelin serialization.
Kubifaktorium - BossConstructor

Logistics System
Major rework of the logistics system.
- The system now only reserves the next segment, not the whole way.
- Stations restrict the number of tiles they offer for transit based on the number of targets to avoid deadlocks.
- Paths are now prioritized based on distance (number of hops).
- Carriages now prefer to pick from the smaller stack.

User Interface
- Camera: F1-F4 are now initialized to your starting position.
- Content/UI: Added (non-functional) stone walls. If you select them from the build menu, the game will place them in a connected way like roads.
- UI: Added a confirmation dialog to quick loading exiting.
- UI: By default, selecting something now only displays the arrows directly related to the thing. Hold alt to show all arrows.
- UI: When placing a decoration building, the game now highlights the tiles that will be affected.
- UI: Hovering over the idle colonist counter now shows what jobs are assigned and how many people are currently doing them.
- UI: Simplified the way recipes are displayed. Input icons are only shown for ambiguous recipes. The tooltip now contains information on inputs and extra outputs.
- UI: Disabled propagate to all for robot workshops.

Bug Fixes
- Gameplay: Colonist now sleep until fully healed.
- Performance: Improved performance of the upgrade workshop job generation.
- Engine: Disabled dynamic batching and some other setting which may have led to crashes on some systems.
- Fixed: Serialization of tool/weapon equip tasks.
- Fixed: Produced robots not drinking oil and getting no drink value from it.
- Fixed: Produced robots not belonging to your colony.
- Fixed: Pathfinding bug related to foundations. This should fix a number of "x not getting built/produced" issues.
- Fixed: Bug causing things to not get stockpiled in some cases.
- Fixed: Modded scenarios disappearing after returning to the main menu. Also added the MockupTier123 scenario to the modding examples.
- Fixed: Objects not correctly unreserved when a mining job is cancelled.
- Fixed: Probably fixed black screen when zooming all the way out on huge maps.
- Fixed: Deconstructing an inserter now frees the item it transports.
- Fixed: Probably fixed an issue preventing colonists from returning after combat.
- Fixed: Campaign save games should now correctly store the targets for a given island.
- Fixed: Robot workshop not producing robots.
- Fixed: Language settings having no effect after returning to the main menu.
- Fixed: Audio volume setting not applied while the game is paused.
Kubifaktorium - BossConstructor

Note: If your icons look strange or misaligned after the update, please delete the IconCache folder from your save game directory (AppData\LocalLow\MirkoStudio\Kubifaktorium\...). Thanks!

Content and gameplay
- Content: Added decorational piers for your colonists to walk on. There is a normal version to be placed on the coast and a high version that can be placed on shallow water.
- Content: Added two variations of fallen trees.
- Content: Added fennecs.
- Content: Added more cactuses, joshua trees (can be planted in the desert) and ostriches.
- Gameplay: Upgrade workshops now have priorities.
- Gameplay: Some produced items like water are no longer exportable.
- Gameplay: When you decrease the size of a pasture, excess animals leave the pasture.
- Gameplay: The game now prevents you from deconstructing your only bonfire. :)
- AI: Colonists should now prioritize farms of the same priority based on the fill state of the output stockpiles.
- AI: Workshops should now prioritize production based on the fill state of the output stockpiles.
- Visual/Modding: The position of the warning flags for buildings can now be specified via <WarningFlagPosition> to prevent them from spawning inside buildings.
- Visual: Replaced the icon when failing a task with a facepalm. You're welcome. :)
- Misc: Audio should now stop playing when the game loses focus.
- Misc: Replaced the game icon.

User interface
- UI: You can now assign priorities to farms / groves.
- UI: Hovering over the house icon in the top now shows you the capacity / usage of your houses.
- UI: Hovering over the food/drink icon in the top now shows you your food stock.
- UI: You can now destroy ore veins.
- UI: You can now disable logistics tasks for your colonists.
- UI: The size of the colonist management screen now adapts to the number of workshops (max=20).
- UI: Arrows now have different colors based on whether the link goes in or out of a workshop.
- UI: Added a 'propagate output' button to stockpiles, depots etc.
- UI: The build menu now has a search bar.
- UI: You can now name horse carriages and trains.

- Performance: Kubi no longer generates icons for things that are not visible in the UI.
- Performance: Model textures are now correctly discarded after the texture atlas is created.
- Performance: Eliminated lag & memory usage when placing shipping ports.
- Performance: Decreased memory allocation and loading times.
- Performance: Did some major refactoring to remove dependency injection from object and component creation.
- Performance: Remove dependency injection from task deserialization.
- Performance: Localization template generation is now tied to whether localization help is enabled.
- Performance: Actor mood calculation is now buffered.
- Performance: Reduced memory usage of different calculations.
- Performance: Improved performance of stockpile job generation.
- Performance: Improved performance of recommendation system.
- Performance: Improved performance of autofarm job generation.

- Fixed: Tile placement issues.
- Fixed: Blueprints still shown after cancelling build menu in some cases.
- Fixed: You can no longer circumvent the tutorial restrictions by using hotkeys.
- Fixed: Colonists now leave houses when the can no longer access them.
- Fixed: Pigs sinking into treadmills.
- Fixed: Your boat can no longer be in the fog of war.
- Fixed: Colonists not healing when loaded in an injured state.
- Fixed: Translation change not getting applied.
- Fixed: You can now plant cacao and joshua trees in the desert.
- Fixed: You can now import into depots, zeppelin stations etc..
- Fixed: All trees set to the same base rotation.
- Fixed: Links between workshops and depots not serialized.
- Fixed: You can no longer cheat the game and yourself by planting wheat on grass by changing the production last-second.
- Fixed: Random empty recruiting flags spawning on some maps.
- Fixed: Main menu initialisation continuing before all icons are created.
- Fixed: The game objects no longer serialize their type attributes. This should fix things like non-rancher colonists or no-wool-sheep.
- Fixed: Tooltips should no longer cover items on settings screen.
- Fixed: Tooltip for social buildings.
- Fixed: Upgrade workshop panel not updating when switching between multiple upgrade workshops.
- Fixed: Tools of high quality stored on your ship now count towards your inventory target.
Blazing Chrome - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Sin Vega)

Week 3. The invasion has failed, but I’m still alive. What cruel fate awaits those of us who assail the walls of Castle Shotgun but are not slain? But they still have to catch us first. In the meantime, I comfort myself by tearing through the endless round up of the best new games on Steam. It is time, it is always time, for Unknown Pleasures.

Fiddling in the dark this week: Postal workers, alien blasters, and advance warriors.



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