Sep 24, 2018
Uventa - blackrat_studio
Dear friends, today we released new update of the our game.

  • A smaller size of the game;
  • Better performance and stability;
  • Corrected fontface;
  • The repaired collison;
  • The redesigned interface.
Uventa - blackrat_studio
Dear friends, we have one more update for the game. Today we have fixed:
  • fixed the button bindings in the settings for the phone;
  • improved interaction with objects (closing the menu with button “E”);
  • added reset settings to the default ones;
  • fixed collision in most of the locations;
  • fixed the final scene;
  • improved character management (you can move in a sitting position);
  • fixed the bug of opening of the wardrobes through the walls.
We look forward to your feedback. If you are satisfied with the quality of the game, do not forget to give us “Thumbs up” :)
Uventa - blackrat_studio
Dear friends, thank you very much for your support and feedback. We released the first update of the game, which corrects a significant part of the issues mentioned by the players.

  • improved game optimization;
  • eliminated some bugs with a collision;
  • corrected AI of the opponents;
  • corrected subtitles (some phrases were not translated);
  • fixed some localization issues;
  • rendering of some sublevels is fixed.

We continue to work on improving the game. The next update will not take long.

Yours faithfully,
BlackRat Studio

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