Jun 25, 2019
Driftpunk Racer - ZoomBoy
Hello world! Summer Sale’s on and our Driftpunk Racer game is co 75% off its initial price - so it seems a right time to race has come!

Sincerely, Speedspark Studio
Driftpunk Racer - ZoomBoy
Hey folks, guess what? It’s Winter Sale, and you can get 75% off on Driftpunk Racer right now!
Sep 10, 2018
Driftpunk Racer - ZoomBoy
Hello! In this update we fixed some bugs and improved the game's performance.
Driftpunk Racer - ZoomBoy
Driftpunk Racer is now available on Steam! Get some adrenaline on the neon urban tracks! Show your driving skills and win a breathtaking race.
Leave your feedback in comments and help us to make this game better!
Driftpunk Racer - ZoomBoy
Sorry for the delay! The release date of Driftpunk Racer has been moved to August 24th. We decided to spend more time working on the game in order to polish some of the features. Hope for your understanding!
Driftpunk Racer - ZoomBoy
We're glad to announce that our new game Driftpunk Racer will be available in August! Take part in a drift race and get some adrenaline doing amazing drift tricks!

Please subscribe and add the game to your wishlist.
Speedspark Studio Team

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