Symphonics: Make Music in VR - Brian
One of the biggest pieces of feedback I've gotten for Symphonics is how bland the default environment is. So I've been working on a new environment for the past couple weeks that should hopefully liven things up a bit.

The first version of a new forest environment has been released. Just press the "Change Scene" button in the menu to get transported there.

There may be some bugs with pathfinding for now, but I'm working to smooth those out. Let me know if you encounter any other bugs or issues.

A number of additional bugs have been squashed.

Thanks for playing,
Symphonics: Make Music in VR - Brian
  • Added a new melodic instrument: the harp.
  • Added the Switch, the first of the logic systems. This is a first pass, and the model is temporary.
  • When the Switch is hit with a ball, it will teleport the ball to one of two outputs, and it will toggle between the outputs to send the ball to each time it is hit.
  • Revamped the color system for instruments.
  • Added some longer (multi-measure) timing options for Launchers.
  • Reworked the lighting to make the platforms stand out a bit more.
  • Added a Silent instrument for redirecting.
  • Renamed "Launchers" to "Utilities".
  • Added Crow.
Aug 12, 2018
Symphonics: Make Music in VR - Brian
Custom sound support is now live in the beta. You can find instructions on how to use it here:

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