Newfound Courage - curtis
Hi everyone,

Here's a quick update on our upcoming DLC Winter's Fair - the Steam Page is now live! Head over there to see screenshots and additional details about the upcoming story.
Newfound Courage - curtis
The team behind Newfound Courage is currently working on some DLC planned for release sometime later this year.

This free DLC will take roughly an hour to complete and will be holiday-themed.

The DLC's story will take place roughly six months after the events at the end of Newfound Courage. Players will get to come home to Silverpine and spend more time with their favourite characters while they solve a brand new mystery.

Updates will be more frequent as we get closer to release.

We're super excited to share the next chapter of Alex's story with you!
Newfound Courage - curtis
* Changed the Keyboard only and Controller experiences so Alex only detects things he's actually looking at. No more eyes in the back of his head. This won't affect keyboard and mouse players.

* Resolved a number of spelling and grammar issues - big thank you to everyone in the community who told us where they found them.

* Resolved a cut-scene where Jake teleported when he shouldn't have
Newfound Courage - curtis
In this patch, we have made some changes so the game runs better on 16:9 and 16:10 ratios below the minimum supported resolution of 1920x1080. To be clear, we don't officially support lower resolutions, but we know a lot of people are choosing to play the game at lower resolutions regardless, so we wanted to make the experience better for those players. We still very strongly recommend playing on at least 1280x720. Smaller resolutions will have cropping issues that could be game breaking.

If you do play at a smaller resolution than 1920x1080, the graphics won't be "Pixel Perfect" and in some scenes, the graphics could "jitter", but it's unlikely you'll encounter any game breaking issues.

We may get to a point where we officially support it eventually.
Newfound Courage - curtis
* Resolved an issue where some Green Sending's were disappearing when they shouldn't have. Rude.

* Closed a loophole where Siena could give you the whole Lorebook. She shouldn't be able to do that, but it's so TYPICAL her that I'm not surprised that she did.

* One or two people mentioned that Jake was disappearing on Elsewhere sometimes. That shouldn't happen anymore.

* Resolved some spelling issues, however, please keep in mind the spelling in this game is UK English, so sometimes words that might appear misspelt to US English speakers aren't misspelt to UK English speakers. I'll consider doing a US English pack.
Newfound Courage - curtis

Seriously, thank you to everyone who helped us get here, my team and I are eternally grateful.

Newfound Courage - curtis
In this latest patch, we've added the ability to swap from Keyboard and Mouse to Controller and Keyboard only play styles. You cannot, at this update keybindings.

You can only update this from the Start Menu, meaning you cannot update it while you're playing. However, you can return to the Start Menu at any time, so the impact of this will be minimal.
Newfound Courage - curtis
New features:
- We have implemented six Steam achievements throughout the game. You will need to start the game from scratch in order to collect them all. Four of them are hidden.

Bug fixes:

- Numerous graphical fixes
- Shadows should no longer disappear
- Spoiler: Alex's name should now be consistent after it changes
Newfound Courage - curtis
Hi all,

Patch 0.3.1 is out now. It contains numerous bug fixes, and also some dialogue changes to better clarify certain parts of the story.

Let me know if you have issues.

Your save files shouldn't be affected.

Newfound Courage - curtis
First of all - Your save files are likely broken. We're extremely sorry about this. However, we now know how and why it has been happening (better late than never, I guess?). So it won't happen in future patches. We have implemented Chapter III into the chapter selector which starts you exactly where Chapter II left off. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

Just a reminder that we are in Early Access, so please let me know if you experience any bugs or find any spelling/grammar mistakes. My team and I do our best to pick these up, but some always end up slipping through.

Also, some of these puzzles are harder than what you would have experienced with Newfound Courage in the past. Our intention with these puzzles is to make them satisfying but not to make them so hard that you have to stop playing and look up solutions for them. If you find yourself doing that, please let me know.

New content, fixes and improvements:

* The final Chapter and Epilogue for the game have been added
* A new Feature, the "Lorebook" has been added. There are ten parts to it hidden around Silverpine. Find them all to unlock secrets
* There have also been countless small fixes and improvements throughout the whole game

We hope you enjoy the conclusion to Alex's tale. Thank you so much for your support.Known issues:

* Shadows still disappear sometimes
* there are some spelling mistakes in the lorebook that need to be corrected
* there is a strange flash during the final scene

- The Newfound Courage Team

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