Project Warlock - publishing
Hi guys,

“No later than mid next week” starts today – hence the roll-out of a promised patch. Please find the specifics below:

v. Changelog

  • Added Headbob adjustment option
  • Added new separate menu for language changing under options in main menu

  • Fixed a bug where the player could leave the map near the truck in E4M1
  • Fixed a bug where "Always Run" would not save from level to level correctly
  • Fixed a bug where the main menu animation would appear cut off when using the 21:9 aspect ratio
  • Fixed a bug where sprinter perk would not apply between the levels
  • Fixed a bug where crosshairs would always show staffs crosshair when starting any level
  • Fixed a bug where a wrong weapon would appear on the next level
  • Fixed a potential blocker on E4M03 where a blue key card could be potentially not picked up
  • Fixed an axe exploit
  • Fixed bugged window views on E5M10 and E4M08
  • Fixed door texture on E5M3
  • Fixed a bug where falling into lava pit with health more than 800 would cause the player to be stuck
  • Fixed wrong placement of some decoration items in E2M06
  • Fixed a bug where you could climb the rocks in E2M01
  • Darkened the skybox in E3M3 a bit
  • Fixed a bug where a life loss warning on "Exit to Workshop" would appear in casual mode
  • Fixed graphical corruptions on very high damage inflictions
  • Fixed the cause of performance issues when Chain Reactor projectile interacts with the Final Boss
  • Fixed a bug where the Player could fall through the ground when standing too close to the Final Boss during his transformation
  • Fixed secret wall texture in E3M9
  • Fixed wall texture in E4M11

  • Increased overall brightness of the levels a bit
  • Moved the language button to options menu
Project Warlock - publishing
Hello again,

thank you very much for your precious feedback – here`s a short roadmap for upcoming weeks.

One - a patch is coming up next week. Hopefully Monday, but no later than mid of the week. It’s going to have more than twenty bugs squashed and tweaks, uhh… tweaked.
Secondly – in the next two weeks the requested extra difficulty level (“Hard but with more lives”) will be introduced along the existing ones.
And lastly - those of you missing the old head bob are going to find it “togglable”.
Ok, and lastly lastly – thanks for staying with us. We’ll have more things to announce in the following weeks – we needed the time to lay out a plan that starts with a February update. Hopefully this is something you guys will enjoy.
Dec 12, 2018
Project Warlock - publishing
Hi again,

Thank you very much for the reception and feedback on Project Warlock’s launch. We’re really busy with resolving all the issues you brought up and this is something we are committed to for the nearest future. For now we felt it’s crucial to approach two of the most annoying ones. Hence – a hotfix due out today.

Even despite lowering the headbob significantly over the last few iterations of the game this is still problematic for some. To make sure this is resolved as quickly as possible we decided to turn it off completely for the time being. Thus making the game playable for gamers who didn’t feel well because of it. This is a temporary solution – we’ll look at your feedback and release a tweaked version in one of the future updates. For now – please enjoy the game without the headbob.

The second issue deals with spells erroneously displayed in the Hub. As of the hotfix you will only see the spells once you pick up a corresponding Spell Book in the game’s levels. And then – provided you have enough points stashed on you – you will be able to unlock them for use in game.

This is only the first of fixes we have planned so watch this space. And once again - thank you very much for all your support, constructive feedback and – keep on blowing those monsters to tiny pixel bits.
Project Warlock - publishing

Thanks for your patience everybody. Today we are launching on Steam and we hope that everyone enjoys the experience that Jakub and the whole team at Buckshot poured their hearts into making. We hope that shotgunning, rocket propelling, torching, freezing and crushing chunky pixel enemies to the tune of rocking soundtrack will be something you guys will enjoy as much as we were when making the game.

Project Warlock is a labour of love and hopefully this will show. Enjoy!

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