Catherine Classic - SEGA Dev
Hi all,

We’ve released a small patch today that fixes a progression-blocking bug where, during the boss stage of Spiral Corridor 7-5, if the game was played on hard difficulty with an unlocked framerate, it became impossible to complete as the blocks fell quicker than the player could climb.

This has now been fixed.

Thank you for your continued support!
Catherine Classic - SEGA Dev
Hi Catherine fans,

We’ve rolled all of our beta patches over to the main branch up to and including v1.3, so everyone will now receive the complete list of bug fixes below. Thank you again to our community for participating in our beta – your feedback has been invaluable to our team.

Happy climbing!
- SEGA Dev

Patch Notes v1.3
• Y camera axis fixed in boss stages
• Japanese in-game audio selection now changes extra SFX to JP
• Numlock no longer aggressively forced
• Pad icons fixed in incorrect reported states
• Tutorials now use correct pad type display
• Middle Floor and Stray Sheep cameras now interpolate between 30fps logic frames
• Cut scene cameras now interpolate between 30fps logic frames
• Puzzle cameras now interpolate between 30fps logic frames
• Characters interpolate movement and animations between 30fps logic frames
• WMV audio playback device will mirror main audio device playback. (Fixes issue with disabled audio sinks)
• Scores are validated as being possible before allowing them to display on the leaderboards
• Pause now shows on screen when paused
• Adjusted timings for the sheep on the title screen to be consistent across languages
• Fixed mouse select for questions
• Fixed blurred cutscenes
• Initial Cube drop velocity scaled for FPS
• Drop pattern timing at 30hz interval when at free FPS
• ‘Cheers to you’ now unlocks regardless of savegame state
• Aggressive selection of Nvidia GPU on dual GPU devices suppressed
• Mouse cursor unrestricted
Catherine Classic

Catherine Classic is out now on PC via Steam, Sega has announced after weeks of sheep-related teasing.

Atlus' cult classic action-adventure puzzler costs 14.99 on Steam, where it makes its PC debut with Japanese voice over. Its launch comes ahead of the release of Catherine Full Body on 14th February in Japan (a western release will follow, Sega said).

Catherine Classic on PC has support for 4K resolutions, an unlocked framerate and customisable keyboard and mouse controls. If you buy it in the first two weeks of launch, you get desktop and mobile wallpapers, avatars and soundtrack samples for free.

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Catherine Classic - (Astrid Johnson)

I ve never played Catherine before. I heard a bit about it from friends and fellow journalists: the stylish interface, the intriguing story that often fumbled gender stereotypes, and, of course, the trans character. But if you sat me down before launching Catherine Classic on Steam and asked me what I expected the gameplay to be like, well fast-paced puzzle platformer with a heavy emphasis on the puzzle part wouldn t have been the first thing that sprang to mind. Alas, at its core, that s what Catherine really is. And of course, it s fantastic.


Catherine Classic

Taken all your Christmas decorations down yet? Here's one last present for PC owners: the original version of Catherine looks set to launch for PC.

Yesterday, Sega teased the PC port on its Steam page for Bayonetta. Today, a PC version of Catherine has been rated by US ratings board ESRB (thanks, Siliconera).

Despite arriving on consoles back in 2011, Catherine has never launched on PC before. Although this is an odd time to release it - as an upcoming enhanced version of the game for PlayStation 4 is just a few months away.

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