Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio

Hashish Press:
-If you have already bought: Go to the store "La Verte" and buy the accessory box Haschich press.
This will allow you to get the missing parts when ordering the press.
-If you have not bought it yet: Make your purchase on the Darkweb then go to the post office.
There is the cardboard. It is still buggy and will appear pink. But you can still transport it to your home and unpack it with a right click.

* The trash is modified to avoid what makes your apartment disappear.
* The unpacking of the sprout bin has been modified to prevent the lid from appearing on the other side of a wall.
* The GameOver should work better now, but I still have some tests to do.
* Glasses filled with cutaneous hormone can empty into the lever properly.

More problem will be fix at the end of the week with the next Update.

Christmas presents :
Available in your apartment (limited edition, available until mid-january).

EDIT WARNING : After the first test,press parts can't be buy to the store after reloading the old save game.And the gift is only give for a new game.I will try to fix all this as soon as possible.thks for understanding.
Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio
After hours and hours of work, I am proud to present the first part of the "Second Life" level.
Yes! It's time for you to put your farming skills to the test.

This version contains:
* Second life level 1st part and prologues.
* A simulation of cannabis cultivation never seen before.
* 5 famous Streamers / Youtubers who lend their voices.
* 4 quests: (Maid's Quest/Erik's Quest / Jeremy's Quest / Touny's Quest).
* Arrange your apartment and your space of culture as you wish.
* Make your own fertilizer.
* Make Space Cakes.
* Make hashish (2 recipes)
* Create your first contacts within the neighborhood.
* Exercise the art of cuttings and create good mother plants.
* Evolve and do your own business in a level of 85000 m².
* Cultivate outdoors and indoors.

More additions will come early 2019
Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio
* Duplication plants when watering with a watering can solved.
* Duplicating plants when watering with a water bottle solved.
* Duplication plants when watering with a Bottle of fertilizer solved.
* Duplicate plants when watering with Auto-Sprinkler solved.
* Duplication plateau in dry-3000 solved.
* Duplication watering solved
* You can not water many plants at the same time by pressing the LMB.
* Watering the neon box is now easier.
* Planting nettles in the neon box was reviewed, it works better but still work to do.
* Bug Filter Vaccum that launches itself and does not filter resolved.
* Patient bug that no disappears once cured resolved.
* New jump noise.
* Sound volume of empty watering-can reduced
* Reduced Vaccum Filter Volume
* Reduced mixer volume
Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio
* Modification of the control system. The last update has brought a lot of
problems in the control of the game. Everything is fine now.
Forget the right click mouse. You can lift the objects only with left click.

* Targeting system to catch an object has been greatly improved, you can now
catch objects more easily.

* The orange texture of the pots gives way to a black texture that represents a
plastic pot for more realism.
Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio
*Currently you move objects in a delicate way now a new control mode comes complete.
In this update, I improve the controls of the objects, you have 2 methods now available LMB to move the objects quickly, it allows to fluidify the game and RMB to move objects as before delicately, it will be useful for example the transport tray, the pipette etc ...

LMB/Left Mouse Button : Grab objects
RMB/Right Mouse Button : Grab Objects carrefully

* It is no longer possible to push an object with the mouse wheel infinitely. At a certain distance from you, the object will fall.
* Items caught too close will no longer stop you from walking.
*Left Shift make you walk more slowly for more precision especially for transport

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