Astrela Starlight - DockMasterMPM
Major updates this week to the radar systems. Both radar screens have been completely re-written and polished. The avatars for each object in the system have been updated and some issues fixed with scaling. The rotating detection and scan range bars should behave and scale correctly. Most importantly, the performance of the radar within the game and when it is being interacted with, has dramatically improved.
Astrela Starlight - DockMasterMPM
The journey field, which is the dust surrounding the current vessel, has been updated. It should better track the active vessel and be more visible as vessels move. In addition, all vessels other than the Astrela, Tserilecx, and Astralecx, must now be within 200k of a jump exit before jumping out of a system.

Lots of other bug fixes and updates this week:
  • The speed bar wasn't always updating correctly when vessels were changed.
  • H2 collector particle field is now rotated correctly.
  • The Ecxos cannot be towed by the Tserilecx or Astralecx.
  • The Ecxos cannot project itself to another star system, it must use the Ecxos jump drive.
  • The regular jump menu has received several performance updates. It should load must faster.
  • Lygates cannot move the Ecxos.
  • Keys to switch between targets and the current ship are now disabled during a jump.
  • Descriptions of Reisian vessels in the databank has been updated.
  • All objects that are capable now have a viable reclaim. Usually gets back about 50% of what it took to build.
  • All defense platforms have a weapons range boost.
Astrela Starlight - DockMasterMPM
Major update to the various nebulae this week. Color and textures changes, along with a significant improvement in performance using a new type of particle system.

Also this week:
Significant changes to the build system and game's size on disk.
Disabled control of ships heading using the mouse.
Some further smoothing of camera follow modes.
Several changes to wild creatures and their attack methods.
Fixed issue with sizing of some hover pop-ups.
Astrela Starlight - DockMasterMPM
Major updates to the mouse tracking system as well as the camera systems. All camera modes should be much more smooth. The mouse should be functioning slightly better when zooming in and out as well as rotating below the object that is currently in view.

The tail of comets has been updated to look a little better and use less particles.

All shield bubbles in the game have also been updated to better fit each ship and station.
Astrela Starlight - DockMasterMPM
Some final polishing to the refinery before release.
  • Cleaned up the list that shows the material targets.
  • Moved refinery selector so that it is next to refinery controls.
  • General refinery graphics update.
  • Selecting a refinery switches the target material to the current material target.
Dec 20, 2019
Astrela Starlight - DockMasterMPM
The refinery has gone through a first-stage polish. More polish work is in progress. A tow beam has also been added to the Tserilecx so owned ships and stations can be moved.

Other changes this week:
  • All HUD filters updated to be more readable.
  • Trade/transfer changed to yellow.
  • Star System Map renamed to Galaxy Map.
  • Further changes to the game loading time.
  • Anomalies show correctly in the HUD filter instead of "fountain."
  • Issue with navigation window closing prematurely fixed.
  • Reclaim pop-up window polished.
  • Camera movement in entry sequence updated to be smoother.
  • Rename screen polished.
  • Jump system should be somewhat smoother due to delayed cleanup of existing star system objects.

Dec 6, 2019
Astrela Starlight - DockMasterMPM
This week includes a major update to Astrela's loading time as well as an Unity update. Load time should be less than 5% of what it had grown to. Other parts of the game should load quicker as well.

Also this week:
  • Several changes and polish to the pulse wave the UI screen.
  • The Systems Control screen will now highlight compatible slots when you select a system.
  • Fixed issue when hovering over pop-up menus that was causing them to close before leaving the hover area.
  • Fixed issue with jump box not properly coloring locked gates.
Astrela Starlight - DockMasterMPM
Getting closer to the full release! The Tserilecx model and textures have been updated to the final version. Lots of other changes this week as polishing continues.

Also in this week's release:
  • Total rework of the pulse wave effect.
  • Major update to mining station textures, minor changes to 3D model.
  • Several updates to H2 mine textures.
  • The Galaxy Map now shows a symbol for each system owned by a specific race.
  • Added "None" to the Databank additional requirements list when nothing is required.
  • Added pop-up descriptions to items in the Databank additional requirements list.
  • The mouse-over pop-up system has been polished.
  • The list that shows possible weapon types in the Systems Control has been reworked and has pop-up descriptions added.
  • The Trade/Transfer system now shows the vessel picture and name for the source and target.
  • Fixed issue where some derelict ships showed that salvage was available when there was none.
  • Some vessel chassis didn't have their 'class' set correctly, fixed.
  • Several more asteroids have been added to the Sortis system where the planet was destroyed.
  • Comets in Curre have been updated with new and different materials.
  • Some hard-to-find neodymium was added to Caulis for Pore's mission.
  • Level 5 and 6 Elpin ships now have new models, textures, and pictures.
  • Some trade changes have been made in Avar and Saurum space for shipyards and factories.
  • The wrecked Astrela and Tserilecx now have correct images.
  • The wrecked space station in Pluma has been updated with a different model and picture.
  • When Dolan takes control of the Stardock it is now moved to a specific location in Thetan.
  • Fixed issue where objects not owned by the player could be jumped to other star systems.
  • Celestial sensor added near Nidiumbe.
  • North arrow added to the jump system for better orientation.
Astrela Starlight - DockMasterMPM
All of the trade stations throughout Saurum and Avar space have been updated. Each station now has unique communications to purchase schematics for ships and ship's systems. The available items on each station for trade have also been updated.

Also this week:
  • Fixed issue in new trade UI where total trade volume wasn't contained.
  • General cleanup of ship's systems and their descriptions for Avar and Saurum.
  • Fixed issue where some scanner space stations were not showing as correct object type in Databank.
  • Side screen added to Databank so that ship's systems will show information. Systems that previously read "BOOST" will now show as Auxiliary.
  • Material Telemetry station UI has been polished.
  • Radar items list was updated with different textures and spacing.
Nov 8, 2019
Astrela Starlight - DockMasterMPM
All of the major UI elements in the game have now been polished. This week's update includes the Weapons Control, Systems Control, Save menu, System Information, Database, Quests, Trade, and the Help system. Major change to the overall look of the game.

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