Jul 23, 2018
Almost Alive - Emir
_Added 7 soft sound tracks and 7 hard ones!!! Thanks Chris!
_Forgot to save one important element on Level1 which made some items on decor elements not save at all, possibly ground elements weren't saved either......!!! now fixed, sorry about that!
_Fixed a bug killing your save on level 2 because of some tables with chairs in the GONE base
_After some testing lowered stamina for jogging by 20% and by 15% for sprinting.
_Readjusted Stealth, with the ninja skill if your stealth is too low ( because you're using a flashlight or because you are sprinting and because of the day light ) you will go out of stealth.
_Adjusted Dialogue problems with factions that are initially hostile. Those bugs could happen after several reloads or if making them hostile again.Also they should appear on the minimap when not hostile and having quests. Same goes for the doctors.
_Added some Insult once a character decides he shouldnt talk to you anymore.

More fixes :
_Level1 Two Cars had the same reference and the loot in one of them wasnt saving/deleting
_Level1 some debris at Army base was a too huge cover and was not logically giving opportunity to hit soldiers when you were flanking them.
_Level2 Phoenix on table path
_Level2 Container looting in GONE base
_Level2 box looting in ROA base
_Character Sheet level description
_A little grammar correction

Again if your save doesn't work, you will have to restart a new game...but most likely it will work!
Hopefully this is it for the critical bugs destroying your progress :)
Jul 22, 2018
Almost Alive - Emir
Looks like the game had some critical bugs after the update for some of you ( Save screen frozing sometimes...) and Loading for some others... If your save doesn't work, you will have to restart a new game... but it should be the last time the save is corrupted for quite some time.
_Good news are, I added some leveling up and xp gain multiplier, everytime you finish the two main levels and respawn at the beach, you can keep grinding and retesting for some time!!!(Max level is 51 for now)
_Also fixed a minor bug with a weapon on level 0.

Anyone having a critical saving bug after restarting a New game, please come to discord and send me your save game file, just .zip everything in ...users\AppData\LocalLow\Shad Games\Almost Alive

Another good news is that Chris Pickering is back, and we gonna get a lot of cool music soon and probably some more englishing!
Jul 21, 2018
Almost Alive - Emir
First, thanks to all of you, I never had this many players and therefor you were kinda my first beta testers, I did my best to remove all the bugs I could before steam but some went trough and some others are probably still in the game.
I will always do my best to remove bugs and thanks to everyone reporting those and taking some time to talk with me to help me spot them!
Next updates will be about some things people asked me and eventually more bug fixes. Then I can start working on serious stuff, most probably some mutants to enrich the world, the game play and after that an open world.
That's why I won't be updating the game in it's current state with more quests, the whole game will change with mutants and the open world. Thanks again for the awesome feedback, I will do my best to not disappoint you!

Major Updates :
_Adjusted Diagonal movement speed.
_Containers (not bodies) keep their loot after resting, you can now hoard like crazy. I might make hoarders get maniac madness >;) (this is temporary until I make some proper micro management for containers saving)
_Outline effect stays after talking with someone or after loading the game.
_Fixed dropping consumables into drop box was equipping them and crashing the game!!! Now it works like it should :)
_Fixed Smoke effect going on even if it vanished when the character stayed inside of it.
_Fixed Menu display when pressing Esc while a cut scene was running, the cut scene can now be close with Esc after the level loaded.
_The save could break du to some items being on boxes and other decor elements that were damaged and not destroyed (if that item was picked up with a full inv), this is now fixed.

Minor Updates :
_Fixed resting quality bar maximum level.
_Fixed the Underbarrel not showing in INV when loading from menu.
_Fixed consummable stock count when used from inv and any opened stash.
_Fixed some corpses disappearing when game is loaded from menu.
_Brainer skill doesn't affect anymore the chance of losing a crazyness level.
_Longer display of effects happening on characters.
_Fixed a container that couldnt be looted if you were too close to it at the Neozis base.
_Fixed head aim description in the character sheet.
_When you inv is full, items acquired trough quests now drop properly making sound when hitting the floor.

Noticed bugs I am still unable to reproduce/fix:
_ At least one person noticed : Character and NPC shooting but no bullets coming out of the gun! Any more feedback if it happens to someone is more than welcome!
_ Inventory bug where an opened container wouldn't fit correctly an object removing one slot and making the object unmovable
_ I personally noticed that once the pathfinder was totally ****ed in the riffs base, but when I reloaded the level from the menu, it worked fine and never was broken again...
_ I am still trying to figure out why sometimes NPCs dance up and down while in cover (probably some unspotted madness ;p )...

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