UpBreakers - Max Emm

Dust the old conifer and hang up yer socks - Christmas is near! We're always saying how excited we are but today marks a new high of excitement: We have finished our second map and it is out today for you to ransack!

Jacky, Jana, Thomas, Lukas and I have been working on this since we launched UpBreakers mid November and already had a blast play-testing it with Geruhn and his band of streamers to iron out all the kinks and having a lot of fun doing it.

So, what can you expect:

While Santa is nowhere in sight (the elves suspect an evergrowing addiction to battle royal games) his little helpers take matters in their own hands. Pretty soon artistic differences come to light: What color of paper goes with which box? Should the cookies have chocolate or pink sprinkles? Does the snow taste better white or yellow? Angry and bored with the chores of wrapping, building, baking and packing, they decide to make a wager of who would finish loading the sleigh first...

We hope you'll have as much fun as we were having making it!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Other things we did in this update:
  • Added: Made the news bulletin diplay multiple entries
  • Fixed: The pause menu would not work correctly when playing in local splitscreen
  • Fixed: Players would spawn outside of the map when not having enough spawn points
  • Added: new selection menu for the play mode
  • Added: introduced a map selection for the local multiplayer modes and changed how the map gets selected in the online multiplayer lobby
  • Fixed: when a gesture was interrupted, the interruption was not replicated correctly in some cases
UpBreakers - Max Emm
We feel honored that UpBreakers will be played during the charity stream for the "Kinderhospitzdienst Karlsruhe" tomorrow!

The event will start at 10 am (CET) to raise money for a good cause so we are greatful for everyone who visits the stream of Gaming Aid and show their support!

If you're lucky, you can even get a free copy of UpBreakers for yourself or a friend during the event, so go check it out!
UpBreakers - Max Emm
In Version 1.0.0-3368111 we added a news bulletin in the main menu and did some minor fixing in the lobby:
  • We fixed some issues with text style
  • You can use gestures now (tap or double-tap the D-pad)
  • You can use the dash now

as we said: minor!

So if you feel, your time has been wasted, enjoy this little web-generated poem:

My love for Upbreakers is so great,
my heart melts for it 'til the dusk of day.
The night downloads when it's away,
waste, update 'til day's dawn.

Its beauty is great,
Wondering mind 'til it sees,
wait is all I do,
While waiting for the moment, for it to say "I do."
UpBreakers - Max Emm

Yes I know, it's a shameless rip-off headline but it perfectly describes what we are working on right now. As we mentioned in our previous update article from last week, we will release a new map!
As everyone around us is slowly getting into the Christmas spirit it feels like a perfect theme for our first content update.

This map keeps us pretty busy right now as Thomas is working on completing the map's layout, placing pickups, managing interior design and, on top, is making the surrounding landscape look like a winter wonderland.
Our interns Jacky and Jana are creating all the nice assets we'll put into the map. Not only are they trying to stay sane navigating through Blender and creating the geometry, they're working on the colorful textures, as well while drawing some nice artwork for the Steam Store presence once we're putting the map live.
For you to be able to actually select the map ingame, Lukas is writing the neccessary lines of code-magic and me, I'm working on the overall look and feel of the map thinking of ways to light and grade it to make it visually pleasing while trying to keep up with all the wonderful people who are having fun with the game and streaming about it. We feel you should definetely check them out and tell them we sent you :) We are so thrilled about all the fun you're having with UpBreakers and want to see more!

In the meantime, check out those videos of great folks really testing their friendships playing UpBreakers:

#RUDEL-Multistream (German), MAFF (Portugese, playing Offline Mode), BlackUFA (Russian), PZR_Stream (Russian)

UpBreakers - Max Emm
We added Russian and Simplified Chinese to the ingame languages. Store page will follow soon!


мы добавили русский
UpBreakers - Max Emm
Here we are after one week of Early Access. And we got quite a bunch of things to talk about. Christmas holidays are around the corner, there is a thing called WhatsApp Stickers, we are confessing known issues of the current version to you, we will add two new languages very soon and we want to play UpBreakers with you!

If you're wondering what we're doing since we released UpBreakers about 1 week ago: The very first thing that we did, of course, was opening a bottle of bubbly - humble as we are ːsteamhappyː The initial buzz passed and we noticed that not many things changed. There's still a bunch of stuff to be done until we can call this game truly finished! So, we sat down together and brainstormed our next steps (the details of which we will devulge to you bit by bit). As a result, one of the first things we will be doing next (and are already working on) is some christmasy content - YAY!

Christmas Content

We are working on a map that brings the UpBreakers into the christmas world of Santa's helpers where you find yourself in one of the two fractious elf teams. They once worked together in the same factory but greed and mistrust split them up and made them despise each other.
We plan to have the Christmas map up and running when Steam's winter sale starts and hope you'll still be friends with your loved ones after a round or two!

WhatsApp Stickers
WhatsApp Stickers are apparently becoming more and more of a thing now so who would we be not to hop on that hype train and ride it hard *chooo choooo*. If you want to spread some UpBreakers "love" you can download a nice collection of stickers now from the Google Play Store and stick it to your best friends or worst enemies!
Let us know what kind of stickers you're missing from the pack since we want to expand it over time!

Playdates with us, the devs
Yes, we know how multiplayer games work. One needs multiple players... concurrently, ideally. Until UpBreakers has enough of those, we want to offer you to challenge us to a match or two in the meantime!
We will warm up a lobby every week-day at around 5.30 (CET) so feel free to join us there and wreak some havoc! The lobbies can most likely be found under one of the following names: Subpixels, SuperSpaceCat, Max Emm.
For the very rare case of us not being there, please don't despair! Some evenings we might just be out of the office at some fancy champaign and caviar parties with all the big business players.... yes... that's us indies.

Kidding aside, we have some informative stuff, too:

Known Issues
From now on, we provide a list of known issues here in the communities' message board. It might not be complete but that's where you can help us! Should you find issues in the game, feel free to report it right there in the post as a comment!
We will also post a list of planned features very soon!

Translations into Russian and Simplified Chinese
Last but not least: Some nice folks at fiverr supplied us with some neat localisation jobs and we will add simplified Chinese and Russian to the list of available ingame languages very soon!

That's it, folks!
Enjoy your weekend and spread the word of UpBreakers to your friends. Because multiplayer games are so much richer when playing them together ;)
Nov 15, 2018
UpBreakers - Max Emm
So this is happening. We are live... out there... for all the world to see. What a peculiar feeling! I guess this is a good time to write something heavy with meaning... On the other hand, this really isn't our style so I will just type away :D

So here are just a few words to outline some of the things this release means for you and us:

First and foremost: This is an Early Access release! I know, those words sound so fancy and so very, very indie. But it is actually very straight forward: not done yet, incomplete, prone to errors - and we know that! Actually, this is pretty much the whole point of this release: We are debutants and don't presume to have something that is polished and all dolled up yet. Our humble wish is for you to have fun with the fruits of our labour and, best case, have some constructive criticism for us to built upon.

There are many more things we have in store for this game and we will share all of this with you very soon. In fact, we want to go even further and ask for your opinion on what features or content to focus on next! We have to figure out how we will approach this, but you definetely can play a part in future game decisions! And you should be, since all of our effort primarily goes into making something that entertains you!

Oh, and if you wanna chat, find us on our Discord channel!

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