Akane - Ludic
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Nov 24, 2018
Akane - Ludic

-8 new tracks added

-Tutorial bug fixed

-Credits screen
-??? ???
-English texts revised
Oct 22, 2018
Akane - Ludic

Keyboard Remapping available.


Due to the last katsuro update, we had to change the order of some missions:
-Sixth gadget mission now is the eighth.
-Eighth gadget mission is now the tenth.
-Tenth gadget mission is now the sixth.

-Tutorial not showing keys to press.
Sector Six - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Sin Vega)

It’s another transitional time, view-chums, when the students are settling, the returning TV dramas are nervously eyeing up various sharks, and I must decide which of my first ever batch of plants must be sacrificed to the ice gods. Will it be Younas, the defiant mortar tomato? Surely it couldn’t be Wilfred, producer of the Great Unexpected October Chilli? Oh, the terrible burden of choice!

Fortunately, the demands of the column have prepared me, and in fact this time we’re having not five, not ten, but eight of the best overlooked games on Steam. Nobody tells Unknown Pleasures what to do. Except Graham. And Alice. And sometimes Brendy. And the magistrate that one time.

Making a noble sacrifice this week: Genetic meddling, smooth transitions, and Wooian manshoots. (more…)

Akane - Ludic

Here are some examples of badges and emoticons. Hope you all like it.
Oct 9, 2018
Akane - Ludic

-Gear menu : items model overlapping each other.
-Game unpausable after boss.
-Camera locked on player after slow motion.
-Pause menu : now is showing the correct button to activate adrenaline mode

-The Boss level is lower at first and second appearance
-Boss vulnerable state duration at max level changed from 0.4s to 0.52s
-Boss charge speed changed from 700 to 550 (same as cyber ninja).
-Boss take more damage from bullets
-When boss arrives, adrenaline bar does not change.

-Vicious buff:
-Max bullets changed from 18 to 20.
-Shooting angle changed from 30 to 20.

-Magnum buff:
-Max bullets changed from 5 to 6

-The Bracelet item now duplicate any bullet deflected by katana stucked on the ground and Rebi`s spinning attack.
-Slow motion scale changed from 40% to 70%.
-Slow motion scale while Adrenaline Shot equipped changed from 28% to 35%.
-Guard can be interrupted to activate Adrenaline Mode.
-Only get boldness from Dragon Slash if hit someone.
-Detatractor only works if hits someone with Dragon Slash or Dragon Slayer.
-Every kill using Dragon Slayer count as a HIT.
-Theres a limit for combo bonus on adrenaline.
-Max enemies on the stage changed from 30 to 35.
-Screen shake enable/disable option
-Text to skip intro added
Sep 25, 2018
Akane - Ludic
GamePad Support.

Katsuro charge nerf:
-750 speed to 700 speed.

Boots achievements nerf:
-Third boot - kill 3 cyber ninja
-Fourth boot - kill 5 shooters.

Boss Dialogue bug fixed.
Sep 15, 2018
Akane - Ludic
Bug Fix: Dragon Slash adrenalina fixed.
Dragon Slash kill count fixed.
Cyber Ninja stuck bug fixed.
GamePad in progress.
Sep 12, 2018
Akane - Ludic
Drangon Slash Nerf: Now Dragon Slash works like a normal attack on the Tank.
Drangon Slash Nerf: Now the Assassin can block Dragon Slash.
Bug Fix: Revolver Achievement on Steam fixed.
Bug Fix: Achievement - Kill Katsuro in the max LVL fixed.
Akane - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Dominic Tarason)

A cyberpunk samurai abandons her wrecked motorcycle and makes a last stand against a tide of futuristic Yakuza goons, sword in hand and revolver at her hip. I’ve played a few rounds of Akane, Ludic Studios’s debut arcade slash ’em up and had a good time with it, so wanted to share some quick thoughts.

Akane feels a bit like a cooler, more considered Tormentor X Punisher – a short, stylish arcade game where death seems inevitable and the music makes it all feel like a spin around a particularly blood-slick dance floor. It’s out now, only costs a couple quid, and is trailered below.



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