Wardens of the Amber Cage - Hsnuk
- The tutorial have been upgraded and is now mandatory.
- French Localization now available.
Wardens of the Amber Cage - Hsnuk
- Low level players move more quickly.
- Low level player cast spells more quickly.
- Monsters do less damages on beginner, standard and expert difficulty.
- Monsters have less hitpoints especially on beginner and standard difficulty.

The first hours should now feel a lot less punishing and let you learn combat mechanics properly :)
Wardens of the Amber Cage - Hsnuk
We will be holding a stand in the Indie Game Zone during the PopCon Toulouse 2019 {LINK REMOVED} and show Wardens of the Amber Cage.

Meet us on the stand n°301 « Indie Game Zone » in the Diagora basement :)
Wardens of the Amber Cage - Hsnuk
  • Movement using VR controller now take in account your hand orientation which should feel more natural.
  • You can now kill ground based necromancer adds, making close range combat possible. The vengefull spirit on necromancer death still require you to flee away.
Wardens of the Amber Cage - Xmaple
  • All monsters can now reward small amount of souls for your progression.
  • You now gain level immediatly when you reach the progression threshold.
  • We added four guides on the community hub.
We hope this will help you to climb the leaderboard!


Wardens of the Amber Cage - Hsnuk

Welcome to our news players, we're pleased to announce the game release went well :)

We are still patching some last minute issues we identified thanks to your feedbacks and game should work well.

If you experience an issue, please contact us via steam forum, by mail at gembasher@protonmail.com or by steam messaging a developper (you can find me in the forum).

We are now looking for player feedback to improve the game.

A first request which came up a lot will be about the experience system : starting next patch you will now automatically level-up in dungeon, without having to come back at the leveling station in the start hub.

We will also soon post explanations about how to use the differents mage specializations.

Happy leveling and see you in Challenge leaderboards!
Wardens of the Amber Cage - Hsnuk
We published a hotfix resolving some VR Controllers and gamepads being not recognized.

If you are still experiencing issues please let us know.
Wardens of the Amber Cage - Hsnuk
- New fire spell arsenal available
- New frost spell arsenal available
- New thunder spell arsenal available
- New challenge difficulty mode available
- Game progression system available
- New monster added : The Brute
- Monster sergeants now appear in the dungeon, harvest their soul to feed your powers
- New boss encounter available : The Plague Master
- New boss encounter available : The Demon Lord
- New progression tracking achievements added
Wardens of the Amber Cage - Hsnuk
We are happy to announce that our game will officially be released on the first of March 2019. Exceptional 20% discount during the week of the release!
Wardens of the Amber Cage - Hsnuk
  • The game speed have been increased a lot.
  • You can now use teleportation for free while no monsters are in range.
  • You can now use the black gate to get to the deepest purificated checkpoint. The old teleporter was disabled.
  • You must now purificate a checkpoint in order to unlock it's doors.
  • You can now rebind all controls on gamepad and keyboard.
  • VR : you can now use the keyboard to play while seated with a VR headset.

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