Star Traders: Frontiers - (Sin Vega)

The end of the bizarre and troubling year 2018 is close, and with it comes a time of reflection. I hope you’re enjoying the RPS Advent Calendar, but even that cannot hope to contain the bounty this year provided.

When I joined Unknown Pleasures a year ago, I was a little fatigued with games. There were both too many to see and none that were grabbing me. This isn’t the critic speaking – I’d written only one article in a year – but the player. 2016-17 were by no means bad years for the PC, but despite all the industry drama (not to mention wider sociopolitical troubles) I think this is the best year we’ve had for PC games for absolutely ages.

The games are out there. The weird, the funny, the clever, the silly, the exciting, the touching, the unambitious-but-plain-good> games are positively sloshing about the place. But which ones were the best? So here it is: the pick of picks. A selection of the very best, weirdest, most original, and plain fun> Unknown Pleasures of 2018.


Shadowlings - Harmanz
Thanks to everyone who plays my game. In the near future I'm going to release several updates that will make it better and more variable. Here is the first one.

Shoguns are very insidious

Those who passed the game could notice that the final battle was pretty boring. Our hero was simply attacked by several powerful opponents. They were tough, but in general the situation did not differ from the rest of the game.

The fact is that the Great Shogun, whose murder is the main goal of the game, has deceived you! The villain instructed his best commander to portray himself, and then he hid. But our scouts discovered his lair, and now in the final battle you are fighting the real Great Shogun!

The battle is divided into phases, during which the boss uses new abilities and calls for help new allies.

Subsequently, I'm going to add Shogun's commanders as interesting mini-bosses, which can be fought after passing 4, 6 and 8 levels.

Future Plans

  • Achievements and cards. About this I am asked most often, so they will certainly be added in future updates.
  • Bow. I want to give players the ability to use ranged weapon, as opponents do.
  • Trials. Levels with special conditions of victory. For example, the level at which you need to pass a labyrinth with traps. Or a level in which you need to shoot accurately on moving targets. As a reward for winning at these levels, player will receive skill points.
Other changes 1.1

  • I changed the collision algorithm, so enemies should stuck less in the walls.
  • I received a lot of complaints about stucking while trying to use chests. Unfortunately, I could not reproduce this error, but made a number of changes that can help.
  • I also reduced the chance to get stuck when using teleport.
  • Game autosaves now if you used chest or bag, and didnt saved for 1 minute or more.
  • I slightly reduced the iron will to win the main character, so now he correctly dies at 0 health.
  • The "Bloodsteal" skill now slows enemy down only at the maximum level, as it is written in its description.
  • I drove the blacksmith-alcoholic from the castle of the samurai. The new blacksmith makes armor on a clear recipe, so there will be no more situations in the game where some characters have twice as many armor as they intended.
  • Control settings are correctly saved when you change them during game.
  • Fixed incorrect collisions of some weapons.
  • A circular strike from enemies now ignores the player's block. Now you need to flee from him, as it was intended.
  • The weapon and block are no longer stuck using a quick loading.
Zone of Lacryma - (Sin Vega)

The grim prospect of shopping for PC components looms over my August like a looming, grim prospect. God I love writing.

You might be surprised how demanding indie games can be on a slightly creaky video card, and not always because of ongoing optimisation. Although admittedly it’s more likely the searing heat rather than some bad code that baked my video card and almost the PSU too. Bah. That said, today’s Unknown Pleasures coincidentally has a rather low-fi theme, so let’s take a moment to thank the gods of the PC for putting an end to the hardware wars.

Mastering the basics this week: titchy interplanetary farmers, non-irritating children, and stabby jabby ninjas. (more…)

Jul 25, 2018
Shadowlings - Harmanz

Bugs and fixes

- Fixed crush when press F5 or F9 in menu
- Fixed talent "Dirty tricks", it will cause slow correctly when you use circular strike while holding spear


- Level 2 reworked in samurai castle decorations
- Level 3 become easier
- Music tracks no more binded to level type. You will hear random track on each level
- Need less wraith to charge Wraith Strike. Also it deals more damage (only for blades)
- Need twice less rage to charge Ancient Rage
- Additional gold income after level end
- Potions heals more
- Controls disables 1 sec after death to avoid accident spell or item use
- Add small auto-aim to kunai and shurikens. Must be easier to use it
Jul 19, 2018
Shadowlings - Harmanz
- Minor bug fixes
- Localization fixes
- Game easier by default (it will not work if you already started - change difficulty in options please)

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