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The 0.300.EA update has been in development for a few months now. The major addition (and time consumer) this version will bring is the Lunar Module. As you can see from the latest screenshot above, there is a lot of new historical systems for you to learn and enjoy. The Lunar Module is amazing to fly and operate, but also requires a lot of skills.

As with the other three spacecrafts that comes with Reentry - An Orbital Simulator, the Lunar Module will get its own dedicated manual.

This manual will be based on the manual the real astronauts used to learn and operate the Lunar Module.

In addition, based on a lot of feedback, the camera model is being changed into a more FPS-like camera, meaning you will control it relative to itself vs. relative to the panel (as it is now). You will also get a crosshair to work with when the camera movement key is being held. When released, the traditional mouse-interaction resumes. I immediately got more productive in the cockpit this way, and I hope you all will like it too.

When will you get it?
The public release of 0.300.EA is not too far away now. The first release will not be complete of-course, and some systems will be missing or needs more work. However, with the first release, the major systems will be in an operative state and it will come with a set of Academy lessons. As we progress towards 0.400, more content and systems will be added.

The Test Pilots are working hard on testing the logic and learning how to fly this as we speak.

Thanks again for your patience!

Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - Sotamakkara

I'm pleased to announce that the Lunar Module has rolled out to the Test Pilots team, where we will try to identify and correct the major bugs.

TM-9 (Test Mission 9) is all about testing the integration of the Lunar Module in the Reentry Logic Engine, and its core features.

Lyra Fluid System is a new fluid dynamics engine I'm working on for Reentry. It will make it easier to work with substances used in the ECS and propulsion, such as oxygen, oxidizer, fuels etc. Some of the Lunar Module has started to use this, and as we test this, I will slowly roll this out to the other LM systems, as well as the other spacecrafts in Reentry.

Thanks again for your patience, I know it has been a while since the previous update due to the work needed in the Lunar Module. But this means that you will soon be able to play this yourself, and land on the Moon eventually.

Anyways, here's a few new screenshots of the Lunar Module. Enjoy!

Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - Sotamakkara
The Lunar Module is now at a stage where it's major systems and functions can operate individually and together as a whole.

As with the other spacecrafts in Reentry, nothing is checklist based (complete checklist X to progress with the mission). This means that each system has an underlying system controlled by the Lunar Module panels, giving you a lot of freedom on how you achieve and react to situations, and handle failures, mistakes and bugs.

However, checklists are still a standard way to operate the spacecraft, and the in-game Mission Pad has checklists resembling the ones used for real.
During the initial part of the mission, the Lunar Module is in a near Cold & Dark configuration. This means that when you wish to power up the Lunar Module, a lot of systems needs to be turned on, from electricity to the oxygen supplies. The checklist used by the crew to perform this is a very lengthy checklist, and has made me rethink how some of the checklists can work.

With this, I now added new checklist features, such as being able to verify and run sections of some checklists, where it makes sense, such as the LM Subsystems Activation checklists. In addition, some tasks such as setting powering the LM through the LM can be performed by other crew members such as the Command Module Pilot (you can switch to the CM and do this yourself too, if you wish).

As a side track, this can be developed into a new and better interaction system where a dedicated menu can exist, where you can give some commands to the crew and mission control in a new and different way.

The Lunar Module will soon be rolled out to the Test Pilots, for initial testing, as I continue implementing the details that happens between the panels and the systems.
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - Sotamakkara
The Lunar Module is the 4th spacecraft that gets its spot in Reentry - An Orbital Simulator. As with the other spacecrafts, it's a study-level representation of the real Lunar Module, where a lot of the procedures, systems and features work realistically.

This video will only touch a few of the systems, but hopefully give you a good overview of the look and feel of my implementation of it.

The Lunar Module was used to land two of the three astronauts in an Apollo mission on the lunar surface.

Hope you will enjoy this preview!
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - Sotamakkara

I will be streaming and recording a quick preview from the Lunar Module this evening (GMT), if everything goes according to the plan.

Planned stream time:
03/19/2019: 10:00 PM (22:00) GMT+1 = 2:00 PM (14:00) PDT

Today I will for the first time show the Lunar Module in action, where I will open the tunnel hatch from the CM, and enter the LM, and go through some of its systems.

The plan is to start streaming and creating more official video content from Reentry going forward, so please check out the channels below, and subscribe to be notified!

The stream will the broadcasted on the following channel:

And the recording will be uploaded to the new and official Reentry YouTube channels:

Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - Sotamakkara
I'm happy to announce a new type of posts around Reentry - the Development Insights!

These posts aim to just describe some of the systems I'm working on, as well as let you know of some of the progress and depths of the simulator.

Anyways, let's get started! Today I have been focusing on the Lunar Module entry systems, and the procedures around this - all available with the release of Reentry v.0.3.x.EA.

To be able to gain access to the Lunar Module, after docking with it, you will need to pressurize the Lunar Module tunnel and cabin. You will use the oxygen on board the Command Module to do this initially, before activating the Lunar Module ECS system.

The access tunnel has its own tunnel light that you can turn on from the CM panel (MDC-2), and next to the tunnel, you have various controls for pressurizing it.

The primary method is to open the CM Pressure Equalization Valve by rotating the handle in the center of the hatch door. This will slowly equalize the pressure in the tunnel.

Another method is to use the LM/Tunnel Vent Valve, with the controls located on Panel 12. Panel 12 has a gauge that reads the difference in pressure, and controls for operating the valve.

Once the pressure is equal, you can remove the hatch and enter the Lunar Module to start the LM entry procedures and the LM Subsystems Activations checklist.

Thanks for the patience through the development of Reentry 0.3.0.EA. :)
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - Sotamakkara
From an engine perspective, the Lunar Module is now integrated with Reentry, and the hard but fun work of implementing the procedures, systems and features can finally begin for real.

This means that the Lunar Module now has a dedicated area in the Mission Pad where all of its checklists can be found, and followed to operate and learn the procedures it requires.

The Lunar Module will be an advanced addition to Reentry, and is a very hard machine to both fly and operate. But once you learn how it works, it all makes sense logically.

I'm currently working on the Subsystems Activation checklist. Once I have that complete, the first few Academy lessons can be written, and will be rolled out to the Test Pilots team.

Thanks for the patience, but developing the Lunar Module in the way I wish sure takes time, but will be well worth the wait. :) Once the initial version of the LM has been rolled out, the rest of the core features can be created such as landing on the Moon, and getting back home.

Stay tuned!
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - Sotamakkara

Hello all!
And welcome to the Lunar Module Preview!

It's been a while since my previous update on Reentry. The reason for this is that I'm spending all the time I can on implementing the Lunar Module. I won't go into too much details here, but rather let you see some of the progress through some screenshots. Keep in mind that this is WIP and things will change. My focus has been on the systems, but been trying to complete the models as well.

The Lunar Module is a very complex spaceship with a lot of systems. It's quite similar to the Command Module in many ways, but also has some big differences in how it's operated. For example, you fly this more like a helicopter.

Most fuses can be found on the left and right side.

There are two main DC buses, one for the Commander and one for the Lunar Module Pilot.

The EPS powers most of the internal systems, and the explosives device panel triggers irreversible actions needed throughout the missions. Two engines are available, one descent engine, and one ascent engine.

Most panels are in 4k, and every switch will be intractable. You can check the roadmap link below to see the progress, and what systems are implemented.

Enjoy some screenshots below, while I get back to coding. :)

You can follow the progress/roadmap of the development of Reentry here:

Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - Sotamakkara
While working hard on the Lunar Module, I found some time to roll out a quick patch fixing graphics issues, as well as some logical and system issues.

The following major issues has been addressed in this patch:

- A new flashing blue/green indicator on the checklist guidance window indicates that you need to press PRO when you have completed the instruction it asks you to perform such as checking battery voltage and radio checks etc.

- Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Sun Shadows Fix, still looking into the resolution fix for Gemini and Mercury, but this will now let the sun enter through the cockpit windows.

- Default shadows fix, so the cockpits look better, but still working on the shadow resolution.

- The Field of View inside the cockpit works on the outside environment as well again.

- The Apollo EMS is scribing again.

- Hover Highlighter Distance check issue fixed, now the hover box is visible even when hovering switches far away.

- Mercury Engine SFX playing on outside view

- Gemini Orbit State initial fixes

- AGC register 62 (V16N62E) won't crash the AGC (no longer need to pull the fuses to reboot and recover from that)

- Pulling both Decompress and Repressure handles won't be as noisy anymore

In addition, many other minor issues has been solved.

Thanks again for reporting, and for helping me make Reentry better for everyone! :)

Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - Sotamakkara
Hi all,
I found the bug many has mentioned where the graphics in-game is missing some important effects such as AO shadows in the cockpit and special effects. If you go to the Main Menu and settings, disable the special effects checkboxes, and then enable them again. This should fix it, and give you a better looking cockpit.

1) Start Reentry
2) Go to the Main Menu and settings
3) Disable all the graphics checkboxes
4) Enable them again. This should fix it, and give you a better looking cockpit

Cockpit Sun Shadows
In addition to this, I finally found the bug that also blocks the shadows from the sun while sitting in the Virtual Cockpits. With this fix, the sun is allowed to enter the cabin through the Windows, and will nicely illuminate the panels and interior.

These two bugs will be rolling out with the next patch, planned for end of next week.


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