Nov 8
Synthwave Dream '85 - LoneDev
  • fixed Duri Futo missing car model in splitscreen mode
Apr 4
Synthwave Dream '85 - Fax Murder
I want to thank all my patrons on Patreon for their donations because thanks to them I managed to get the latest 2 new cars for the game with these earnings :D

Happy drifting with the new cars ;)
Synthwave Dream '85 - Fax Murder
  • added new car DORIFTO
  • new model for the B86
Synthwave Dream '85 - Fax Murder
Hello drifters!

My Patreon is up now. If you appreciate my works like SynthwaveDream '85 and my other projects and want to see more like them, please feel free to support me on Patreon.
Synthwave Dream '85 - Fax Murder
Hey 80s players,

here is LoneDev, I'm working on a few new videogames projects and one is a PS1 themed horror game.
Don't worry! SWD85 updates will come but a bit delayed because of these new projects.

This is a preview of the game I'm working on in case you're curious:

Look the road now! You missed a drift while reading this!
Dec 17, 2018
Synthwave Dream '85 - Fax Murder
  • added new realistic effects to the game: postprocessing
  • redesigned graphics settings
  • increased "anti out of world check"
  • fixed Cinematic mode floor bug
  • fixed some terrain colliders and wireframe effects

Dec 10, 2018
Synthwave Dream '85 - Fax Murder
  • added ingame graphics settings
  • added new views for the Cinematic mode
  • added new song by D-Noise, "Impulse"
  • integrated game with Steam chat (Rich presence)
  • faster scenes loading
  • fixed skull eyes not visible at game start
  • fixed some minor bugs in Infinite NIGHTMARE
  • fixed cinematic mode minor bugs
Synthwave Dream '85 - Fax Murder
  • added experimental cinematic mode, pressing E or BACK/SELECT (controller)
  • added stats interface pressing TAB or Y (controller)
  • new gamemode Infinite NIGHTMARE
  • added back camera pressing middle mouse button or right analog button on controller
  • fixed some details on car B86
  • added streetlamps in city road
  • fixed vibrating interface on high distances (better fix)
  • added "Wrong direction!" message when going backwards
Nov 11, 2018
Synthwave Dream '85 - Fax Murder
  • redesigned "SportCar"
  • balanced money earnings
  • added money bonus on long roads (like the tunnel)
  • balanced damage rate (life decrease)
  • money hitbox is bigger, now money is easier to be taken
  • added elements on roads to enhance the feeling of speed (mid road glowing lines)
  • fixed wheels positions in some car menus
  • fixed some bugs when going out of world
  • fixed lag spike on money pickups generation
  • adjusted car prices
Synthwave Dream '85 - Fax Murder
These days I'm adding new achievements to the game, keep playing to unlock all of them!
Also I'm working on something interesting for your Steam inventory.

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