Incel Clicker - Bob the Developer
In this update, you'll enjoy the following:

  • Totally revamped system for leveling up. There's a bar in there now.
  • Renewed difficulty level that works better for the slower leveling up
  • Two new enemies, including the dreaded Truecel, who saps your experience levels
  • New purchases: you can now buy extra maximum health and/or summon the Black Pill
  • Speaking of the Black Pill, it now looks more impressive

Happy clicking!
Incel Clicker - Bob the Developer
Once again, based on input from our valued clientele, we provide an update to Incel Clicker. In this update you'll find the following improvements:

  • Added two types of enemies, including Just James, a fierce Belfast brawler
  • Gave earlier-level foes more health, creating a better difficulty curve
  • Added a new type of bonus: say hello to the ruthless Black Pill!
  • Decreased the sometimes excessive damage to your enemies caused by orbiters (summoned using PUA-books)
  • Increased the health of all boss-foes

Happy clicking!
Incel Clicker - Bob the Developer
This update features the following:
  • Bob's Boots, a special item, was made less overpowering
  • Improved visuals
  • Added five new items in the new Superior Item -class!
  • Added two new types of enemies

Happy clicking!

Incel Clicker - Bob the Developer
Based on the feedback of our valued customers, we present this important update.

Changes include:
  • Added a pause-mode
  • Added seven new types of enemies, including the mighty LDAR Giant
  • Added a swanky CRT-shader for true retro aesthetics

Happy clicking!
Incel Clicker - Bob the Developer
Once again Incel Clicker receives an update. Here's a rundown:

  • Producer Chad has been replaced with FA Monday
  • Added twelve new types of enemies
  • Reduced the HP ceiling for ICBMs yet again
  • Girlfriends. Yes, you can now join forces with an actual GF in the game

And much more. Happy clicking!
Incel Clicker - Bob the Developer
After some feedback from our loyal customers, we decided to immediately release this update with the following changes:

  • ICBMs now have a much lower ceiling for maximum hp
  • Happy Lady and other special foes have had their potential max hp reduced
  • Player hp curve now not quite as exponential - a more gentle curve this time
  • Added a "Douchebag"

Happy clicking <3

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