Franchise Hockey Manager 5 - JeffOOTP
A new hotfix update for Franchise Hockey Manager 5, version 5.8.74, has just been released.

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game.

This hotfix corrects a couple of specific issues discovered with 5.8.72:

-the 5.8.72 fix for changes in contract offers removing the full value of each new offer from the team's free agent budget without first refunding the amount of the previous offer should now work properly in all leagues.
-multiplayer games will no longer register (potentially very many) additional extensions for a player's contract when he re-signs with the team. The fix works retroactively and will remove any traces of such extra extensions from your game (but the original extension will still remain there as it should.)
Franchise Hockey Manager 5 - JeffOOTP
A new hotfix update for Franchise Hockey Manager 5, version 5.8.72, has just been released.

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game, but some of the update's fixes may not retroactively correct certain problems in existing saves.

This hotfix corrects a few issues with the 5.8.70 update:

-custom games will no longer crash when starting employed in certain league configurations
-issue with the current year's draft picks disappearing from the interface (e.g. in the team data screen and the trade windows) will now auto-fix itself when the save is loaded; we haven't been able to identify what's causing this, but if you see it, exiting and reloading the save will fix it
-fixed issue with news story cleanup in multiplayer leagues leaving blank stories
-fixed some historical challenges that weren't being awarded correctly
-a few small typos and UI issues fixed
-some minor data corrections and updates
Franchise Hockey Manager 5 - JeffOOTP
The sixth and final update for Franchise Hockey Manager 5, version 5.8.69, has just been released.

Please post any problems/bugs you run into in our Steam discussions board or the Bug Reports Forum on our website.

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game, but some of the update's fixes may not retroactively correct certain problems in existing saves.


-database updated to February 25 (i.e., immediately post-NHL trading deadline); in addition to the usual playable league updates, most nonplayable leagues received substantial roster updates; NHL attendance base levels updated to current 2018-19 amounts; corrected RFA/UFA contract-expiry status for a number of NHL players
-added randomization ("Randomize Starting Scout Bias") option in setup for starting scouting opinions on NHL draft-eligible (and younger) players (will completely randomize the player's consensus opinion value, which can significantly change the scouting evaluations, making scouting and drafting in early seasons much more unpredictable)
-offensive rating penalties to fatigued players increased
-added an additional fitness reduction to skaters playing an excessive number of minutes in one game
-new csv export files added: schedules, team_records, conferences and divisions
-most playable leagues received an expansion to their list of leagues that they can sign players directly from; generally this are still very low-level leagues; notably EIHL teams can now sign players directly off NIHL Division 1 rosters (had previously been only Division 2)
-NHL rights on drafted KHL and Swiss league players will now remain until player reaches UFA age (approximates defected player rule)
-user's active roster limit is now removed during the playoffs as it is during exhibition games
-uniform number assignment system now automatically gives the players the number they want if available (i.e. the change we made in the last update is now extended to any desired number, not just if it's the preferred one), so the user only gets a message if a player needs a uniform and the one he wants isn't available
-player fitness after playing a game will now be slightly lower
-adjusted the system we added last update that lowers fitness by 10 when being sent up/down from farm teams: if the new team is in the same city as the old one, adjustment is 0 instead of -10. If state is the same, adjustment is -5. If country is the same, -10. Otherwise, -15.
-all players on a user's farm teams are now scouted to A-level, even if they're not actually contracted to the user's team
-during an initial draft, if a user's team's remaining salary budget is < (league minimum salary * (number of remaining rounds + 1), the team will only be able to pick players who will get a contract with a salary equal to the league minimum.
-average Aging rating for generated players adjusted upwards by a small amount, should result in slightly fewer players declining early
-SHL transfer frequency between AI teams reduced, and SHL teams will now occasionally make player-for-player trades

User Interface:
-reworked tactics screen, adding more explanatory tooltips and removing unnecessary elements, and option to have the AI reset the tactics
-in the Exit Auto-Play options, 0.5 star level options added to "When a player is available on waivers" so they can be set at 0.5, 1.5, etc. as well as the integer values
-added new news item to announce players (with contracts) being added to the team on July 1 in historical (no draft) mode
-added new news item to announce retirement of staff who aren't in GM and/or head coach jobs
-when viewing a player's scouting reports, using the arrow button to change players will now change the report as well, not leaving it stuck on the report of the first player viewed
-on the player profile, the Consensus Opinion and Central Scouting graphs should now correctly display ratings lower than the user's scouts for players who are underrated
-using the league menu to open the Champions League or Memorial Cup schedule/stats/history pages, then the standings tab, will no longer result in a blank page
-when viewing one team's roster screen, then switching to a different team via the team menu, the Action Menu will no longer disappear until the roster tab is clicked on
-standings screen on manager home page should now show the playoff line in the correct place in non-conference leagues
-in the box scores, the single "OT" column for scoring and shots on goal has been split into one for each OT period - OT,OT2,OT3, etc.
-the "Champions" section of the international tournament history screen should now show the proper number of championships won for that tournament
-the tournament (CHL/Memorial Cup) history screen now includes the historical champions in the leaders in the Champions section, not just the teams that win tournaments after the game starts
-fixed colouring of the Historical Challenge successful/failed popup in dark skin (had been dark blue on black)

Bug Fixes:
-.fg files with special characters in them should now import properly, both via the automatic import and manual selection via the Import PhotoFit option on the Picture menu)
-1974-75 and 1975-76 WHA schedules restored to correct as-scheduled versions (as opposed to as-played versions where teams stopped playing midyear, which made Minnesota historical challenge extremely difficult)
-the 1926 Stanley Cup (which should be between the NHL and WHL champions) should now occur properly
-when KHL teams make unsuccessful contract offers to a player, their free agent budget will no longer continue to be reduced by that amount even after the player signs elsewhere or the user ends negotiations
-Montreal and Toronto historical challenges should now trigger properly and award achievement at correct time
-Vancouver Millionaires historical challenge now correctly awarded when the player wins the Stanley Cup, not their league championship
-check to prevent resigning from international team while tournament is underway should now begin with roster deadline date for tournament (had been allowing resignations prior to opening game of tournament, which could lead to crashes if roster had not been completed prior to resignation)
-when an OHL/WHL/QMJHL team releases a player, his rights for all 3 leagues will now be properly set to "none", making him signable by any CHL team
-"Select Player Usage" function for farm teams should now work properly in multiplayer
-fixed roster status issue for players on NHL contracts who move directly from a junior team to an AHL/ECHL farm team
-the player_master.csv CSV export file will no longer assign ID's of -1 to players generated after the start of the game
-playoffs in custom league setups should now work properly when the format is changed after the first season; in some cases they were failing to start
-various other small text and data fixes
Franchise Hockey Manager 5 - JeffOOTP
A new hotfix update for Franchise Hockey Manager 5, version 5.7.66, has just been released.

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game.

This hotfix fixes a few critical issues with Monday's update:
-Quickstart games can now be started properly again
-the Quebec historical challenge now uses the correct team instead of starting a game as the California Golden Seals
-fixed issue with multiplayer games that could cause a crash when attempting to open some player screens
Franchise Hockey Manager 5 - JeffOOTP
The fifth major update for Franchise Hockey Manager 5, version 5.7.65, has just been released.

Please post any problems/bugs you run into either on our Steam discussion board or in the Bug Reports Forum on our site at

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game, but some of the update's fixes may not retroactively correct certain problems in existing saves.

Changes from 5.6.58:

-added 12 new historical challenges (including achievements) for defunct leagues, 7 for the WHA and 5 for the PCHA/WCHL/WHL
-updated database, should be accurate as of February 5 (Matthews extension is in.) Most nonplayable leagues got a more thorough update this time, as we gradually extend our ability to do large-scale semi-automated updating
-moving players up from or down to a farm team will now result in a slight fitness penalty for them to simulate traveling to the new team, so there's a little more incentive now to maintain extra players on the parent team's roster
-removed 2020 World Cup, first one is now in 2024
-for the purposes of GM/coach firings, losing streaks will no longer carry over from season to season, potentially resulting in extremely early firings, and no GM's and/or coaches will start a season with their job in "in jeopardy" status, the prerequisite for a firing
-random debut historical games now include some non-NHL players, primarily stars from the pre-NHL era, 1940's-1980's Europeans, and notable non-stars; also added several new players in those categories and improved the ratings of a few players who had better careers outside the NHL
-restricted free agency is now possible in multiplayer games, but to enable this we had to disable the matching option (and associated popup) - if an RFA is signed to an offer sheet in a multiplayer game, the former team automatically gets compensated with no option to match
-all tactical, line, and role selection options should now work properly for international teams - player data for these is entirely separate from the club teams, so a player can have a different role for each
-if a player's favourite number is available when he joins the user's team, he'll automatically get it without needing it to be assigned via the number assignment dialog (may extend this later to include the player's first choice of numbers at the moment, not necessarily just his one favourite)
-Carlson Hockey Games now limited to players from teams who are no longer in their league playoffs (similar what to the World Championships does with NHL teams), to prevent clashes with league playoffs
-added a safety check to AI-controlled teams to avoid situations where they would fail to properly qualify some of their better impending restricted free agents
-adjust player movement in nonplayable leagues - more Russian players should now be routed through the MHL as they develop, and improved logic for progressing players from the older junior leagues to senior national leagues
-changed settings on QMJHL American draft to avoid draft pool shrinking in later seasons

User Interface:
-added filter for staff search screen, and added Misc Skills and Job Ratings to the Info dropdown
-the bar lengths on the ratings tab of the player screen should no longer run past the right end of the underlying bar
-when viewing a list of players, adding a player to a shortlist via right-click will no longer re-sort the screen according to descending alphabetical order
-players no longer disappear from player search, league and team histories, etc. after reaching 100 years old
-clicking on retired players in league-history-(individual season)-any team should now open the correct player
-clicking on national team name now takes the user to that team instead of his club team
-fixed historical challenge dark skin background to something more readable and changed titles to team name
-"change scout button" on the player scouting screen should now work properly, allowing the selection of reports from different scouts
-added explanation of red/green colours in Role Ratings section of player screen
-the yearly sort order for tournaments now matches the sort order for the league histories - the most recent season at the top
-the staff search screen no longer re-sorts in reverse alphabetical order if you click on one of the staff and then use the back button to go back to the search

Bug Fixes:
-fixed issue with allowed contract limit incorrectly preventing player additions (waivers, free agents, etc.) when team is under the limit
-fixed registration problem that was preventing some Steam users from registering an OOTP account from FHM5
-fixed crash when attempting to view boxscores during Champions League/Memorial Cup games
-the league and team history leaders/leaderboards/records should now work properly when starting with the current roster quickstart
-current quickstart now uses the correct starting injury data
-added check during loading that will fix a rare problem where the lineup status of farm players could break upon callup, preventing them from being placed on a line and potentially crashing the game
-in historical mode, the team histories for individual seasons should now show stats for retired players again
-requirements for end-of-season popup categories (above .500, etc.) should now work properly in historical mode
-goalies in historical games should no longer get "non-goalie" numbers unless they specifically have them as a favourite number
-fixed instance in modern games where entry level contract-required players signing in the NHL could request more than the maximum ELC amount
-ELC-required players in historical games should no longer occasionally request and get 1-year contracts from the AI that leave them as UFA's after expiration
-the "complete trade" option in a message announcing a team accepted a trade offer should no longer occasionally remain available when a trade is made involving one of the players in the offer
-the player screen award badge for being on the Champions Hockey League winner should now go to the players on the actual winner for that season
-the league histories for the Swedish Hockey League and Polska Hokej Liga no longer have a '-' in the name section for all seasons between the start of the game and the current year
-players should no longer appear on the Hall of Fame ballot a year before they should
-AHL standings will now sort properly after league has been expanded
-deleting a team in the structure editor now forces schedule regeneration, to prevent broken schedules if a team is added, then immediately removed after generating a schedule
-lines/lineup should no longer be cleared after the Champions League final
-fixed draft lottery in expanded leagues, expansion teams can now get picks higher than #4
-scouts in multiplayer games that were moved onto the staff of a new team by the commissioner should now generate scouting reports properly
-viewing a game from the league schedule screen, then trying to return to the schedule screen by hitting the 'back' button no longer results in an error message
-various minor text/UI corrections
Franchise Hockey Manager 5 - JeffOOTP
A new hotfix update for Franchise Hockey Manager 5, version 5.6.58, has just been released.

One of the fixes in yesterday's hotfix (the one for the April crashes) created a new problem a few months later that would lead to another crash when attempting to move to the following year. The only change in this hotfix is the correction of that problem so saves with it can be continued. Strictly speaking, it's not essential to install this update if you weren't playing a save that was created prior to version 5.5.55, but it's never a bad idea to be updated to the current version.
Franchise Hockey Manager 5 - JeffOOTP
A new hotfix update for Franchise Hockey Manager 5, version 5.6.57, has just been released.

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game. Some of the update's fixes may not retroactively correct certain problems in existing saves, but we've made a particular effort in this update to repair problems with existing saves.

This update fixes a few serious issues that became evident over the holidays that we didn't want to wait until the next full update to fix. The data has also received a partial update - we did happen to have a research deadline last week, so we decided to use the data from that, but since this wasn't a planned update, the rosters aren't necessarily completely up-to-date.

-adds automatic retroactive fix to Suomi-Sarja playoff problem so saves that have it can be continued - if you have a save that is crashing in April, this will probably fix it
-AI lineup adjustment now run on nonplayable teams about to play in a playable tournament (Champions League, promotion/relegation, etc.) to correct any roster problems that may have developed on those teams - this should fix the majority of crashes in the early part of the season
-fixed an issue that could prevent KHL from generating a schedule in later seasons
-fixed a problem with multiplayer draft that could result in game becoming non-continuable once the inaugural draft ends
-tuned movement of remaining free agents to nonplayable teams on November 1 so higher-level nonplayable teams aren't flooded with players, resulting in a cascade of game-slowing transactions and potential roster errors
-fixed potential crash that could occur if users started a game between version 5.5.54 and the 5.5.55 hotfix
-fixed id issue with csv export that was giving many players an id number of -1
-using the save button on the edit league screen no longer adds a large amount of money to the team budget
-fixed some dark skin issues: achievements with black-on-black text, home region for scouts not highlihgting properly in the assignment screen. and action button turning black when pressed
-league/team records regenerated to fix a few issues with the earlier versions, e.g. duplicated 18-19 NHL season stats for some players breaking NHL single-season records
Franchise Hockey Manager 5 - JeffOOTP
A new hotfix update for Franchise Hockey Manager 5, version 5.5.55, has just been released.

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game, but some of the update's fixes may not retroactively correct certain problems in existing saves.

The main purpose of the hotfix is to fix a crash bug that had the potential to affect a lot of people, particularly in long-running games; we didn't want to leave that one around over the holidays. A few other things we'd worked on since the 5.5.54 release also made it in.


-fixed a potential crash-causing bug that could make a game impossible to continue if certain teams were promoted to playable leagues (fix will apply to existing games and prevent future crashes like that as well, no need to restart)
-fixed crash when saving an online league after the commissioner makes a contract offer to a player on behalf of a human GM
-expansion teams will now hire staff properly in all game types
-cleaned up the CSV standings file so each league doesn't repeate the team data for every team in the database
-when highlights mode is set to many/average/few, the popup rink location will now be displayed at the bottom-left instead of the centre of the screen, as it is for other modes
Franchise Hockey Manager 5 - JeffOOTP
The fourth major update for Franchise Hockey Manager 5, version 5.5.54, has just been released.

Please post any problems/bugs you run into in the Bug Reports Forum or on the Steam discussion page.

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game, but some of the update's fixes may not retroactively correct certain problems in existing saves.

Changes from version 5.4.44:

-added a dark skin option (selectable in start screen - interface - current skin, requires restart); we've fixed a number of colour conflict issues (mainly dark text on a dark background) caused by the darker skin, but there may still be a few lurking, if you find any please let us know and we'll correct them
-there is now a "Current 2018-19" starting database option that includes playable team rosters updated to approximately Saturday, December 15. This will be our "working" database going forward; the Opening Night data will remain as it is and any updates, additionas, etc. will be going into the Current database only (barring the discovery of some serious problem in the older data that requires fixing)
-a fictional logo system similar to OOTP's has been added, there are now roughly 800 fictional logos that will be used by default in custom games if the team's nickname matches the logo file name. User-made logos with the same type of file names will also be used if they are placed in the \logos folder (the extra numbers in the name, e.g. aces_e6e6e6_000000.png, are HTML colour codes for the team's primary and secondary colours; these aren't used by FHM at the moment but if you're making custom logos it'd be a good idea to include that data in the name for the sake of future compatibility)
-scoring levels in all playable leagues updated to reflect changes in 2018-19 so far, e.g. NHL is higher; some penalty and fighting frequencies updated as well where there were significant changes
-stat generation in nonplayable leagues adjusted to fix excessive point and PIM totals and expanded into many other stat categories (e.g. game ratings, faceoffs, giveaways/takeaways, etc.) that previously didn't get any, so there should now be few differences in appearance between stats created in playable vs. nonplayable leagues
-fixed situation where one type of icing event was supposed to be converted into another result for the shorthanded team during power plays but wasn't, resulting in icing being called on the shorthanded team
-the puck tracker window no longer disappears after a goal is scored in a game
-fixed some situations where the puck location on the small rink diagram on the highlights screen was reversing the location of the event as it was shown on the "show puck location" rink diagram
-game-winning goals now awarded in the correct manner, i.e. the GWG is the #X+1 goal for the winning team, where X is the number of goals scored by the losing team
-fixed the PK% on the in-game penalty popup so it's not always showing 100% or close to it.
-the star ratings calculation on Tactics-Unit screen should now be calculated as the average for the actual number of players in the unit, not a fixed value of 5, i.e. the 4th line in an 18-skater lineup will get more than one star.
-league standings added to CSV export (note: there's a small issue with it that lists every active team with every active league ID, making the file much larger than it needs to be. We'll fix that, but the data is all there, just use the team id-to-league id relationships as listed in team-data.csv to identify which team is in which league)
-fixed Finnish Suomi-Sarja season structure so correct teams go to the upper and lower divisions during the second stage and the playoffs
-increased penalty frequency slightly when the number of PP opportunities so far in the game is equal
-lowered the minimum talent level at which a player will reject a bridge contract a little more
-selecting "Meet Demand" when negotiating with an unsigned draftees should no longer set the Major Role to "None."
-adjusted AI line selection to make more use of players in their secondary position if they're rated 15-19 there
-the AI no longer places defencemen in the second forward spot of the 3-on-3 lines
-the Free Agents list on the staff screen now also lists General Managers and GM/Coaches
-newly-generated players in historical games now have Mood and Intelligence attributes set properly instead of starting at 0
-fixed another possible instance of nonplayable team players getting stuck on Vacation status
-in random debut historical games, some players born on February 29 no longer get birth years of 0
-team budgets are now editable in commissioner mode
-commissioner mode now allows the user to change team roles for staff for all teams via the right-click menu in the same way that he can do it for his own team
-fixed another situation in multiplayer issue where human managers could be switched to different teams when the commissioner adds or removes a GM
-in multiplayer games started on July 1, the NHL will not have restricted free agency turned off by default
-in multiplayer leagues, when human managers use the right-click option to change the roles of staff, e.g. assistant coach to scout, the changes will now export properly to the commissioner
-changes to specialty coaching roles (offense coach, defense coach, etc.) in multiplayer should now be saved when human managers export and won't revert back to their old settings when the commissioner updates the files and sends them back
-NHL contract buyouts should now work properly in multiplayer - player won't be returned to the roster if he's not claimed on waivers
-the filter maximum age limit increased to 199 (previous setting of 99 made retired players over 100 years old impossible to view)
-fixed broken 8-team Reseeding playoff format in fictional games that wasn't generating any playoffs when the season ended
-if the user is employed but uses commissioner mode to select a new team via "Available Jobs", his news subscription to the previous team is now cancelled
-removed obsolete "Training" option from the Action dropdown menu on the free agent centre screen
-in league-stats-player stats, the DR column no longer shows "..." for all rankings >99
-ratings displayed on the player profile screen should now always match those on the roster screen
-restored missing tooltip for the Name column on the roster screen with the description of the C, H, TB, etc. letters
-added several new storylines, fixed and adjusted some others
-games created from a quickstart no longer have empty messages in the mailbox after game is reloaded
-the 12-team, 54-game format for custom leagues should now generate a schedule properly
-when the NHL is expanded in a modern game, the History-Stats screen for the new AHL and ECHL farm teams should now display their leaders properly instead of being blank
-the 1923 Stanley Cup tournament should now start on the correct date instead of several days after the date listed on the 'Play to Event' dropdown
-the Memorial Cup history now shows the actual 3rd-place team (i.e., semifinal loser) as the "Bronze" winner instead of the #3 team in the round-robin part of the tournament.
-historical games should now load the award history as it existed in the starting season correctly
-fixed several of the lower-level Championship international tournaments playing doubled round-robin schedules
-moved the the Beijer Hockey Games (EHT, formerly the Swedish Hockey Games) to mid-January to avoid interfering with the playoffs in some leagues and the Olympics
-team links in the schedule pane of the GM home page now open up the team's page properly
-the "goalie stats" and "player stats" tabs are no longer missing from the stats screen for international tournaments
-fixed problem with playoff stats showing as 0 on the team roster Stats:Summary view with playoffs option selected
-upgraded nonplayable Lithuanian, New Zealand, Israeli, and National Collegiate Development Conference (US Jr. A) leagues from generic representation to more detailed versions with individual teams (current database version only)
-fixed database to include missing data that was preventing some nonplayable leagues from generating proper player stats
-various other text and UI changes
Franchise Hockey Manager 5 - JeffOOTP
A new hotfix update for Franchise Hockey Manager 5, version 5.4.44, has just been released.

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game, but some of the update's fixes may not retroactively correct certain problems in existing saves.

This update was needed to fix an issue with penalty calling in the previous 5.4.42 update; a change in that update that was intended to make "evening-up" of penalty calls in a game instead did the opposite, which could result in a snowball effect where a team that gave its opponent 2-3 early power plays would become more and more likely to get penalties called against it. We've fixed that, although doing so resulted in NHL PIM totals dropping back to where they originally were before 5.4.42. So, we'll have to try s different approach to getting them to match the real numbers more closely (although this chane does seem to have resulted in much better PIM numbers for lower-level leagues, some of whom had issues with excessive penalties.) Additionally, a small change was made to the goon and enforcer roles to make it less likely that the AI will assign them to defencemen; this primarily affects a number of defencemen in the 1970's through 1990's in historical mode.

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