Crying Suns - (Dominic Tarason)

Crying Suns feels a bit like playing FTL in the universe from Lexx – weird, uncomfortable, unquestionably a bit evil and confusingly exciting. Space here is a mean place full of freaks and lunatics, and you’re an expendable cloned captain sent to find out just how it got so bad. Developers Alt Shift released a demo to accompany the Kickstarter funding their rogue-ish game of grimdark space adventure – today they’ve delivered a streamlined and heavily reworked version highlighting the work they’ve done in the past seven months. You can grab the demo on Steam here.


Crying Suns - karotte007

All the team is proud to announce the release of a new free demo of its story-driven and tactical rogue-lite game, Crying Suns. With this newest version, downloadable on our Steam page, you will be able to experience a major update to Crying Suns’ battle gameplay that the team has been working on for several months now.

We are also thrilled to announce our recent partnership with publisher Humble Bundle for the Windows and OSX release of Crying Suns, in 2019.

New battle gameplay

Following your feedback, and after a long period of thinking about the gaming experience, the team took the decision to streamline the game flow during battles, making the following changes:
  • Removed focus points,
  • Altered roles of the Heroes so that they now support different battleship functions: hull maintenance, squadrons and weapons control,
  • Tweaked functioning of critical damages,
  • Added many other additional features.

The result of this major update is a smoother, deeper and more intuitive game, playable for free on the newest version of Crying Suns’ downloadable demo.

Partnership with Humble Bundle

We chose recently to partner with Humble Bundle for the release of Crying Suns, particularly to benefit from the publisher's expertise and advice for Windows and OSX releases. The game will still be released in 2019 and with all the stretch goals and new features promised in the Kickstarter campaign.

Gameplay live stream

See you on Monday, February 4 at noon (PST) for the Crying Suns’ demo live stream simultaneously on:
  • The Humble Bundle Twitch channel,
  • The Humble Bundle Youtube channel,
  • Steam.

The development team will answer your questions about the game in the stream chats.

Check the changelogs on our forum to access the complete list of all changes made since we started the Beta phase.
Crying Suns - karotte007

A brand new version of the demo is now available!

This newest release includes many enhancements, integrated and tested during a Beta phase that began two months ago and will end in a few months.
The demo, available in English and French, is downloadable for free (Windows and OSX).

While the scope of the demo is the same (players can experience one sector, compared to two in Beta), many improvements have been implemented. Graphics, content, gameplay... and several aspects of the game have been altered based on player feedback and development goals.

Main additions and modifications:
  • Recalibration of the combat difficulty progression
  • New battlefield elements: meteor showers and blaster turrets
  • New hero abilities
  • New enemy battleships
  • Possibility to sell your squadron units in shops
  • New narrative events
  • New sound and visual effects
Check the changelogs on our forum to access the complete list of all changes made since we started the Beta phase.

Note that the demo represents the current state of the game, which is currently under development, and will evolve until its release (first half of 2019).
Crying Suns - karotte007

We finally reached the end of our (stressful but captivating) Kickstarter campaign!

We have set up a Backerkit website, where you can order several Crying Suns items:
  • The physical art book,
  • A digital copy of the game (Windows, OSX or iPad),
  • A “Digital art package”, composed of a digital copy of the game, a digital copy of the OST and a digital copy of the art book.
  • A “Physical art package”, which is composed of the “Digital art package” + the physical art book.

Our Demo is still downloadable for free (in english and french) on our Kickstarter page.

Thanks a lot for your support, and if you like the game, add it to your wishlist, and spread the word about it!
Crying Suns - karotte007
We are now very close to reach our third goal, the Epic Boss Fights! You are simply amazing! Only 3 days left to go even further!

Crying Suns Kickstarter campaign

You are probably wondering now what would be the next stretch goal after this third one. Well, as we told you before, we had to make drastic choices to respect our deadlines, so we had to cut a few factions from the story we wrote. Thanks to your help, we will reintegrate the Prag Mah faction presented here.

Here is another faction that we had to cut from the game and that we could reintegrate as well: the Phalanx.

About the new “Phalanx” faction

Before The Shutdown, The Phalanx were a powerful mercenary organization that came into existence when Emperor Oberon banned the use of OMNIs in war. (OMNIs were much too good at killing. And the results on the human population were much too devastating.) Someone human needed to do the killing, and they were happy to step in... for the right price.

For a pretty penny, the Phalanx could be hired by any major house, or by many minor houses, to fight in any war that their bidder wanted. Simply put, what the members of the Phalanx love most is war, which they consider a science as well as an art. Their studious interests in the subject, their obsession with its pursuit, and their love of money, preclude any kind of moral doubt that they may or may not have over the nature of any given job.

As members of the Phalanx are paid for their ability to kill, it's not uncommon to see them using these payments to make them better killers still, and many sport mechanical or biological augmentations, often more subtle and better integrated than those adorned by members of House Kosh-Buendia and House Akibara-Sung.

As you command a powerful battleship in hostile star clusters on your journey, don't be surprised if one or two of your enemies hires the services of The Phalanx to stop you. It might also be possible to hire The Phalanx yourself... But it will cost you a LOT of scrap.

Stretch goal #4 - Additional faction + additional contents 70.000€

So if we reach 70.000€, we will add this new Faction to the game, the “Phalanx”, including:
  • 1 new/unlockable Battleship,
  • 2 new playable Heroes,
  • 2 new weapons,
  • 3 new squadrons,
  • 15 new story events
And, several new contents:
  • new stations and beacons,
  • new planets,
  • new civilian ships.

Jul 14, 2018
Crying Suns - karotte007
Thanks to the crucial help of our supporters, we will be able to realize the project of our dreams, and maybe even more!

Indeed, with 17 more days to go on the campaign, we have the opportunity to go further into the depth, the quality and the uniqueness of Crying Suns.

Hereafter, you will find the first stretch goals we planed, mainly focused on new contents, such as new factions, alternate endings, the kind of extras we had to cut from our initial plans to fit into the budget.

To know more about them, and support us, visit our Kickstarter page!

Crying Suns - karotte007
We are thrilled by your positive feedbacks on the Demo, and we still need your support to reach our goal!

Discover the Kickstarter campaign and the free Demo here:


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