Necro Mutex - Denormalizer
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Necro Mutex - Denormalizer
Attack Of The Retro Bots is now available! This is a family friendly reskin of Necro Mutex that has retro robots instead of weaponized undead.

Since it's a reskin rather than a completely different game, I've made it part of a bundle with Necro Mutex, so if you own one you can get the other at a very big discount.

Also version 1.5.0 has been released. Apart from minor bug fixes, the main changes are that a few of the weapons have had a small buff, the player begins the game slightly stronger, and there's now more colour variation from room to room.

Release notes are:
First AttackOfTheRetroBots version, the reskin project of NecroMutex.
More colour variation from zone to zone.
Removed buggy gamma setup on startup.
15% damage boost for plasmagun, minigun, flamer and electogun.
Player begins game with the machinegun and shotgun as well as the pistol.
Start with more death evasions.
Start with more health packs.
Player starts with more health and shield, max health displays as x3 but is really the same as the old x4.
Altering music volume will alter the music currently playing, instead of not working until the next song starts.
Fixed bug where leaderboard allowed access to maps when a game isn't active.
Added missing translations for VR controls.
Necro Mutex - Denormalizer
Version 1.4.6 has been released and has added a new method of doing step rotation in VR, called "Simple." This will be active by default for new players, while returning players will need to select it from the start screen options or VR options page.

In the new method, you click the left or right side of your pad/stick, and you'll turn 30 degrees in that direction. Hopefully users will find this method much simpler and more intuitive than the other methods.

I'm going to phase out the old VR control and rotation methods in upcoming updates, so for now players have a chance to get used to the new control/rotation methods.
Necro Mutex - Denormalizer
Version 1.4.4 is now live. No huge changes, just a few minor bug fixes and a new game config that can be accessed from the graphics option menu.

The new config is called STANDARD_BETTER.cfg. It uses higher polygon models for the environment and has higher resolution shadows. It's better than STANDARD.cfg but not as demanding as STANDARD_HI_SPEC.cfg, and should run well on cards as good or better than an nVidia GTX 970.

If you don't really care about the environment models or shadow quality, STANDARD.cfg will load maps slighty faster and has a faster frame rate.
Necro Mutex - Denormalizer
The Steam Summer Sale is here, and Necro Mutex is 50% off!

To conincide with the sale, Version 1.4.0. is now available. Apart from adding support for 3 new languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean), the mechanics of the gameplay have been updated, which I generally refer to as "Gameplay Version 2"

And if you don't like it, fear not, just go to the non-standard game options and you can play the original gameplay instead.

A lot of tweaks were made, including adding a few new types of thanatoids here and there, but the most significant changes are as follows.

1. Sectors are now sorted according to value. This means difficulty more closely matches the sector number. So you're much less likely to find really easy sectors with no challenges tucked in among more difficult high level sectors.

2. Electogun use has been limited. It's still as deadly as before, but now it remembers how much ammo it has between maps, and the only way to recharge it is to pay for it. So you need to think carefully about when you are going to use it so you don't waste your charges.

So no more easy higher level sectors, and a limited electrogun? Seems like the odds are being stacked against you.

Fear not! There is now a new mechanic that allows you to buff up your character without limit:

3. Introducing the Chrono-Mutator. This process is not something to be done lightly, it comes at great cost. Using it means you'll lose all your money, weapons and skills, and all you sector completion progress will be wiped out.

But in return, you'll be able to get a bunch of PERMANENT buffs to things like damage, health and reward multipliers, that keep stacking each time you use the Chrono-Mutator.

To buy the buffs, you need "Chrono-Mutator Points," which you get from killing Shuggoids and Cortex Guardians.

So it's a good idea to hunt down Shuggoids and Cortex Guardians and load up on CM points. Then, once you've reached as far as you can get in the game, use the Chrono-Mutator to restart and buff up your powers.

I hope you enjoy the gameplay.
Necro Mutex - Denormalizer
Today I've started work on Gameplay Version 2. This will consist of a lot of tweaks and changes, both big and small, that'll make the game more fun (and intense) for new players and old players alike.

The goal is to have this ready in time for the Steam Summer Sale, so it should take between 2 and 4 weeks.

Depending on how fast the coding goes, some of the things I'd like change or add are:

* Unlimited character progress, so even sector 9999 can eventually be beaten... although don't expect that to be easy or fast!
* A change to sector difficulty, so that sector number more closely matches how challenging it is.
* Some weapon changes.
* Certain thanatoid characteristics will be modified.
* A couple of new thanatoids.
* Some more story.

I may or may not have time to implement all these things, so it's a question of how much I can get done before the sale.

And if you already really like the current gameplay, don't worry. You'll have the option of playing the "original recipe" game as it currently exists too.
Necro Mutex - Denormalizer
To celebrate the additions made in the 1.3 updates, Necro Mutex will be discounted 34% for two weeks, starting March 28, 2019 10:00am. (US Pacific Time.)

If you were waiting to blast some weaponized undead into blood and bone slurry, now's your chance!

Sale ends April 11, 2019 10:00am.

Necro Mutex - Denormalizer
Necro Mutex now has a new gun.

The alt fire shocker attack from the flamer has been promoted to its own weapon, the Electrogun. It ranks above the rocket launcher in terms of price. Its alt fire is a concentrated long range arc of electricity, a handy complement to the short range area effect of the primary fire.

The Flamer has a new alt mode, blasting a rapid fire stream of incendiary grenades. Great for taking out bigger targets or clearing areas that you can't see, just bounce some grenades in.

1.3.2 also has a number of bug fixes for issues that were introduced in 1.3.0, the two main ones being the leaderboard sometimes not updating, and some code that wrongly saw the new maps as sign of an error.

Hope you enjoy the new gun, and let me know on the discussion page if any more bugs show up.
Necro Mutex - Denormalizer
As the player goes to higher and higher sectors, Necro Mutex is supposed to gradually become impossible. Unfortunately, user Kiddster didn't get the memo, and with a skillful and well honed playstyle has been thrashing tougher and tougher sectors without problem, recently beating sector 9998, the second last sector and the last "normal" sector. (Meaning, not an escape pod sector)

So to toughen up those final sectors, update 1.3.0 has made some changes.

Sectors 8000-8999 now either have the Low Ammo or No Ammo challenge.

Sectors 9000-9998 have been completely re-done, and now always have a shuggoid, cortex guardians, and the No Ammo challenge. That should make them more consistently difficulty.

The Electro Flamer Alt Fire has been modified. It now takes 0.25 seconds to power down, using ammo while it does. This doesn't make much difference when it's used in a continuous burst. However the "Tap 'n' Zap" strategy of just doing quick bursts now uses a bit more ammo, so it's more difficult to just charge through a sector occasionally tapping the alt fire to clear a path. "Tap 'n' Zap" is still useful, it just can't be used quite as much, especially on low ammo sectors.

[Edit: It was 1.5 seconds cool down in the original 1.3.0 update but that was probably too much, so 1.3.1 cut it down to 0.25 seconds.]

Shuggoids and Cortex Guardians have gotten a hit point buff in earlier game sectors. They start out roughly four times tougher than they used to be, though in the upper sectors they still have the same hit points.

Shuggoids and Cortex Guardians also have some extra attacks now, firing positrons and muons respectively.

This update also includes a number of other minor tweaks and bug fixes. If any new bugs have been introduced, let me know in the discussion forum and I'll fix them asap.

Hope you enjoy the new update.

Necro Mutex - Denormalizer
There had been an issue introduced by a buggy steamworks update that broke VR last weekend, buttons on the controllers weren't responding.

Steam support has now fixed the issue, so Necro Mutex is good to go in VR again! Now you can try out the new 180 degree tracking and rotation. ;)

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