Radio Commander - braaaur
Radio Commander 1.05 is up!

Dec 1, 2019 @ 2:02pm (BuildID 4449143; around 20mb for Windows)

@numerous fixes to the editor functionalities
@editor manual available (from the workshop website and from the game)
@few quick battle fixes
@some recently reported minor bugs fixed
@numerous fixes to Chinese localization
@players can make their own localisations (translations of all game texts)
UBOAT - (Tim Stone)

A is for Alphabetised wargame and sim news. Every four weeks or so I hang up a streamer of industrial strength fly paper in The Flare Path dunny and see what wargame and simulation news stories adhere to it. Below is this month’s bag – 25 bite-size stories involving virtual vehicles and surrogate slaughter. If you wince when someone calls a locomotive a train, and can put these three battles – Trenton, Turnham Green, Trafalgar – in chronological order, you should probably click where it says… (more…)

Radio Commander - braaaur
Radio Commanders!

During the Steam Autumn Sale, the players can nominate games for the Steam Awards 2019!

We think that Radio Commander fits perfectly in the "Most Innovative Gameplay" category!

If you agree with us, you can nominate RC by clicking on the "nominate" button attached to this message.

Let's make it happen, people!

Radio Commander - braaaur
Major fixing is almost done!

Radio Commander 1.045 is up (all the details below)!

Unfortunately our Steam review % dropped below 80% despite all the efforts in fixing bugs. Therefore, if you played the game and enjoyed, PLEASE give it a review.


Oct 29, 2019 @ 4:16pm (BuildID 4337858; around 12 mb for Windows)

@pathfinding algorithm upgrade (unit movement glitch near rivers etc.)
@editor fixes (units, waypoints, decals)
@editor missions set to public by default
@say again... fixed again
@mission 8 fixed movement grid, fixed minor event bugs
@mission 9 minor event fixes
@direction move comms fixed (moving to west > moving west)
@other aspect ratios supported (16:10 etc.);
@saving player’s maps drawings;
@random enemy positions in quick battles.
@mission 6: recon cooldown time
@mission 4: conflict outcomes;
@loosing on veteran counts as victory bug
@loosing a mission overrides save game bug
@mission 5: radio signal map, event bugs (e.g. bridge event), saving issues (radio block), dragon one in base bug;
@remaining quick mission bugs (missing statistics, helicopter movements);
@Time To Act achievement bug
@drm on, GO launcher implemented on game' exit

Radio Commander - braaaur
Radio Commander 1.03 is up!

Oct 25, 2019 @ 10:19am (BuildID 4325169 (around 7 mb for Windows)

@more elaborate reports (e.g. own unit strength);
@”over” in voice recognition to send the comm; call any unit to open radio panel;
(maybe I should do a video on how to use VR? what do you think?)

@corrupted player’s files error solution (can’t play campaign, can’t create/switch user);
@mission 3: problems with the tunnels/base localization, not triggering events and issues with the “secured LZ” (e.g. confusing outcomes); LZ location when saving;
@mission 7 and LZ problems;
@”constant engage” problems;
@Chinese localization issues;
@Germany, French and Spanish localization issues (missing spaces);
@distance tool glitches, map tools glitches;
@inaccurate coordinates mode too inaccurate
@permanently lost units on veteran
@mission 7-9 replay camera bug
@VR bugs ans issues
@comm malfunctions and “say again” bugs;

Radio Commander - (Tim Stone)

A is for Anticipating awesome AI. General Staff’s AI sounds smarter than a sack of weasels. In a recent blog post Ezra Sidran describes how MATE, the upcoming American Civil War game’s ersatz commander, works out which section of an enemy line it should Schwerpunkt during an attack. It identifies the opposing force that must be dealt with to achieve its assigned objective, does strength analysis of the two opposing forces, determines if the defender has anchored or unanchored flanks, calculates the slope of the attack, etc., and then calculates the Schwerpunkt after analyzing the enemy s flank positions, supporting forces and if the attacker has an unrestricted avenue of attack. .> Evidently bumble in the rough direction of victory locations , the modus operandi of many a pitched battle wargame AI, isn’t good enough for Ezra. (more…)

Radio Commander - braaaur
Hello Radio Commanders!

After a week (plus few days...) after the release, we are ready to present a Roadmap for fixing efforts as well as reveal some information about our future plans for Radio Commander.

After the fixing is done, we'll start preparing our first DLC for the game.
We are going to announce it around late November and probably it will be all about squad management, Baker Company files, all units and characters description, unit composition, statistics, abilities and perks.

Later on we are thinking of introducing 1-2 new units and making a mini-campaign of 3-4 missions focused on these units and characters (Aussies?).

Meanwhile the game will be probably ported to console and mobile devices.

Radio Commander - braaaur
@video encoding issues fixed on Mac (game freezing at the start or when playing a mission briefing)
@editor fixes: objectives, setting date and time, +others
@height tool fix;
@mission 9 height map fixed;
@app run in background;
@cheats active after activating the editor fixed;

Radio Commander - braaaur
Hello Radio Commanders!

During the last 24h we've identified and fixed a lot of annoying bugs.

This won't be able without your help! Thank you very much! Thank you for your bug reports and your patience.

The update is quite big because we had to replace almost all the video files in the game due to some technical issues with Windows 7. Sorry for that inconvenience.

Your progress in the game shouldn't be impacted by any mean.

This is only the beginning and I promise you that we'll continue to fix the game and implement all the features you suggest on our Steam forum and Discrod channel.

Thank you very much and please enjoy the game!


PS. Every now and then, some patching needs to be done...
Radio Commander - braaaur
Hello, Radio Commanders!

Today is the big day!

Radio Commander released on October 10th, 2019 @ 9:00am PDT.

Once again, thank you very, very much! You made it real.



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