Dec 1, 2018
Great Old One - Arrival - Mahjong_Knight
Hello everyone, in this update, we have polished details of some weapons and make this update as the official v1.0 released version.

Thanks the players who are following us and took the time to help us test and provide valuable feedback during the EA version.

We also know that there are still many shortcomings in this game, which is caused by our lack of experience. It is difficult and costly to reproduce on current project so Zack and Lyle decided to use the accumulated experience for the development of a new project, and we believe that we can bring a higher level of experience next product.

Thank you for purchasing the Great Old One - Arrival. Your support will let Zack and Lyle continue to work hard to develop fun games.

Follow us on Twitter , we will continue to release information on the progress of new projects.

Wish you all a happy game time!

Zack & Lyle
Nov 17, 2018
Great Old One - Arrival - Mahjong_Knight
Hello everyone, thank you for your attention. The main updates this week are as follows:

  • Fixed the bug that the weapon-enhanced interface displayed incorrectly when it was first turned on.

  • Optimize the details of card equipment and redemption interface

  • Adjusting the detection range of some monsters

  • Optimize the display of The Truth Church dungeon

  • Optimize the display of damage HUD
Nov 10, 2018
Great Old One - Arrival - Mahjong_Knight
The main contents of this update are as follows:

  • Revise text in the game

  • Optimization of the spell details of the weapon "Dragon Slayer"

  • Subtitles in the narrative scene are beautified and the playback speed is accelerated.

  • Reduce the attack power of Boss
Nov 3, 2018
Great Old One - Arrival - Mahjong_Knight
Happy weekend everyone, and the planned updates have been released. The main updates of this week are as follows:

  • Revised texts for story, quests, and weapon descriptions.

  • Improved bullet time during a muson attack.

  • Fixed some UI related bugs.

So far, after more than a month of revision, we have greatly improved the battle-related content. Thank you for your attention, we hope to get more feedback from everyone, thank you!

You can reach us in the following ways:

Steam Community:
Oct 27, 2018
Great Old One - Arrival - Mahjong_Knight
Hi everyone, we are updating the game again. Did everyone start playing "RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2" this week?

The main updates of "ARRIVAL" are as follows:

  • Fixed a problem where the victory UI of horoscope dungeon sometimes does not appear.

  • Optimized the UI layout of the weapon upgrade interface.

  • Fixed the problem that the Raccoon City Level Boss did not drop the magic card.

  • Revised a number of weapons, monster skill details.

  • Adjusted the default volume of background music for several maps.

  • A lot of optimizations were made to the final Boss skills and monster distribution within the level.

After that, we will mainly make some details on the story script, and some modifications of the skill details will continue.
Oct 20, 2018
Great Old One - Arrival - Mahjong_Knight
Hi all, good weekend! Thank you for attention. It’s really hard to make and polish games. We found that there are many things that need to be worked hard.

Some of the major updates completed this week are as follows:

  • The weapons have all been optimized, and the whole battle rhythm has become more uniform, and it has moved forward in the direction we are looking forward to.

  • The second stage of Muson Spell is automatically cast and no longer need to be triggered by clicking the button. In the future we will consider adding more action animations to the Muson Spell.

  • The dodge action consumes a small amount of Muson Power and we believe that unrestricted dodge will greatly reduce the fun of the game.

  • The position of the resurrection in battle no longer moves to the active resurrection point, but is revived in situ.

  • Some general bug fixes.

Next, we will first optimize the final Boss battle, then correct some text and UI. After this is done, many of the impressions on the store page will also be updated.

Thanks for reading.
Oct 13, 2018
Great Old One - Arrival - Mahjong_Knight
The main updates are as follows:

  • The spells of the weapons "Keiji", "Dark Angel", "Ice Heart", "ZANBA", "Dragon Slayer" and "Aralyon" have been adjusted and optimized.

  • Optimized Boss spells in the horoscope map of Green Dragon.

Improvements to the weapon spells are still ongoing, and we are also working on new FX effects resources to improve the Boss spells.

What are you doing same day next year?

Trailer video on youtube:
Oct 6, 2018
Great Old One - Arrival - Mahjong_Knight
Last week, due to our mistakes, the Ice Dragon could not be carried to dungeon, this problem has been fixed.

Some of the major updates this week are as Follows:

  • All the dungeons after the 3rd chapter are resized. All the levels will become more compact.

  • The boss AI and spells have also done a lot of optimization. Boss battle become faster, more need to pay attention to the rational use of dodge and find flaws.

  • ZANBA and HawkEye two weapon's spells have been optimized, the protection time of the Muson Attack also becomes longer.

  • Fixed an issue where the strike transposition effect was not normal in some maps.

  • The Cactus Monster in Beginner's Guide has been adjusted. The elf in the sanctuary adds animation when open the portal.

Next, we will focus on weapon spells and boss spells.

Look at the calendar, there are two months left in 2019, the rest of the dozens of days can not do anything, it is better to let go of play, 2019 to try again, yes! (Just kidding)
Sep 28, 2018
Great Old One - Arrival - Mahjong_Knight
Thanks for you still keeping an eye on us. We've made some changes and improvements to the game this week, and the goal is still to make the battle experience more fun and challenging.

The main updates are listed below.

  • The boss spells and AI in the first four chapters of the game have been drastically redesigned and improved.

    The dungeons in the first four chapters have been adjusted to make the rhythm of the entire level more compact.

  • The dodge action has been enhanced and you can use dodge action to get up quickly when knocked down.

  • Weapon "Elf Sword" and "Qin" 's muson spell have been partially redesigned and optimized.

  • Lock target feature should be triggered manually. The specific input button and key could be found in game setting menu.

    During the target locked process, the direction of the attack can still be controlled by the input of the arrow keys.

Next, we will continue to update the spell and AI design weekly. This process may take at least three weeks.

We solicit a continuance of your follow and support.

The weather is cold, remember to add clothes.

You can check the battle trailer video of this update on youtube:
Sep 22, 2018
Great Old One - Arrival - Mahjong_Knight
Hello everyone, thank you for support and follow Great Old One - Arrival. Zack and Lyle have done some improvements to the game. In addition to bug fixes and optimizations, some of the important updates this week are as follows:

— The boss of Raccoon City has inadvertently acquired a special ability to immunize against ranged weapons and the ability has been withdrawn. At the same time, attack judgment of its spell is no longer contrary to visual intuition.

— Horoscope levels are now becoming more compact and challenging. Try how many winning streak you could archive and later we plan to add a leaderboard for it.

— Add more dodge animation for different types of weapon and directions.

— Players using the gamepads will find some changes to the default keys and these changes should be more in line with the intuition of the action game fans. Please check the default key in the game’s settings menu.

— Using a gamepad to control the character is more flexible and accurate. Gamepad shaking has been supported now.

— We certainly did not forget the friends using keyboard and mouse. We have done a lot of optimization fo the operation of keyboard and mouse, it should feel more smooth.

— The last and most important update. Now we have decided to make the game more challenging according to our initial assumptions. This week we re-design and polish all skeleton monsters and bosses. You are welcome to experience the first four levels of the game again.

Next, Zack and Lyle will continue to polish and update the game's battle experience. We plan to make it better for core action experience first. We are also looking forward to hearing your comments and feedback to help and motivate us to make improvements.

Any suggestions are welcome in the community, or add steam friends for DM, or any way you feel comfortable.

Thanks for all of you, happy weekend.

Your sincerely

Mahjong Knight - Zack & Lyle

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