Prototype Mansion - Used No Cover - lordofduct
Released bug fixes.

1) fixed issue where the collider on some zombies would remain after killing thusly blocking your way

2) fixed issue where cat in office sometimes wouldn't appear if you killed the cat in the bedroom on the first floor

3) fixed various lighting/specular settings

4) fixed various pickup locations that had put them slightly out of reach

5) fixed issue where you could still activate doors in overtime that had been smashed down

6) fixed some controller issues... more details below.

So for controller support issues. Due to how Unity and Steam interact there are some weird oddities with the controller that don't let Unity recognize it.

What we've done is added an event to the game that monitors if the controller was attached subsequent times and try to re-hook it up. So if your game starts and the controller is not recognized, just unplug and replug it in.

You should also go into the Steam Controller Settings and make sure that you have the appropriate configuration enabled for playstation/xbox controllers.

Like this:
Prototype Mansion - Used No Cover - lordofduct
Critical bug fix that resolves crashing bug that occurs on some platforms.

A bug was offiliated with a Unity specific function that caused it to crash on some platforms, the issue was resolved by removing all calls to this Unity specific function.
Prototype Mansion - Used No Cover - lordofduct
A small patch to last nights update.

- FIxed bug where in Unity2018 changing the Texture Quality settings at runtime (such as when going to/from the 'Ugliest' quality setting on the title screen) causes lights to break and textures to unload.

Bug was resolved by maintaining the same texture quality across all quality settings.

Bug was forwarded to Unity so they can resolve the issue on their end for anyone else who uses Unity2018.
Prototype Mansion - Used No Cover - lordofduct
Tonight we're releasing support for MacOS!

Included are also some slight bug fixes, including an upgrade to Unity that should have resolved the crashing bug some people were having.

-Added support for MacOS.
-Updated to Unity 2018.2.1 - this should resolve the crashing issue some people were having.
-Slightly changed cat tutorial.
-Fixed zombie SFX not playing sometimes.
-Fixed save bug in hidden room where if you save after finding muriel but die before entering muriels level some weird things start to happen in game due to order mismatch
Prototype Mansion - Used No Cover - admin
Tonight we're releasing a patch to the game. We've released a couple previously this week but didn't release patch notes (we apologize for that).

So to cover the past update we added:
-Overtime rebalanced based on feedback (beefed up finale, tweaked enemy spawns, added more stockpiles, additional key cutscene added)
-Added a knockback to doors in Overtime to reduce enemy's ability to instagrab you when entering a room for the first time (they still can, it'll just happen way less often now)
-Swapped out overly loud SFX from one cutscene
-Made dodge a little more useful
-Fixed a bug where the secret S-Rank unlockable weapon would spawn with no ammo
-Fixed a bug where some HARD mode enemies were spawning in EASY and NORMAL mode
-Fixed a bug where some achievements were unachieveable (S-Rank, tank mode, hockey, docs)
-Fixed a bug where you could become trapped in the secret room in overtime mode
-Fixed a bug where enemies could spawn inside of the elevator with you
-Fixed a bug where some zombie types weren't exploding correctly
-Fixed a bug where boss would not spawn at some spawn points
-Fixed a bug where air hockey SFX would cut off after the first point
-Fixed a bug where inventory was carrying over between deaths improperly
-Fixed a bug that was causing some enemies to become crab people when shot
-Fixed some enemy grapple animation bugs
-Fixed a camera bug in the basement
-Fixed Main Menu UI transition issues
-Fixed a mirrored animation issue
-Fixed a UI scaling issue
-COMBINE no longer closes the inventory screen when performed


Tonight the new patch will include:
- Added new documents to find that highlight some core mechanics like dodge/save
- Added D-Pad support for movement
- Fixed a bug where clicking menu items with the mouse caused a double-click
- Fixed a bug to do with cloud sync not syncing files in the correct order
- Fixed a bug where in lower quality settings culled animations were not firing a completed event
- Added increased crash report logging
- Mitigated several potential causes for a fatal crash

In relation to that last one.

So we've heard from a few players that the game has been crashing for them at certain moments. This was a behaviour we had not witnessed on our own systems that we test on. Some of you were able to send in crash reports (thank you very much for that!) and I was able to finally recreate it on one of our computers.

Unfortunately the bug appears to do with a Unity function called 'FindObjectsOfType' which we used for various things. I've submitted a bug to Unity and will have to wait to hear back from them on how to resolve the problem completely.

In the mean time I've gone through the game swapped out 'FindObjectsOfType' for an alternative manner of accomplishing the same thing. With the exception of some 3rd party code I wasn't able to remove their use of, but attempted to mitigate as much as possible.

Again, thank you everyone for your patience and your assistance in dealing with this issue!

Dylan (programmer)

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