Crossroads Inn - KLABATER Bartek Slodownik


It was a busy time for us, but we are happy to announce that MAC version of Crossroads Inn is now live! What's more, we fixed some bugs that was found by community and reported on our discord (where we cordially invite you. Here is an invite link:

Full changelog:

New Features:
- Mac is now officially supported!
- Added Cloud Save feature, syncing up the most recent save files

- Fixed the issue of guests sleeping with eyes open
- Abruptly awoken guests and workers will no longer stay in their sleeping animation
- Tenants terminated from their rooms should now properly leave the inn after they are done with their needs
- Guests and workers playing darts now actually throw knives at the board and pick them up

- Players can no longer put objects out of bounds of the building grid
- Players can no longer build floor over the stairs
- Adventurers can no longer be sent multiple times on the same mission
- Moving objects between containers (when one has higher priority for storage) will no longer ignore the containers maximum capacity
- Prices for recipes are no longer set to -1 in certain scenarios

- Deleting an item that has children items (eg. table with benches) outside of the grid will now remove the children items as well
- Fixed the issue with outhouse door opening too soon, exposing the guest/worker inside
- Objects with transparency (eg. carpets) won’t lose the transparency when lit on fire
- Fixed the issues with dead/unconscious characters being stuck in “carried” state after being thrown out of the tavern
- Fixed the issue that caused certain saves made in the campaign to crash on load
- Hunter’s Chandelier now properly illuminates the tavern
- Tavern fire has been rebalanced. Each item now burns for longer, but their chance of igniting nearby objects has been reduced
Crossroads Inn - KLABATER Bartek Slodownik

Hey innkeepers!

We would like to share more info about the upcoming future and plans to expand Crossroads Inn, whose production costs refunded in the first week of its sale (which is just great, THANK YOU!). The interest in our tavern simulator keeps growing, and the current wishlist amount of new interested users passed the 120,000 mark, can you believe it? We even ended up among the group of 20 top releases on Steam in October, when taking into account the revenue obtained during the first couple of weeks from it’s release date.

Sooo… currently our studio is working on previously announced expansions (+ 1 more, see the roadmap!) and porting the game to Windows Store, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms. The release of console version is scheduled for 2020.

Crossroads Inn in Top Steam Releases of October 2019


We also confirmed our long-term goals about further development of the game’s universe. In the year 2020, we will share new events for the game’s community and additional language versions, which will expand the target audience market. There are also plans to release four free DLC and five paid expansion packs, like Pests & Puppies or Tax Collector.

First of all, in January, a first expansion called Pests & Puppies will make its debut and introduce house pets, for example dogs that guard our tavern’s premises, or cats, who will take care of annoying pests like rats or mice. You will be able to join forces with the animals, which will improve the process of tavern management. They will also scare intruders away! The expansion contains, among others, 5 races of dogs and 6 races of cats, which can be chosen depending on the preference of our tavern’s guests. Wild animals like boars or foxes will also be introduced, not to mention annoying pests like louses, which will attack the clients.

For the end of the year, an expansion called Tax Collector will be released (and this is additional one we mentioned aboive), and it will focus on paying taxes and the role of a tax collector.

The first couple of weeks have confirmed our assumptions, that Crossroads Inn is a game from which most of you guys expect new content and long-term development. 2020 will be key for us from the perspective of working on our universum. Other than multiple already announced expansions, we also plan to add new language versions: french and spanish during the first half of the year, and two others in third and fourth quarter of 2020. Additionally, we’ve prepared a few technical news for our game, like Twitch integration, Steam Workshop integration, new scenarios and challenges for the innkeepers.[/i]

This week, we will release a large, very anticipated update, which will enable Mac support. Soon, the developers of Crossroads Inn will add Steam Workshop integration, which will enable modding the game, and further gameplay improvements.

Updated expansion roadmap of Crossroads Inn for 2020


Klabater's porting team, together with Kraken Unleashed developers, started working on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows Store versions of Crossroads Inn. The game will be available on consoles in 2020. – This is an answer to a common request of our players, and a possibility to enter a completely different market for our product. I’m hoping that this game, which is very ambitious from the perspective of gameplay and mechanics, will be a natural choice for players who are looking for something fresh on the console market. On PC, the game did very well in the US market, and we’re hoping that it repeats its result on Microsoft and Nintendo consoles. – said Robert Wesolowski, CEO at Klabater

Our company is especially happy about large contribution from players in the USA and Germany, which confirms the pre-release assumptions and underlines the effectiveness of its marketing operations. Adding French and Spanish language versions will enable an increase in marketing activity on these territories and enablement of sales in the upcoming months.


In case you find it interesting, we have prepared few interesting information about the game’s release in October:

  • TOP SELLER STEAM of October
  • Every edition of the game took first place in NEW & TRENDING category on Steam in october
  • Over 120 000 wishlists
  • More than 4000 people watching streams from the game – first place among all Steam live streams
  • Averagely 680 simultaneous players for a month after the game’s release
  • Over 300 videos and streams from the game on YT and Twitch, nearly 2 780 700 views
  • More than 1100 user reviews on Steam
  • Kickstarter success – 40 000 USD received from 1 300 backers
Crossroads Inn - KLABATER Bartek Slodownik

After a short break we are back with new update. We added more objects help you gain influence in all factions and a roof! What's more, we added 4 new scenarios that was created in our in-game editor!

New content:
- Roofs have been added to the game. To create and view the roof, enter the “roof” submenu in Build Menu and select the desired pattern. The roofs are created automatically over your tavern.
- Added more faction-themed objects in Act 3
- Added more random quests in Act 2
- Added 4 new scenarios to the game (available from the Main Menu; all in an early access form):
1. Trovin’s Tower: 12-storey skyscraper tavern with Trovin as the innkeeper
2. Rockburry’s Revenge: a large homestead that belongs to Rockburry and is under a constant harassment by the Aviary
3. Countess’ Counts: a brothel run by the Countess with almost all of the workers naked
4. Lady Commander’s Last Command: Lady Commander is trying to survive under constant attacks of the Untermarchian soldiers

- Objectives will no longer disappear after loading the game
- It’s possible to change the name of the main character and the inn in the Journal
- Object sounds should no longer remain after deleting them
- Dugout can once again be unlocked in the Campaign mode
- Fixed multiple cases that caused workers to be running in the tavern instead of walking
- Building higher floors will no longer be obstructed by small items and other obstacles
- Guests and workers can once again play darts
- Fixed the issue which caused recipes in the inn menu not to unlock properly if their ingredients were awarded by events or quests
- Passed out/killed guests will no longer play the animation of getting up immediately after falling
- Bought resources on the pallet will not get stuck in the wall if they overflow the pallet
- The chance of a quest completion can now be revealed using gossips
- Fixed a number of issues that could result in the game crashing to desktop or prevented player’s progress in the Campaign

- Adjusted the amount of the favour of the social groups when they visit the tavern with menu/decorations appealing to their taste
- An adventurer’s chest is now available in Sandbox mode from the start
Nov 15
Crossroads Inn - KLABATER Bartek Slodownik

This time we focused on fixing all the bugs that appeared after last update. Remember, that you can report all the bugs and suggest your improvements on our Discord channel!

- Fixed the bug that occasionally caused the game to crash at the end of the day
- Fixed the bug that could cause a crash during gambling
- Fixed the bug that sometimes allowed players to purchase items from vendors that weren't selling them
- Fixed the issue that caused some of the Vedetas to be unable to seduce clients after loading the game

- High and low prices once again affect the guests' mood
- Workers will once again be able to harvest meat from rats
- Fire spread rate has been reduced
- The large boulder in newly started Sandbox games can once again be removed

- Added the name of the room next to the guests' opinion about it
- Cheapest cooking stoves no longer have a 100% chance of starting a fire on a failed cooking attempt
TIP: If it’s impossible to sell or repair a broken object, enter and leave the Build Mode and it will work normally
Nov 14
Crossroads Inn - KLABATER Bartek Slodownik


We're uploading today a new update, and we're pretty sure you're going to like it! We've improved many options and added some cool features, as well as fixed several bugs (please, remember you can join our discord channel to get in contact with us more easily! Here is an invite link:

- We've fixed bugs that were causing game crashes when loading the saves sent to us by the community
- We've added a few fixes related to getting the favour of a particular social group
- The style of the room and food will now affect the satisfaction of the guests, making a social group either like or dislike you
- Kicking guests out will significantly affect the favour of their social group
- We've fixed the bugs making it impossible to sometimes built the second floor
- Building higher floors will not longer be affected by the chandeliers and decorations on the floor below
- We've added a fix wherein you can remove impossible to reach broken furniture (the workers will not longer get stuck trying to fix it)

- We've fixed the bug where Vedeta wouldn't seduce story-related NPCs

- The Vedetas will not stop working when the inn's reputation is too high
- It's now easier to raise the loyalty of the workers
- Placing a bed next to a wall will no longer sometimes make the guests and the workers get stuck when getting up

- Loading the game will not reset the list of the observed resources
- The chicken coop now allows for the production of poultry

- The recipe for Mulled wine will show the right ingredients
- We've fixed a bug where an item moved to another floor would still appear on the other
- Rotating stairs using the Q and E buttons has been fixed
- Beehives audio disappears when the beehive is sold
- We've fixed the bug wherein sometimes it would be impossible to sell a Vedeta's bed
- The worker specialization will no longer sometimes disappear when loading the game
Nov 14
Crossroads Inn - lukasz.mach
Hi All!

We’ll be streaming in 5 minutes!

During today's special AMA stream your questions will be answered by:

Kacper - Game Designer. If you want to know about game mechanics, editor or campaign mode, he is the right guy to ask. He will also handle tough quesions about bugs etc.
Adam - Narrative Designer. If you want to know anything about the lore of Crossroads Inn - ask him!
Lukasz – Head of Marketing. He will tell you about all the marketing stuff and possible Crossroads Inn brand development in the near future
Bartek - Community Manager. He will be a moderator during this AMA.

Join us:
Crossroads Inn - KLABATER Bartek Slodownik
Crossroads Inn - lukasz.mach

Dear All!

We are now nearly three weeks after Crossroads Inn premiere, it seems that most of the crucial bugs and crashes were already eliminated. Nevertheless, we are still improving the game, so if you still experience any problems (which is absolutely possible!), please make sure you let us now here:

Steam Bug Report Thread:
Our Discord channel:

We also have few announcements/requests as well:)

1. AUTO UPDATE ON STEAM: We really recommend you set auto updates for Crossroads Inn on Steam. We have learned that many players have this option switched off and they don’t patch the game at all or they do this rarely. That is why some of our beloved innkeepers still experience already eliminated bugs. Current build is 2.0.4 – please make sure you have updated version of Crossroads Inn before you report any bugs. It will help us to focus on really important problems.

2. DEVELOPERS’ RESPONSE TO BUG REPORTING: Please note that while we are trying to respond on regular basis in Monday-Friday timeframe, during weekends the response time may be longer. Sometimes we do not respond, because… see below:)

3. BUG OR A FEATURE? Please make sure you check steam threads related to gameplay and in-game help as we have noticed that some of ‘bug reports’ are in fact no bugs at all but rather they require creative thinking or checking in-game help.

4. ALL CHANGES/PATCHES REQUIRE GAME’S RESTART – yeah, without that it’s like it wasn’t updated at all;) Please remember to restart Crossroads Inn to enjoy patched version of the game.

Additional to that, we wanted to let know to our Mac supporters that we didn’t forget about you – we hope that very soon Crossroads Inn will be available for your devices! We just want to be sure that the game itself is fixed 100% before we launch it on Macs.

Kraken Unleashed Team
Crossroads Inn - KLABATER Bartek Slodownik


Today we give you small patch which resolves some issues found in the game. Expect next, big patch on next Wednesday on Thursday!

- Fixed an issue that could cause Vedetas to be unable to Seduce guests when the tavern reached very high Fame

- Beehive, Garden, Dugout (Mushroom Farm) and Trellis will now work correctly
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you notice an issue with your Garden on an older save, left click it, cancel its current production and start a new one
- Fertilizer now correctly increases soil quality
Crossroads Inn - KLABATER Bartek Slodownik

As we have previously announced, today we upload another big update for Crossroads Inn! Among many improvements, you may now 'Start' and 'Stop' resources crafting - we know that lack of this option was pain in the ass! We've also fixed several bugs that were reported on our discord channel (we invite you to join! - ).

New feature:
- Added "Stop crafting" button for items that generate resources constantly (like Oven or Candlemaker). It's a toggle that can be turned On and Off
- Resources now have a new model
- Storage menu now has a new Resources tab which displays your current production status

- Workers will now correctly clean all rooms, as long as they have enough free space to do so
- Cleaning will no longer ignore rooms and corridors that lack doors (for example a room placed directly on top of the stairs)
- The Seer will no longer occasionally get stuck when sent on a mission
- Increasing Priority on burning objects will no longer cause the workers to run away scared after the fire is put out; just make sure you have Water!
- Mother's portrait is no longer blank
- Workers will no longer get stuck in beds that are placed next to a wall

- Spaces while renaming a room will no longer inadvertently activate/deactivate the time pause button
- Furnish mode window will no longer be transparent; this will prevent placing down furniture by accident when the window is positioned on empty build space

- Barrels will no longer disappear when moved between floors with keyboard shortcuts
- Feats that increase the number of available workers for hire will now work correctly
- You can now use your Oven, Quern and Candlemaker as many times as you need to. Your Kitchenhand can't wait to get started!
- A giant rock in Normal Sandbox mode can now be removed
- The game will no longer prevent usage of tables that were initially created outside, and then moved inside
- "Local Food Only" quest can now be finished with homegrown ingredients
- Updated Bard Podium to make sure that it can always be entered, as long as the entrance isn't directly blocked
- Watch icon will now show total sum of all quality of resources

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