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Has it really been six months? 2018 is passing in a blur of frozen architects, drug-pushing prophets and accordion duets. Hell, six months ago the RPS Video Department was but a glint in Graham s eye. You may also recall a gathering of the most exciting games of 2018, a rundown of the year as it looked back in January. With E3 done there s a clearer picture of what the rest of 2018 looks like. Many games have slipped to February 2019 – the stampeding bandits of Red Dead Redemption 2 have them running for the hills – but we ve rustled up 15 of the remaining games that fellow video person Noa and I are looking forward to.



I think everyone is, at the very least, mildly concerned about Hitman 2. The 2016 episodic series was awesome and revolutionary, and it really seemed like IO Interactive had stumbled onto a formula that could keep Agent 47's macabre adventures alive and fresh forever. But then the wheels fell off in a profoundly mystifying corporate debacle. Square Enix made it clear they weren't interested in funding the company any further, so IO bought themselves out and migrated over to Warner Bros. In the week before E3, Warner Bros. officially unveiled Hitman 2, stating that it will ditch the serial format in favor of a full-length story campaign that, at least nominally, echoes some of the disappointments people had with Hitman: Absolution. Still, I walked into my demo hoping that IO can still deliver the amazing, labyrinthine death traps they perfected in 2016.

So far, so good. I got a chance to play Sniper Assassin, a mini game that exists outside of the full campaign that's available to everyone right now if you pre-order Hitman 2. In it, Agent 47 is perched on a mossy hideaway with a sniper rifle, overseeing a royal wedding full of rich idiots. You're instructed to take out three primary targets with your sniper rifle, which is strange when you consider how the series has always de-emphasized gunplay. 47 is locked into place—no coins, or garrote wire, or disguises. It is a shooting gallery masquerading as Hitman, and on paper, that reads pretty damning.

But miraculously, Sniper Assassin does an excellent job of blending all the elements that made the episodes great into its limited premise. You can target chandeliers to bring them down onto unsuspecting guests. You can blow up the wedding cake, which causes a distraction and lures one of your hits outside. You can destroy the beer bottles that a base jumper is enjoying on a distant mountainside, which causes him to muster up the nerves to jump. All of the twisted, modular Hitman logic is there, which is especially impressive considering IO limited my toolset to a firearm.

It's heartening to know that Warner Bros. realizes the ingredients of the Hitman Renaissance start and end with astute, multi-layered level design—the sort of contraptions that kept us coming back over and over again to chase down elusive targets and pull off increasingly convoluted kills. The only time this series stumbles is when it leans too hard into its thin-lipped narrative, or the occasional too-linear map. But from what I played, IO is still very much working within the formula of the reboot. God bless any game that lets me put a .50 caliber round through pastry. You know, for strategic purposes.

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Bienvenidos a Miami> in a new trailer for Hitman 2 which crept out of E3 earlier this week, following its cinematic-heavy announcement. It shows Ian Hitman goin’ to Miami–the city where the heat is on–to off people during a supercar race day, which will offer some exciting opportunities for creative murder in the stealth sandbox. This is a “gameplay” trailer in the “lots of clips of in-game things with no UI and often from angles you’ll never see while playing” sense of the word, but that’s E3 for you. Fear not! Actual gameplay footage of the E3 demo is starting to ooze out from the press. (more…)


IO Interactive announced a new Hitman last week, and today the studio's game director Jacob Mikkelsen joined us at the PC Gaming Show to demonstrate Agent 47 doing his thing in the game's Miami level. It's one of six detailed and sprawling new stages coming in Hitman 2, and the possibilities are already exciting. Check out the brand new trailer, which spotlights some of what to expect. 

You'll throw more objects than ever before. You'll dress up as a signalman and shoot cars off the road. You'll wander through outrageously lavish environments. You'll blow up the winners' podium. This sure looks like the Hitman we know and love. 

Hitman 2 is due out on November 13th. Pre-ordering now gets you access to the Sniper Assassin Mode straight away. 

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Hitman 2

Much like Agent 47, Hitman 2‘s approach wasn’t nearly as stealthy as it hoped to be, but the end results aren’t to be sniffed at. Eagle-eyed internet people spotted its logo a few days back, but today Io Interactive officially> announced the sequel to 2016’s episodic murder-sandbox. Unlike the previous game, this one will be released all in one go (with plans for later expansions) and is available for pre-order, with the deal sweetened by immediate access to the Sniper Assassin co-op mode.



Warner Bros officially revealed Hitman 2 today. You can see the announcement trailer above, narrated by Sean "Ned Stark" Bean, featuring Agent 47 completing an assignment at a busy racetrack in Miami. Unlike the previous Hitman, this one won't be episodic. The entire game will be available on launch day, which is planned for November 13 of this year. There are plans for post-launch content, however.

Miami is one of six locations in Hitman 2—the others have not yet been revealed but we expect to learn more at E3, especially since Warner Bros will be guests on the PC Gaming Show.

Hitman 2 is already available on Steam for pre-orders, which gives you immediate access to Hitman: Sniper Assassin Mode, a solo and online co-op game. The trailer for this mode can be seen below.

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You better not shout, you better not cry, you better not expect the Elder Scrolls VI to be announced in front of an LA audience I m tellin you why. E3 2018 is coming to town!

Yes, and with it, so come the takes. The RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show, wants in on this. So here are some of our predictions, hopes and fears for this year s dreaded multimedia assault on the nervous system. (more…)


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