Cyber Ops - B0gey
If you are an established Streamer or Youtuber and looking for a review key to play Cyber Ops, feel free to contact us through the keymailer via link below:

Cyber Ops - dev
We are thrilled to reveal Cyber Ops: Tactical Hacking Support!!, our own take on mission support simulation.

This project can be traced back to 2017, where it all started with a few simple questions...

- How would a stealth game like Metal Gear or Splinter Cell look from the perspective of the people in charge of radio/satellite support?
- How can we create a bond with the agents on the other end of the line?
- How can we make this new perspective a challenging and engaging experience?

With Cyber Ops, we are looking to provide an answer for these questions by creating a deep, real-time experience where real agents depend on you to complete their missions and get back to base in one piece.

Our take is a story-based novel experience, where you will assist the top agents of Baltia's Geist Division; strong characters facing complex missions in a tech-noir cyberpunk world.

Political intrigue, conspirations, high-tech body upgrades, brain hacking, mechs, synths and everything we love about movies like Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, Escape from New York, Alien and more.

We really hope you like the vibe of Cyber Ops. We are a passionate team and this is the kind of game we've been wanting to make for a long time, so we are giving our best to deliver the coolest cyberpunk experience you can get in 2019 ;)

Feel free to post any questions or feedback! We're looking forward to talk with you!

Thank you all,

Julio Marambio
Octeto Studios
CEO and Game Designer

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