Dicey Dungeons - terry
Yay, it's update time! Here are the highlights from v1.4:
  • The update adds Steam Achievements to the game, as well as 17 new challenges, bringing the total (for now) to 53. (We've also added Steam Trading Cards, while we were at it! Which means the last big remaining steam feature is Workshop support, which will be coming in a later version.)
  • Right, uh, this one's a little embarrassing: some people were reporting that there was a special song that only played if you quit and loaded your saved game. This was 100% a real thing, but it wasn't intentional! It turns out two of the songs from the soundtrack would just never play until you loaded your game - "Tempting Fate" and "Fighting Chance". I've fixed it, and now they play as intended. (or, to put it another way: there are two extra songs now!)
  • Lots of small quality of life changes and various fixes in this version - for example, Thorns no longer pierces shields, I made some small but important changes to how episode progression works, and if you buy an upgrade from the shops and change your mind, you can back out of it without losing your money.
The full changelog (beware of spoilers):
  • Added 17 new challenges.
  • Changed the enemy profile that's associated with many of the challenges.
  • Removed the "Survive an attack from Cornelius" challenge (if you're trying to get it intentionally, it's too grindy and not fun).
  • Disable the unlocking of challenges/achievements if any mods are active.
  • Change to episode unlock progression: If you select a character that you've completed the first episode for BEFORE episodes are unlocked, go to the episode selection screen to show that the rest of the episodes are still locked.
  • Change to episode unlock progression: Once episodes are unlocked, you can play any of the first three episodes for all unlocked characters, even if you haven't completed the first episode.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the tracks "Tempting Fate" and "Fighting Chance" from playing unless you loaded a saved game.
  • Fixed wrong atmosphere music on Dungeon (it was using Dark Forest instead).
  • If you don't scrap equipment when playing as inventor for any reason, in the next fight you'll have a Broken Gadget instead of keeping the last thing you had.
  • Fixed a softlock bug that could occur during Double Rubble if you only brought one piece of equipment into a fight.
  • Lowered the Countdown on Wisp's Fool's Fire from 16 to 12.
  • Fixed a double counting bug that affected Kraken's Overwhelm attack.
  • Burn?ing dice now works correctly on countdown equipment.
  • Fixed a soft lock bug that could sometimes occur if you clicked on a activateable node while you were walking over it towards somewhere else.
  • Prevent the player from triggering their limit break while previewing enemy moves.
  • Added a new example mod, "Victiore". ("Victiore" is basically French for "You Defeated")
  • Added the ability to go back to the shop/level up screen if you change your mind about choosing an upgrade, copy or delete.
  • Changed Thorns to no longer pierce shields.
  • Fixed Lock status effect on Robot.
  • When previewing enemy equipment as Jester, hide the Jester's UI correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where if you traded a small item for a big one with Val, you got to keep the original item too.
  • Countdown equipment that has been cursed and has disappeared will now no longer mysteriously consume dice.
  • When playing remix episodes, if the player leaves and continues in a "select rule" screen, the screen will be shown after continuing.
Things we're currently working on, and hope to have ready soon:
  • For the next update, I want to focus on some more balance changes - in particular, I think some upgraded enemy equipment needs tweaking for Elimination Rounds, especially Sneezy who's way too powerful when upgraded. I'm also still thinking about the equipment distribution for the Witch. (When it comes to balance changes like this, I prefer to take my time and figure things out properly, to make sure I get things right!)
  • I'm also looking forward to adding some new rule remixes for Bonus Round episodes!
  • Two new enemies are coming soon - Bounty Hunter and Drain Monster!
  • More translations! (Irish, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, and Traditional Chinese are in the works and still to come.)
  • More and more bug fixes!
Thanks for playing, everyone!
Dicey Dungeons - terry

Wow! Has it really been two weeks? I hope you've all enjoyed being turned into walking dice and cursed to fight in Lady Luck's dungeons forever!

Got a new update today, v1.3! This is a big one! As usual, I'll post the full changelog below, but here are the highlights:
  • We've added Steam Cloud save support! Your progress and saves should now be synced across all of your devices!
  • I've made a number of balance changes in today's update, but the most significant for most players are probably the nerfs to Aoife and Kraken, and an increased number of health pickups in Witch episodes.
  • For Aoife, I've reduced her health - as a shield focused boss, she essentially had way more health than the other bosses - this should help even things out. (I'm considering other changes too, but let's start with that and see how it goes. Don't wanna make her too easy, now.)
  • Kraken's overwhelm attack was tuned a little bit too high too, I think - I've reduced the number of times they can use it each turn, which makes them more in line with other level 4 enemies.
  • And as for the Witch change, I've been watching a lot of people play over the last two weeks, and I think this distribution just makes more sense.
  • I've fixed a number of bugs with Bonus Round rules - in particular, Hothead, Cowboy and Handyman should now work correctly. More importantly, though, I've made a few changes to the distribution of rule changes in these episodes, which I think feels much better!
  • We've got two new translations, Turkish and Russian! We've also some updates to Chinese, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese. More coming soon!

The full changelog:

New and updated:
  • Added Steam Cloud save support.
  • Added Russian translation! (beta)
  • Added Turkish translation! (beta)
  • Updates to Chinese, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Removed mis-spelt French VICTIORE sign, replaced with English "YOU WIN!" for now. (Doh, sorry, we're re-doing it)
  • Made some small changes to how episode availability is presented.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that was rearranging the inventory between the backpack and combat screens.
  • Fixed the downgraded versions of several pieces of equipment: Moonlight Spear, Ray Gun, Hacksaw, Singularity, Bee Sting, Backstab.
  • Fixed the upgraded versions of Plaster, Lantern, Two Handed Sword and Four Handed Sword.
  • Fixed a glitch that allowed you to reuse a copy station over and over.
  • Fixed a crash bug that could happen if you tried to use Counter Spell against Scathach (she's immune, but the game crashed if you tried it anyway).
  • Fixed a crash bug that happened if Copycat tried to use Backstab.
  • Fixed a save bug that could potentially cause a crash in the Final episode (if you saved and resumed right before the last battle).
  • Fixed the damage display on Particle Accelerator.
  • Copycat now correctly uses once per battle equipment.
  • Aurora, Sorceress, and Mimic now use upgraded equipment on Elimination Rounds.
  • Fixed the upgraded and downgraded versions of Aurora's weather spells.
  • Handyman rule on Bonus Rounds now correctly only affects the player, not enemies.
  • Fixed the Cowboy rule on Bonus Rounds.
  • Fixed the Hothead rule on Bonus Rounds.
  • Skeleton Key- now correctly changes dice to 2 instead of 4.
  • Even if you manage to grab a burning dice before it ignites, it now applies burn damage!
  • Cannot use equipment until status effects like Weaken and Shock have been applied to it.
  • Fixed Lojinx.
  • A few other small misc fixes.

Balance changes:
  • Improved the distribution of Bonus Round remix rules.
  • Overwhelm is now 2 uses per turn instead of 3. Overwhelm+ is now 3 uses per turn instead of unlimited.
  • Added a small number of extra health pickups to Witch runs.
  • Removed Bronze Cauldron from Witch's Bonus Round initial equipment choices.
  • Reduced Aoife's health.
  • Gave Wicker Man an extra dice.
  • Removed a dice from Copycat.
  • On Elimination Rounds, Copycat now gets upgraded equipment.
  • Aurora's weather spells do slightly less damage on normal modes...
  • ...but she gets an extra dice.
  • Changed Boxing Gloves from ODD to MAX5.

Things we're currently working on, and hope to have ready soon:
  • Steam achievements! This is my main focus for v1.4.
  • More translations! (Irish, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, and Traditional Chinese are in the works and still to come.)
  • More and more bug fixes!

Thanks for playing, everyone!
Dicey Dungeons

How many uses can one d6 die have? According to Dicey Dungeons, the new game by prolific designer Terry Cavanagh - famed for VVVVVV and Super Hexagon - the answer is quite a few.

Dicey Dungeons riffs, tongue-in-cheek, on a gameshow. You're a contestant playing for a chance to spin the wheel and win your heart's desire, if you reach the end of the dungeon, that is. And you're a die, a d6 die (a wry observation on how characters in games boil down to the same thing, I think). There are a few contestant-characters to choose between once you really get going, but to begin with, there's only one: the Warrior, the simplest, the one-star difficulty character.

Combat works by rolling dice, surprise surprise, and dragging them onto equipment or abilities - represented by boxes on your screen - to use them. The game rolls dice for you but you decide what to do with them. If you're rolled a six, for instance, you could drag it onto - and therefore use - your sword and deal six points of damage. But it's not always so simple.

Read more

Dicey Dungeons - terry

Hi again everyone!

Yesterday marked the end of our first week on steam, and oh my gosh, we're still reeling from it. We're so grateful to everyone who bought our game - it really means a lot to us. Thank you so much <3

We have a new update! v1.2 of Dicey Dungeons is now live! For this patch, we prioritised improving performance for Chinese and Korean players, but we've also made a couple of important bug fixes, UI improvements, and balance tweaks. I'll post the full changelog below, but here are the highlights:
  • We've changed how we're rendering text in the game. Now, instead of our old rendertexture based method, we're using SDF fonts. This should mean faster, smoother text rendering for everyone! In particular, if you're playing in Chinese or Korean, this should significantly optimise things. (The theory behind all this is pretty cool, by the way! Read all about it here, if you're interested.)
  • We have lots of localisation updates! First of all, we've added Spanish, and have a beta translation for Brazilian Portuguese! Also, the French translation is now complete, cutscenes and all! We've also got updates and fixes for Chinese and German.
  • We have lots of little fixes to UI issues that were reported, including things like not being able to pick up dice if they were on top of the Flee, Enemy Moves or End Turn buttons.
  • Made a small, but important balance change to Robot's Elimination Round episode.

The full changelog is here (warning, contains some spoilers):
  • Added Spanish localisation.
  • French localisation is now complete.
  • Added beta Brazilian Portuguese localisation.
  • Updates to Chinese localisation.
  • Updates to German localisation.
  • Switched to SDF fonts.
  • Prevent Bump from appearing as a random spell in Witch episode 2.
  • Start Robot Elimination Round with a Ray Gun instead of a Pea Shooter.
  • Moved some of the longer Witch Voiceover lines from action to emote. (Hocus Rocus!)
  • Drake now longer appears as a boss on Warrior episode 1.
  • (secret) can access the backpack when upgrading equipment.
  • You can no longer add dice to equipment that's still animating.
  • Fixed a bug where dice would sometimes not "attach" to cards correctly.
  • Clicking on a dice that's positioned over a card will no longer place that dice in the card.
  • Disabled tap behaviour on dice for now (We'll re-add this once it's been implemented correctly.)
  • Prevented spamming the (secret) button when playing as character six.
  • The Flee, Enemy Moves and End Turn buttons no longer activate when there's a dice on top of them.

Things we're currently working on, and hope to have ready soon:
  • More translations! (Irish, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, and Traditional Chinese are in the works and still to come.)
  • Steam cloud saving!
  • Steam achievements!
  • More and more bug fixes!

Thanks for playing, everyone!
Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Dungeons rolls you a few dice, presents you with cards which harness those dice in damage-dealing or character-buffing fashion, and pits you against a series of opponents in an offbeat dungeon-crawling RPG setting. It feels vaguely like playing a CCG while wearing x-ray specs. 

The roguelikes and card games Dicey Dungeons is referencing with its art and design would hide away their RNG elements, but Terry Cavanagh’s new game puts the dice under a spotlight. Quite literally: the setup is that of a gameshow, so while you’re fighting sneezy hedgehogs and sharply dressed hammerhead sharks there’s a studio audience gasping and cheering over it all. They ooh and aah when you open chests in its simple dungeon maps. There’s even a wheel of fortune. Those disparate elements—rolling dice, D&D-inspired questing, and the gameshows of yesteryear—shouldn’t gel together, but somehow it all feels like the most natural thing in the world while you’re playing. 

Cavanagh’s previous games, VVVVVV and Super Hexagon, were about attritional runs against a conceptually simple but supremely demanding challenge. This—well, this is not. It’s actually all rather friendly, starting you off with a tutorial and building on itself very gradually with each encounter. And sure, rolling two dice and dragging them over into two weapon card slots to deal damage might not sound captivating on paper, but every new element it introduces makes you stop for a second and re-evaluate where this is all leading. 

Within the opening hour you’re dealing out shock, fire, and freezing damage, locking opponents’ dice, and firing off double-attacks when your limit break bar fills up from taking damage. And crucially, you feel like some kind of mastermind tactician while you do it. 

That’s the trick in Dicey Dungeons. You’re always being given the chance to make a smart decision, whether it’s holding off on doing damage to pool some dice into a healing card—these are activated on hitting a certain high number, say 16—or using buffs to hit exact numbers required by status effect cards. I’m convinced there’s still another layer of RNG beneath the hood that makes for the most entertaining fights—I mean, the Loud Bird I encountered at level 5 rolled one double, an even and two dice under 5 every round when I fought him—but with the information you have, there are always opportunities to pull off something that feels clever. 

At some point you re certain to pause and wonder how you ended up putting such brainpower into the meta of a chirpy cartoon dice game.

At the end of each dungeon run is a boss and a new unlockable character. Bosses offer surprisingly little challenge though, and are sometimes outmatched by one or two of the enemies you had to best on the way to them. It's unusually lenient from the developer who made surviving for ten seconds in Super Hexagon feel like a once-in-a-lifetime feat of skill. Nevertheless, with the boss roasted and a new character for the taking, it’s back to the dungeons for a series of ever-escalating challenges.

There’s a deceptively massive chunk of game here, and if the likes of Hearthstone or Gwent never clicked with you it’s an easy way to slide into the world of agonising over deck builds. You only have space for a handful of cards, but striking the right balance between attack, defense, and modifiers is just as engrossing. At some point you’re certain to pause and wonder how you ended up putting such brainpower into the meta of a chirpy cartoon dice game.

Like an over-eager Tinder date, the vibe is very much casual and lighthearted at first, but before too long you’re made aware that the expectation is absolutely that of a long-term prospect. Unlike a stranger you swiped on the internet though, Dicey Dungeons doesn’t keep liking your Instagram posts months after you stop playing it. 

And, to jettison that analogy entirely before it’s stretched well beyond its limit, it does a surprisingly good job of world-building. When you fight a Baby Squid, its attacks involve squirting ink which blinds you to some of your dice. Hedgehogs use a lot of spikes. The aforementioned Loud Bird uses sound to its advantage. This is all via the medium of dice rolls, you understand, but it’s easy to be pulled into the surreal ‘90s cartoon-like world just the same. 

Longer term play is limited by the absence of multiplayer, but as a slice of solo deck-building Dicey Dungeons is engrossing, not to mention buoyed by great art and presentation. I do feel that faint itch to just load up Gwent and tend to my decks there instead when I play, but Gwent doesn’t look anywhere near as much like Ren & Stimpy as this.

Dicey Dungeons - terry
Hi everyone!

Wow, what a week! We're all still a bit stunned over here on the Dicey team. I don't even know what to say! Thank you so much to everyone who picked the game over the last couple of days! It's been a really overwhelming week <3

So, I have an new update live today, version 1.1. I'll post the full change log below, but here at the highlights.

  • We've added a scorecard screen that appears when you complete an episode, which shows your overall progress with the game. This is in response to some feedback we've gotten from new players who worried that the game was only six levels long! In fact, the game is much, much longer and more difficult than it first appears! The episodes that the game talks about are not just random extra game modes - they are the heart and soul of what Dicey Dungeons is all about - why I think it's worth playing. In fact, the first episodes are really just intended as easy introductions to the different character mechanics. I think the game was doing a bad job at communicating this, and I hope this change helps to get that across a little better. <3
  • We've added beta versions of our French and Italian translations!
  • We've made the mod menu more visible. Press Escape on the title screen to access it! We'll be improving Modding support with each update from now on - the modding API is still in alpha, and isn't documented yet, but it's already possible to do a lot of cool things with it, like add new equipment, enemies and episodes.
  • We added a confirmation button for when you attempt to flee from battle.

The full changelog here (warning, contains some spoilers):
  • Added beta French translation.
  • Added beta Italian translation.
  • Added a new episode completion scorecard to show your overall progress in the game after each episode.
  • Fixed some localisation bugs (cases where strings were not being picked up and translated correctly).
  • Added Mods loader to the settings menu on the title screen.
  • Added a confirmation button for when you attempt to flee from battle.
  • Fixed a bug where your current run could be deleted when the game updates.
  • Fixed a glitch with reusable upgrades.
  • Fixed some cut-off text on Witch's spellbook.
  • Added Escape menu instructions to title screen.
  • Fixed Concentration+.
  • Fixed Lament-.
  • Fixed Nunchucks-.
  • Bonus Round challenges are now correctly rewarded on Hard mode instead of normal mode.
  • Bonus round: Bug fixes to Slime, Handyman, Skeleton, Cornelius and Paper Knight rules.
  • Bonus round: Warlock is less common.
  • Bonus round: Slime is more common.

Things we're currently working on, and hope to have ready in next week's patch, or soon after:
  • More translations! The alpha of Dicey Dungeons was available in more than 10 languages, and our translators are working hard to update those translations and have them ready for the final version of the game soon. The full list of planned translations over the new few weeks is: Irish, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, and Traditional Chinese. (Already in the game: Simplified Chinese, Korean, German, French and Italian!)
  • Improved game performance, particularly when playing in Chinese or Korean.
  • Steam cloud saving!
  • Steam achievements!
  • More and more bug fixes!

Thanks for playing, everyone! If you've been enjoying the game, please consider leaving us a review! It helps us out a lot <3
Assassin's Creed® Odyssey - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brendan Caldwell)

The German Play is happening next week, or Gamescom, as you may have heard it called by uninformed proles. The big games show will see a few of the RPS treehousers zipping off to Cologne to breach and clear the whole city of all its games, like a well-oiled unit of militant journalists. On this week s podcast, they prepare themselves for the mission. Thumbs at the ready, maggots.


Dicey Dungeons - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Matt Cox)

Terry Cavanagh is known for making difficult games, including the likes of Super Hexagon and VVVVVV, two tough-as-nails gauntlets that challenge digital dexterity and reaction speeds. They’re crucibles where the sting of failure is treated by the balm of an instant restart. They’re not, notably, deckbuilding roguelikes that revolve around dice manipulation. That would describe Dicey Dungeons, Cavangh’s latest and (according to him) greatest game.

Back at GDC in March, I got the chance to ask him about it. “People hate dice and randomness,” I said. “Why did you make a game about dice and randomness?”


Dicey Dungeons - terry
Hey everyone! We're really excited to announce that Dicey Dungeons is now LIVE!

Roll your way through the Dungeons! Battle cactuses and banshees and dragons and loud birds!

If you want to find out more, the trailer should give you some idea of what you're in for: exploration, enemies, jokes, discoveries, amazing music, adorable art, strategising, and a whole load of dice.

We'll be updating the game here and there over the next few weeks - adding achievements and support for more languages, that kind of thing. And we'll keep you up to date on all the details of those updates as we go. But for now: have fun, and good luck!
Dicey Dungeons - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brendan Caldwell)

There is a happy Saturday morning feel to Dicey Dungeons. It’s as if you re munching on Coco Pops and watching cartoons, as you fiddle with some toy dice that came free in the cereal box. This is a sorta-deckbuilding game about being transformed into a walking, talking dice and battling creatures on a rigged game show for a chance to “SPIN THE WHEEL” (the wheel always lands on a skull). It s a make-your-own-luck strategy game about micro-arithmetic, about adding up chump change into shiny pound coins, then flinging those pound coins straight at the forehead of a toothy cowboy. It s not bad.



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