Factory Town - Erik Asmussen

Some useful new worker units and cosmetic upgrades!

You can now build Cargo Boats, once you've researched Boatbuilding and Machinery. These heavy duty boats can carry a LOT of goods, and can even carry 4 different item types at the same time!

You can now build Caravans, which are high-capacity wagons. They also can carry multiple item types at a time, or a lot of one item. Like Wagons, they are much faster on roads.

Houses have new models, that will changed based on the House's upgrade level. So you can more easily see which houses are ready for upgrades!

Added new models for Harvester Drill and Tree Planter

You can now build your own Elemental Temples, once you have completed the required late-game research. Once you have completed the research, you can also move or destroy the temples that spawned naturally on the map.

Other fixes & improvements:

  • Added new Video setting that allows disabling of Mesh Instancing (may help performance on some machines)
  • Fixed selection of tree planters hiding tree growth details
  • Fixed splitters sometimes ignoring valid outlet options
  • Fixed workers being removed if placed without being given any tasks
  • Fixed bug where the Menu Pause would disable when on the Audio Settings panel
  • Well is now unlocked from start of game, in case starting biome has no water


Factory Town - Erik Asmussen

Just put out a new update that should dramatically improve performance on larger maps with lots of structures and resources.

As a benchmarking example, a map like the one above that used to run at 26 FPS now runs at 160 FPS! This should make large towns much more pleasant to work with. I'm sure there's much more optimization I can squeeze out - will be doing more work on this in future patches.

There's also a few small additions and bugfixes in .110 as well:

  • New video preference: Object lights (used to enable / disable point lights on thing like Lamp Posts)
  • Fixed being able to deposit non-sellable items into Houses
  • Fixed Steam Power networks not restarting on game load
  • Fixed non-localized preference keys in menu

I'll probably put out another quick bugfix & optimization patch, then start working on some lategame & endgame content like OmniPipes, that let you transport all kinds of items around via convenient pipe networks, and OmniTemples, that will serve as an infinite item sink in exchange for increasingly powerful production speed bonuses & town perks.

Thanks for playing & all your feedback!


P.S. User reviews on Factory Town's Steam page are always helpful & appreciated :D
Factory Town - Erik Asmussen

Thought I'd spend a few days knocking out some high-priority Quality of Life features players have been asking for - like the ability to view & modify multiple item slots at a time, and easily activate or deactivate slots so they don't fill up with unwanted items. And dragging & dropping stuff to the Hotbar, and copy/pasting object properties.

One very handy feature is if you use the "C" tool to copy an object onto your cursor, it will also copy its properties, and if you Ctrl-click when building it'll paste those properties onto your newly built object!

Full change notes:

  • Can drag & drop items from Build menu onto Hotbar to customize it
  • Copy / Paste (default: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) allow you to transfer building & structure properties (recipes, filters, logic, item slot config)
  • Copy Highlight (default: C) will now copy direction of source object
  • Copy Highlight will copy properties of source object, and holding Ctrl while building will auto-paste those properties onto the new object
  • Multiple Item Slots can now be edited in a single screen
  • Item slots can have filter applied independently of contents
  • Item slots can be enabled / disabled from the item slot detail screen
  • Item Slot detail panel updates when underlying inventory changes
  • Timer blocks now preserve their 'running' state on save / load
  • Stone Bench reduced from 4 Polished Stone to 4 Stone Bricks
  • Removed coin cost from Logistic and Computational blocks
  • Mine Coal recipe now costs 1 Yellow Coin instead of 1 Red Coin
  • Tutorial won't play if you start a game in Creative mode
  • Can no longer manually empty out a natural resource's inventory item slot
  • Market radius is now circular (instead of octagonal) and displays area of effect during placement / highlight
  • Houses with center outside market radius, but with valid footprint connection, will link to market
  • Fixed missing area-of-effect tile highlights on Houses when placing houses and markets
  • Fixed bug where changing top-level item filter on Rail Carts and many Compute blocks wouldn't update the selected item panel
  • Place Natural Resources actions on hotbar now shows the icon for the natural resource (e.g. Tree) instead of the item (e.g. Wood)


Factory Town - Erik Asmussen

It's been about a month in development, but it's finally here! The long-awaited "108" patch that improves game balance & progression across the board. The upshot is that Coins now are meaningful, research progression makes sense, upgrading the Base is useful, and town layout is now an interesting challenge!

It took so long because I kept putting out small updates on the beta branch, gathered feedback, scrapped changes that didn't work, tried new features, until finally I have something that I think works extremely well.

All your old saves will be compatible, but it may also be worth starting a new save from scratch because the progression up to Base level 10 is such an improved experience, it's almost like a whole new game.

There's also a number of bug fixes & QoL improvements as well, like being able to see charts of your current coin counts!

There's a TON of changes, but the big ones are these:

  • Markets now consume goods & produce happiness directly
  • Markets only consume when 'hungry', not endlessly
  • Building & upgrading houses near markets will allow them to unlock higher tiers of demand that let them consume faster (and therefore earning more money)
  • Foot Paths and Roads are used to connect Houses to Markets
  • These higher tiers of demand can only be filled by better-quality items
  • Coins are now used in a lot of production recipes
  • Lots of research has been re-ordered, and linked to Base upgrades
  • There are now charts to track & pause coin expenditure since you will often run low

For full patch notes, please see this post: https://steamcommunity.com/app/860890/discussions/3/3491891042504802952/

And there are more details / FAQ here if you want more information or have a specific question: https://steamcommunity.com/app/860890/discussions/0/3491891042504814865/

This isn't the final balance patch by far - and I'm planning shortly to add a more robust Endgame state, which will require further changes - but it's a huge step in the direction that I always wanted the game to feel like.

And of course I'm always interested in any feedback you have if you feel things need further changes, please post that in these forums or in the Discord (which is now verified! https://discord.gg/factorytown)

What's next? My plan is to start working on optimization, so that players can have much better framerates, especially on large maps. There should be lots of room for improvement here! After that I will add more endgame content so you can create some really crazy megafactories.

That's all for now, thanks for your patience and for your support as always! (Reviews are always appreciated too, nudge nudge!)


Factory Town - Erik Asmussen

I know it's been a long wait, but the .108 balance batch is now getting very close! I think I've finally settled on the key changes, thanks to many rounds of experimentation & player feedback:

  • Markets are now the primary endpoints for goods - they generate Happiness directly (instead of teleporting to Houses), so late-game players will want to build 4 markets of each type & fill them up with sufficient goods in order to maximize happiness.
  • Markets won't consume goods if they are already fully satisfied of that item, or if the item's Quality Tier is lower than current satisfaction levels. But, high-level markets consume pretty quickly so it's still a challenge to keep everything fully stocked.
  • You want Houses to be near Markets because they will speed up a Markets' consumption rate. Houses are linked to Markets via proximity and also by being part of the same road network.
  • You don't HAVE to deliver to Houses, but you can earn bonus gold for doing so. They will accept any sellable item that is directly delivered to them, but consume fairly slowly, so Markets will still be the primary endpoint.
  • The whole tech tree has been reworked so there is much more sensible progression, and many research recipes are unlocked with Base level, so there is more incentive to keep upgrading the Base.
  • Many production recipes require coins, which provides a nice incentive to keep your coin income stable.
  • Production charts let you see where your coins are being spent across your town.

The goal of all this is to make sure it feels rewarding to players to increase their tech and incrementally improve goods production rates & variety throughout the game. It's also to make sure the placement & connection of town buildings present an interesting optimization challenge.

I need to still update the tutorial for these changes, and fix a couple bugs & usability issues related to these changes. I can't wait to release it! Hopefully in the next few days.

As always you can try these changes out on the beta branch in the meantime.


Factory Town - Erik Asmussen

It's been a while since the latest announcement, so I wanted to make sure everyone knew what I was up to!

I've been busy working on a huge rebalance patch that I believe makes a dramatic improvement to the game and makes progression much more meaningful & fun. I hope to have it out next week - but in the meantime, here's some information about what's upcoming.

At the heart of this patch is a fundamental change in the way Houses and Markets work:

  • You can now sell goods directly to Markets.
  • Houses now only purchase Food items, and only consume when hungry
  • But you have to bring items directly to your houses.

(Note that there has been an improvement in Worker behavior so it's actually pretty easy to distribute goods to a cluster of houses)

There's a number of benefits here. Towns now require more careful planning, which I think is a fun challenge that has been missing. Happiness and Coin income are no longer this awkward tug of war that made balancing impossible. Coin Types are now linked with Market types (e.g. General Store always produces Red Coins) so there's no confusion over arbitrary coin rewards. It'll still be a challenge to reach max happiness too, since higher-level houses produce more happiness but also consume their goods faster.

Another big change in this patch is that coin costs have been added to many production recipes. This creates a much better sink for coins so you don't wind up with huge amounts (thus removing all incentive value of generating coins). At the same time coin costs have been removed from creating Buildings, so that a stalled out coin economy won't put you into a deadlock where you can't create new buildings that you need to boost up income.

Lots of research & building requirements have been added & modified as well to make progress from Base Level 1 to Base Level 10 more sensible and structured.

Along with these gameplay updates will be many UI improvements that make it easier to accomplish these additional management tasks.

Overall I am really excited about how these changes are working, and they are improvements I've been wanting to make for a long time. It's a lot at once, but it made the most sense to bundle together, and this also helps minimize inevitable disruption. (It won't break existing saves, but certainly some town rearrangement will be necessary to reach new optimum levels of production.)

The changes are up on the beta branch if you want to get an early look. Always interested in feedback & concerns if you have any, just post them on these forums or the Discord server.



Factory Town - Erik Asmussen

I hadn't planned on putting out this patch so soon, but the improvement was so nice to have I couldn't wait!

The Build menu has been reworked to allow you to easily enter in text to filter the results - no more scrolling through long lists to find the specific building you want.

Just hit the "Open Build Menu" hotkey (default: B) and start typing, you'll see results instantly. Use arrow keys up & down if necessary to navigate to the item you want, and hit Enter to begin building with that item.

You can still navigate by selecting a category with the cursor, and doing so will further restrict the search results you get. You can return to the 'all items' view by clicking the same category like a toggle.

As a result the category-select hotkeys were removed (would have conflicted with instant text searching), but that was kind of a hidden feature anyways, and this should remove the need for those keys anyways.

The Item Filter select panel works much in the same way, although without the arrow navigation (yet).

I also redid the top-left player inventory panel, as coin counts were getting obscured in the tiny inventory boxes. I also expanded the remappable inventory hotbar icons right below the main player inventory (just click on them to track counts of any item you want!)

Hope you enjoy this update, as always reviews are extremely appreciated, and stay tuned for many more updates!

Factory Town - Erik Asmussen

Here's a nice Quality-of-life feature that I've been wanting to add for a long time, and finally was able to build!

  • Can drag-select, or shift select multiple units and issue group command
  • Rail stops respond to compute block signals to activate or deactivate
  • Cheese now provides 60% happiness and Butter 40% happiness, instead of vice versa
  • Fixed bug where you could drag paths through unpurchased terrain
  • Fixed conveyor belts having extra dark base block

I'm ready to start tackling the big house & market rebalance patch. This may take about 1-2 weeks, and I'll make sure to post builds to the beta branch so people can preview the pending changes before I finalize them.

Thanks as always for playing & providing me with feedback!

Factory Town - Erik Asmussen

Another patch this week!
  • Added ability to upgrade barns
  • Cursor tool size works when placing resources in creative mode
  • Earth Shrine consumes 50% as much mana power and regenerates twice as fast
  • Fixed tooltip getting stuck if hovering over the 'linked resources' item icons
  • Crops and minerals will be replanted or enter depleted state when final item harvested by a worker, as long as in range of any matching natural production building.
  • Buildings that require terrain (Farm, Forester, Mine) can no longer be positioned onto non-terrain using Move tool
  • Well now can only be placed on terrain
  • Fixed House upgrade speed not providing consumption speed bonus
  • Fixed Packaged items being accepted into various building inventory slots, then being unusuable
  • Switched method of assigning outlines, to avoid instability / crashes
  • A building that automatically creates a mana pipe overlay node (like Transmitter, Receiver) will remove & refund any existing logistic overlays on same tile instead of overlapping
  • When placing resources in admin mode, action preview panel will show the name & icon of the placed object ('Tree') instead of the resource you harvest from it ('Wood')
  • Fixed games starting in creative / admin mode never loading structure costs if creative mode switched off
  • Fixed Create Game menu showing stale parameters when displaying it a second time
  • Rail carts only show their directional arrow when highlighted or selected
  • Building alerts no longer interfere with pipe placement

Starting tomorrow I'll be traveling for a few days, when I come back I'll be starting on the big house / market rebalance process. It'll probably take place over a number of individual patches so I can introduce a number of planned features that I think will need to be in place for the balance changes to work well (like group-select-command behavior).

I think that'll be the start of some very meaningful systems changes that will make progression through the game feel much more meaningful & rewarding.

Thanks as always for playing, and a friendly reminder if you are enjoying the game that a review on Steam helps support its continued development.


Factory Town - Erik Asmussen

Hi again! I think instead of weekly updates I'll just move to posting announcements of patches here. (If a patch is taking much longer than usual, then I'll post a status update to keep you all in the loop.)

Ok so .104 is now out, and it has one of the most-requested features I've received - you can now modify the size of your cursor when removing resources or modifying terrain! Hit PageUp or PageDown to change the cursor size.

Also I know upgrading Houses has been a pain - now you can just select it and hit U to insta-upgrade. Eventually I want a more in-depth upgrade system but it should help in the meantime.

There's also a ton of bugfixes in here, like the big one where people have been seeing the wrong costs assigned when placing Steam or Mana pipes.

Full patch notes are here:


I'll probably do one more small patch of fixes, and then start tackling the big house & market rebalance that I've been planning for some time.

Thanks as always for the bug reports & feedback!

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