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Here comes the Monster

Today, we're excited to announce the arrival of Deflection Dimension's Biggest update yet, featuring Achievements, New Powerups, and a Brand New Game Mode!

As of Right Now, we have nearly 30 achievements for you to attain, with more to come in the future!
On top of this, we've added multiple new powerups, like the Holy Hand Grenade and a buff to Speculo's Stamina! Go try them out, we'd love to see what you can do with these!

We'd also like to introduce you to our new game mode! Survive as long as you can by battling through countless waves of monsters in THE PIT! Can you conquer our global Leaderboard?

Going on a Break...

As you may know, Ricoshot Games is made up of 5 people, all of whom are studying at University. We took a year out to build this company and to create Deflection Dimension, but we're all about to go back to finish our final years of study. Because of this, we're going to need to take some time away from Ricoshot Games and Deflection Dimension.

Don't worry though, as this will only be temporary and we'll be coming right back to ensure Deflection Dimension becomes the fully finished, fantastic game we know it can be! We'll also still be maintaining Deflection Dimension in the meantime, making sure it remains as bug-free as it can be. As usual, you'll still be able to get in contact with us at any time through Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

Hasta la vista, baby!
From the team at Ricoshot Games


We'll be back!
Sep 14, 2018
Deflection Dimension - DoubledTen8
Are you ready?

Today we're releasing a new trailer exploring Chapter 2... The Jungle.

You'll take on countless Spiders, Wasps, Snakes, and more as you battle your way through Deflection Dimension's deep, dark, and deadly Jungle!

The Jungle is already available, so check it out now! :D
Happy Gaming,
The Team at Ricoshot Games

Sorry it's been so long since we last updated you, we've been busy attending events and getting our big update ready for you guys (more info in our next post).
Deflection Dimension - Ricoshot Games
The Beta Branch is here!

Do you want to play Deflection Dimension with all the latest features? Then the Beta Branch is for you!

We'll be rolling updates into Beta every other Friday! We want each official update to be as bug-free and polished as it can be, but new bugs could always emerge. With your help, we can utilise the beta branch to find and squash those elusive bugs! So if you want our newest content, come on over and opt-in.

To opt-in follow this link:
Joining the Beta Branch

Have fun!
The Team at Ricochot Games
Deflection Dimension - Ricoshot Games
Hey everyone!

After nearly a year of solid development, we’re so excited to finally say that Deflection Dimension is available now! But we’re not done yet! With Early Access, we’re planning to expand and evolve this game as far as it will possibly go!

If you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know in the discussions! Also, if you happen to encounter any bugs/crashes, if you’ve found something awesome you’d like to share, or if you just want to talk Deflection Dimension with other players, feel free to visit the discussions page via the following link:

We want you to have as much fun as possible with Deflection Dimension, so when playing our Endless Mode, don’t forget to check out the top 100 scores on our online leaderboards at
Do you have what it takes to make it to number 1?

Lastly, we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the overwhelming amount of support you’ve given us since we started, and also for sharing our game with your friends! We hope you enjoy playing Deflection Dimension as much as we enjoyed making it!

Thank you and happy gaming,
The Team at Ricoshot Games

Don’t forget to follow our social media channels for all the latest updates regarding Deflection Dimension! You can also use these to contact us directly at any time!

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