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Sep 17, 2018
Fighting Fantasy Classics - TinMatt
Greetings heroes! We have been quiet for a while whilst fixing many issues, so apologies for the wait!

- Fixing Achievements in House of Hell, Island of the Lizard King: we have fixed a problem with some victory achievements ( HOH - Hardcore Win. Adventurer Win, IOTLK - Adventurer Win, Free Read Win)

- Removed some image references from the Bloodbones gallery: undiscoverable images have been removed so players should be able to unlock the whole gallery.

- The Ring of Slowness in FOD will now apply a -2 Skill penalty to the bonus skill level

- Reworked the Lock of Elvin's Hair in Bloodbones -> '-1 to rolls when testing LUCK' changed to '+1 to LUCK rolls'. This will apply a +1 Luck bonus.

- Fixed the Broken Sword -2 Skill penalty in IOTLK
- Fixed multiple damage items stacking.
- Fixed Giant Wasp dealing no damage in IOTLK
- Fixed Ring of Confusion not causing the player to lose 2 Skill in IOTLK
- Dice audio triggers improved
- Fixed an incorrect link after knocking out a pirate in COT
- Fixed COT skill penalties affecting both bonus and base skill level
- Fixed a luck penalty problem with the giant idol in DD
- Fixed Luck roll popups in COT, IOTLK
- Fixed incorrect links in TOC, COC
- Fixed some items not appearing in player's inventory in TOC (short spear, rope)
Fighting Fantasy Classics - tin_amelia
TRIAL OF CHAMPIONS has arrived! The sequel to Deathtrap Dungeon joins a stellar roster of fantasy adventures in Fighting Fantasy Classics - the ultimate library of text-based role playing games. And to celebrate, it's 25% OFF! Check it out here.

Trial of Champions sees you delve into the dread corridors of Baron Sukumvit’s terrible challenge for a second stab at glory. But beware! The Trial will be even more devilishly difficult this time as you begin your adventure having been captured and sold into slavery! With nothing to prepare you for this arduous adventure but your SKILL, LUCK and STAMINA, you must explore the deadly labyrinth beneath Fang. For only by triumphing in the Trial can you win back your freedom from Baron Sukumvit’s evil brother – Lord Carnuss.

Will it be enough?!

Find out for yourself and pick up this classic title while it's just 2.99 USD.

Also joining the Fighting Fantasy Classics shelf is another old favourite – Steve Jackson’s House of Hell. We’ve remastered this title for the Fighting Fantasy Classics library, so it can take its rightful place amongst your collection. It is also 25% OFF for a limited time.

House of Hell’s addition to the library comes with a handful of updates including:
  • Adventure Sheet now includes 'Fear' mechanic.
  • Knowledge Sheet to track the clues you discover.
  • Tim Sell’s original artwork, as well as coloured editions of each piece.
  • Haunted Hallways ambient track added.
  • Achievements added for both Trial of Champions and House of Hell.

Whether you're heading into the depths of the labyrinth beneath the city of Fang, or braving the haunted halls of the House of Drumer, may LUCK be with you and your STAMINA never fail!
Jul 17, 2018
Fighting Fantasy Classics - TinMatt
Hi adventurers! With the upcoming release of House of Hell and Trial of Champions onto Fighting Fantasy Classics comes some bug fixes.

- Fixed an issue with the 'knowledge' sheet sliding off page
- Fixed a save file issue that would crash the game on initialisation
- Fixed multiple grammatical errors in Island of the Lizard King, Bloodbones and City of Thieves
Jun 17, 2018
Fighting Fantasy Classics - TinMatt
Hi intrepid explorers, thanks again for playing FF Classics and helping us develop game features and sort out bugs! With your feedback we've been working on more usability options.

- Fixed UI controls for turning pages left/right. Hover over the centerfold of the game pages to see these buttons.
- Added audio sliders for music and sound effects.


- Fixed a save data problem causing black screens on startup
- Fixed multiple activated items causing game crashes
- Fixed some image problems with Forest of Doom and Island of the Lizard King. We're keen to hear feedback about this fixes, as we have to individually track down these image problems for multiple platforms. Let us know if you are having more problems viewing images!
- Fixed some message problems on skill/luck rolls.
Fighting Fantasy Classics - TinManGames

In the midst of our excitement to roll out our last update, we sadly let a small bug slip into the build at the last moment that caused download/update problems for a number of FFC players. We're really sorry if you were affected!

We've rolled back to a previous build that should clear up the problem but we need to look into the issue a bit more over the next week to make sure there's no additional nasties hiding in that piece of code.

Hopefully the roll back should fix most people's issues, but please do drop a message on the discussion boards if you're continuing to have problems. Sorry again!
Fighting Fantasy Classics - TinMatt
Thanks for playing Fighting Fantasy Classics and supporting our release! We hope you're enjoying the gamebooks.

- Added 'Stalking Danger' ambient tracks.
- Added keyboard support (Left/Right Arrows, A/D) for turning pages.
- Replaced the report a bug button on PC/OSX with a notification.
- Fixed a problem with automatically setting FPS limitations.

- Fixed a problem in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain where trying to open the chest after beating Zagor crashes the book.
- Fixed achievement unlocking in multiple books. This will only affect future playthroughs of books.
- Changed resolution naming.
- Fixed the knowledge sheet disappearing offscreen when dragged.
- The Free Choice Heal button will now totally fill your Stamina
- Fixed the Free Choice Rewind button's popup from not exiting on pressing cancel.
- Luck button will no longer appear on the first round of a battle.
Fighting Fantasy Classics - tin_amelia
The day is here! Fighting Fantasy Classics is now available! To celebrate release, all DLC gamebooks are 25% off for a limited time! Including:

Fighting Fantasy gamebooks have captured the imagination of readers for many years. We know that it was the gateway into fantasy worlds and gaming for many of you out there, and we're chuffed to be the ones giving Fighting Fantasy's classic titles of the 80s and 90s a new home in your Steam library.

If you wish to try-before-you-buy, all players have access to the full-length swashbuckling pirate gamebook Bloodbones for FREE! Bloodbones sees you take on the role of a traveller intent on their quest to track down and defeat the dread Pirate Lord Cinnabar who has been inflicting a reign of terror on the populace for years!

The eight titles currently available in Fighting Fantasy Classics are just the beginning for the library. We plan to continue delivering as many classic gamebook adaptations to you as we can.

As long as the support is there, we want to keep releasing, so please spread the word to help bring more classic titles to life. We'd love if you could vist the Community Hub and let us know which books you'd most like to see adapted next, and what features are important to you moving forward. We'll be listening!

We hope you enjoy your adventures in Allansia and the greater Fighting Fantasy universe.

Best of luck, traveller.
Jun 4, 2018
Fighting Fantasy Classics - tin_amelia
Hello adventurers,

There's less than 48 hours left until the release of Fighting Fantasy Classics! Before long you can return to the fabled realm of Allansia and explore the many stories it has to offer.

The game will be a free-to-play download for all Steam users, with every player receiving one full-length gamebook for free with their download - the swashbuckling pirate adventure Bloodbones!

Bloodbones sees you take on the role of a traveler seeking vengeance against the powerful Pirate Lord Cinnabar. The dread Captain raided your village and murdered your family many moons ago, and YOU have journeyed to the Port of Crabs to hunt him down and have your revenge.

The original gamebook is notorious for being the "lost" Fighting Fantasy title and although it was written during the books' Puffin paperback run of the 1980s and 90s, it wasn't published until 2006 by Wizard Books. Now, Bloodbones makes a triumphant return as part of our Classics library.

We’ll have seven other classic Fighting Fantasy gamebooks available for purchase at launch, including Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Deathtrap Dungeon and Citadel of Chaos.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on all things Fighting Fantasy.

Until then, may your LUCK prosper and your STAMINA never fail!

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