Metori - Enemby
So.. like... I've made some changes, some that honestly probably should have made it for launch, but you know, they're there now, right?

-Added a sound effect for getting hurt.
-Added a sound effect for failing to purchase a ship.

-The game doesn't run super well if you buy a ton of miners/harvesters, so to sort of skirt the problem I've added a button you can hold for a couple of seconds to explode your current ship. This will help with lag until a more permanent fix is done.

-Added a random offset to ships spawn.
-You can now replay the tutorial.
-Fixed some text being cutoff in Step3.
-Made a change to Instant Action, so you no longer need to capture all stations to win. If the enemy is out of ships, that works too.

There's some other bugs/changes I want to make/fix, but that will have to wait until another update.

Thanks for playing,

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