Exo TD - Virtual Classic Studio

Thanks to our players for being patient as we continue to develop and update Exo TD. We're passionate that we can achieve a better experience to players and will continue to work hard to deliver on expectations.

- New revised UI. More revisions and additions coming soon.
- Resolved crashing issues.
- Updated Art
- Significant performance improvements across all aspects of the game. More performance updates planned coming soon.
- AI behavior improvements.
- Turret Command Attack.
- Destructibility.

Patch Notes:

- Resolved crashing issues.
- Performance improvements across all areas of the game.
- Gauss Turret performance improvements.
- Revamped UI – Removed the old build & upgrade menu – Now an all-in-one layout.
- Removed build & upgrade icons from center of Planet Shield health UI, center now only contains shield health percentage.
- Revised tooltip menu now gives more information.
- Turret tooltip stats can now be accessed by clicking on an active turret.
- Updated Boss 1 Carrier model and texture.
- Added new attacks.
- Updated Light Carrier model and texture.
- Updated Medium Carrier model and texture.
- Now has 2 new variations.
- Updated Medium Carrier Fighter model and texture. Added wing fold animation on deployment off ramp.
- Updated Spawn Portal model and texture.
- Added Spawn Portal Open an Close animation for wave spawns.
- Added animation to Scrap Collection Drones.
- Improved performance of Scrap Collection Drones
- Scrap piles revised to now only hold 1 scrap value, additional scrap will randomly be distributed nearby.
- Several AI behavior fixes.
- All enemy ships now have visual destruction effects when destroyed.
- Enemy ships will now dynamically fragment into several pieces on destruction.
- Updated Planet ground and water textures effects.
- Updated Communications Tower particle VFX.
- Revised turret accuracy formula.
- Added ability for players to select turrets and right click on enemies to manually select attack target.
- Revised turret placement formula. Formerly placement was constrained to a small window, can now place turret anywhere valid that is currently visible to the player.
Exo TD - Virtual Classic Studio
Expanded Arsenal Patch 1.0 has been released!

This patch is the first of several major planned content updates. We're introducing 6 new turrets, each with many upgrades options.

- New Game Modes: Endless Invasion

Endless Invasion: Enemy forces will continuously spawn to attack, gradually spawning faster, stronger, and better ships. This mode will keep score and allow you to more easily try out strategies in a faster pacing than the scenario modes.

(Note: This mode is still heavily in balancing, significant performance updates will be included in the next major patch, the performance results will largely dictate overall design balance moving forward.)

- Six new baseline unique attack type towers, each with multiple upgrades.

- Gamma: Focuses strong gamma beams at enemies causing them to accumulate radiation, taking damage over time. Can stack twice, each hit refreshes the effect, deals additional damage and extends the max duration.

- Arc Reactor: Energized particles run through the conduit producing high voltage electrical arcs that can attract and arc to nearby targets. Deals randomized damage, arcs to 2 additional nearby available targets.

- Artillery: Fires heavy ballistic shells that explode on impact dealing additional damage in a small radius. Explosion damage based on distance, fires at random targets.

- Gauss: Rapid-fire rounds, fires at nearest target. Has a 50% chance for projectile to ricochet to a nearby target.

- Rail: Energy is concentrated to propel a specialized heavy projectile to enormous speeds. Deals heavy damage with a 25% chance to ignore armor and shields each shot. Requires a significant cooldown period between each shot.

- Comm: Satellite-ground communication has been established, relays power and provides a bonus to satellites depending on type. Extends shield satellites max duration by 10 seconds.

New upgrades:
Gamma II: Max radiation upgraded to 3 stacks. Improved recharge rate and damage.

Gamma III: Max radiation upgraded to 4 stacks. Improved recharge rate and damage.

Saturated Gamma: Can fully penetrate ships allowing for an unlimited potential for radiation damage. No stack limit. Each stack increases damage and causes permanent radiation damage over time.

Gamma Burst: Focuses targets already afflicted with gamma radiation. Causes the target radiation effect to burst for damage equal to 2x the total potential remaining damage of the existing radiation effect.

Gamma Burst II: Focuses targets already afflicted with gamma radiation. Causes the target radiation effect to burst for damage equal to 3x the total potential remaining damage of the existing radiation effect.

Irradiate: Intensified beam of radiation that focuses critical ship systems. Enemy ships drop additional scrap after beam duration is completed. Additional scrap based on % health remaining for unit type.

-Arc Reactor-
Arc Reactor II: Arcs to up to 3 additional nearby targets.

Arc Reactor III: Arcs to up to 4 additional nearby targets.

Arc Cannon Tether: Two energized fields are each launched at a random nearby target. When both fields reach their targets they form a connection dealing increasing damage over distance.

Arc Cannon Tether II: Increased damage and fire rate.

Arc Cannon Chain Reactor: Arc fields now briefly chain to all available nearby targets in a small radius from the impact location.

Penetrating Shells: Increases damage and fire rate, has a 10% chance to deal 2x impact damage to the target. Each additional shot against the same target adds +5% chance.

Penetrating Shells II: Increases damage and fire rate, has a 10% chance to deal 3x impact damage to the target. Each additional shot against the same target adds +10% chance.

Explosive Feedback: Enemies caught in and destroyed by the initial explosion also explode themselves.

Gauss II: Concentrating fire allows each consecutive shot to deal slightly more damage each hit on the same target. 50% chance on hit to ricochet to a nearby target. Fires at nearest target.

Recoil Rounds: Specialized projectiles that ricochet more frequently. 75% chance on hit to ricochet to up to 2 nearby targets. Fires at nearest target.

Satellite Communications II: Targets satellites and provides a bonus effect. Shield Satellites: Each charge adds 20s to max duration.

Signal Hack: Attempts to hack vulnerable enemy ship systems. Disables flight and forces ship targeting systems to lock on and attack nearby enemy ships.

Many minor bugs and fixes have been addressed this patch.

Whats Next?
Many planned turret upgrades did not make it into this patch, these additional upgrades are coming soon to be delivered by minor patch on a much quicker release cycle.

The next major patch will add many more upgrades and will feature the addition of expanded satellites into the game.

Major performance improvements!

Revised Scenario balance.

and more.

Thank you for playing Exo TD, we look forward to showing you much more of what's to come!

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