Arlo The Rabbit - Chungymations
Controller support? Um. Check yes, Juliet.

That's right folks! Gather around! You can now sit further from your screen and play on your couch or whatever.

From everyone here at GFS, we hope you enjoy Arlo the Rabbit <3
Arlo The Rabbit - Joshimations
Home to the spiciest meatballs. Lava Lagoon had a really annoying bug where if Arlo got hurt and fell into lava, he'd just fall through.

Thankfully, two amazing team members fixed it.
One spotted it, and the other spent long tiring hours trying to fix it.
He destroyed that bug. So let us all thank them.
Arlo The Rabbit - Joshimations
Hey all! A couple of bugs slipped right past us, but we've got some expert exterminators on our side.

These bugs include

- Random invisible platforms!


- A soft-lock glitch!

Some frame perfect glitches still occur, but we'll keep trying our best to fix 'em!

Love, Josh from GFS.

Arlo The Rabbit - Joshimations
We at Good Friend Studios, are super excited to release our very first game. We've poured our blood, sweat, and tears into this project and we can't wait for you all to experience it.



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