Crying is not Enough - Kay Pi
First of all we want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting us and for taking the time to write your valuable feedback.

With that said, we want to inform you that we take seriously into account your feedback.
For us, Crying is not Enough, it is not a product that we just wanted to publish it on Steam, and get over with, is a 5 year project that we aim to support.
So, we carefully study all of your comments and we are already working hard on the first patch that will be available very soon.

Your reviews, negative and positive, is for us the driving force to make Crying is Not Enough a better product, and we will continue till the very end.

Stay tuned!
Crying is not Enough - Storyline Team
Crying is not Enough is finally available! It took us five years.. Five beautiful, yet hard years with bumps and turn backs. But now it's here!
Thank you so much for your tremendous support.

We will be here to listen to your feedback.
Crying is not Enough - Kay Pi
Crying is not enough is currently uploading on Steam. This will take a while but not to long (2-3 hrs).

We want to truly thank you for you support and your patience! Hope you like the game as much as we do. Of course, tomorrow, we will be here to listen to your feedback.
Your support is our power!
Crying is not Enough - Storyline Team
We are really sorry for the frustration and we need to apologize for the delay.
We wanted to be sure before we answer to your questions. The problem that occurred, led us to delay further the game, but finally it has been resolved just after midnight.
So, Crying is not Enough will be available on Monday, June 18th.

We are frustrated with ourselves and we want to say a big apology to you all. Your support is our power right now!

So, see you on Monday!
Crying is not Enough - Storyline Team

Crying in not enough is only a few days away!

So, we decided to snap at the chance and make some announcements about the game. We’ll mainly answer questions you made.

Let’s start by answering the most frequent question regarding the price.

Crying is not enough will cost $19.99

This price includes the main game, as well as all the future updates and a DLC, which you can download totally free later in 2018.

Console ports will come later in 2018 and are our top priority! We’ll work all summer long in order to get it done. It’s a time-consuming and complicated process, which, however, we’ll manage to carry out.

As for your questions about Mac and Linux Editions, we can’t be clear enough yet, but we can tell that we are working on it and soon we’ll provide you more info.

Last but not least, the game duration! This is totally up to each player individually. We can finish it, as Developers, in 2 ½ hours using debugging tools (God mode), while other players, as testers, needed much more. Thus, we could say that the game includes a lot of hours of game play, but that depends on how a player can handle ammunition, health levels and be able to solve riddles quickly, as well.

We wish you the best and thank you for supporting us.

See y’all on June 15!

Storyline Team
Crying is not Enough - Storyline Team
Due to a serious technical issue that emerged, we are forced to delay the release of Crying is Not Enough for a week on Friday, June 15th.

We want to thank you in advance for your patience, but most of all thank you for your support, without which nothing would be possible.

Over the next few days we will announce more things about our future plans regarding Crying is Not Enough.
Stay tuned

Storyline Team

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