Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Hello, Fellow Truckers!

Another hardworking week is behind us, and as usual, on Friday, we would like to introduce you to what we have been working on over the last few days.

In the previous few posts, you could see on what vehicles you will stumble across while driving through the Alaskan roads, this time, we’ve focused on places and phenomena that you can meet during your adventure.

The rain and the blizzard will be not the only things that will surprise you on the road. Driving through a dense fog can also be dangerous, and you have to be vigilant if you don't want to hit anything.

But there are also more pleasant things that happen. Which of us doesn’t like the beautiful sunset from a good watchpoint?

And when it gets completely dark and we’ll feel tired, instead of another night spent in a cabin, we can rent a room in the nearest hotel to feel at least a little bit like at home.

Have a safe journey and see you next Friday!

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Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Hi, Truckers!

Last week we spent on further work on vehicles that you will pass on the road.
This time we have much larger vehicles for you, so be careful in the future when passing by on Alaska's roads! :)

Another important aspect of the game is the types of cargo you will be carrying. We recently showed you a tank, this time we have several other types of semi-trailers for you, so that you can get ready for the orders that will be waiting for you:

In the coming weeks, we will walk away from the subject of vehicles and semi-trailers and return to Alaska itself, and especially to the cities you often ask about on Discord.

P.S Don't worry, there are not so many pavements on the roads of Alaska;)

Have a safe weekend and see you next week!

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Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Hi, Truckers!
It’s Monday what means only one thing - it’s time for a weekly DevLog!

Autumn drives in on the full speed and the sweater weather is officially on. Just have a look at the weather condition we had to face in order to get to the office! Some of us got a proper cold because of these rainy days.

As you can see we have already implemented dynamic weather - sun, snow, rain, you have to be prepared for everything.

Also, check the latest design of one of the cars on the road. Their number is growing, hopefully, it won’t put you in the traffic for too long ;)

This week the DevLog is really short, mostly because we are focusing on some core mechanics, we would love to finally show you more video materials!

See you next week!
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Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Hi, Truckers!

Let's kick off this week with the next update ;)

Recently, we have been receiving many questions regarding various questions about the game. This week we would like to put some light on a few of them.

Let’s start with the types of semitrailer available in the Alaskan Truck Simulator.
We are aiming to provide a satisfying variety, check some examples below:

Did you know that you can live without food even for three weeks, but without sleep only for 264 hours? Also, one thing is to sleep at all, but the other is to do it in a comfortable place. This is why we want to assure you - there is no need for you to sleep in a tent!

More options for how you can rest after the long and exhausting road will be revealed soon.

We can finish with one more car you will be able to meet on the road.

Have a great week!

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Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Hi, Truckers!

Do you remember when just a few weeks ago it was boilingly hot outside? Now the only thing that boiling is the water for the tea in our trusty kettle, autumn is coming ;)
If you too, like us, are surprised by the sudden change of the weather come and seat with us by the campfire and check what happened during the last week in the world of Alaskan Truck Simulator - it's time for a new DevLog!

Alaskan Truck Simulator is a simulator of driving a truck, but, and this won’t be a major discovery - there are other vehicles on the street ;) This is why continuing the work from the previous week, we are still creating more cars that will pass you by on the endless Alaskan roads.

Also, your less favorite, yet still essential - buildings! We promise, in a few DeLogs from now you will see them proudly enriching the actual towns of Alaska.

Finally, let’s bring some energy here! Recently, we have been spending countless hours on the road where we are polishing the driving systems. Have a look, we are clearly on the right track ;)

Happy trails!

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Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Hi, Fellow Truckers!

Over the last two weeks, we kind of stuck in the city, oppressed by the buildings.
None of us here is probably a big fan of spending a lot of time in the forest made of concrete instead of trees - that’s why we are back on track :D

First of all, Alaska is a great place for the lonely adventure of relentless drivers, but it wouldn’t go so smooth if not the public service, and, no surprise, they also need special vehicles to drive around. That's one of the things we have been recently working on.

The next thing that occupied our minds and has been providing sleepless nights is the road system and finally - driving mechanics and physics. As you can imagine, these things are not the most picturesque at the moment so we will give you just a sneak peek of what’s going on.

Finally, let’s solve the secret of last week’s competition.
The mysterious object from render was… a chicken located in “Chicken Gold Camp & outpost”.

Thank you for all the answers, you were super quick and by drawing the loots we have chosen three winners:
3: @ResTed
1: @BlackElectric

Congratulations! Your victory will be remembered even in Alaska, at least the virtual one ;)
We will design, for each of the winners, personalised poster which will be included in our game. Probably it’s worth to take a part in the competitions :D

Happy trails!

Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Hello everybody!

Let’s hop on behind the wheel and go for a short trip around the big cities of Alaska.
This week we have been still working on architecture, focusing on the buildings. Even though Alaska is rather a nature-ruled, full of roadless lands area, when it comes to the towns, there is a really wide spectrum of styles - from typical small houses to the very differentiated and original constructions.
Let’s have a look at a few of the buildings we are currently working on.

Alaska can surprise you on every step. However, after the long route and tiring missions you may not be in the mood to drive around it anymore while admiring the beauty of nature and endless roads. That's why it is sometimes nice to have a break and discover another side of this state - full of tourist attractions and places to explore. This time we have a little challenge for you, do you know what is captured in the picture below?

Message us on Facebook with the exact name and location of this unique element. We will draw by lot one person who will win a cool prize.
The winner will be announced in the next week’s DevLog!

Have a great week Truckers!

Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Hey Truckers,

We are back with the next Alaskan Truck Simulator DevLog! Over the last week, many of our Discord community members were complaining about the boiling temperature outside and really warm weather. So what about a short trip outside the city and chill by the lake?

We think this view would work better than any other refreshment, what do you think?

Or maybe someone prefers to sit by the river?

In case you are not such a big fan of nature or rather prefer to hide from the burning sun, why not stroll to the nearby bar where you can drink something icy and cool?

Actually, why not combine both options and have a bite or something to drink under the open sky?

For us, the third option works best, especially after spending the entire week in the city, even though it was a virtual one ;) During last week we were working on the design of the big cities. Many of them will remind the real places. However, in order to achieve it, we had to design multiple buildings, road signs, and restaurants or shops. A few of them we can present you in the development stage.

See you next week! Remember to hydrate yourself well ;)


Alaskan Truck Simulator Team
Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Hello, Fellow Truckers!

With this message, we would like to start a series of Alaskan Truck Simulator DevLogs.

Our goal is to share with you, in a constant manner, information about the progress of the game and some sneak peek from the development process. What do you think about this idea?

This week we will start with something small, to just initiate this series, a preview of a few tools you will be able to use in the game.

What would you do if you catch a flat tire? Here is a solution!

Or maybe you got hungry on the way. All the truckers know that there is nothing better than a fresh, self-made meal, why not make it on this gas stove?

Finally, what would Alaska be without changing weather and tones of snow? So today we would like to share with you a snowy landscape of Alaska from the part of the map that we are currently working on.

Stay with us for the next updates to come! And if you want to be the first who gets them, join our Discord Channel!

Click here

Thank you for your support.
Alaskan Truck Simulator Team
Alaskan Truck Simulator - Damian
Fellow Truckers!

Are you ready for the Alaskan Truck Simulator World Teaser?
Check it now:

It’s a good start for the upcoming series of the content from the game

Also, we encourage you to join our Discord community, where you can talk to us and other cool people interested in our game and get the exclusive content:)


Stay tuned, more updates are coming !

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