Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Hello, Fellow Truckers!

With this message, we would like to start a series of Alaskan Truck Simulator DevLogs.

Our goal is to share with you, in a constant manner, information about the progress of the game and some sneak peek from the development process. What do you think about this idea?

This week we will start with something small, to just initiate this series, a preview of a few tools you will be able to use in the game.

What would you do if you catch a flat tire? Here is a solution!

Or maybe you got hungry on the way. All the truckers know that there is nothing better than a fresh, self-made meal, why not make it on this gas stove?

Finally, what would Alaska be without changing weather and tones of snow? So today we would like to share with you a snowy landscape of Alaska from the part of the map that we are currently working on.

Stay with us for the next updates to come! And if you want to be the first who gets them, join our Discord Channel!

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Thank you for your support.
Alaskan Truck Simulator Team
Alaskan Truck Simulator - Damian
Fellow Truckers!

Are you ready for the Alaskan Truck Simulator World Teaser?
Check it now:

It’s a good start for the upcoming series of the content from the game

Also, we encourage you to join our Discord community, where you can talk to us and other cool people interested in our game and get the exclusive content:)


Stay tuned, more updates are coming !
Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Who is ready for the Alaskan roads?❄️ Buckle up and join us in the first preview of Alaskan Truck Simulator world 🌎

❄️Teaser reveal Jul.25th 2019 20CET❄️

Find out more on Facebook:

And join our Discord Channel for an exclusive preview!
May 9, 2019
Alaskan Truck Simulator - Westend Studio
Fellow Truckers,
winter passed, and we, specially for you, have updated our gallery with new portion of screenshots. Check it out how Alaska has changed through recent time!

Stay tuned!

Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Head to our Discord Channel for the #2 Challenge and a chance to be featured in our game! 🚛❗️
Hit the road to Alaskan Truck Simulator Discord➡️

Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Hi fellow Truckers,
We are presenting "Campfire cooked Salmon" a winning recipe made by our Discord Highway Crew for cooking challenge.

Check what the winners served us ->

Hit the road to our Discord:
Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot

Are you curious what are we cooking up for you? Head to our Discord Channel and spice up this competition with your creative ideas!

Join our Discord Channel:
Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot
Fellow Truckers,
Heat up your gears and head straight to our newly opened Discord Channel

Check what kind of surprises wait for you there and choose your side – Off Grid or Highway truckers?

Let us know in the comments which team you decide to join!

BTW What do you think about our new logo and graphics?

See you there!
Alaskan Truck Simulator - sszot


Heat up your engines. The adventure levels up as we are going to launch a Alaskan Truck Simulator Discord channel!
Turn on your CB Radio and save the date - December 3 the great challange will begin, we can't wait to see which side will you choose, and we are not speaking about the sides of the road (ok, this pun was weak).

Stay tuned and join us from the very first mile of this wild trip!

Alaskan Truck Simulator - Westend Studio

We are happy to announce that our radio crew is growing with a decent tastes,
experienced broadcasters and DJ’s.

Joining us on the roads is TruckSim FM! Good rhythms never gonna be enough.

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