Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

v0.89.1 Patch Notes
Super Parrots are here and they've brought the long awaited emote wheel with them! Express yourself with up to 6 emotes in-game, and unlock 6 new emotes (3 of which are available via new Milestones). We've packed this update full of new features including loading screen tips, new daily challenges and milestones, gameplay refinements (carry up to 10 bananas!) and more.

Emote Wheel and New Emotes
Equip up to 6 emotes to your wheel in the Customize screen, and flex all your dances and emotes in-game with the new wheel UI. It works on both keyboard and controller with the same key (default “v” on keyboard and d-pad left on controller) but now you hold the button/key down, select the emote you want, and release (or release in the middle to cancel.)

We’ve also added 6 new emotes. 3 available via Super Milestones and 3 available in the regular drop pool.

3 Milestone Emotes:
  • Banan Pew Pew (100 banana slips on enemies)
  • Gem Reveal (reach level 10 and then you can show off your gem with an emote!)
  • Blow a Kiss (win 10 duos or squads games)
If you’ve already completed the milestone’s requirements, you’ll earn the emotes at the end of the first game you play after you update.

3 Additional New Emotes:
  • Yawn (uncommon)
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time (rare)
  • Tap Dance (epic)

Super Parrots Join the Fight!
Super Parrot (+ 5 additional breeds)
  • Super Green Parrot
  • Super Blue and Yellow Macaw
  • Super Cockatiel
  • Super Hyacinth Macaw
  • Super Cockatoo

Additional New Features and Cosmetics
  • Super Tips have been added to the loading screen!
  • New mod items to earn: Redshift Outfit and XG’s Graduate Hat added to the loot drop pool.
  • Completing milestones or daily challenges will now display a notification on the left side of the screen in-game. You'll still need to complete the match to get credit for the completion though!
  • The table of gems and levels can now be viewed by clicking on your profile in the main menu.
  • Your gem will show beside your name in Steam or Discord parties.
  • Maximum FPS slider added in Settings.
  • Added an option in Keybinds to disable mouse wheel from scrolling weapons.
  • Added keybinds for marking and unmarking the game map with your paw marker.
  • Community Guidelines are now accessible from the Settings panel in the main menu (in addition to popping up the first time you play).
  • Super Milestones menu button icon updated for clarity.
  • Main menu's top bar has been upgraded.

Gameplay Improvements
  • You can now carry up to 10 bananas (up from 5). Praise banan.
  • Slipping on a banana can be heard from about 15% further away.
  • The basic pistol's attack speed has been increased: minimum time between shots is now 0.14s (down from 0.16s).
  • Magnum and Deagle now use big bullets (rather than little bullets).
  • Items now drop more frequently when cutting grass.
  • In-game emote sounds will now play for yourself and up to one other person. Previously you'd only hear one emote sound at a time.
  • The (not a) rat in Superite Mountain now takes all types of damage from any gun (but you might want to think about which particular gun you use if you're hunting for secret milestones 😉).
  • Quantities for Eat Coconuts and Drink Health Juice daily challenges have been slightly increased.

New Daily Super Challenges Added to the Challenge Pool
  • Place top 3 in Duos
  • Place top 2 in Squads
  • Poison Dart Gun Damage
  • Skunk Bomb Damage
  • Use Super Tape

Optimizations and Bug Fixes
  • Applied a lot of optimizations to the game. Some players will experience up to 20% better performance.
  • Reduced the edge of vision buffer space to more perfectly align the vision of non-1080p players to the standard 1080p view (taller or wider resolutions see more environment but the fog of war cuts off vision beyond 1080p).
  • Fixed a bug where controller input was being picked up while SAR is in the background.
  • Fixed a bug with re-rolling daily challenges and emoting.
  • Fixed an issue where taping would cancel if another tape auto-looted under you.
  • Minor map change: removed some breakable crates that were causing weird collision between two containers.
  • The Super Animal Farm sign now fades when Super Animals are behind it.
  • Sleeves fixed on police outfit.
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

Some updates are more equal than others. Visit Super Animal Farm today.
The beefiest update yet has arrived in Super Animal World, with the dense new Super Animal Farm region now available to explore. It’s chock full of secrets and story elements to uncover, some of which you might catch hints of in our latest episode of Super Animal Royale Tonight!

Watch this month's superest clips and preview Super Animal Farm:
Join Donk, Howl and the intrepid new field reporter, Joe Cluck, as they review your superest and blooperest clips of the month, in a flawless episode where absolutely nothing goes wrong.

New Weapon: Poison Dart Gun

The Poison Dart Gun is a new mid-range weapon that applies poison (a damage over time effect) to enemy animals. It does damage through armor, so while using it you don’t need to worry about that pesky level 3.

It really shines when fighting around obstacles and while using hit-and-run tactics, but it’s not going to be the right tool for every engagement. It’s quite powerful when paired with grenades, skunk bombs and when the Skunk Gas is closing in for the final Circle of Life, but if you’re the type to run in guns blazing, it’s not going to have the speed-to-kill of automatic weapons, or the effective range of a sniper. We can’t wait to see how you employ it in fights!

20 New Animals: Super Cows, Chickens and Horses

Super Cow + 9 Additional Breeds
  • Super Banana Cow
  • Super Chocolate Cow
  • Super Latte Cow
  • Super Vanilla Cow
  • Super Matcha Cow
  • Super Neapolitan Cow
  • Super Strawberry Cow
  • Super Stinky Tofu Cow
  • Super Bull
Super Chicken + 5 Additional Breeds
  • Super Orange Chicken
  • Super Black Chicken
  • Super Spicy Chicken
  • Super Rooster
  • Super Fried Chicken
Super Horse + 3 Additional Breeds
  • Super Black Stallion
  • Super White Stallion
  • Super Pinto Horse

Super Levelling v2.0: Prestige System

We've revamped the leveling system so you're no longer capped at level 30!
  • You'll now level up more quickly and be able to go all the way to level 100 and beyond.
  • Levelling up is fastest to start, but once you reach level 23, every level beyond that requires the same 4200 exp per level.
  • New Super Animals become available sooner than before, and their levels have been adjusted to match the new system.
  • Each time you reach level 100, you'll earn rarer and rarer gems mined from Superite Mountain, which represent your prestige level.
  • DNA Magnets are now awarded every time you level up (after level 5), rather than randomly.
  • 3 bonus Super Serum will also be granted with each level, in addition to any regular Super Serum drops.

Full Patch Notes

The headlines:
  • New Super Animal Farm biome, filled with attractions to visit and secrets to find!
  • The Poison Dart Gun has been added! It applies both up-front damage and a stacking poison effect that damages enemy animals through armor.
  • Super Chicken, Super Cow, and Super Horse added (+ 17 alternative Super Breeds spread out across the three of them).
  • Super Level System v2.0: Prestige System. See above for all the details!
New Milestones:
  • Chicken Dinner gravestone: reach the Top of the Food Chain as a Super Chicken.
  • SAW Helmet: reach level 50, “alrite” prestige.
  • SAW Security Uniform: reach level 100, “satisfactorite” prestige (aka level 200).
  • Rebellion Sword: reach level 100, “prettygoodite” prestige (aka level 300).
  • + 3 additional new secret milestones (no spoilers!).
And more:
  • New animated loading screen upon game launch: run, Super Fox, run!
  • Multiple small changes around the map outside of the new Super Animal Farm area, including new billboards along the highways.
  • Reduced in-game memory usage by about 20% (optimizations to grass storage).
  • The rat (who is definitely not a rat) in Superite Mountain is no longer impervious to Skunk Gas. Sorry, buddy.
  • Bat and Red Panda DNA/SS costs have been adjusted since their level has been changed relative to the old system.
  • Rebellion Helmet moved to level 100, “alrite” prestige.
  • Skunk bombs now do damage faster (every 0.6s to match the new Poison Dart Gun)
  • Some additional minor performance improvements.
  • Russian translation fixes.
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

8 new breeds of Super Animal have joined the fight! Visit the Research Lab to create the Super Pine Marten, Super Frozen Skullcat and new breeds of Super Dog, Tiger, Sloth and Boar.

Here's the full list of new breeds:
  • Super Frozen Skullcat
  • Super Pine Marten
  • Super Weimaraner
  • Super Tricolor Corgi
  • Super Peach Sloth
  • Super Babirusa
  • Super Flaming Boar
  • Super Golden Tabby Tiger
We're heads down building out a whole host of new features and a new point of interest (you’re gonna like this one, rebels) for the next major update, so this week we’re only adding new Super Animals. We think the wait will be more than worth it, and we'll be revealing more very soon on Twitter, Facebook and Discord!

Set your calendars for two weeks, Super Animals: the next major update lands Friday, August 30th. See you all on the island!
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

The Super Summer Royale event has ended and the Super Beavers are done cleaning up the last of the fruit baskets, but they left some dessert! Super Gummy Bears join the fight in Berry, Lime, Orange and Cherry “flavors.”

Final 48hrs to Submit Clips for Super Animal Royale Tonight
It’s also the final 48hrs to submit your superest and blooperest clips to our YouTube highlights show, SAR Tonight! Submit your best 1080p+, 30fps+, <=30s clips to this Dropbox link Tuesday, August 13th at 11:59pm PDT for a chance to be featured in Episode 5 and win some exclusive SAR Tonight items.

Watch Previous Episodes of Super Animal Royale Tonight
You can catch up on previous SAR Tonight episodes in our YouTube playlist below. We recommend starting with episode 3 (it’s where the storytelling really deepens) but you can also click back to episode 1 if you want to be a SAR Tonight completionist:

v0.88.8 Patch Notes

4 new Super Bear breeds added:
  • Super Berry Gummy Bear
  • Super Lime Gummy Bear
  • Super Orange Gummy Bear
  • Super Cherry Gummy Bear
And more:
  • The Super Summer Royale event has ended and the world record of baskets collected was set by player, showsan, with 10,000 fruit baskets!
  • The bug with Discord lobbies sometimes failing to matchmake and ready up has been fixed. Let us know if you catch anything else!
  • DNA Magnets have now been capped at 99 (whether active or inactive). Existing players with more than 99 will keep all of the magnets they’ve earned beyond 99 until they are used up.
  • The Sniper will now only spawn up to Uncommon (green) rarity in the world. Rare (blue) Snipers are now exclusive to Delivery Mole crates.
  • Bots have been adjusted to prioritize attacking enemies over reviving teammates.
  • Bots will pick up tape if they run over it.
  • Minor adjustments to trees west of the SAW Research Lab.
  • Fixed some rocks behind a blossom tree, and fixed a missing house patio in Super Saharaland.
  • Streamer, Super CC and Moderator items in Customize now display the individual person or group that they were made for.
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

The time has finally come to officially debut Squads as a permanent mode alongside Solo and Duos modes! And to all you crazy Super Animals in Discord who have been requesting the ability to Squid up since Monday, we’ve heard you loud and clear and have implemented the most important feature of all: squid hats. Just enter the code “SquidUp” into the coupon code field in the main menu to earn the ability to squid up with your super friends. You’re welcome.

Super Squids and Bot Teamwork
The SAR community has been growing quickly in all 3 regions, but to help the transition from 2 to 3 modes as seamlessly as possible we’ve also upgraded the bots significantly for duos and squads mode. They’ll now roam in teams of two and four respectively and work together to hunt you down (it’s a bit horrifying, but never fear, their difficulty still scales up depending on your level, so they’ll be easier if you’re new to the game).

We’ve also added the highly requested “fill / no fill” option for duos and squads modes so you can choose if you want to be matched up with additional teammates or not when playing with less than a full team.

Final Week of Super Summer Royale
It’s the final week of the Super Summer Royale event (the event ends on August 9th)! Don’t forget that the fruit baskets you find are shared amongst your team, so hunting for them with your duos and squads teammates works especially well.
Revamped Mountains & Caves Across the Entire Island
We’ve revamped and replaced all of the mountains on the map to match the new style established in the Superite Mountain update, and many of them include new caves to explore! Check out the YouTube video above for a behind the scenes look at how editing Super Animal Island works (and let us know if you’d like to see more videos like this).

22 New Super Animal Breeds
We’re packing this update full of new breeds for your favourite existing Super Animals so you can put your DNA to good use! This update includes the additions of:
  • Super Emerald Fox
  • Super Twilight Fox
  • Super Bubblegum Skullcat
  • Super Persian Cat
  • Super Scottish Fold
  • Super Westie
  • Super Banana Deer
  • Super Pink Raccoon
  • Super Woodland Raccoon
  • Super Iced Sloth
  • Super Two-toed Sloth
  • Super Ram
  • Super Berry Blue Owl (created for our Super Mod, Lyze!)
  • Super Blue Wolf
  • Super Desert Wolf
  • Super Flaming Wolf
  • Super Enchanted Boar
  • Super Boarlet
  • Super Lime Red Panda
  • Super Licorice Red Panda
  • Super Grape Red Panda
  • Super Blue Steel Hyena
Super Animal Royale Tonight Episode 5 is Coming
We’ll be opening up clip submissions next week for Super Animal Royale Tonight Episode 5, so start collecting your superest and blooperest clips, and look for the link on our Discord, Twitter and Subreddit (r/animalroyale) soon. And if you haven’t seen them, you can check out the series above! Each episode continues the story so they’re best watched in sequence, but the storytelling picks up the most in episode 3, so that’s also a good place to start.

v0.88.7 Full Patch Notes:
We’ve added a bunch of additional quality of life improvements in addition to the main updates. Here’s your full patch notes for v0.88.7:

  • Squads mode is officially available 24/7 alongside Duos and Solos modes! To go along with this, bots will now team up against you.
  • Use code "SquidUp" to grab the new squid hat!
  • Fill / No Fill option added for Duos and Squads modes.
  • All of the mountains have been updated, and there’s multiple new caves around the island to explore.
  • Added 22 new Super Animal breeds.
New Items:
11 new Moderator items are now available in the regular drop pool, themed after our first 10 amazing Super Mods:
  • Mango Umbrella
  • Fish Pajamas (Slofin)
  • Chartreaux Beanie (Catler’s cat)
  • Leftstickdown Beanie
  • Steampunk Goggles (Foxy Songbird)
  • Pro Gamer Hoodie and Hat (TeTo)
  • Security Guard Outfit (Foxinter)
  • Harlecorn (Harle’s horn)
  • Duck Newspaper (Duck’s favourite bapping tool)
  • Lyze’s Key
Super Content Creator, Shia's 4 items are also now available in the regular drop pool:
  • Shia’s Headband
  • Carrot (melee weapon)
  • Carrot Gravestone
  • Carrot Onesie
More Super Updates:
  • Map paw markers have been redesigned and enlarged for clarity. Thanks to the Northernlion Live Super Show for suggesting this one!
  • Bots can now be any researchable animal.
  • Bots can use all basic umbrellas now.
  • Added more bot names. You can now be killed by Kindness with an AK, or killed by Love with a shotgun.
  • Adjusted certain Super Animal breed tiers to make room for the new breeds (slightly lowered some costs and rarity tiers).
  • Some Super Animal names adjusted (ex. Labrador shortened to Lab).
  • Fix for situations where bots could get stuck.
  • Silenced Pistol bullets now spawn a bit more inward.
  • Fixed Rebellion Sword text in the kill feed.
  • Russian translation fix.
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

Super Summer is in full swing and fruit baskets have started appearing all around the island! Eat them to recover health (they have the nutritional value of 4 coconuts) and collect them to unlock limited edition summer cosmetics until August 9th!

In addition to the Super Summer Royale event we’ve also packed this update full of new features and improvements across the board. Some highlights include:

Loot System Update
We’ve revamped the way items drop at the end-game so that every game your chance of earning an item goes up (based on the amount of time you survive) until you eventually earn a new item! The new system is a lot clearer than the old one, is balanced to reward you with items more often, and now features your favourite Delivery Mole to do the honours of serving you your rewards. We’re also starting you off with a 50% chance to earn an item in your first game so that you’ll likely get your first item quick!

Map UI Improvements
You can now see the Giant Eagle and its flight path on the map!

New Super Milestones
We’ve added 3 new Skunk Bomb milestones (where you can earn the Skunk Bomb Tee, Nose Clip, and Skunk Hat) as well as one additional secret milestone. No spoilers! Secret Milestones now also display an in-game alert when triggered so you can see what you've earned.

Squads Weekend
Squads mode replaces Duos mode from Friday, July 19th to Monday, July 22nd so you and 3 friends can team up to reach the Top of the Food Chain! We’ve been testing some alternative 4-player modes internally, and other ways to run these Squads Weekends as the game continues to grow, so let us know what you'd like to see most in our feedback channel in Discord and the future Squads Weekends could see some changes very soon!

v0.88.5 - Super Summer Royale Full Patch Notes
The Super Summer Royale event is live from July 19 to August 9th! You can collect fruit baskets that you’ll find around the island as you play to earn limited edition cosmetics.

Super Summer Royale event items include:
  • Fish Swim Shorts
  • Floral Swimsuit
  • White Apron
  • Hot Dog Fork
  • Straw Umbrella
  • Lifebuoy
  • Meat Skewer
  • Fruit Skewer
  • Yellow Lei Hula Skirt
  • Popsicle
  • Duck Floatie
  • Fruit Hat
Additional summer items have been added as regular cosmetic item drops:
  • Teal, Green, Orange and Purple Tank Tops
  • Rebellion Tank Top
  • S.A.W. Tank Top
  • Palm Swim Shorts
  • Striped Swimsuit
  • Polka Dot Swimsuit
  • Pink Lei Hula Skirt
  • Floral Swim Shorts
New Summer-themed music is also now playing for a limited time at the SAW Welcome Center fountain, in addition to one of the statues sporting a fancy new floatie for the event.

New features and improvements:
  • A new system for earning cosmetics is debuting! Survival time still contributes to the chance of getting a cosmetic, but the chance of earning a new item will now will carry over between games if nothing was granted. You’ll see your chances build each game, and the delivery mole will deliver you your item if he has one for you!
  • Skunk Bomb now has milestones for damage dealt, with 3 cosmetic rewards: Skunk Bomb Tee, Nose Clip, and Skunk Hat. Another secret milestone is also available.
  • Secret milestones will show a notification in-game when completed. Complete the match in order to earn the item and fully complete the milestone!
  • The Deagle is now available in 7 new colors, earned as regular cosmetic drops!
  • Arrows now show the Giant Eagle's flight path on the map, as well as an icon for the Giant Eagle itself.
  • Squads returns for the weekend until Monday, July 22nd.
  • Secret milestones now show up in the Milestones list, but only display as a ????? until completed.
  • Improved the texture on the inside of the cave cliffs.
Super Tweaks and Fixes:
  • Improved network desync of other players in Hamster Balls. Let us know if you see any new issues with them!
  • Lowered bounciness of Hamster Ball slightly.
  • Fixed item drops sometimes glitching over walls.
  • Fix for characters disappearing sometimes when parachuting over roofs.
  • In combat, when bots are checking for new enemies, they will ignore downed players in favor of standing ones.
  • Minor general performance improvement.
  • Fixed a stutter when the mole arrives.
  • Fixed the Customize screen so it consumes less memory.
  • Increased scroll speed in the Customize list.
  • Translation fixes.

Hope you all have lots of fun in the Super Sun! We'll see you on the island, Super Animals.
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

In Super Animal Royale Tonight Episode 4, you might have noticed Donk and Howl running through a new region of the island, and as of today’s update you can now play in the caves of Superite Mountain!
Superite Mountain & Caves
Superite Mountain and its cave system is one of our biggest map updates yet, filled with backstory to discover and narrow passageways to fight in! And it’s not the only part of the map that has changed. We’ve also overhauled the rest of the island to include more loot in less dense areas, and special story-related additions that we’ll let you discover on your own. You might just meet a familiar NPC!

Super Rats & Bats
It’s only fitting that alongside the caves, Super Bats are joining the fight as our second level 30 breed in the Research Lab! And although the prisoner from SAR Tonight 4 claims he’s not a rat, you can now fight for the top of the food chain as a Super Rat or Mouse, available to create in the lab at level 10.

We also have plans to refine the Research Lab soon in a future update, so level 30 base animals will unlock quicker once that update is complete. In the meantime it'll be an extra significant achievement to be one of the first few who earns the Super Bat!

Hamsterball Physics 2.0 & Parachuting Boost
The handling of hamsterballs has been refined and improved! Hamsterballs now bounce off walls and environmental objects, so now rather than coming to a standstill you'll be able to bounce on your merry way! You can now parachute longer and further than before to reach points of interest further away from the Giant Eagle's flight path.

Super Stealth Roll
Shhh: a new, quieter roll has been added while holding CTRL. The Super Stealth Roll can be activated by rolling while you’re sneaking, allowing you to move quickly into cover while keeping things stealthy. Your roll may be quieter, but you’ll still make some sound and attentive Super Ears will be able to hear it if they’re paying attention.

Squads Weekend
You can gather up your packs for our Squads test weekend from Friday, June 28th to Monday, July 1st! We’ll be disabling Duos in the meantime, but it’ll return on Tuesday.


It's a packed update! Here's everything that we've added (minus some surprises):

Map Updates
  • Superite Mountain & Caves (including our first NPC)
  • Additional loot spots, houses and tents in less dense parts of the map
  • Lots of story elements to discover
Super Rat (Level 10)
  • Super Rat
  • Super Black Rat
  • Super Albino Rat
  • Super Spotted Rat
  • Super Mouse
Super Bat (Level 30)
  • Super Bat
  • Super Navy Bat
  • Super Shadow Bat
  • Super White Bat
Game Updates:
  • Squads is back until Monday July 1st.
  • New movement mechanic: roll while creeping to perform a "Creep Roll". Quieter than a normal roll while still providing a nice speed bonus.
  • Hamster ball adjustments: balls now bounce when impacting walls.
  • Parachuting now lasts longer and has faster movement speed.
  • Fix for bots getting stuck in some houses.
  • SAW Security Uniform added to item drops.
  • Newspaper melee weapon added to item drops.
  • Shirakami Fubuki's items have been added as regular item drops. This includes the Corn melee weapon and Shirakami Scarf.
  • Praise banan.

Thank you so much for supporting us and being the most amazing game community ever! Your kind reviews and sharing of the game help so much. We can't wait to play with you all this weekend and hear your feedback on the update. Join us in Discord to chat directly with us:

Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

Hello Super Animals caged and free, this is a completely legitimate episode of Super Animal Royale Tonight! Check out the top highlights from the island and watch closely for a sneak peek at what we have in store for you next week. This was our most ambitious episode yet, so we hope you enjoy it!!

Thanks to all of the talented Super Animals who submitted clips for this episode! If your clip was selected or you were featured prominently in a selected clip, we have exclusive SAR Tonight in-game items for you! DM Bob on our Discord, with the timestamp of the clip you're in and your Steam username and he'll hook you up with an item.
...and if you missed the previous episodes, check out the full playlist of episodes 1-4 here:
Mark your calendars: we're going underground on Friday, June 28th
We've been working on next week's update for a long time, so we're super excited to debut brand new points of interest on the island, filled with history and tight indoor corridors. And next week's update will also include new gameplay mechanics, new Super Animals, and more! As always, building this game is a collaborative process with you so the update also includes refinements based on your feedback and we can't wait to hear your feedback once you try out everything new!

Join us in Discord to lend your feedback directly and shape the development of the game!

See you on the island tonight for some games!
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

Our latest update is live! The new Super Ferrets and Super Hedgehogs have joined the fight, and they’ve brought with them rainbow hats and umbrellas so you can show off your Pride in-game! Just enter the code “love” in the main menu to unlock them.

This update is on the smaller side as we prep for a major new update in 2 weeks, but we hope you enjoy all the new animals and items!

Here are the full patch notes for this week:
  • Super Ferret (level 5) and Super Hedgehog (level 20) join the fight. Each has 3 additional Super Animal breeds to create as well!
  • Rainbow items are here! Use coupon code love in the menu to redeem them and show off your Pride!
  • Squads mode is back until Sunday June 16.
  • Shirakami Fubuki will be streaming at 10pm local time in Japan (6am PDT) on Friday, June 14th, and she’ll be revealing two new items on her stream that we made just for her! Watch live for a chance to get them.
  • Made an improvement to the issue of ghost bullets: the game client will accelerate enemy bullets so they match the actual bullet on the server. We evaluated several different ways we could improve it, as clientside movement is a large part of it, but this should be a good first step.
  • Hamster ball hitbox adjusted to better match its shape and size.
  • Skunk grenades now drop from mole crates.
  • All grenades and tape now have a 3-pack visual.
  • Fix for bots sometimes not targeting closer enemies.
  • Bots walking through walls should be fixed but let us know if you still see it happen.
  • Bots shouldn't clip corners as much now.
  • Russian translation fixes.
  • Newspaper melee weapon updated.
  • And we have a couple more special item surprises for over the weekend ;).
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

A new weapon has arrived (feathers included). The new Deagle gun comes in epic and legendary varieties, with legendaries being exclusive to mole crates. The epic (purple) version of the deagle replaces the epic magnum, and one of its most significant differences from the magnum is that it can remove 2 ticks of armor per shot. Deagles provide a more mobile alternative to snipers, retaining more accuracy while running and rolling.

We’re also debuting Super Duck (with 6 additional breeds) and Super Hawk (with 5 additional breeds, including Super Eagle):

Super Duck
  • Super Green Mallard
  • Super Blue Mallard
  • Super Purple Mallard
  • Super White Duck
  • Super Black Duck
  • Super Duckling
Super Hawk
  • Super Goshawk
  • Super Osprey
  • Super Peregrine
  • Super Kestrel
  • Super Eagle

Shoot deagles with friends: it’s another squads weekend from May 31 - June 3
During this squads test weekend, for the debut of the Deagle, we’re guaranteeing a Deagle drop in every mole crate so you can all enjoy trying it out! We also recently added Discord invites that work between both free and paid editions, so it’s a great weekend to introduce new friends to the game!

And don’t forget to submit your best clips from this weekend to Super Animal Royale Tonight episode 4!
You can submit your superest and blooperest 1080p+, 30fps+, <=30s clips here:

And you can catch up on the previous episodes here:
Pixile at Dreamhack Dallas 2019

Get your very own in-game Dreamhack Dallas umbrella by entering the coupon code: dreamhack in the Super Animal Royale main menu.

Day 1 of Dreamhack Dallas 2019 begins in the morning, and we have a booth (#iz-14), so come say hi to Michael, Bob and Logan if you’re attending! You can tag us on Twitter @AnimalRoyale, and use the hashtags #dreamhackdallas and #animalroyale. We’ll also be posting updates from the show floor in our Discord server:

Additional Updates:
In addition to the new gun, new Super Animals, and squads weekend, we’ve added a bunch more quality of life improvements:
  • New 3D positional sound system: many sounds such as gunshots now have their frequencies customized so that they sound clearly lower when below the player, and higher when above.
  • Maximum game lobby time reduced to 140s (down from 170s) to get games starting as quickly as possible. We ran some tests and found that 140s would improve waiting times while also having very little impact on the total number of players in a match.
  • Overhauled the entire character animations file to be drastically more efficient/performant. Let us know if any cosmetics appear incorrect!
  • Fixed invisible collision above the bamboo resort houses.
  • Added new specific fonts for Korean and Chinese. For some users the font may appear the same as before.
  • Translation fixes.
  • Minor changes to the Discord parties code to fix certain cases where matchmaking could fail.

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