Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

As the Year of the Super Pig event comes to a close, it looks like something strange is happening on the Bamboo Stage? Probably just a malfunction with the equipment from the old PandUp Comedy show that used to take place there…

Last Chance to Earn Year of the Super Pig Items!

It’s the final weekend of our Year of the Super Pig event, so that means it’s also your last chance to unlock the 8 limited edition items above as well as the two limited edition Super Pig breeds! It’s also the last days to earn bonus Pig DNA (up to 650 bonus Pig DNA drops throughout the event after matches).

Squads Weekend 2 Starts Now!
There’s no better way to conclude the Year of the Super Pig event than with another Squads Test Weekend! We had a blast playing with all of you during our first Squads Weekend, and we’re excited to be testing some brand new Squads features as part of this test:
  • Track your teammates on and off screen better: teammate pins stick to the sides of the screen to let you know which direction they are, and when they come back on screen you’ll see their username and their silhouette even while in the fog of war.
  • New Compass UI for important events during the match: see clearly when the Super Skunk Gas is closing in and more easily find the Circle of Life to stay alive with the arrow.
  • The delivery mole will also appear on the compass UI to help you track down where the crate will be. It still only shows up when the mole first appears on the map, so you’ll need to follow its dirt trail to figure out where the crate finally dropped (and if you want to keep track of a far away mole crate, you can drop a marker on it using your map).
  • We’ve also redesigned player pins, markers, the gas indicator and the mole arrival!

7 New Super Animal Breeds Join the Fight!

Say hello to Super Shepweiler, Super Zebra, Super Maned Wolf and Super Lionness! Super Shepweiler is based on our amazing community member, Freak_OTRT’s dog, Odin (so feel free to also call it Super Odin)! Watch him on the Doggo Cam here:

In addition to the Super Zebra (a Super Donkey breed that uses Donkey DNA) it looks like 3 more of Donk’s Super Relatives have also arrived this update (Super Maltese Donkey, Super Asinara Donkey, and Super Mule) and that could only mean one thing…

It’s time for Super Animal Royale Tonight Episode 3 Clip Submissions!
Super Animal Royale Tonight is our way of highlighting all the best plays and funniest moments from the past month on the island, submitted by all of you! We’ve done two shows already that you can check out on YouTube, and we’re ready to start accepting submissions for Episode 3!

Episode 1: Episode 2:
Clip Submission Guidelines for Episode 3
  • 1080p, 30fps video. If you record in a non-standard resolution there’s no guarantees we can use it, but if the clip is great we’ll try to find a way to crop it nicely to fit into 1080p.
  • Clips should be no more 30s
  • Clips can be high skill (to be featured in the Superest Kills segment) or funny (to be featured in the Blooper Scooper segment).
  • Reaction video/audio is encouraged and Streamer overlays are okay, but ideally they’re kept to a minimum (so they’re not too distracting from your clip).
Submit Your Clip Here:
Submission Deadline: March 8th, 2019 @ 11:59pm PST.

v0.85.8 Patch Notes
And finally, here are your patch notes for tonight’s update!

Squads UI Updates (full details above):
  • Teammate pins on the edge of the screen, to indicate the direction of off-screen teammates.
  • New design for the Super Skunk Gas indicator, Delivery Mole arrival, and Circle of Life (safe zone).
  • New design for player pins and markers
  • Squads weekend returns! Duos is temporarily disabled until Monday.

New Breeds:
  • Super Maned Wolf
  • Super Lioness
  • Super Shepweiler
  • Super Zebra (Super Donkey Breed)
  • Super Maltese Donkey
  • Super Asinara Donkey
  • Super Mule
New Features and Adjustments
  • Something weird is happening at the Bamboo Stage
  • Steam rich presence support for both menu and ingame.
  • Fading of trees/objects slower now (20s rather than 12.5s).
  • Reduced collision size on bamboo reeds.
  • Chaining Super Jump Rolls for the speed boost is now only possible with perfect timing on your button presses (doesn’t trigger if you spam the button).
  • Added Super Tape as one of the Mole Crate drops.
  • Fix for the mole icon being incorrect sometimes.
  • Translation fixes.
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

Hey Super Animals! All the love in the air is about to shift back to the scent of gunpowder as Duos Weekend comes to a close, so if you or your favorite Duos partners haven’t earned the Duos Day Rose yet, now is your last chance until next year! The rose has a 10% chance to drop after every duos game you play, or you’ll be guaranteed to get it if you reach the top of the food chain and earn a win. The event ends in about 4hrs, at 12am PST tonight!

Weapon Switch Speed Improvement

Once the clock strikes midnight and the Duos Day Rose departs, we’ll also be dropping a new update (without any downtime) that adjusts the weapon switch time. We think the new weapon switch animations were a really important improvement to the meta to make sure each category of guns can be used effectively and situationally, and no single combo takes over, and we really appreciated all the feedback you provided on it!

Taking all of that feedback into consideration, and doing a bunch of testing, we think the most important weapon switch for speed is pulling out your melee weapon / grenades. Having melee at the ready quickly is really nice for chopping tall grass to find items, or moving around the map a bit more quickly (at the risk of being unprepared in your next engagement, of course). So we’re making those faster. In addition to melee/grenades being really quick and snappy to pull out, we did a bunch of testing around how low we could bring the weapon switch time without breaking the meta.

In the end, we've decided to drop weapon switch time to 0.4s, down from 0.5s, and reduced melee/grenade swap time to 0.25s, down from 0.5s.. This makes switching weapons feel super fluid and snappy, while still ensuring a healthy gun meta. We hope you all enjoy the change, and welcome more feedback in Discord!

Foxy Clip Challenge
Lastly, thanks so much for all of the foxy submissions so far!! They're looking great, and it's quite the feat to be able to grab such good clips with no HUD turned on ;). We have two quick updates on the Clip Challenge from last post:

1. The deadline for clip submissions is this Wednesday at 11:59pm PST, so get your clips in by then, and all the selected clips will earn your choice of the golden jacket, or one of the SAR Tonight items (which can only be earned in video contests like this one).

2. In addition to the clips we previously listed (included again below for reference), we're also looking for some clips of players nabbing a mole crate. For those, the ideal clip that we're looking for would include the entire animation of the mole popping up, tossing the crate out, and the fox would open it up right away to get its loot. If some action and shooting ends up breaking out around it, that's all the better, but it's important that the mole himself is clearly visible in the shot.

Those are all the updates for today, but we have more newness coming very soon, so keep watching Steam and our social media for the next updates after this one! We're including the full clip contest details again below for reference in case you missed them in the last update:

Challenge Details

We created this first trailer way back during our alpha, so now we're looking to refresh it! To qualify, you’ll need to play as the orange fox, with no cosmetics equipped and with your HUD turned off (press F1 to turn off all the UI). If you watch the linked YouTube trailer above, the whole video is done from the perspective as the fox, so in these clips you’ll be acting as that fox and replacing each of those clips.

(Feel free to submit as many as you like, as long as you’re playing as the orange fox)

Action scenes / kills in each of these biomes:
  • S.A.W. Welcome Center
  • S.A.W. Bamboo Resort
  • Each of the three Research Facility buildings
  • Pete's Swamp
  • Super Saharaland
  • Thomas's Tundra

Specific actions referenced in the trailer (clean/clear is best for these):
  • Melee Kill (with katana)
  • Grenade Kill
  • Hamster Ball Kill
  • Mole crate (seeing the full animation and opening the crate)

  • 1080p 60fps video
  • Play as the orange fox, with no cosmetics equipped
  • HUD turned off (press F1)
  • Clips should be no more 20s and we'll be using up to 10s seconds out of each one so condensed quick action is best.

You can submit your clips here:

Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

Happy Duos Day, Super Animals! We’ve got two announcements for you today. We just dropped a new update tonight along with some weekend fun for Valentine’s, and we’re also looking for clip submissions to be featured in our next video. Here are all the details:

Happy Valentine's Duos Day!
Even though we're still in the middle of the Year of the Super Pig event, we couldn't resist putting something small together for Valentine’s. So whether you’re already in a lifelong duo, or are still looking for the Super Animal of your dreams, join us for some duos fun this weekend and earn a rose melee weapon (available from the 14th-17th)! Since it’s Duos Weekend, there are two ways to earn it too. Either get lucky with a 10% chance of earning it each time you play a Duos match, or reach the top of the food chain in Duos and get rewarded right away.

In this update we’re also debuting a new mechanic for repairing body armor in the game (did anyone else hear that quack?). Now, when your armor is fully destroyed you won’t lose it. Just find Super Tape around the island and you’ll be able to repair your level 3 body armor back up to a maximum of 3 ticks, or your level 2 body armor back up to 2 ticks of armor.

In addition to Super Tape we also have a bunch of quality of life updates to the game like weapon switching animations, controller re-binds and an improved aimer for controllers. See the full patch notes at the bottom of the post!

Show us your Super Fox skills
We have a special video clip request that comes with a bit of a challenge! We created this first trailer during our alpha (back when there was less than half the current number of animals, no character customization, and no research facility, SAW welcome center, or bamboo resort), so now we'd like to refresh it! And it's not just the game that has changed a ton in a couple short months, we've also welcomed in so many amazing players that put the gameplay in that trailer to shame. Seriously, the Super Animal actor who played the fox must get more and more embarrassed by his uncoordinated gameplay every day when he sees all of you play on Twitch and YouTube.
(I can confirm his embarrassment. It was me.)

To qualify, you’ll need to play as the orange fox, with no cosmetics equipped and with your HUD turned off (press F1 to turn off all the UI). If you watch the linked YouTube trailer it’s all from the perspective as the fox, so in these clips you’ll be acting as that fox and replacing each of those clips.

Here's the challenge list for clip submissions:
(Feel free to submit as many as you like, as long as you’re playing as the orange fox)

Action scenes / kills in each of these biomes:
  • S.A.W. Welcome Center
  • S.A.W. Bamboo Resort
  • Each of the three Research Facility buildings
  • Pete's Swamp
  • Super Saharaland
  • Thomas's Tundra

Specific actions referenced in the trailer (clean/clear is best for these):
  • Melee Kill (with katana)
  • Grenade Kill
  • Hamster Ball Kill

  • 1080p 60fps video
  • Play as the orange fox, with no cosmetics equipped
  • HUD turned off (press F1)
  • Clips should be no more 20s and we'll be using about 2-6s seconds out of each one so condensed quick action is best.

You can submit your clips here:

We're also getting ready to start accepting SAR Tonight Episode 3 submissions later next week and will announce more details then! And for all of you who submitted those amazing S.A.W. Welcome Center Videos, we're still working with those and are considering including them as a special segment in SAR Tonight Episode 3 ;).

We're officially at the 2 month mark now since taking the leap into Early Access, so thank you all again for your love and support building this game and making it what it is today! We're constantly reminded every day how lucky we are to have such a supportive, kind and hilarious community of Super Animals along with us on this journey, so this year our valentine goes out to all of you <3.

v0.85.5 Patch Notes

New Features + Event:
  • Super Duos Day event: unlock the Duos Day Rose melee weapon from Thurs, Feb 14 at 12am PST to Monday, Feb 18 at 12am PST. You’ll have a 10% chance of earning it every duos game, and if you win the match and reach the top of the food chain, you’ll get it guaranteed (one rose per Super Animal, no duplicates).
  • Super Tape can now be found on the island and is used to repair body armor. Along with this change, armor will no longer disappear when fully broken, so you’ll still be able to repair it back to full capacity if you have enough Super Tape.
  • Added weapon swap animations. Changing weapons now has a very short delay.
  • Controller button re-binding added.
  • Controller aimer has been updated to help with targeting (it’s now a short line segment to help you line up your shots from the pivot point).
  • When you hide behind objects, they’ll now fade more and more over a period of time, to reveal you in your hiding spot the longer you camp there.

Additional Updates:
  • New 'previous weapon' hotkey added, with default set to T.
  • Default controller bindings were adjusted with the new Super Tape changes. See 'controls' in-game for more info.
  • Map updated with shrines and an extension to the bamboo forest.
  • Road signs now fade.
  • Health Juice interface icon updated.
  • Weapons now stack vertically on the game interface, rather than having a preset position.
  • Can now attack during the last 0.1s of a roll animation.
  • Ending of roll animation improved.
  • First Delivery Mole of the match arrives a bit later.

  • Fix for double damage occurring when your weapon muzzle was inside someone's hitbox.
  • Fix for muzzle flash appearing outside of the standard vision zone.
  • Fix for swapping to melee after shooting, causing an invisible melee attack.
  • Player-revive code updated, fixing a bug where the player might not have been revived.
  • Translation fixes/updates.
  • Some crash fixes.
  • Grenades and explosions will show the hit effect on players.
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

It's the Year of the Super Pig in Super Animal World and we're kicking things off with a squad test weekend, starting now! Then, the festivities continue all the way until Feb 25th, where you can earn a slate of limited edition Lunar New Year cosmetic items, and 2 limited edition Super Pig breeds. Huge thanks to community member, Unicorn Dominion for the amazing Squads Super Pig artwork above!

Squads Test Weekend Starts Now
Jan 31st (11pm PST) - Feb 3rd (11pm PST)
You've been asking for it, so here it is! This is a test, so please give us feedback on what you think of the Squads mode on our subreddit or in our Discord #feedback channel. Duos mode will temporarily be disabled during the squads weekend test, but will be back on Monday. So assemble your 4-player pack of super animal friends and show everyone who the apex predators are!

Year of the Super Pig is here!
Unlock exclusive Lunar New Year cosmetics until February 25th!
Explore the brand new bamboo biome and the luxurious Super Animal World Bamboo Resort to discover where guests stayed on the island before what we can only refer to as "The Incident."

Unlock 8 limited edition cosmetic items + 2 limited edition Super Pig breeds! We're also dropping bonus Super Pig DNA (up to a maximum of 650 Super Pig DNA, dropped randomly at the end of matches) during the event so you can unlock the special breeds faster! Collect them all before Feb 25th!

The Super Lunar Pig and Super Golden Pig pictured above are limited edition breeds, only available until February 25th, but the core Super Pig is a permanent addition, and will have additional permanent breeds added soon too!

Super Localization
Our Super Animals are now multilingual! The Year of the Super Pig update includes our first new language packs, so you'll be able to play the game in:
  • English
  • Chinese (Traditional or Simplified)
  • Korean
  • Japanese*
  • Russian
We'll be adding more new languages throughout February too!
*(Japanese is arriving in the evening on Feb 1st)

Even More Items and Animal Breeds
We're adding even more items and Super Animal breeds this update beyond the Year of the Super Pig items and animals! And this update pushes the game beyond 100 unlockable Super Animal breeds!!

New Super Animals & Breeds:
  • Super Pig (+ the 2 special event limited edition breeds shown above)
  • Super Boar (+ 2 alternative breeds)
  • Super Jindo Dog
New Challenge Reward Items:
  • Coconut Tee, Palm Shirt and Coconut Dress (for eating coconuts: 25, 75, and 350 respectively)
  • 3 Marshmallow Sticks (for using campfires: 1, 25 and 150 respectively)
  • Sickle, Large Sickle, and Scythe (for cutting grass tufts: 300, 3000 and 20,000 respectively)
  • Grenade Tee (for achieving 5 grenade kills)
  • Swag Glasses (for getting 10 vehicle kills)
  • Shovel (for opening 15 mole crates)
  • Crowbar (for destroying 2500 destructibles)
Additional New Melee Weapon Skins:
  • Backscratcher
  • Stick
  • Rebellion Sword
  • Wooden Plank
  • Wrench
  • Claymore

Patch Notes
  • The Year of the Super Pig event has begun! Play matches to earn the Bamboo Stick, Tai Chi Sword, Lunar Black Hat, Lunar Red Hat, Lunar Shirt, Lunar Dress, Lunar Vest, and the Lunar Traditional Outfit.
  • Brand new bamboo biome featuring the S.A.W. Bamboo Resort.
  • Lots of new cosmetic items and challenge rewards (listed above).
  • New Super Animals and breeds (listed above).
  • New languages (listed above).
  • Banana slips rewards now only count on enemies. The Banana Tee is achieved after 15 slips, and Banana Fancy Shirt after 50.
  • (Note: some of these stats are newly tracked, and so will be starting from 0)
  • Stats screen has some design changes.
  • Hitboxes now tied to animation rather than a fixed size/position.
  • Added breakable doors to some buildings.
  • Many performance & efficiency improvements behind the scenes to reduce stutters and especially the on-death stutter.
  • Muzzle-glow now restricted to player view distance. Previously it was visible outside the normal vision range on certain resolutions.
  • New sounds for some of the melee weapons.
  • Snow bush has new animations.
  • Fix for end of a roll having a weird weapon muzzle position.
  • Fix for grenades/bananas getting stuck when thrown against objects.
  • Fix for some tents that had objects/grass appearing overtop of them.
  • Fix for grenades going through concrete walls.
  • Fix for bricks color around grass at the Welcome Center.
  • Collisions updated on the mossy boulders so they don't allow as much hiding.
  • Fix for mossy boulder blocking grenades too much.
  • Fix for teleporting to spawn when landing in some ocean space.
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

We hope you're all enjoying the new S.A.W. Welcome Center update from earlier this week and have had time to explore all of the details hidden within! We're keeping the update train rolling this week with a super huge cosmetics update.

Super Sheep has joined the fight!

And it comes with 6 alternate Super Animal breeds to unlock!
  • Super Green Sheep
  • Super Baby Blue Sheep
  • Super Brown Sheep
  • Super Pink Sheep
  • Super Dark Sheep
  • Super Black Sheep
And in addition to all of the Super Sheeps we're also adding...

26 New Super Animal Breeds for Existing Animals

  • Super Blue Bear
  • Super Blue Tiger
  • Super Dark Tiger
  • Super Hot Tiger
  • Super Green Deer
  • Super Yellow Panda
  • Super Blue Panda
  • Super Purple Panda
  • Super Brown Raccoon
  • Super Vanilla Raccoon
  • Super Tanuki Raccoon
  • Super Phantom Sloth
  • Super Black Cat
  • Super Snowshoe Cat
  • Super Shadow Rabbit
  • Super Red Rabbit
  • Super Mango Red Panda
  • Super Berry Red Panda
  • Super Bubblegum Red Panda
  • Super Shadow Wolf
  • Super Pink Capybara
  • Super Golden Capybara
  • Super Red Lion
  • Super Swamp Hyena
  • Super Purple Hyena
  • Super Blonde Hyena

New Objective System

You can now earn items by achieving the goals below. We'll be adding a full UI and expanded challenge system in a future update, but we wanted to add some challenges and items for you all to earn right away before that system is complete. For players who have already completed any of these objectives, you will be awarded your items after your first games (max of 3 per game).
  • 1 win earns a Small Crown
  • 20 wins (total) earns a full Crown
  • 25 banana slips earns a Banana Tee
  • Traveling 100 km earns a Safari Hat
  • Playing 5 games earns a Green Bow Tie
  • Playing 25 games earns a Blue Bow Tie
  • Playing 50 games earns a Orange Bow Tie
  • Playing 100 games earns a Purple Bow Tie
  • Playing 250 games earns a Maroon Bow Tie
  • Playing 500 games earns a White Bow Tie
  • Playing 750 games earns a Black Bow Tie
  • 10 kills earns a Green Tie
  • 50 kills earns a Blue Tie
  • 100 kills earns an Orange Tie
  • 250 kills earns a Purple Tie
  • 500 kills earns a Maroon Tie
  • 1000 kills earns a White Tie
  • 2000 kills earns a Black Tie
  • 5000 kills earns a Red Eye Scope
  • 10 melee kills earns a Hatchet
  • 50 melee kills earns an Axe
  • 100 melee kills earns a Tomahawk
  • Level 30 players earn a Rebellion Helmet
(Banana Tee and Ties removed from regular drop table now that they're part of challenges)

Even More Cosmetic Items to Unlock
Beyond the new challenge items, we've also added a bunch of new cosmetics as regular drops:
  • New emote: 'laugh' has been added!
  • Knife melee weapon
  • Golf club melee weapon
  • 8 more beard colors
  • Black, blue, and pink jacket
  • Red and white evening dress
  • Pink, red, and yellow spring dress
  • Fix for gas circles ending over ocean space
  • Melee attacks no longer tied to animation. It is now a set area in front of your character. This fixes the issue of being unable to strike boxes below you if FPS was low.
  • Melee attacks now hit inanimate objects more predictably (used to require too precise of a hit).
  • Melee attacks can no longer break boxes through walls.
  • Chat is no longer canceled when the Eagle flight starts.
  • Fix for minigun windup lasting through hamster-ball and roll.
  • Fix for dancing and throwing a grenade at the same time causing the character to lock up.
  • Fix for being downed while grenade throwing causing controls to stop working upon revival.
  • Fix for rare bug where a demo user could have their level reset.
  • Pie of the Tiger billboard sign fades now.
  • Roll allowed again while Map is open.
  • Welcome area's ground saturation has been adjusted to make names and animals stand out more clearly.
  • Fix on Customize screen: when equipping something, the list would scroll/jump.
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

Artwork of our new S.A.W. welcome center by the amazingly talented Unicorn Dominion!

It has been a wild first month on the island! In just one month, there have been more than 30k Super Animal slips on banana peels, 1.5M Super Animals have met their colorful demise, and 6.5M tufts of tall grass have been chopped down by Super Animals searching for items. Thank you so much to all of you in the Super Animal community who have been so supportive and made it such a fun and exciting time on the island!! We couldn't do it without you.

Next time you load into the game you'll find yourself in the crumbling remains of the Super Animal World welcome center: the cheery gateway to the bioengineered safari park that entertained millions of happy visitors until it was shut down after what S.A.W. lawyers insist we refer to as “The Incident.” The new region of the island features restaurants such as “Slow Food,” a teppanyaki joint run by world renowned (if painfully methodical) chef Slothy Aoki, and “Meet & Eat,” the only restaurant where you can enjoy stimulating conversation with your food before you eat it! Super Animal guests will not, however, be able to taste the “Pie of the Tiger,” due to an unfortunate and, if you’re asking me, rather suspicious kitchen fire.

Super Animal Royale Tonight: Episode 2

Donk and Howl have completed their selections for the top community clips in the past month! We hope you enjoy the video, and if you do, it sure would be Super if you could share it with a friend (human or animal) to help us spread the word about the game.
Everyone whose clip was selected will be receiving one exclusive SAR Tonight item of their choice from a golden jack, a hat, or three different shirts! The smaller clips behind Donk and Howl count, and you'll also get to choose an item if you were a duos partner with the person whose clip was selected :). We had over 200 submissions and so many more amazing clips beyond the ones that made it into the final cut, so for everyone who submitted a clip, we have an exclusive SAR silhouette shirt for you as well.

The same 5 exclusive items will be up for grabs next month, so you can start thinking about your future submissions now!

Construction is finally complete: the Super Animal World Welcome Center is here!! We've been working on this area for months, so there's lots of little easter eggs to discover throughout. We won't list all the little details -- you can explore it for yourselves!

In addition to the new island updates:
  • Visit Earporium in the S.A.W. Welcome Center and check out the brand new animal beanies that we've added to the game! They're legendary rarity and will drop after games like other cosmetic items.
  • There's also a bunch of other little details around the rest of the island: new billboards, and more shanty animal buildings northwest of Super Saharaland.
  • The region merge for NA/EU has been removed.
  • Trees and objects now fade slightly more to reveal animals behind them.
  • Fix for crash with pink rabbit and pirate costumes.
  • Controller support for wireless PS4 controllers should be fixed now.
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

Hey Super Animals, controller support is officially here!! It works best with Xbox and Playstation controllers, but 34+ controllers in total are supported!

Also included in this patch:
  • Menu designs and game UI have been updated so they’re easier to navigate both with keyboard/mouse and controllers!
  • Footstep audible range increased by 9%, and roll audible range by 14%.
  • Fix for animal breeds sometimes having the tube door open despite being locked.
  • Fix for animal breeds not showing in the lab if you didn't own the core animal.
  • Other minor fixes in the menu.
Our next big update is planned for Monday, January 14th and it'll be an exciting one, launching alongside our next video!

Get your best clips submitted by this Thurs, January 10th (at 11:59pm PST) and you could be featured in Episode II of Super Animal Royale Tonight, our video series highlighting the best community moments on the island, ranked by both skill and hilarity. Winners who get their clips selected will also get an exclusive Super Animal Royale Tonight in-game cosmetic item. If you have an 1080p+, 30fps+ clips that are 30s or less, submit them to our Dropbox here!

Lastly, thank you so much to everyone who has been spreading the word about the game, and introducing friends via the demo! These past four days since the demo launched have been super exciting with all of the growth, and it's so much fun to see so many new faces and play with you all!! We're building this game for you, so keep all your feedback coming!

Yep it still supports good old keyboard and mouse too ;).
Super Animal Royale

If you haven't played Super Animal Royale (and I suspect you probably haven't) you can now, for free, as much as you want. The woodland battle royale featuring cuddly (yet deadly) animals now has a demo, and you can play the demo for as long as you like, for free. You'll even unlock new items as you play—you just can't use those items unless you upgrade to the full version, which costs $13/£10.29.

I had a great time with Super Animal Royale when it released into Early Access on Steam in December. It celebrated its arrival with a free weekend, but the demo means that even if you missed that window of opportunity you can still give it a go before you buy. Playercount is currently less than massive, but the game populates empty slots with bots so you'll always have a full match. Obviously, it'd be better with 100% human-controlled animals, but it's still fun even if some of the combatants are AI.

I know there are lots of battle royale games competing for your attention, but I really enjoyed Super Animal Royale and it's definitely worth giving it a spot in your overstuffed Steam library. There are now over 60 animal breeds to unlock, more than 200 cosmetic items to earn, and you can play solo or in duos with a squad mode planned for the future. 

Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

Hey Super Animals!

If you have any friends who have been on the fence, it's time to invite them to explore Super Animal World with all of us. The Super Demo is here, so anyone can give the game a try before they decide to upgrade to the full version!

So what makes this demo a Super Demo, you ask? Well, aside from the fact that sticking the word "Super" in front of everything makes it better, this demo also allows you to play the game fully online, as much as you like!

In the Super Beta you can even start progressing through the game, earning items and animal DNA. These items you earn in the demo are locked, so you won't be able to unlock new Super Animals or dress them up to make them your own, but if you like the game and choose to purchase it, all of the items you've unlocked and progress you've earned will transfer right into the full game! That's pretty Super, right? Hopefully not so super that you'll avoid supporting development of the game, but we're really proud of what we've built and the community that has grown around it, so we hope that giving you the chance to experience it for yourself will show you that it's an Early Access game worth supporting!

The demo starts you off with 4 Super Animal breeds, but to unlock the remaining animals you'll need to get the full version. You'll be able to collecting animal DNA and Super Serum in the demo, and once you unlock the full game you can combine the two in the Research Lab to create and unlock new Super Animal breeds! The demo also does not support queuing up with your Steam friends in duos or squads (coming soon) modes. You'll be able to play these modes (when they're available), but you'll be matched up with a random teammate. The full version supports Steam Friends List and invites.

Important Notes:
  • If you played during the free weekend, you won't be able to transfer your free weekend progress to the demo. If you'd like to transfer your free weekend save file, you'll need to upgrade straight to the paid version. The demo starts you at square one, but all progress made in the demo will transfer to the full game when you upgrade.
  • The demo requires Steam Cloud Saves to be enabled if you want to transfer your demo progress to the full game.

So why upgrade?

We've been busy these past couple weeks since launching into Early Access, and we now have more than 200 cosmetic items that you can combo to create your own unique Super Animal! We also have more than 60 Super Animal breeds, and will adding more animals and cosmetics in January and beyond! You'll also get access to Steam Friends Invites so you can group up with your friends in duos mode (and squads mode is coming soon).

We have some pretty big surprises planned for January and February so we're super excited for you to all join us on this journey!

Super Animal Royale Tonight, the show that debuted alongside our Early Access launch, is returning for a second episode! Whether you're a pro on a Super Animal killing spree or have a knack for dying in hilarious ways, submit your best and funniest clips (30s or less) here.

We've extended the submission deadline to January 10th at 11:59am PST, so get your clips in! We’ll feature the best clips in SAR Tonight Episode 2: How Strikes Back and reward the winning animals with their choice of exclusive in-game (digital) SAR Tonight merch! If you weren't featured in the first video, the golden jacket is up for grabs again, and if you want to try to get featured a second time, we'll also have new SAR Tonight items to choose from!

1080p, 60fps recordings are preferred but 30fps works too (just make sure to keep them under 30 seconds). Your reactions overlaid on the video while streaming are great (but keeping unnecessary overlays to a minimum would be appreciated), or clean recordings are wonderful of course too. Clips without 3rd party music are best, and higher sound effects volume is also appreciated. When you submit, please include your Discord, Twitch or Steam username in the clip filename so we can thank you personally and deliver you your reward if your clip gets selected!
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One
Demo functionality has been completed, so it'll be arriving in the next update after this one, just as soon as it gets approved for release! We'll post an announcement for that once we have a firm date for its arrival. In the demo you'll be able to try the game for free, and start earning items and animal DNA, and if you choose to upgrade to the full version, you'll be able to bring all your progress with you! In the meantime, we've added a whole bunch of new stuff and made a bunch of improvements for you, listed below.

For today's v0.84 update, the beavers have been busy. Here are your patch notes:

New Cosmetics:
  • Yarr, pirate hats and outfits be here mateys (1 hat, 4 different colors of outfit, and an eye patch).
  • Protect your eyes: 3 new round glasses have been added.
  • Hats hats hats: Visors, devil horns and a propeller hat.
  • Santa outfits and and candy cane melee weapons are now gone, but green and blue fancy shirts have been added, and katanas are back!
Island & Gameplay Updates:
  • The island now includes a new beaver construction zone, desert village, and some quality-of-life improvements.
  • Snow trees had their brightness reduced to help with seeing animals behind them.
  • Pistol base-damage increased from 33 to 34, and move-speed bonus from 9% to 11%
  • The final three gas circle warnings are shorter now if there are few players alive (dynamically adjusts based on number alive).
  • The first gas circle warning will come slightly earlier in matches with fewer players.
  • Teammates who leave/disconnect will have their name and icon faded in the top right.
  • Dropped body armor now shows damaged state on the ground.
Bot Updates (be afraid):
  • Bots will melee attack if up close.
  • And they'll also pick up health juice.
  • Bots also ignore each other slightly more often now.
  • Fixed bots stuttering from line-of-sight issues.
  • A few new bot names added ;).
  • Slightly improved bot pathing around some corners.
  • Fix for bots not pursuing others correctly.
  • Bullets from shorter range weapons like shotgun and pistol will now visually end at their max range (rather than the arbitrary maximum bullet range).
  • Fix for bullets sometimes not hitting targets despite impacting.
  • Spamming chat messages rapidly will result in a small chat timeout.
  • Grenades and barrel explosions now destroy bananas.
  • Fix for mole dropping 2 of the same gun.
  • Fix for tents and haybales appearing under your weapon when standing beside them.
  • Fix for clicking BACK during unlock sequence in the Research Lab causing the menu to get stuck.
  • Fix for hit animation causing character's feet to freeze.
  • Fix for shooting happening while typing if your shoot button was a keyboard key.

...And one final surprise addition: everyone who played during the candy cane period has now been awarded the candy cane as a second melee weapon skin that can be chosen in the customize screen! More melee weapon customizations coming soon.


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