Super Animal Royale - Michael | Pixile

Super Summer has arrived on the island and the animals are kicking things off with a new limited-time event from June 25 to July 19!

Super Summer Royale

Collect Fruit Baskets until July 19 that you can redeem for 9 new limited edition event items! You'll find baskets scattered around the island, and will also earn them automatically after each match based on your survival time. Fruit baskets that you find on the island will give you 20hp when you eat them (and yes Giant Emus can snack on them too). The Delivery Mole has also included 3 Fruit Baskets in every Mole Crate.

9 new Super Summer Royale event items
  • Blue Sport Sunglasses
  • White Bermuda Shorts
  • Blue Polo Shirt
  • Yellow Plastic Shovel
  • Vintage Round Sunglasses
  • Vintage Floral Swimsuit
  • Badminton Racket
  • Vintage Floral Dress
  • Orange Pastel Overalls
8 2019 legacy summer items
25% chance of dropping a legacy item that you don't own yet.
  • Fish Swim Shorts
  • Straw Umbrella
  • Lifebuoy
  • Fruit Skewer
  • Yellow Lei Hula Skirt
  • Popsicle
  • Duck Floatie
  • Fruit Hat
2 new Super Animal breeds
Create 2 new Super Animal breeds in the Research Lab!
  • Super Pineapple Hedgehog
  • Super Watermelon Skunk
4 2019 legacy summer items are being added to the general drop pool
We decided that these 4 items from last year’s Super Summer Royale event were general enough in theme that it would be best if everyone had an opportunity to earn them (we don’t want to deprive any would be chefs of their aprons) so we’ve made them regular drops.
  • White Apron
  • Floral Swimsuit
  • Hot Dog Fork
  • Meat Skewer
Super Pool Noodles
4 color variants of pool noodles have also been added to the item drop pool, and if you use the coupon code "SUMMER" you'll unlock a pool noodle of a random color!

The event ends at 11:59pm PDT on July 19th, but you'll still have until July 22nd at 11:59pm PDT to redeem your final Fruit Baskets before they expire!

New Rainbow Love Items
We’ve added two new rainbow items to the item drop pool (and if you haven’t already, use coupon code "LOVE" to score a rainbow baseball cap and umbrella).
  • Rainbow Headband
  • Rainbow Dress

Ping System & Quick Chat

Our quick chat / ping system has finally arrived to help you communicate with your teammates!
  • Hold the [Z] key to bring up a radial menu of 6 different messages.
  • A quick tap of [Z] will show the regular paw marker.
  • You can also use the Quick Chat Wheel when you have the map open, to ping further away locations.
  • In duos and squads you can ping weapons and items with the [Z] key.

Gameplay Improvements
  • Visual clarity of guns with shorter ranges has been improved by removing bullets that have reached a damage falloff of 85% (they’ll now despawn rather than traveling the remaining 15% of distance where they would have done very little damage).
Note: Previously, armor was not removed once a bullet reached 85% damage falloff because the amount of damage it was doing was so miniscule that it felt unfair to remove a full tick of armor. This won’t change gun balancing in any significant way, but makes it much clearer when a bullet will do meaningful damage or not, and brings the visual in line with how armor removal already works.
  • Chonk Emu’s health has increased from 170 to 190 hp.
  • Skunk Gas Vial now also provides poison immunity (from poison dart gun and others using the vial, but not from skunk bombs).
  • Banana Forker has had its banana eating distance increased, and healing has been increased from 15 to 25 hp.
  • Increased footstep volume slightly, and increased roll and running footstep audible distance (which increases the benefit of creeping or using Ninja Booties).
  • Standardized the shotgun's spread to be 15° whether idle or running. Previously it was 15° while idle and 19° while running.
  • JAG-7's spread adjusted to be 17.5° while running. Previously it was 18.5°.
  • Increased the magnum’s bullet speed slightly.
  • Magnum and Deagle have both had per-shot recoil lowered, and recovery time is now slightly faster.
  • Damage falloff for the Uncommon/Rare SMG and the Thomas Gun has been increased slightly.
  • Initial bullet spread for Thomas Gun increased by 0.5°.

Private Matches Beta
We've added several new commands for hosts of private matches (see the full list on the SAR Wiki):
  • /ghost can now make someone else a ghost by specifying a player number (ie /ghost 14).
  • /gun can now include rarity while spawning a gun (ie green pistol would be /gun0 1)
  • /ammo# # command to spawn ammo type with specified amount.
  • /armor# command to spawn armor (value can be 1 to 3).
  • /gason can now include a number in order to set a delay (in seconds). For example, to set a 5s delay, you’d use the command: /gason 5.
  • /gasspeed # command to set the speed multiplier of skunk gas. Value can be from 0.4 to 3.0.
  • /gasdmg # command to set gas damage multiplier. Value can be from 1.0 to 10.0.
  • /allitems can be used to toggle all item spawns on/off. This includes enabling/disabling the Delivery Mole, Mole Crate loot and grass loot.
  • /guns can be used to toggle gun world spawns on/off.
  • /hamballs can be used to toggle hamster ball spawns on/off.
  • /emus replaces the old command to toggle emus spawns on/off.
  • /moles can be used to toggle the Delivery Mole on/off.
  • /armors can be used to toggle armor spawns on/off.
  • /throwables can be used to toggle spawns of all throwable items on/off.
  • /utils replaces the old command to toggle powerup spawns on/off.
  • /bulletspeed # command to set the speed multiplier of bullets. Value can be from 0.5 to 2.0.
  • /flight command can be used in the pre-game lobby to regenerate the Giant Eagle’s flight path.
  • /god # to set god-mode on a player with ID #. Applies only to damage from other players.
  • /onehits command to toggle one-hit kill mode. Doesn't apply to grenades or gas.
In addition:
  • Ghost spectator cam now moves faster when zoomed out.
  • Fox soccer ball can now be spawned during the match, not just in the lobby (still only possible for developers, mods, and private match hosts to spawn the ball).
Additional Quality of Life Changes and Fixes
  • Added new sound effects for when teammates eject from the Giant Eagle.
  • Fixed markers on the minimap not sticking to the edges at the proper angles (thanks to user, BatoSoupo, on r/animalroyale for this one!)
  • Fixed an issue with guns poking under campfires.
  • Fixed issues with Minigun aiming up close.
  • Fixed map markers briefly displaying in the wrong position.
  • Fixed bug with disconnected players on emus.
  • Skunk Gas Vial no longer cancels the melee-only victory milestone.
  • Main menu's region selector no longer uses LT/RT on controllers.
New Super Mod Items
2 new items celebrating our super moderators are being added to the item drop pool!
  • Oyqy's Earbud melee weapon
  • TaMa's Banan Hat
Hope you all enjoy the update and have some fun in the sun. See you on the island, Super Animals!

Super Animal Royale - Michael | Pixile

The Super Roadrunner and Super Coyote have arrived in the Research Labs, so start saving your Bluejay DNA and Wolf DNA to create them! You can unlock them at level 10 and level 40 respectively after you’ve unlocked the Super Bluejay and Super Wolf. They’ve also brought with them 5 new ways to foil your foes, with the all-new Super Powerups.

Super Powerups

Super Powerups are a brand new category of item that grant your Super Animal passive abilities. You’ll find them scattered around the island but can only hold one at a time, so choose wisely.

Claw Boots:
Cut every blade of grass you walk through, no chopping required. These sharp kicks double as crampons, so you won’t slide on ice.

Banana Forker:
Health slipping? This sweet cutlery turns a dangerous banana into a tasty snack that restores 15 health instantly. I mean, how could you possibly eat bananas without a fork and knife? You’re not an animal, you’re a Super Animal. Just don’t let your bananas rot in the skunk gas or they’ll turn into inedible mush.

Ninja Booties:
Be as quiet as a ninja with these soft-padded paws. You’ll walk 50% quieter, creep 12% faster, and creep-roll without making a sound.

Skunk Gas Vial:
Make your stab a little stronger (and stinkier). With this damage enhancing vial, your melee attacks will deal 30 poison damage over three seconds on top of their regular damage.

This wide-mouthed gold commemorative cup lets you chug health juice at borderline disgusting speeds. Heal 25% faster and impress your dorm mates.

New Giant Emu Breeds

The Giant Emus you know and love have been balanced this update, and S.A.W. scientists have also released 3 rare new breeds onto the island.

Giant Emu handling has been improved by reverting back to our original control style with immediate acceleration, but to compensate the common Giant Emu has had its health/peck damage reduced a bit to make it slightly less deadly. Giant Emus are, however, now 100% more deadly to tall grass which you can finally peck to reveal the items hidden within.

Giant Emu
The original Giant Emu has average speed, defense, and attack, which means you might be tempted to call it “average,” but be warned it much prefers the term “well-balanced.”

Chonk Emu
A thick, fatty hide provides extra protection against bullets, but also slows the poor chunker down.

Speedy Emu
A slim build makes this Emu super speedy, which is good, because if you manage to hit the bugger, it goes down fast.

Battle Emu
The rarest breed of all, Battle Emus boast the ultimate combination of damage, health and speed. The knife secured to its bridle adds an extra sting to its pecks, and enables its woodworking hobby.

Private Matches Beta

You’ve been asking for them for a long time, so we’re excited to finally be able to bring Private Matches to Super Animal Royale! During the beta, we’re limiting hosting ability to select community members who will be able to organize tournaments and events, but we’ll open it up more as we continue testing and building upon the feature.

“PRIVATE” now appears as a 4th game mode option in the main menu, and pressing play will open the private match screen. To join a private match, you’ll need a code from an event organizer. Simply enter a valid match code and you (and your party) can join the private match.

We’ve created a new #events channel in the Super Animal Royale Discord server where you can find tournaments, scrims and other events to join, or submit your own events for consideration. Join the Discord to learn more and participate!

v0.95 Full Patch Notes
Super Animal Breeds
  • New Super Bluejay Breed: Super Roadrunner
  • New Super Wolf Breed: Super Coyote

Super Powerups

Find Super Powerups throughout the island that provide passive bonuses.
  • Claw Boots: Cuts grass automatically and increases grass loot drop rate by 2x. Also prevents sliding on ice.
  • Banana Forker: Turn bananas into tasty, 15 health snacks. Just don’t let them rot in the skunk gas or they’ll turn into inedible mush.
  • Ninja Booties: Be as quiet as a ninja with soft-padded paws. Walk 50% quieter, creep 12% faster, and creep-roll without making a sound.
  • Skunk Gas Vial: Make your stab stronger (and stinkier) with 30 poison damage over three seconds on top of its regular damage.
  • Cupgrade: Heal 25% faster and impress your dorm mates with your chugging skills.

New Emu Breeds & Balancing
  • Giant Emu: Overall health and damage of the original Giant Emu has been reduced from 150 hp and 45 damage to 140 hp and 35 damage.
  • Chonk Emu: 170 hp, 35 damage, 85% speed.
  • Speedy Emu: 110 hp, 35 damage, 115% speed.
  • Battle Emu: 150 hp, 45 damage, 110% speed.

More Giant Emu Updates
  • Controls reverted to original style where acceleration is instant. We felt that this was more comfortable for gameplay and prevents getting stuck on corners as frequently.
  • Emus can now cut grass with their pecks.

Private Matches Beta
  • "PRIVATE" now appears as a 4th game mode in the main menu. Pressing "PLAY" will open the private match screen.
  • Simply enter a valid match code and you (or your party) can join a private match.
  • At the moment, only a few select members of the community and event planners have hosting capabilities. Be sure to check out the new #events channel in Discord to find custom games and tournaments!

Gameplay Updates
  • Creep-walking is now fully silent.
  • Idle and creep-walking have slightly faster recoil reset delay (0.16s instead of normal 0.20s).
  • Almost all weapons upgraded to have less firing recoil while standing still or creeping.
  • SMG and Thomas Gun have more starting spread and more recoil per shot.
  • AK & M16 will not slow movement as much while firing, but they have slightly more firing recoil while running.
  • Hunting rifle & Sniper will slow movement less while firing.
  • Poison Dart Gun tick damage increased from 8 to 9, but number of ticks reduced from 5 to 4. This puts it back at a 3-shot kill, but still maintains decent DPS.
  • The final gas circle now takes 8s to close (previously 7s).
  • The final gas circle does 14.2 damage per tick (up from 12).

Other changes/fixes:
  • Can now scroll chat with mouse-wheel (while typing is active).
  • Updated to latest version of Unity 2018.4. Ideally this will fix the recent crash issue for AMD card users.
  • Updated Unity engine to use .NET 4.x runtime.
  • Updated controller plugin (InControl 1.8).
  • Server engine tick rate increased from 24fps to 30fps.
  • Server processes incoming network packets faster.
  • NPCs will display an exclamation mark above their head if you haven't completed their milestone yet. As well, after completing their milestone. They'll also show a small [...] icon above them to indicate additional dialogue.
  • Fixed an animation glitch for NPCs when the Skunk Gas hits them.
  • Matchmaker fixes ("Game already started" bug should be squashed).
  • Fix for dropping weapons from inventory causing your selected weapon to always change.
  • Fixed some loot spawns inside Dogna's lab.
  • Fixed an occasional desync bug where a player's roll animation was different on their screen versus other players.
Super Animal Royale - Michael | Pixile

Hey there, pups! Life’s ruff sometimes, you know? I mean, one minute you’re dancing in the party bush...and the next minute you’re dropping into a war zone. It’s enough to make you want to call a doctor.

Doctor Jennifer Dogna, the most renowned Lab Lab of the renowned S.A.W. Labs Lab Labs*, has traveled to the S.A.W. Welcome Center to share some interesting findings with you. So why not drop in for a chat and see what she has to say?

*Super Animal World Research Laboratories Laboratory Labradors.

Greetings from Super Saharaland

Visit Super Saharaland today to explore the Super Pyramid and Super Sphinx! The Egypt-inspired land celebrates the Super Skullcat, although the star of the show seems to have been missing since Super Animal World closed its doors to the public…

If you investigate closely you might just find that not everything is quite as it seems, and that the new region’s labyrinthine halls offer clues to Super Animal World’s history.

We’ve implemented a new NPC dialogue system in this update as an experiment worthy of the laboratory labradors themselves, so we hope you'll give us feedback on it! We've been writing a deep(ly ridiculous) backstory for Super Animal World since the beginning of development, so we're very excited to explore this new way to share more of the story with you beyond Super Animal Royale Tonight and the points of interest you can explore on the island.

New Egyptian Super Breeds & Cosmetics
The trusty S.A.W. scientists wouldn’t debut any land without genetically modified mascots to match, so if you visit the Research Lab you’ll now be able to create 3 legendary new Egyptian breeds:
  • Super Bastet (Super Cat breed)
  • Super Horus (Super Hawk breed)
  • Super Anubis (Super Wolf breed)

New Egyptian cosmetic items have also been added to the drop pool, and will drop with higher frequency for the next 3 weeks after the update:
  • Khopesh
  • Ankh Staff
  • White Pharaoh Costume
  • Red Pharaoh Costume
  • Lily Flower (Hat)
  • Atef Crown
  • Crown of Hathor
  • Hieroglyph Umbrella
  • Fez

v0.94.0 Patch Notes
We’re debuting an entirely new system for NPC dialogue and storytelling in this update! We'll avoid spoiling the details here so you can experience it for yourself, but it was a really big project for the team so we can't wait to hear what you think of it and how you'd like to see it expand. The content included here only scratches the surface of what we'd like to do in the future, but it establishes many of the systems that we'll need for future content.

The Highlights:
  • NPC / storytelling systems + Super Saharaland quests/milestones.
  • Super Saharaland now contains three sub-biomes: the S.A.S.R. Camps, Emu Ranch and the new Super Pyramid region. Make sure to explore it carefully to discover its mysteries!
  • New animals available at the Research Lab: Super Bastet, Super Horus, and Super Anubis.
  • New cosmetic items: Khopesh, Ankh Staff, White Pharaoh Costume, Red Pharaoh Costume, Lily Flower (Hat), Atef Crown, Crown of Hathor, and Hieroglyph Umbrella.

Additional Updates:
  • Emus will now heal 10hp per coconut eaten.
  • Rain frequency has increased, but banan rain is more rare.
  • Sniper kills daily challenge lowered to 2/4/6.
  • Adjusted swamp mist to improve performance on low-end systems.
  • Bots will re-acquire closer enemies more often.
  • Bots will not pursue targets that have gone out of vision as aggressively.
  • Bots will switch to melee less predictably in up close combat.
  • Game engine updated to Unity 2018.4, which should provide some fixes for certain bugs and crashes.
  • Bug with floating cave candles should be fixed.

We also have some additional new Super Animal breeds in store for the coming weeks, so watch our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for those!
Super Animal Royale - Michael | Pixile

Before we get started on today's patch notes, Super Animal World's celebrated researchers have asked us to pass along a message of caution. Storm clouds have been brewing above the island, strange chanting has been heard coming from a cave in the northeast, and most regrettably, a researcher has dropped his lunch into the S.A.W. Nano-climate machines. We're not quite sure what will happen, but it's likely to be stormy for the next 36 hours.

To help you weather the storm, we’re handing out limited-edition banan umbrellas until April 5th at 11:59pm PDT (8am GMT on April 6th). The giant banan melee from 2019 will also be dropping during the same window, so make sure you play to collect both.

Super Easter

Earn Super Eggs Until April 19th at 11:59pm PDT
Play games until April 19th to earn Super Eggs and redeem them for 9 new limited-edition event items! Once the event ends, you'll have until our next update to redeem your Super Eggs.
  • Flower Crown
  • Flower Glasses
  • Easter Sun Hat
  • Eggshell Hat
  • Red Plaid Dress
  • Easter Suspenders
  • Chocolate Bar melee weapon
  • Easter Dress
  • Easter Suit

As a bonus, 2019's Super Easter items (+ 2 new bows) have also returned and will randomly drop at the end of matches.

The new Super Chick breed has arrived in the Research Lab and last year's Super Chocolate Bunny has also returned!

Dive into v0.93.1
Glide further with your umbrella or put it away to fall faster:
  • If you're feeling brave, you can now put away your umbrella and watch your Super Animal plummet faster towards the ground. Use the same hotkey (default is E) to switch between umbrella and freefall.
  • Freefalling allows for a faster descent, but be careful of smacking the ground! You won't take damage, but it'll cause your Super Animal to be briefly stunned.
  • Your regular umbrella can now glide further, to allow for further flying away from the Giant Eagle, and more exploring of the far corners of the island.
  • Three new milestones/cosmetics have been added related to freefalling.
  • Bots will partake in the free falling fun as well!

Thanks to all your feedback, we've made a bunch of improvements to Giant Emus:
  • Giant Emus can now eat coconuts to heal (in addition to still being able to heal with campfires).
  • The Giant Emu's health is now displayed in a bar on its saddle.
  • Armor now partially protects against pecks. Each peck will remove one tick of armor, but the Super Animal will still receive 15 damage through the armor. Peck damage without armor is unchanged at 45.
  • Movement now has minor acceleration/deceleration.
  • Giant Emu displays healing effects now when at campfires (in addition to the rider).
  • Audible range increased by about 10%.
  • Short delay added on shooting when dismounting a Giant Emu.
  • Rapidly mounting/dismounting an Emu will result in a temporary block on mounting.

Gun balancing:
  • Poison Dart Gun now applies 5 ticks rather than 4 (but same total damage). Also it is able to poison Giant Emus now.
  • Epic M16 removed from the Mole Crate, since it is a world spawn. Legendary M16's chance was increased slightly to compensate for this change.
  • Slightly increased Legendary Sniper's chance in the mole crate.
  • Movement speed with Hunting Rifle increased slightly.
  • Increased recoil reset speed of Sniper when not moving.

More updates:
  • New milestone "Dancing in the Rain"
  • To celebrate the start of Spring, we've added 5 flower hair pins into the drop pool.
  • Adjusted camera zoom during parachute so that it accelerates as you get closer to ground.
  • Fix for Giant Emu reins sometimes being incorrectly colored.
  • Fix for a revived player entering a Giant Emu and being glitched.
  • Fixed laggy players being able to peck despite dismounting a Giant Emu.
  • Fix for Giant Emus being heard in the game lobby.
  • Improved issue of Giant Emus being able to be pushed into tight corners.
  • Fixed (for real this time) players sometimes not appearing to roll.
  • Reload is canceled when entering a Hamster Ball or mounting a Giant Emu.
  • Founders name color is a bit brighter to help it pop off the Welcome Center ground more.
  • Removed a few explosive barrels that were breakable through walls.
  • Translation fixes.

The strange weather patterns look like they'll be strongest for the next 36 hours and will drop in frequency after that.
Super Animal Royale - Michael | Pixile

Crikey, it looks like Super Saharaland has a new point of interest to explore, and it has arrived along with a herd of Giant Emus to ride!

Up to two Super Animals can hop on the back of a Giant Emu: the front rider controls the Giant Emu and its peck attack, while the back rider uses a jockey whip to trigger a speed boost.
  • Peck attack deals 45 melee damage through armor.
  • Giant Emus have 150 health points and change visual state as they take damage.
  • Heal your Giant Emu by using a campfire.
  • Giant Emus will absorb most damage for the player, but explosions and skunk gas will still harm each rider.
  • Giant Emus can be found in forests and will roam short distances when they don't have a rider.

Make sure to explore Giant Emu Ranch, as seen in the Super Special Report!

St. Pawtrick's Day

To celebrate St. Pawtrick's Day 2020, you'll be able to earn 4 new items, and 3 returning items from 2019's event. Every match you complete gives you a 25% lucky chance to earn an item until March 29th at 11:59pm PDT!

Event Items to Earn:
  • Lucky Bow
  • Lucky Dress
  • Lucky Shirt
  • Lucky Hunting Rifle
  • Lucky Beard (2019 item)
  • Lucky Top Hat (2019 item)
  • Lucky Suit (2019 item)

New Super Animal Breed:
The Super Lucky Lion is now available in the Research Lab once you've unlocked Super Lion DNA at level 40, and is a permanent addition to the game (not exclusive to the event).

New Weapon: Hunting Rifle

Thomas Sledison watched the Giant Emu escape footage last week, so as a precaution, he’s been hard at work creating a new weapon.

The Hunting Rifle is a break-action weapon, so it only has a single shot before needing to reload, but is accurate for each shot. It fills the role of an entry level sniper rifle, and as such can be found in common (grey), uncommon (green) and rare (blue) tiers.

v0.93.0 Full Patch Notes

  • Check out the Giant Emu Ranch in the southeast corner of Super Saharaland.
  • Hop on a two-player rideable Giant Emu.
  • Earn the new Rancher Hat and the Rancher Outfit through two new milestones for getting kills with the Emu.
  • New weapon: the Hunting Rifle, a break-action sniper (available in common, uncommon and rare tiers).
  • The original Sniper is now only available in epic and legendary tiers. The epic version still spawns in the world, at the same rarity chance as an M16, and its bullet speed has been increased slightly.
  • The Super Lucky Lion is now available in the Research Lab and will be available permanently.
  • St. Pawtrick's items have a 25% chance of dropping after each match played until March 29th at 11:59pm PDT (4 new 2020 items + 3 returning 2019 items).

Weapon Balancing:
  • The regular Pistol's clip size is now 10 (previously was 8).
  • Magnum & Deagle bullet speed increased.
  • Poison Dart Gun does 10 damage per poison tick (up from 9). This means that two shots with poison darts can kill a full health player (unless they manage to heal to save themselves).
  • AK & M16 now do slightly less damage at further ranges (increased damage falloff).
  • AK & M16 per-shot recoil decreased, but total maximum recoil increased.
  • Uncommon/Rare AK bullet speed reduced by 1% and 2% respectively, and Epic/Legendary M16 bullet speed reduced by 2.5% and 3.5% respectively. These changes distinguish the AK and M16 more from snipers, which have the best bullet speed. It also reduces the amount of bullet speed variance between rarity tiers.
  • Skunk Bomb's damage per tick increased from 13 to 16, and total time from 5.4s to 8.4s.

Additional changes:
  • The amount of bounce in the Spectator Ghost's animation has been reduced to make it less distracting.
  • Fixed the map's flight arrows glitching when changing screen aspect ratio.
  • Fixed in-game chat allowing the typing of more characters than permitted.
  • The "Vehicle Kills" statistic has been renamed to "Hamster Ball Kills" and a new stat has been created for "Emu Kills"
Super Animal Royale - Michael | Pixile

BREAKING NEWS: Unidentified, giant specimens have been spotted on the island. Whatever they are, if you see them in our next update on Friday, March 13th, do not attempt to feed, pet, bludgeon or especially ride any escaped S.A.W. intellectual property.

Please warn your fellow Super Animals via Twitter, Facebook, or Super Carrier Pigeon:
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

The Super Hippos have arrived and they're hungry for battle. They've also brought with them a full platter of game updates, including mobility updates (heal and tape while slowly moving), weapon recoil adjustments, and further improvements to the inventory system.

The Super Hippo is a Super Animal of epic proportions, so it's unlockable in the Research Lab at level 70 alongside the Super Hyena. There's also 4 additional hungry hungry breeds to unlock on top of the base hippo:
  • Super Hippo
  • Super Periwinkle Hippo
  • Super Orange Hippo
  • Super Lime Hippo
  • Super Rose Hippo

Mobility and Recoil Updates
This update we've focused on polishing aspects of gameplay relating to movement and gunplay:
  • You can now move (albeit slowly) while healing or taping. This allows you to make slow progress away from the skunk gas, or recover a bit of armor/health while repositioning behind cover in a fight.
  • Movement on ice is more smooth now, and actions like reloading or healing won't cause instant slowing.
  • You can now heal and tape while sliding on ice.

Weapon recoil changes:
  • Aside from the Shotgun, all weapons now have minimal spread while moving and rolling. Since SAR is a mobility-focused game, we wanted to maintain that with aiming, and reduce randomness.
  • Each gun has a unique move speed slow-down while shooting. Previously all weapons had the same move speed while firing, but now certain guns like the Pistol and SMG will be able to move faster.
  • AK and M16 are now more accurate per shot and have less maximum spread.
  • Sniper now has much greater recoil per shot, and increased maximum spread. Recoil also resets faster while standing still.
  • Deagle and Magnum have a slower recoil reset rate, due to having less base spread and no spread from rolling.

Inventory Improvements (v2)
We've continued polishing our upgraded inventory system that we debuted last update based on our tests and your feedback in Discord:
  • Sounds have been added for open/closing your backpack (zip!), dropping items, and swapping the order of your weapons.
  • Animations have been added for open/closing inventory that act as a clearer visual cue for when you have your inventory open/closed.
  • The backpack icon is larger and has been moved down in-line with the top row of inventory, and changes between open and closed states.
  • Visual separation has been added between the inventory items you can activate (Health Juice and Super Tape) and the ones you're holding (ammo and armor). Ammo and armor are now faded out when inventory is closed to draw attention to Health Juice and Super Tape.
  • When inventory is opened, ammo and armor fade in and become selectable.
  • Increased the size of the top row of items and text so it's easier to see how much ammo, Super Tape and Health Juice you have.
  • Selected weapon now animates up when selected, and all weapons animate up when inventory is opened to indicate that you can interact with them.
  • Selection of weapons with the mouse now handles the buffer space between weapons better so that dragging them is more reliable.
  • Added a character animation for dropping an item.

Inventory tooltip improvements:
  • Added power bars, which make it easier to compare stats between different weapons.
  • Added stars to denote rarity (in addition to the colors).
  • More stats have been added for certain items, including the effect a weapon has on move speed.

Additional Updates
We've also made other subtle adjustments throughout the game, including raising the level cap and animating the spectator ghost:
  • The account level cap of 999 has been lifted. Players at the max level will continue to use the same gem from level 999 but can continue to increase their account level. We plan to allow gem selection (from all your unlocked gems) in a future update. Congrats to F8 for being the first player to reach level 999!
  • The spectate ghost's design has been improved and it is now animated!
  • Two new mod items are now available in the item pool: Plumfiggle's Plumbrella and Mango's pizza slice (worn as a hat)!
  • Chopsticks melee weapon now has a custom sound.
  • World spawn rate for the M16, Thomas Gun, and JAG-7 are now half of the previous rate, to better match their "epic" rarity. You can get lucky finding epic versions of these guns in the wild, but your best bet for getting your hands on one is the Mole Crate (which is also the only place you can get the legendary varieties)!
  • Poison Dart Gun now has no damage falloff (previously had a very tiny amount).
  • Shotgun reload sound shortened.

  • Fixed an invisible collision from shipping containers on the map.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes players who were rolling didn't display the rolling animation to other players and looked instead like they were still running.
  • Fixed a bug where equipping an item on the endgame screen would not take effect upon returning to the main menu.
  • Fixed dresses stretching while taping.
  • Fixed some labels for Chinese, Korean and Japanese not using bold style.
  • Additional Translation fixes.
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

Happy Duos Day, Super Animals!

Sentimental puns and bullets are in the air on Super Animal Island for the final three days of the Year of the Super Rat event.

Invite your favorite Duos partner (or get matched with the Duo of your dreams using "fill") from now until February 17th at 12am PST / 8am GMT to get the Duos Day rose melee weapon. The Year of the Super Rat will conclude and Cheese Coins will stop dropping at the same time on the 17th (12am PST), but you'll also have 3 extra days to decide what to spend them on, until our next update drops on February 20th at 12am PST!

Duos Day Cards
We've also designed 12 printable Duos Day cards for you to show how much you care to all the special animals (and people) in your lives.


Super Crank Raccoon is Here

Just in time for Duos Day, a new Super Animal breed has arrived in the Research Lab to join the fight: Super Crank Raccoon. You'll also now be able to earn his t-shirt as a regular (uncommon rarity) item drop, or watch our social media for codes next week.

Check out the full reveal in Crankgameplays's video:

Hope you all have an amazing Duos Day and earn lots of Cheese Coins in the final days of the Year of the Super Rat event! We can't wait to share more about next week's update on the 20th soon.
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

The Year of the Super Rat is here, and it brings with it 5 new Super Rat and Mouse breeds in the Research Lab! You'll also earn Cheese Coins after each game which you can exchange for 9 limited-edition event items to celebrate the occasion.

The New Year also brings with it some major new game features. This includes the Super Animal preset system that allows you to name, save and switch between your favorite Super Animals as well as some highly-requested inventory system upgrades. You’ll now be able to share guns, ammo, health juice, and super tape amongst your squad to help you in your climb to the Top of the Food Chain!

Save and Name Your Super Animals with Presets

  • Create your very own Super Animals, name them and save them in the Customize screen for easy access.
  • Click the randomize button to randomize your animal, breed and outfit.
  • Saved animals will sync online between different computers (if you're using the same account).
  • Save up to 20 Super Animal presets.

BETA: Overhauled Inventory Management

We're in the process of overhauling inventory management and HUD and are super excited about how it's shaping up, so we wanted to release it early so we can get your feedback as we keep fine tuning and polishing it up! Let us know in Discord and on Steam forums what you think so far, and how you'd like to see it continue to evolve. We'll be continuing to update and improve it, so please mind the dust, and we hope you enjoy the preview!
  • Adjusted the HUD layout of weapons and items for easier access and management.
  • Tap i or hold ALT to begin managing your inventory.
  • Easily share ammo or weapons with teammates. Simply drag items off their slot to drop them (or press Y on controllers).
  • Primary weapons can be dragged between their slots to swap order (or press X on controllers).
  • Hold SHIFT while dropping an item to drop half the quantity of the stack (ex. if you have 50 Little Bullets, holding shift will allow you to drop 25 for a teammate). Press A on controllers to drop a half stack.
  • Inventory hotkey as well as the drop half-stack key can be rebound in settings.
  • Armor is now displayed in your inventory as well so it can be dropped too.
  • Tooltips have been added for all inventory items, displaying weapon stats and more.

Year of the Super Rat

Jan 23 - Feb 16
We're testing a new event format, so we want to hear your feedback and how you think it compares to previous events! Simply play games of SAR and get rewarded with Cheese Coins at the end of each match. The longer you survive, the more coins you get!

Exchange your Cheese Coins for 9 limited-edition event items:
  • Pink Lunar Shirt
  • Hanfu
  • Yellow Tang Suit
  • Mandarin Hat
  • Bamboo Hat
  • Wooden Chopsticks
  • Dadao
  • Red Paper Fan
  • Guandao

We're also bringing back all 8 of 2019's Lunar New Year items, which will randomly drop after matches during the event so you can collect them all. For players that finish the event early and have extra coins to spend: Cheese Coins can also be redeemed for a random item of Uncommon or higher quality.

Unlock 5 new Super Rat Breeds in the Research Lab:
  • Super Radioactive Rat
  • Super Lunar Rat
  • Super Field Mouse
  • Super Golden Mouse
  • Super Toy Mouse

All breeds are permanent additions to the Research Lab, and 2019's two special Super Pig breeds, the Super Lunar Pig and the Super Golden Pig, are also making their return!

Bamboo Biome Overhaul
The bamboo biome has been reworked: previously it could be difficult to navigate around certain bamboo formations and collisions were often unclear. With the new bamboo forest there are more open pathways, better clarity around collisions, and fewer small objects to get caught on. Let us know what you think!

As we say goodbye to the Year of the Super Pig and welcome in the Super Rat, the Bamboo Resort has received a brand new golden rat statue to mark the occasion. The resort's gates also have a brand new Spring Festival Couplet thanks to community member, Atuin (牛棚大師).

Right: 炮仗響穿竹外天
Left: 金蕉倉滿慶豐年
Middle: 春迎鼠瑞

Even More Updates
  • The epic M16 can now spawn in the world (only legendary remains exclusive to Mole Crates).
  • Skating speed on ice increased by 11%, but rolling no longer receives a bonus on ice.
  • Thomas Gun reload time increased to 1.7s from 1.5s.
  • Thomas Gun clip size reduced from 50 to 40.
  • Map & game data is now cached in memory so subsequent matches will load very quickly now.
  • Map and minimap text is now translated.
  • Updated several missing translations.
  • Made some performance improvements related to lighting and shadows. Players may see +10-20% or more FPS, but it will depend on whether your processor or graphics card is the bottleneck.
  • A few cosmetics (such as the Rainbow Baseball Cap) were moved to a texture atlas with no compression, which fixes some graphical artifacts.
  • Clothing & cosmetic bug fixes.
  • Fix for being stuck when throwing a grenade while entering a Hamster Ball.
  • Several art assets cleaned up and improved on size.
  • Removed some old unused environment art assets.
Super Animal Royale - Michael_One

We heard all your requests for the "Snep'' on Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Steam, Facebook, ResearchGATE, MySpace, and Friendster, so the Super Snow Leopard has finally arrived as the last breed of the CRISPRmas event and 2019. We tip our super hats to everyone who discovered the Super Snow Leopard ice sculpture in the Penguin Palace in advance of the reveal ;).

However you celebrate the holidays, we hope you’ve had a wonderful December so far with friends and family. We've made a little video on how we celebrate CRISPRmas here in Super Animal World that we think you might enjoy (view on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

Alongside the Super Snow Leopard, the final 5 challenges have unlocked for the Super CRISPRmas event, and their rewards are themed for New Years! You'll have until Sunday, January 5th at 11:59pm to unlock all 15 challenge rewards, and all 9 rewards for collecting presents (all 3 weeks of challenges can be completed throughout the event).

Thank you so much again for making this such a memorable first year in Early Access. You really are the most amazing community of gamers we've played with in any game (not just because we're biased) and we can't wait to reveal all the surprises we have in store for 2020! Now that our big Halloween and CRISPRmas events are nearing their end, the team is focusing on our core roadmap to expand game features/mechanics, storytelling, and social features.

Merry CRISPRmas and see you all in 2020, Super Animals! <3


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