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Welcome to our Steam launch! As you may have read from the title, you have some questions I, Ashley Graham, lead dev, can awnser.

Q: What is up with the system requirements?:
A: This was due to the game being scaled at UHD. It has been scaled down to 720p and should only take up 400 MB of your RAM.

Q: What about the nudity? How will I stream this?:
A: There will be a build of the game with censored nude parts. So that you can share your experience of the game with the world!

Q: Will the Etika model look better than it does at the moment?
A: Yes it will. It's being polished at the moment.

Q: Are all the renders in the current screen shots final?
A: Yes and No. Some will be remade and touched upon.

Thanks for following our development. More news soon!

-Ashley (Northadox)

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