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The Dungeon is in Garden Paws!

You may have noticed there has been a dungeon in Garden Paws for the last couple weeks. We might have forgotten to write an update, sorry about that. Hope you're enjoying it! If you're not a dungeon fan, don't worry the dungeon is not necessary to the main game and can be ignored.

The dungeon currently has 10 procedurally generated levels with the 10th level being the boss level. You can collect dungeon specific loot here and familiar items including geodes, plant fiber and coal. You can also collect shards that can be used to purchase goods from the shop floor on level 11.

The Shopkeeper doesn't always have the things you're looking for...

The dungeon shop contains a dungeon exclusive furniture set, the Dungeon Stone set and a rare cape! If you still have spare shards, don't worry you can exchange them with Hash for coins.

There are also relics in the dungeon to make each run exciting and different. Some of the relics increase damage, speed and even loot gained!

We plan on adding more levels to the dungeon in the future with more monsters, bosses, loot and all that good stuff.

You can find exciting loot chests in the dungeon!

Secret Hardcore Mode!

Think the dungeon is too easy? You can increase the difficulty with a hidden puzzle. When you first enter the dungeon (before going into the danger zone), you can shoot the blue mushrooms on the right wall from smallest to largest to activate hardcore mode.

The hardcore mode reduces your HP from 250 to 100, increases the damage the monsters do and increases the loot drops.

What's coming next in Garden Paws?

We are pretty proud of how far Garden Paws has come this last year, especially with a small team of 3 (2 Developers and 1 Composer). Over the next month(s) we plan on adding the Fruit Trees, a new island, new tameable creatures, the rest of the dungeon, and a new NPC that will have a shop with various decoration items.

We're always working on optimization and will be focusing on this pretty heavily as we start the port to the Switch. Our goal is to have Garden Paws release on the Switch December of this year!

Links, Links, LINKS!



Garden Paws - bittentoastgames
More customization? You heard that right!

While Dan is working on the Dungeon, Kristina took this opportunity to sneak in 5 furniture sets. Yup, you heard that right, there are 72 new furniture pieces coming in with this update!

Along with the new furniture we've decided to sneak in a few dozen candles that we made on stream with the community. Once you purchase the Candle Workbench from Roman (and some upgrades) you'll be able to craft 48 place-able candles.

The new workbenches for the furniture sets!

Quick Patch Notes

  • New Furniture Set : Pink/Purple Galaxy Set (total 13 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)
  • New Furniture Set: Black Galaxy Set (total 13 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)
  • New Furniture Set: Modern Black Set (total 14 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)
  • New Furniture Set: Rainbow Paw Set (total 14 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)
  • New Furniture Set: Splatter Set (total 13 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)
  • New Item: Candle Workstation and 16 candles in 3 sizes (totally 48 place-able candles)
  • New Item: Standing Torch
  • 6 New Building Pieces (various walls and floors)
  • New Upgrade: Shop Prices Upgrade Book (Frank) With this upgrade you'll see how much a table of goods will sell for.

5 Furniture Sets

Which is your favourite? We always want to hear from the community, what style of furniture set would you like to see in the future?

Anyone love rainbows as much as we do?

Who wants to hear us talk about the furniture sets when we can just show you some epic photos! These are only the first few sets of many more to come! Want to see more check out our Twitch, Twitter and Discord for those sweet spoilers!

Dreaming up what you'll do with this Dark Galaxy furniture set?

Anyone want a splash of colour? The Splatter set might be for you!

Or maybe no color at all?

Maybe a little bit of colour in the galaxy

More Building Pieces

We heard from the community you'd like more building pieces so we snuck a few into this update. All the items, (other than the corner plaster wall), are unlocked from day one in game. Hope you enjoy!

Some of the new building pieces.

  • Half Wooden Foundation
  • Triangle Wooden Foundation
  • Half Wall
  • Short Wall
  • Corner Plaster Wall
  • Window "decoration"

Candle Workstation

Have too much honey? Once you get the Candle Workstation from Roman you'll be able to craft candles in 3 different sizes, totally 48 candles. For performance reasons we couldn't animate the candles flame but we did also include the Standing Torch in this update. If your computer is up for the challenge you can place some standing torches and use the Item Shifter to shift them into the candles.

Other additions and fixes

:O This new face!

  • We added about 12 new faces. Which is your favourite face?
  • We've added a Shop Prices Upgrade Book, once you've purchased the upgrade from Frank you'll be able to see the total sell price of all the items on the table.
  • Standing Torch has been added as a build-able.
  • The summer memory game now shows all the combinations after you've played.
  • The bubble hit box has been increased and it raises slower.
  • The wand shoots further and is faster.
  • The wand camera transition is smoother.

Up for a challenge?

2D Challenge

Every week or two we do a build challenge in our Discord but everyone is welcome to join! This week we are challenging you to build a 2d scene! It can be a home, garden, shop or surprise us! Creative lobbies go up to 32 people so bring your friends!

If you'd like to support us the best thing you can do is talk, tweet and share Garden Paws, it means a lot to us!

Thanks! -Dan, Kristina & Thiago


Garden Paws - bittentoastgames
We have a lot to cover in this post, we just did 2 new updates this month (1.2.8 and 1.2.9) and we (Dan, Kristina and Thiago) have a lot to share with you!

Summer Festival

The Summer Festival and its 3 minigames

If you enjoyed the Easter Festival we have a great surprise for you! When you reach summer in the event area of the town you will find a brad new Summer Festival!

Balloon popping, lawn mowing and memory game!

In the Summer Festival you'll find 3 new mini games with great prizes! Each mini-game gives you Summer Tickets that can be used to purchase Mystery Boxes that will give you a random prize when opened.

There are a lot of new items as prizes! Shorts (9 Variations), Tankini (9 Variations), Floaty Accessory (5 variations), Skirt (4 variations), Flower Lei and Marshmellow on a Stick.

We also have new summer inspired furniture pieces coming with this update, including a Diving Board that functions like the Trampoline.

BeachBall, Beach Chair (6 Variations), Picnic Table and the Diving Board

With these updates you will also find Roman selling some new blueprints that will unlock 6 Fence variations! These fences are also shorter then the one currently in Garden Paws, and are 1 foundation long.

Trading Cards and Steam Badges

Which one is your favorite?

We now have new Steam Trading Cards in the game, 1 for each of the playable characters. You get them by playing the game or trading with other players.

50+ New Quests

We heard you want some more quests, so we've added 59 new quests in these updates. These quests are focused towards late game players mainly being bulk order quests or quests that unlock after specific blueprints have been purchased.

Hopefully you've been stockpiling items for these new quests!

We are still working on the new map that will come in with 2 new towns, 100+ unique quests and more. Catch us in Discord or on Twitch for spoilers. (Eta for the new map is August.)

Four new NPCs

Jack Uzzi, the hot-tub salesman

There are four new NPCs to be found, one is Guppy. Guppy is located in the Inn and will sell you grilled fish once the Inn has been built. We also have Jack Uzzi the friendly Hot Tub salesman that shows up in the Summer Festival along with Sunny the Summer Festival organizer.

Hash the guild master!

The other new character is Hash, who is the guild master and has been sent to Florens to keep the monsters in the dungeon inside the dungeon. You can find Hash in the new cave that has been opened near your home on your way to the forest.

The new cave which will also be home to the entrance to the dungeon coming soon!

The dungeon is a completely optional part of Garden Paws and will be implemented towards the end of July.

Bubbles and Wands

Always carry your wand with you, you never know when you'll see a bubble around.

If you head over to Hash and have a chat, you'll get a wand to practice with while the dungeon opens. Want something to practice on? Try shooting some bubbles. The bubbles are pretty rare, so keep an eye out. You'll have a chance to find them floating above the water, (usually near seaweed), and once you pop them they'll drop a mystery box that can be opened for a treasure.

Bugs and adjustments:

  • Most of the items that stacked to 30 now stack to 50.
  • Paper has been added to the bouquet table.
  • Ferret and Dung Beetle collections now count towards achievements.
  • The black cat was being fishy but has been fixed and can now be pet and will bring items properly.
  • Pumpkins can no longer place, but can be crafted into decoration pumpkins. (This should make it easier to place them in the seedmaker.)
  • Creative worlds now show up as green buttons in multiplayer.
  • Rainbow Poop won't turn into Gold Poop when picked up. Rainbow poop sell price has also been increased from 150 to 300.
  • Fish Traps and Shellfish Traps now say "Harvest" instead of "Pick Up".
  • The mushroom storage has been correctly named on the interaction pop-up. (The mushroom storage thought it was a seed storage.)
  • The Boat Shelf can now take up to 6 items.
  • Fixed a bug in which the dungeon lobby cave rocks disappeared at day 2 but the cave itself would only appear by day 7.
  • You can purchase money bags from the Mayor if you want to save or trade coin.
  • The Item Shifter can now also clone objects (IN CREATIVE MODE ONLY).

Hanging out with the devs!

If you caught us recently on Twitch you'll know we were hosting a 32 player creative lobby where we were inviting people to build a house for this weeks Neighbourhood Challenge! Every 1-2 weeks we do a fun challenge in the discord, this week we're challenging your creativity to build a street with houses/shops or even a full neighbourhood.

A little peek at our Pawsome Town

We love these challenges and seeing what people come up with, especially when people surprise us with how creative they are with the Item Shifter!
Garden Paws - bittentoastgames
Happy Canada Day!


Sorry we're a little late with the post for the update that came out a few days ago. If you've been in Garden Paws since July 1st you'll know we released a small Canada Day update and a couple small patches since then.

During our anniversary event we tested the dungeon with 32 players.

Dan, Kristina and Thiago are still hard at work on the Dungeon and we plan on having it out this month (July). The dungeon will be optional and you won't be technically "killing" the creatures for anyone that is worried about blood/gore. We can assure you there won't be any, in fact you're helping the creatures move on, from the evil necromancers grasp. The Dungeon will have 100 procedural levels, bosses and new items along with it.

Credits in the Garden Paws main menu

The first thing you'll notice in this update is the mail from the developers (Dan, Kristina and Thiago), we added a couple new skins, the Canada Dragon and Canada Fox. There's lots more to this small.. but large update including the Credits where you can find all the backers names. If you don't see your name here please send us a message, we did have to remove a few that either weren't appropriate or were promotion links. We will be adding a bit more to the credits in the next update, including the community members that made skins for Garden Paws.

New Quests, New Shop and New Items

This update our main focus was squishing bugs and improving the the QOL (Quality of Life) for Garden Paws. We did manage to squeeze in a few new items, another upgrade and over 20 new quests. This brings us to 500 Quests currently in Garden Paws!

Fishing Shop

McCoy's fancy new Fishing Shop

The new shop you'll find in Florens is the Fishing Shop. McCoy has been dreaming, and with your help they'll get to run a large shop that can even provide daily shipments of fish, (for a small fee that is..).

New Storage Crates

New Gem Storage Crate

We have added a few more decorative crates including the Ore/Bar Storage Crate, Gem Storage Crate and two new superior crates. The Superior Seed and Flower Crates have a 30 capacity and are visually unique from the other flower and seed crates.

Paw Path and Animal Display

Paw Path rotated with the Item Shifter.

There are two items with very different functions. The Stone Paw can be used to decorate you're home. The Animal Display can hold 1 animal of any type and display it in your world, it won't drop resources while on display though.

No Harvest Zone

Canada Fox building some No Pick Zones!

A small but big new item is the "No Harvesting Sign", when you place this item it prevents anyone from harvesting within it's radius.

Quality of Life

With the community's suggestions and feedback, we have made several fixes in this update to improve on Garden Paws.

  • The Item Shifter can now rotate up/down as well as left/right.
  • The Inventory has an Auto Sort option, as well as a transfer all button.
  • Building pieces have a smoother placement.
  • The range of the Pickaxe and Axe have been increased.

Creative Mode Adjustments and Server Sizes Increased!

Having some fun testing out 32 player lobbies.

At the request of the community we have increased the creative mode lobby sizes from 10 to a whopping 32 people! We have done a few quality of life improvements as well.

  • The inventory and energy levels have been maxed out.
  • You can craft anything at a workbench without requiring the materials.
  • The UI has been adjusted to better fit all the items.
  • Easter eggs and all non-vegetation items have been removed. (Ex. Boris' cart)

We have added a few new items to the creative mode including the Jetpack, Hourglass (which can be used to pause time or jump ahead/back an hour), and the Sponge (to clean off paint).

In creative mode you are also able to place Trees, Bushes and other foliage.

Flying carpets!

Bug Fixes and General Tweaks

Some of these bugs came in with the last update but we missed adding them to the update list of fixes.

We were made aware of a hacker today that was able to join Password Protected lobbies, we've changed the server authentication process to prevent this from happening.

  • The Grid UI now has a scroll bar.
  • The Crystal Garden centerpiece and divider now have colliders.
  • Animals that weren't collecting items (Ferrets/Beetles) are fixed.
  • There's a new in game achievements to track how many Easter Eggs you've collected.
  • McCoy went on vacation and is now back.
  • McCoy's new shop holds 3 items and rotates stock daily.
  • McCoy's Fishing Delivery box has been set up.
  • Text size in the stat screen has been slightly reduced.
  • The Shed has a bottom, when naming the shed it will show up in front instead of inside.
  • Stable animals won't disappear.
  • Legendary Feed shows up when you tame 100 Beetles.
  • Temporary items (like the cart and flying carpet) won't disappear the day after in creative mode.

Social Media Links

Want to chat with the developers (Dan, Kristina and Thiago) or this amazing community? Here are some of the best places to find us.

We have also started weekly challenges in the discord for anyone that would like to participate. Last week we did a pool challenge, this week's challenge is creating a garden.





Lifeguard is on duty!
Garden Paws - bittentoastgames
Our focus for this update is to make every animal tameable and we're happy to say we've done it and we've added MORE animals to tame with great benefits to your farm!

We've updated the taming as well to include the feed the animal likes above their head, as long as you're holding one type of feed.

The arctic fox and it's love of small fish.

Foxes, Ferrets and Beetles!

We added the Foxes, Ferrets and Dung Beetles in this update! All with really great uses.

Foxes! Once tamed they'll bring you a fish a day, or just some poop...

Let's start with the Fox. The Fox can be found in the forest area and can be tamed with Small Fish. You need to pick up a Forest Animal Habitat from Roman the Blueprint Vendor and give the fox a nice home for it to stay with you.

Once you have the fox tamed you can visit it every day to collect some fish, or some poop.

The ferrets make a great addition to any farm. They'll collect feathers, furs, eggs and more every day for you!

Next up, the Ferrets! The Ferrets are something Kristina, our designer, really wanted to add since she grew up with them. Simply purchase the Ferret Habitat and grab some wool and you can head off to start taming these little ones.

The ferrets can be found on one of the southern islands, or in the ruins. Once you've got them tamed they'll collect all Fiber, Wool, Fur, Feathers and Eggs in the area!

Isn't this one stinking cute habitat?

Last but not least, we've added the Dung Beetles! Once you have collected 100 poop you'll be able to build a Dung Beetle Habitat (it's stinking cute!) and craft some Beetle Feed. Once you have some beetles tamed and in their habitat they'll start collecting all the poop within the area the next day!

The beetles come in tons of different colours, even rainbow!

The beetles come in 6 colour variations, and if you choose to pursue the Beetle Mania achievement and tame 100 beetles, the Legendary Beetle will have a chance to spawn! This Gold Legendary Beetle is even a mount and can be ridden around the map!


Rainbow Glitter Unicorn anyone?

You may remember from on of our past updates that we mentioned the Unicorn coming in and we're happy to say that day is today! Call us Unicorn-y but we went with a classic rainbow design, gold horn and ALL the glitter!

The unicorn has a 1% chance to spawn everyday, when you see the rainbow you'll know it's out there, somewhere. BUT you'll only be able to tame the unicorn when you have some Legendary Feed that you get from activating another Legendary to spawn. (Don't worry the fastest legendary to trigger is just by collecting 100 poop.)

The Unicorn, like all legendary creatures, is a little bit faster then regular mounts and a little more ... legendary.

New Animals

We added some new animals, and some variations to existing ones. Here's a little list of some of the new animals.

The new black cat!

  • Arctic Fox (doesn't show up every season ;) )
  • Black Cat (tamed with fish)
  • Mountain Goat (tamed with Hay)
  • Black Horse (Roaming the lands)
  • Pigs and Piglets! (Poppy's Shop)
  • All sheep can be tamed! (Black, White and Pink)
  • New Black Bear variation (tamed with Honey)
  • You can tame the Deer

Want another Barn or 10?

The new barns!

We've heard you want to raise more barn animals. We've added a buildable barn in this update! You'll receive the blueprint in the mail your first winter and you can start building barns to hold up to 4 animals! If you need some Hay we've also included a blueprint for a Drying Rack to turn Tall Grass into Hay.


There are new poop achievements, all the achievements have also been added to the in game menu.

You can now keep track of your achievements progress in-game.

Twitch Integration Update

With Twitch Integration you can enable emotes to pop up above their heads!

We've updated Twitch Integration a little bit. Your chat can now type "hype" to pop some confetti (this can be disabled). Chatters also have a chance to appear as an animal in the wild.

We've also added some NPCs to the Town Hall and the Inn. When you enter your chatters will appear as those characters. Chatters can type "dance", "dab", "jump", or "fart" while they're characters in your game!

One last update, people in your chat can choose the character type they'd like to spawn as in your world when they're a customer.

Bugs Fixes and Other Info

The re-textured hippos <3

  • The Fish Traps don't get picked up when you harvest from them.
  • The Flying Carpet and Kart have been added to the Creative Mode.
  • There is a Storage Workstation, all "Storage Solutions" have been moved there.
  • There are 3 new poopy achievements.
  • Creative mode update: The odd buildings have been removed.
  • The Queue in the oven has been increased from 1 to 5.
  • The food item that a wild animal wants now appears above their head.
  • The hippo texture has been adjusted to look less piggy.

How to find the devs:

Yup you can find Dan and Kristina streaming on Twitch, taking suggestions, giving spoilers and just having fun!

Want to chat with the devs or get sweet sweet spoilers? Here are some fun links!





A HUGE Thank You to everyone that has supported us in creating Garden Paws. The community around our little game is incredible and we appreciate you all so much.

Daniel, Kristina and Thiago

Garden Paws - bittentoastgames
Our One Year Anniversary!

So many people running around the maze!

If you follow us, well anywhere, you'll know that June 12th was our one year anniversary. Yup that's the day Dan and Kristina started conceptualizing Garden Paws and asked our friend and composer Thiago to be apart of the project shortly after.

DJ Penguin in the house!

We had a TON of fun on Twitch (BittenToastGames), yesterday playing on a 32 player dev server with this great community. We had silly dance parties, explored the procedural dungeon, and gave away prizes around the maze, trampoline jump puzzle and more! It was a great test run to see how our game would hold up with larger server sizes, which brings us to Creative.

Easter Festival!

Creative Mode

Thanks Creylith for creating this epic jump puzzle in the creative mode!

Creative is something we've always wanted in Garden Paws, and larger server sizes. We're happy to say the 10 player creative servers are running really well in our limited tests with the help from our beta testers and will be coming live in the next couple hours.

In creative mode you'll instantly unlock all the items and are able to build anywhere and everywhere. There's no town and no quests, just room for you to roam.

Legen... wait for it.. DARY Animals!

Kahuna Chicken and the Big Bunny can be found roaming the islands, once you prove your worth as a tamer of that animal type you'll be able to find them in the wild.

Without giving too many spoilers, a certain achievement might have something to do with it. Want more spoilers we welcome you to our discord that has a #spoilers channel. P.s. Any bugs with the Steam Achievements have been fixed, and new achievements have been added.

2 New Furniture Sets!

Chilling in the Heverli Hot Tub

Thanks to our designer tier backers we have 2 new furniture sets amounting to over 30+ new items between them. One is a more modern set, the Heverli Set, with pieces including a hot tub, beach umbrella, lounge chairs and a canopy.

A gem of a set, the Crystal Garden Set

The other 20+ piece set is the Crystal Garden Set, which has lots of intertwining wood pieces decorated with leaves and crystals to give you an enchanted forest vibe.

Thank you Hash and Teewie for these sets coming into Garden Paws, we've already seen the community over the moon about them.

Super Crops and Seed Mystery Boxes

Going to tame all the bunnies with these big carrots!

With the Seed Bundle Station, you can now combine 4 seeds and 1 Fertilizer to create a Large Seed Bundle. When planting this seed bundle you'll notice it looks a little bit larger than other crops. This Super Crop will yield a seed when harvesting, and you'll have a chance to find a Seed Mystery Box.

Over at Bitten Toast we love Mystery Boxes, how about you? Would you like to see more FREE Mystery Boxes in Garden Paws in the future?

Want to raise more chickens?

That is one BIG chicken.

We heard the community and how you want more chickens! Once you build the max level coop you'll receive a Chicken Coop Blueprint to start building your own coops. Each coop will hold 6 Chickens or Ducks, and you can build as many of them as you'd like.

Paintbrushes and more New Items

Thanks everyone who suggested colours while we made these live on Twitch!

  • - 3 New Paintbrushes: Colourful Shingles, Dark Colourful Shingles and a Pattern Paintbrush (Don't worry we also think the shingles look a bit like dragon scales.)
  • - Clothing Workstation (unlocked after completing a certain collection). With this station you'll be able to craft plain white clothing items, and maybe even some new wings. These are great for dyeing your favourite colours.

A is for how Awesome this community is.. B is for how Big this update is.. C is for how Cheesy the devs are.. *slowly backs away*

  • - Alphabet Workstation with 26 building pieces.

The stone brick planters on one of the new paintbrush floors.

  • - Square Brick Planters!
  • - Flower Glider in 3 colours; Red, Purple and Blue, along with a Rainbow Flower Glider. Accessory items including the butterfly wings, dragon wings.
  • - A Geode Processor for processing a full stack of Geodes in no time!
  • - New Recipes: Dandelion Tea, Strawberry Tea, Honey Milk Tea, Taco

Other Updates and Fixes

  • - Every update we add just a few new quests and this one is no exception. You'll find new quests with Beltran, the Wanderer and other Florens-ians.

We always have fun seeing our viewers rushing to see who can buy poop the fastest.

  • - Twitch integration Update: When your chat viewers show up in your game they can type "dab", "dance" or "jump" to perform that action in your game. (Your chat viewers have a chance to show up in your game if you enable Twitch Integration.)
  • - New Collections in the Museum!
  • - Item Shifter update: There are handy colours to help you shift better. Get shifty.
  • - The main menu now cycles between various Garden Paws scenes.
  • - The collections now show their rewards.
  • - Some stack sizes and sell prices of items have been increased.
  • - Bug Fix: Reset controls to default has been fixed.
  • - The museum no longer takes full stacks of items.
  • - Bug Fix: Steam Achievements


Thanks again everyone, we appreciate how supportive you are and all your wonderful feedback this last year. We're excited for what is to come in Garden Paws next!

- Dan, Kristina and Thiago

As Garden Paws is wrapping up it's core development, we're thinking about adding some inexpensive DLC in the future that is a bit outside of the Garden Paws theme. Is that something you'd be interested in?

Garden Paws - bittentoastgames

  • - There's an Earthquake event! Along with 50+ New Quests.
  • - Bees!! New items: Apiary, Bees, Honey, Honeycomb
  • - New Painting Station! You can now create dyes and paintbrushes to paint walls, floors, equipment and building pieces!
  • - SeedMaker! You can use the Seedmaker to turn fully grown plants into seeds!
  • - You can own a new cave that offers delivery of coal, geodes and a brand new Crystal Geode!
  • - Boris has new inventory upgrades for sale (Max inventory +11).
  • - Catch bugs with bottles! You can craft bottles (or clean old bottles).
  • - Fast-travel with mine-carts (locked behind quest).
  • - Craft All Button
  • - 10 New Gliders, purchaseable from Alberto (quest locked)
  • - There is now an option in multiplayer to share store profits or not share store profits.
  • - The new Town Hall now shows up in the world and can be entered!
  • - New area: 2 new caves to unlock.
  • - New Recipes! (Popcorn, Cookie, and Icecream)
  • - New item: Crystal Geodes that drop gems.
  • - New item: Flower Planter - New item: Guitar! (purchase from Clovis)
  • - New item: Item Shifter (used to nudge placed objects)
  • - New item: Ramp Curved In/Out (purchase from Roman)
  • - New item: Paintings (craftable at the paint workstation) New item: Paint Decorative Crate (achievement locked)
  • - Abby now sells vegetable seeds
  • - Updated window position on building piece.
  • - Fixed being able to right click to remove stones out of the stone delivery crate.

A HUGE update!

First off a HUGE Thank You from the team (Dan, Kristina and Thiago) for all your wonderful support, kind words, reviews (good or constructive) and hanging out with us in discord or on stream. We appreciate this community so darn much! A shout out to our beta testers and everyone that has given advice, suggestions and let us know about any bugs they've found.

There's WAY too much in this update, but it's definitely one of our favourites so far! We've got tons of photos for you, and if you've caught any of our recent streams ( we've been sharing lots and lots.

A Natural Disaster!

If you've already loaded up the game and you noticed a ton of shaking, don't worry, it's not a bug! That's the earthquake that hits (or will hit) middle of year 2. When the earthquake hits you'll be able to help out the townsfolk, (with over 50 quests!), and even help repair the tunnels to open up the Fast Travel between the Town and the Campgrounds.

Fast Travel

Tired of getting around on your glider or a mount? With this update you'll be able to work with the miners and repair the mining tracks to open up a fast travel between the town and the campgrounds!

Bees and Bug Catching

Bzzzzzz we've got some news! We have implemented catching bugs (and butterflies with bottles) and you can even have your very own Apiary! Once you get some honey you'll be able to make some cookies and more items in the future! This is the first step towards taming bears, which will be implemented in the coming patches.

Paintbrushes, Dyes, and New Stations!

Let's start with paintbrushes! There are 9 Paintbrushes each with 3-6 colours/patterns to paint your walls, floors and ramps with. These are craft-able at the Paint Station which you can unlock after you purchase it from Roman the Blueprint Vendor.

There are also 9 Furniture Paintbrushes, these are used to paint almost all the furniture, planters and workstations in the game. With this brush you can even paint the Crystal Furniture and the Glass Walls and Floors!

We didn't stop there though! We've also implemented the Dyeing Station where you can dye Clothing Items and Gliders!Once you've purchased the Dyeing Station blueprint from Roman you can dye anything and everything!

What paint brushes would you like to suggest to add?


You asked for it and we delivered! This is something that wasn't on our radar until the community brought it up and wow do we love it! The Seedmaker is a game changer in Garden Paws, with it you can turn one mature plant into 1-2 seeds!

Sammy will deliver the Seedmaker blueprint to you in the mail on the first day of your first winter. (Don't worry if you've passed the day, you'll still receive the mail.)

New Caves!

There are two new caves in this update, one that you have to find and one that you can open up with the help of the Mayor and the Miners.

After the earthquake has triggered you'll be able to work with the Miners to open up a new cave that will hold a precious new item, the Crystal Geodes!

Crystal Geodes are very similar to the Geodes, but drop Quartz and other crystals.

Increased Inventory

Another huge thing we've been hearing from the community is to increase the inventory size. In this update Boris has 2 new inventory upgrades available to increase your max inventory by 11 slots!!

Another Inventory related feature we just added is the Craft All button!

New Gliders

There are a whopping 10 New Gliders! Some are patterns on the original, others are more unique including the Flower Glider, Butterfly Glider, Angel Glider and more! All of these gliders can also be dyed to suit your character best! Each Glider can be purchased from Alberto's Shop, the Angel and Butterfly can be unlocked through Alberto's new quest line.

Item Shifter and More New Items!

Without writing a book on this update, we'll quickly sum up some of the other features and items you'll find in this update.

Item Shifter: With the item shifter you will be able to shift placed items left/right, up/down, back/forwards just a little bit. This is to aid in lining up building pieces.

Town Hall:
The interior of the town hall has been added!!

New Recipes: Popcorn, Honey Oat Cookie and Strawberry Ice cream!

Guitar! There's a fully playable guitar! Clovis has it in their shop!

Names above people in Multiplayer! Tired of mixing up your friend? Their names will show up above them in multiplayer now!

Flower Planter: Purchase-able at Sierra's Shop after a short quest line.

Roof Building Pieces: There are two new roof pieces that are corner building pieces to create that perfect roof. (Yup there is a new paintbrush to give you a variety of shingle roofs too!)

Paintings! There are 9 Paintings, one is a Sad Cat painting by Daniel Snd, and 8 are screenshots taken in game. The paintings can be crafted at the Paint Workstation.

Are there any paintings you'd like to see in Garden Paws?

Abby now sells Vegetable seeds!

The window building piece has been adjusted to better suit our characters.

Patch Notes have been added in game on the main menu (bottom left).

What's Next

Seeing as this update is so huge we may have missed some things in the update. We definitely get lost in our work but we are working on recording more of what we're updating in Garden Paws.

Our next step is the Creative Mode as we've got it almost done, you'll probably see that come out early June. Our main focus for June is the Dungeon though!

We have almost everything ready for the dungeon, just need to tie it all together with a nice bow, add some more weapons, monsters and a little bit of everything.

The dungeon levels will be 100% procedural with lots of loot to find and sell in your shop. If you don't want to garden at all you should still find enough loot to progress at a steady pace through the game. If you don't want to go near the dungeon or fight anything you're not going to miss out on any of the main content.

June 12th is One Year Anniversary Community Event!

Dan, Kristina and Thiago started developing Garden Paws June 12th last year (2018). For this very important anniversary we wanted to host a community event on one of our servers for up to 32 people!

The event will go live June 12th at 12PM PST for a minimum of 6 hours. We have a maze, a jump puzzle, and will be doing races to earn prizes! This server is being built by Kristina and the beta testers and will have tons of goodies, we hope to see you there!

If you don't want to or can't join the server we will be streaming it on twitch as well.




Garden Paws - bittentoastgames
1.1.0 is now live!

Casually dancing in front of the easter items. (K to dance.)

Every day 15 in Spring you'll be able to meet Ester the Easter Bunny in Florens! We hope you like hunting for Easter Eggs because with the help of the townsfolk Ester has hidden 20 Eggs for you to collect!

The colourful Egg Cracking Station!

Once you find an egg you can bring it back to Ester to crack it open for Bunny Tickets and other goodies like Geodes, Equipment and even Gold Poop! If you find one of the rare eggs you'll have a chance to get rare items including Fairy Wings, Gems and more!

A Flower Fountain!

Once you get some Bunny Tickets you can trade them for the Easter items or crates by simply going up to the item you'd like and trading the tickets.

Some of the Aprons coming into Garden Paws! Do you have a favourite?

There are tons of new items to collect! Here's a list of the new items you can find in this update:

  • Faberge Egg Chest (Red, Green and Blue)
  • 2 Rainbow Dragon Skins
  • 4 New Crowns (Including a Flower Crown and Golden Egg Crown)
  • 18 Aprons (Can be equipped in your accessory slot so you can still wear clothes, if you'd like.)
  • Pastel Coloured Bunnies (Pink, Green, Blue and Purple)
  • Flower Fountain
  • Egg Flower Centerpiece
  • Egg Shrub
  • Stone Bird Bath
  • Pastel Coloured Planters (Purple, Yellow, Green and Blue)
  • 4 Decoration Balloons (Red, Green, Blue and Purple)

Golden Egg Crown anyone?

Multiplayer Update
Since switching over to Bolt to host our Multiplayer Servers we have noticed a HUGE boost in Multiplayer performance. There have been a couple bugs that have been brought to our attention and this update has addressed them. This includes the bug where some people would get the "Session Connection Failed" error.

We are constantly working on this feature and will be addressing any bugs that come up as we're made aware of them. We appreciate your patience as we tackle Multiplayer.

Other Changes and Improvements
(Some of these have already been implemented in past updates, that we may have missed mentioning.)

  • UI Scaling has been added, and can be found in the Settings under Audio and Video.
  • The Glider speed has been increased.
  • Some items were able to be walked through, those have been made whole again.
  • The size of the icons in the display cases has been increased.
  • Elizabeth now shows what they're selling on the table.
  • You can now place and remove a stack of 10 Coal/Ore/Sand in the Furnace at once.
  • The oven bug has been fixed, you can only cook one thing at a time now.

Cracking Eggs at Sunrise

What's Next?
Over the next week we're going to be working on implementing over 50 Quests that will introduce a Fast Travel between the town of Florens and the campground.

Here's some of what you can expect to see in Garden Paws in the next few months:

  • Procedural Dungeon (optional combat)
  • Creative Mode
  • A HUGE new island to explore
  • More Furniture Sets and Building Pieces
  • Berry Bushes and Fruit Trees
  • Legendary Animals
  • More Animals to Tame and Raise (plus Beekeeping!)
  • Bunny and Chicken Breeding
  • More NPC's and Quests

What are you most excited for?

We're thinking of implementing a Giant Legendary Chicken you can ride.

How to catch us on Social Media

Want to see us live on Twitch? You can catch Dan or Kristina every Wednesday and Friday at 2pm PST here.

We'll either be working on Garden Paws, playing Garden Paws or just hanging out answering questions and giving spoilers.


We're always around on Discord, Twitter and Facebook!



Garden Paws - bittentoastgames
1.0.8 update is live!

We have spent the last couple weeks really focusing on the multiplayer bugs and performance and after hours of testing we're glad to say it's looking great!!

Huge Thank You to our Beta Testers and everyone that has submitted a bug or provided feedback, being such a small team we really appreciate all your support. It's been a ton of fun playing this game with the community and hanging out in Discord.

Patch Notes
  • Multiplayer middleware was changed to Photon Bolt. With this change the multiplayer is faster more stable and disconnects are less likely to happen.
  • Now if disconnects happen the game tries to reconnect, and if successful you can keep playing with your friends right from where you left off.
  • Loading and saving have been optimized. Loading times are now considerably faster.
  • Halloween Island is now accessible on multiplayer.
  • Several multiplayer issues have been solved
  • Coal drops have been increased to 3-8.
  • Sprinkler radius have been increased slightly.
  • Glider speed has been slightly increased.

While Dan has been working on the multiplayer, Kristina has been writing quests galore as well as working on some new items. The next update we will be working on adding over 50 quests as well as the Spring Festival! This update will also come this month in time for Easter.

The Spring Festival will have an Easter Egg hunt, tons of new items and more! We'll share more on that soon.

If you've caught our streams or have seen us in Discord you might already know that we started working on a HUGE new area. This area will feature 2 towns with quite a few surprises. Did someone say new mounts? ;)

Without giving too many spoilers all we can say for now is we're very excited to start adding some epic content to Garden Paws!

We've been having a ton of fun streaming, if you'd like to catch some spoilers or just hang out with devs Dan and Kristina you can find us on twitch at BittenToastGames.

Mar 23
Garden Paws - bittentoastgames
1.0.7 is now live!

Multiplayer is our main focus for the next update. Dan (our programmer) will be replacing the multiplayer middleware. This means a complete revamp of the multiplayer code. As we are just a small team of 3 (Daniel, Kristina and Thiago), please bear with us as we get the multiplayer patched up.


The horse playable character has been added. (Thanks to one of our Kickstarter Designer Backers!)

There's now a horse mount and stable. You can also ride many of the larger farm animals!


There's an assistant! You can now hire an assistant to run your shop, for a % of the sales that is.


More cooking has been added! You can now use the churn, the oven or the cooking station to make over 20 new recipes!

Furniture Blueprint Merchant

Furniture Blueprint Merchant has been added, and can be upgraded in town through Frank.

New item: Crystal Furniture Set (Workbench + 10 furniture pieces, this is the first of 3 thanks to our Kickstarter stretch goals.)

New item: Crystal Planter (Time to make one fancy farm!)

New item: Glass Building Pieces (Foundation, Wall, Wall with Door, Ramp)

New item: Bumblebee Dress (Thanks to one of our Kickstarter Designer Backers!)

New item: Silver and Gold Tools. These items will do more damage when harvesting and can be purchased from Beltran.

You can now nap for multiple hours at a time at the hammock. (Only available in Single Player.)

24+ new skins have been added, bringing us over 350 Collectable skins.

29 New quests have been added.

Minor bug fixes:

Antique items now do respawn.

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