The God - Struct9
We would like to apologize to all VR Oculus users for the annoying issues with menu inactivity and overall Oculus activation. We have received every report and we were very awared of it. Now everything is fixed and ready. Enjoy the patch 1.0.3 in Oculus VR!

Thank you for your patience.
Struct9 Team
The God - Struct9
The God patch 1.0.3 is now officially available! Brand new features are here and you can look forward to amazing terrain painting.

Let's see what The God patch 1.0.3 brings to you.[img

-Struct9 Team
The God - Struct9
HoHoHo! We have great news! We would like to announce next patch full of new christmas stuff! Official release date of the patch 1.0.3 is 5th January 2019.

The upcoming new patch will bring you a new collection of objects and terrain painting! Thanks to your suggestions we are updating our game and doing our best.
Also, the winter sales are coming so keep following for the best sale ever!

The God - Struct9
We would like to announce that The God patch 1.0.2 is now officially available! Just open the steam and check out the last updates of The God!

You can look forward to many new features such as advanced weather affection, interactive landscape, improved game look & gameplay, keybinding and more!

Check out The God patch 1.0.2 introduction video! As we use to do...

We hope you will like the patch and if you have any issues, suggestions or new ideas, write them down to the pinned threads!

-Struct9 Team
The God - Struct9
Hey! We are still here and we would like to announce upcoming great patch! Official release date of the patch 1.0.2 is 20th September.

The upcoming new patch will bring you brand new features such as interactive weather, realtime snow simulation, advanced weather affection, keybinding and many more. More below.
(Please if you can't see GIF images, wait a minute!)

Upcoming official features in the patch 1.0.2

• Realtime Snow Simulation
We've been working on a new feature called the Snow Simulation! Now the weather will be much more aggressive and you will be able to enjoy it's interaction!

• Hot Surface
You will be also able to change sun intensity and destroy your whole world. The world can burn in flames!

• Advanced Surface Interaction
It's a very similar feature like above. In the new patch you will be able to interact the surface with everything. It's very satisfying to see how that smooth surface can be easily deformed.

• More Weather Affection!
Yes! The weather will be very crazy! Almost everything will be possible. For example rain drops will affect the snow surface.

• Better Look
The overall gameplay has changed and you can look forward to much more smooth movement, editor interaction and world creation. You will be also able to edit your own controls [keybinding] if you play the game with PC.

• Level Of Detail
You might notice that it's much more detailed and much more smooth. We've updated our systems and graphical protocols. Our new shader system is much more effective and you will definitelly enjoy it. Satisfying things are coming!

You can await many more improvements and features. Of course, there are many bug fixes. Hope you will like the upcoming patch!

- Struct9 Team
The God - Struct9
The God patch 1.0.1 is now officially available and you can look forward to many new features, improvements and fixes thanks to great community!

We've made a special patch 1.0.1 video for you that can be found HERE

Also we have a second special video for beginners. It's video about Basics Of World Creation. The video can be found HERE

Other patch improvements and detailed patch 1.0.1 info can be found HERE

Why not Early Access?
Officially we wanted to release the game and keep it as it is. But as we saw the potencial in the game and people are literally enjoying the gameplay, we decited to make a few steps forward - patches. These patches will help us master the game that players would really love.

Thank you all for great support and activity! We very appreciate every opinion, suggestion and review. This is not the end! Please keep following the last news and upcoming patches. If you have some suggestions, let us know HERE!

- Struct9 Team
The God - Struct9
We would like to announce upcoming patch full of improvements, news and updates. Official release date of the patch 1.0.1 is 2nd July.

In the upcoming patch you can look forward on 2 new modes, human-like perspective, improved intelligence of living beings, new weather and many more.
(Please if you can't see GIF images, wait a minute!)

What the patch 1.0.1 will bring?

• Be More Creative
Choose between 2 new game styles that will make your world more alive or vice-versa. Updated ambient occlusion will add much better taste to shape your terrain as you wish! This option can be found in Options panel.

• Darwin Is Here!
Finally you are able to choose evolution mode in custom-world editor. If you choose Evolution mode, you will be able to see your creations evolve or even fight each other. Predators are able to defend their territories or they can even start figthing. Humans will be able to gather resources from the nature. If you reach specific amount of resources, your evolution level will increase and humans will start building new structures! Every living being has own lifetime so they might get sick or they can die too early. Its up to you how you manage your life in your world!

• Animals Are Finally Animals
We've got here a big improvement in artifical intelligence not just for humans but also for animals. Animals are able to evolve and increase their territory. Each creature has also own lifetime, so it might die too early or too late. It's really beautiful to see tiny, little bears! They are also able to fight each other (yes, penguins win in the gif!)

• The God As A Human
Human-like perspective is a brand new feature that everybody will like. In the objects menu, press the small button in the left corner. You will become a human! Explore the surface and if the humans reach second level of the evolution, they will start building huts which are very useful to progress further in their development. Its such a beautiful view down there!

• Do Not Make Them Too Big!
Humans could be very crazy sometimes. If you resize them and they are too big, they will become big monsters that will destroy literally everything! Watch out!

• Bloomy World
You are able to edit bloom intensity which is that shiny and intense post-effect. You are very free to edit it, you can even turn it off! In short - its brightness.

• Wind, Wind, Wind
New weather addition allows you to control wind intensity! Its just an interesting effect that affects fragile objects. We would like to improve and add more settings for weather, especially for world affection in the future.

• Make Them Grow, More And More
Yes, the new patch brings a small weather-affection such as wind and this little feature! If it starts raining and you are in Evolution mode, you will see how your world is slowly increasing! Trees might re-grow which is very useful for people.

And you can look forward on many many more improvements and updates. In the day of patch release we will upload the Introduction Patch video which will inform you about the last news in The God. Keep following the game and we will let you know very soon! Thank you!
- Struct9 Team
The God - Struct9
The God is now available on steam!

Feel the real power of god and create your own world. Use workshop to share your worlds and invite your friends to edit them! Play short scenario mode and watch the evolution of your creations. If you own HC Vive or Oculus, play in VR! You can also use default mode - Windows PC. Mac and Linux are coming soon!

We hope you will like the game and enjoy being a god!
- Struct9 team

The God - Struct9
The God will get a MacOSX + Linux support in near future. We are having small issues and we hope we will fix this as soon as possible. All OSX and Linux users can look forward on amazing world editor and god-like atmosphere. Actually the game is available for Windows users, for VR Oculus and VR Vive users.

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