Circle Empires - [ICE] Moonsugar

We heard you wanted more monsters. We got more monsters! More leaders? We got you covered. The Circle Empires: Apex Monsters! DLC adds 12 new monsters to hunt down, 6 new leaders to play as and 21 new units to recruit or defeat.

Best part of the story? It's available right now!

But wait? Something else has changed in Circle Empires. The cold winds of autumn have reached the circular battlefield and workers are noticing strange phenomena. We have received news of haunted pumpkins. Oh no, not our beloved pumpkins! 🎃🦇

Plant a haunted pumpkin between October 25 and November 8 and in due time, expect to see them unfold into an evil creature. Sounds like quite the achievement. ;-)

Let's get to work! Start growing those pumpkins and grab the DLC now! 👇
Circle Empires - [ICE] Moonsugar
We heard you wanted more monsters. We got more monsters! More leaders? We got you covered. The Circle Empires: Apex Monsters! DLC adds 12 new monsters to hunt down, 6 new leaders to play as and 21 new units to recruit or defeat.

New creatures make their way onto the circular battlefield. Hunt down a feared unicorn named Über, as you recruit wax monsters that spawn wax towers that shoot wax at your enemies (we could wax lyrical all day). Or recruit your own horny unicorns and fight Enormy the Enormous; a really dumb but (for some reason) widely revered Barbarian.

Yeah, it’s all pretty weird, and there’s a lot more to discover. Recruit brand new units to fight by your side like crossbowmen, infested queens, black dragons, white dragons and assassin warriors. All Apex Monsters! units can be used across all game modes with this DLC package installed.

  • 6 new leaders to play as
  • 12 new monsters to hunt down
  • 21 new units (including unit classes)
  • A new autumn-themed biome
  • All leaders have a new unit to recruit
  • AI empires use the new units to wreak havoc of their own
Apex Monsters is coming October 25. What are you waiting for? Wishlist the DLC now!

Circle Empires - [ICE] Moonsugar




Winners announced next week, good luck!
Circle Empires - [SP] Daverina
To all the Linux users in the house; we are happy to announce Circle Empires is now available on Linux as well, hurray!

Important announcement for Windows users as well: to fix multiple bugs, we had to relocate Circle Empires’ save game folder. This might mean that save games made in previous builds will no longer be listed in the ‘load game’ menu. Luckily there is an easy way to recover these save games.

To find your old save games you will need to navigate to the install location of the game. The easiest way to do this is through your Steam library:
  • From the Library, right click ‘Circle Empires’ and pick ‘Properties’
  • In the newly opened window select the ‘Local Files’ tab
  • Click ‘Browse Local Files…’ and then enter the folder titled ‘Saves’
  • Here you will find your save games. Select and copy them.
  • Paste the save games in the following location:
    C:\Users\*your user name here*\AppData\LocalLow\Circle Empires\Circle Empires\Saves
    (Don’t forget to replace the *your user name here*, with the username in your Windows system).

Of course, we also have breakdown of all other fixes and balance updates for you guys:

Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue which caused a music volume inconsistency when booting up the game and after finished games
  • Fixed multiple issues that occurred when changing the resolution of the game
  • Game resolution and window size can now be modified. To modify the window size, select ‘Settings’ in the main menu > make sure ‘Full screen’ is unchecked > change the resolution using the drop-down menu. Note that changing the game window size is only possible in the main menu.
  • The save game location has been changed which prevents issues at start up of games (For recovery of your old save files please see above!)
  • Fixed an issue which prevented you from moving units after loading a game
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the worker count due to the addition of the new worker types

Balance updates
  • Wizard Towers come in smaller numbers and spawn less wizards
  • Wizard Tower strength rating increased from 1000 => 1250, this means you are less likely to encounter them and less likely to get multiple in one circle
  • Number of wizards per Wizard Tower decreased from 3 to 2
  • XP requirement of Wizard Tower increased from 2000 to 2600 (meaning they will level up slower)
  • Level 1 Wizard strength rating increased from 170 to 220
Circle Empires - [ICE] KevWatch
New units, balance tweaks, Korean localisation and many, many bug fixes.

We hope you’re ready for this because we have a major update for you! Aside from the copious bug fixes, balance tweaks and usability improvements, we have new content coming your way in this update. The new units include the Hammerman (scary looking gents wielding hammers), various new workers, new biomes and new spawners. And version 1.1.7 includes Korean, which can now be selected from the language settings.

Of course, we also have a full changelog for you below, with a breakdown of all changes. We won’t blame you for not reading all of it, because it’s a lot. Sorry.

Thanks a million for your continued support! <3

New Stuff!
  • New language added! Korean localisation is now available from the language select menu.
  • New unit called Hammerman added. These units deal extra damage to armoured units and buildings. The more armour the target has, the more damage it deals.
  • Added spawners for Dragons and Wizards.
  • Leaders will now have their own workers: Goblin Workers, Pumpkin Workers, Frog Workers, Barbarian Workers.
  • Zombies can now also perform worker tasks! Create a horde of zombies and use them for both fighting and collecting resources.
  • New rare biome variations with a large army of hostile units but no spawners. It's like a discoverable circle of DEATH!!!
  • New biome variations with Dragon Lairs and Wizard Studies.
  • Added priest hideout biome variation.

Balance tweaks
  • Overall game balance:
    • Easy and normal game difficulty now have more monsters to fight.
    • Highest AI difficulty is less powerful at the start of a game.
    • Neutral and AI creatures use attack move more effectively which means they will finalize their conquest of nearby circles. Previously they used to shoot some fireballs and then leave it be often times.
    • Spawners now spawn a new wave of creatures when the old wave has left the original circle. This is the case for all types of units except the goblins. This prevents the spawners from being easily killed after the defending army has left. Goblins are a special case because of the Goblin King, who pulls nearby goblins to himself.
    • Unlocking most leaders now have more requirements.
    • Reworked the way neutral units and buildings level up. Now stronger ones are more likely to level up. Previously the XP was spread more equally.
  • The Area of Effect damage is reworked. More distant targets take less damage and the damage is split between targets if there are more than 6 of them. This greatly reduces the damage output of wizards, dragons, undead towers and axe throwers in case of large armies. If there's more than 6 targets then the formula is: damage=originalDamage * (0.5 + 0.5 * 6/numberOfTargets). For example, if you deal 100 splash damage to 12 targets then each gets 75 damage, not 100. This is further reduced by a distance from the centre of an explosion. Damage from burning and poison are still fully applied.
  • Melee units are easier to level up and much better at high levels to make late-game melee more feasible compared to splash-burn-shoot armies. This also allows for an easier re-creation of high-level melee army after losing everything. Changes that are applied:
    • Guard level 1 XP requirement 120 => 100
    • Guard level 2 XP requirement 450 => 180
    • Guard level 3 HP 800 => 1200, damage 30 => 50, XP requirement 900 => 300
    • Guard level 4 HP 1300 => 2000, damage 50 => 120
    • Knight level 1 XP requirement 300 => 180, knockback resistance 60% => 80%
    • Knight level 2 HP 750 => 1000, knockback resistance 60% => 80%
    • Knight level 3 HP 1100 => 1600, knockback resistance 70% => 80%, damage 40 => 80 (note that knights attack faster than guards)
    • Goblin level 1 XP requirement 120 => 30, price 150 food => 80 food
    • Goblin level 2 HP 260 => 320, XP requirement 250 => 80
    • Goblin level 3 HP 380 => 700, XP requirement 400 => 240, knockback resistance 0% => 30%
    • Goblin level 4 HP 480 => 1200, damage 90 => 100, knockback resistance 0% => 50%
    • Ghost level 1 XP requirement 400 => 300, freeze resistance 40% => 90%, price: 0 wood, 500 food, 800 gold => 400 wood, 200 food, 0 gold
    • Ghost level 2 XP requirement 1000 => 600, freeze resistance 60% => 90%
    • Ghost level 3 HP 1000 => 1400, knockback resistance 40% => 70%, freeze resistance 60% => 90%
  • Frenzy Mages and Druids give a bigger bonus but massing them is less effective
    • Frenzy mage and druid bonuses to all units in a circle have diminishing returns now. Each additional bonus has less effect.
    • The base bonus for frenzy mage is increased from +4% attack speed to +10% attack speed. 10 frenzy mages will give about 50% attack speed boost. Maximum attack speed increase is 10x. It takes about 75 frenzy mages to achieve that (compared to 23 in previous versions). However, the benefit of having a few frenzy mages is greatly increased.
    • The druid hit points regen bonus is increased from +30% to +50%. 10 druids will give about +150% health regen speed. It takes 78 druids to reach 10x faster health regen (compared to 18 in previous versions). However, the benefit from having a couple druids is greatly increased.
  • Holding on to your bank-circles becomes more important as they now level up slower. HP increased to help with keeping them alive. Max level bank profit increased.
    • Level 1 bank HP 300 => 600
    • Level 2 bank HP 600 => 1200, XP requirement from 300 => 500
    • Level 3 bank HP 900 => 2000, income from 10 => 12
  • Multiple storehouses now makes sense:
    • Workers will use the closest storehouse to bring their resources to
    • Workers harvest the closest resource if there are more than one available of the same type (e.g. the tree closest to the storehouse, in case there are multiple trees on the circle)
    • Storehouse price increased from 50 => 200 wood (note that almost all leaders get free storehouse in a circle they conquer)
    • Starting resource of wood is increased by 150 to cover the price of the first storehouse
    • Storehouse level 2 resource bonus increased from 10% => 20%, HP from 1000 => 2000, XP requirement from 1000 => 2500
    • Storehouse level 3 resource bonus from 30% => 50%. HP from 1300 => 3000.
  • Unit and leader balance
    • Undead leader can no longer recruit regular workers because zombies can work
    • Undead leader no longer recruits mermen
    • Wyona the watery queen has more mermaid-oriented recruit list and frogs
    • Tenebria the Tribal King can recruit all living worker types
    • The Barbarian, Builder and Demian the Dragon can now recruit hammermen.
    • Ghosts and frost ghosts have no movement penalty on water biomes
    • Golem wood cost 10 => 100
    • Pumpkin necromancers are no longer slower than regular units
    • Barracks now spawns Hammermen
    • Price for upgrading wall increased from 1000 wood => 2000 wood
    • Giant Poison Frog damage 5 => 30
    • Void Queen strength rating is reduced from 3000 to 1800 so it spawns more easily and in greater numbers
    • Evil Mermaid price decreased from 150 food to 90 food
    • Mermaid Archer price from 100 food, 100 wood to 150 food, 150 wood
    • Mermaid Spearman price went from 100 wood, 500 food to 100 gold, 500 food
    • Mermaid Lord attack speed bonus increased from 5% to 20%
    • Mermaid Lord price decreased from 5000 wood and gold to 2000 wood and gold

Usability Improvements
  • When buying new units and buildings the tooltip shows which resource types are missing, eg. wood.
  • When building units and buildings, you can hold down left click to multi-spawn! For some buildings, multi-spawn is not enabled by default. Hold down SHIFT, in this case, to prevent the building type from being de-selected (e.g. storehouse).
  • Advanced build options menu has units from Life Control and Camp buildings (Extra life, Frenzy Mage, Druid, goblins, ghosts, mushrooms). They become available once you get the respective building.
  • The bank is using multi-build now so it's not necessary to re-select it from the menu when building multiple banks.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where changing the in-game languages would not update some menu texts until re-opening of the same menu.
  • Fixed visual discrepancy in which units appeared in different sizes on the UI buttons.
  • Fixed: units were sometimes unresponsive to move/attack orders after loading a save game.
  • Fixed issue with saving sound and other settings.
  • Fixed AI difficulty unlock criteria texts.
  • Fixed localization issue with burning damage stats.
  • Added validation for finding common typos with unit stats, e.g. damage is smaller than 1 gives an error now.
  • Fixed: circles not playing ambient sounds after loading a game.
  • Fixed an issue in which your units would aggro nearby circles unintentionally.
  • Fixed the flickering health bar when a lot of damage was dealt to a single target.
  • Fixed the unintentionally small damage done by mermaid priests.
  • Fixed: Swift the scavenger lord gets a storehouse in each circle.
  • Fixed a localization issue with Czech and Polish languages in the settings menu.
Circle Empires - [ICE] KevWatch

Update time! And, once again, it’s pretty substantial. We listened to your feedback and implemented the following changes accordingly. Most notably, you can now easily expand your troop selection and add specific types to the overall selection, as well as select a specific subset of your troops.

Thank you again for all of your feedback and support. Stay tuned for more!

Check out the full changelog below.

Changelog update 1.0.10

Balance tweaks:
  • Harder difficulty levels are harder in general, especially on large maps. On XL maps, on Impossible difficulty, there are now circles that may stop, for example, 200 expert horse archers from passing through
  • Hostile circles with human population have more options for units and buildings, including towers, wizard, apprentices and healers
  • Pumpkin field circles have a chance of having defensive towers and extra pumpkin warriors so they are better defended
  • Void Queens and Wraith Mages can spawn in deadly, large packs
  • Ghost forest can have more, well, ghosts

Usability improvements:
  • Double clicking on a unit now selects all units of that type on their different respective levels. When you click on guard, it selects guard, big guard, huge guard, royal guard
  • Shift + left-clicking on a unit will now add all units of that type to selection. As opposed to adding only that one unit. For example, select guards, then shift + click on knights to add all knights to selection. Now you have all guards and all knights in circle selected

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed pumpkin-warrior damage output
  • Changed the achievement "necromancer pact" so it triggers with level 1 necromancers (apprentices), as many players felt that it's not working while it actually required you to level up the necromancers. Works now with level 1-s as well
  • Changed the achievement "worker army" so it works with level 2 workers too. Previously it required you to have 100 level 1 workers. Level 2 did not count. Now they both count
  • Fixed an issue where starting a map vs AI and not selecting a difficulty resulted in map having weak creatures. The AI was strong but neutral circles had few enemies
  • Fixed an issue which caused players to be unable to capture circles when playing vs AI (Barandur the Builder gained a gold pile in a new circle, but the gold pile was ‘loyal’ to the player. So if AI was playing as Barandur the Builder, there would be AI controlled gold piles which prevented the human player from capturing the circle unless the players harvests said gold pile)
  • Fixed some issues that prevented high level enemies from spawning on high difficulties. You can now face crazier stuff on large maps. Like a 35000+ strength circles

Circle Empires - [ICE] KevWatch

We wanted to make the first update a chunky one, with a lot of small little additions, fixes and balance tweaks that improve the game. One of the most notable changes is the addition of an attack move, that allows you to direct your selected units to attack anything that comes in their way. Thank you all for your feedback and support, and keep reaching out if you have something to share. We’ll be sure to listen.

Without further ado, check out the full changelog below.

Changelog update 1.0.9

  • Added an attack move! Press ‘Q’ or click the attack move-button in the lower right corner. Then left-click the target location to perform an attack move. Alternatively, hold down ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Alt’ when right-clicking the target location. Units will attack any enemy that they encounter on the way. The regular moving ignores targets on the way to enable escaping from battle
  • Double click selects only one unit type, e.g. guards. It used to be that it selected all units in the circle by category (like melee or ranged)
  • Added keyboard controls overview in the settings menu
  • Added hotkey ‘E’ to switch between simple and advanced build menus
  • Going from advanced build menu to regular build menu, no longer deselects the selected units
  • Units prefer to fight closer targets more intelligently. This also reduces the risk of losing your back-row troops to ranged opponents
  • Display of strength and number of selected units is more visible now. It's in the bottom-middle of the screen.

Balance tweaks
  • Huntable boss monsters got large HP and damage boosts
  • Horse archer level 1 is now less powerful and more expensive: HP reduced from 250 to 180, damage reduced from 10 to 8, price increased from 120 food, 75 gold => 120 food and 120 gold
  • Monster Mushrooms are more likely to spawn Vampires and Ghosts. Used to spawn mostly Zombies
  • Removed personal bonuses from camps, storehouses and mystery boxes.
  • The Goblin King got +10 armor
  • Vampire level 6 got +10 armor
  • Most buildings received armor and had their HP adjusted accordingly to to adjust for this balance tweak. Sunken Ruins and Sinister Towers have a bit less HP, while stables have a bit more
  • Ron the Rebel King (the Knight Boss) got more resistance to knockback and additional armor
  • The Goblin King got more resistance to knockback and damage 15 => 35, which will be further boosted if it's a huntable boss monster
  • Giant Frogman and Giant Poison Frog now have increased poison resistance
  • Giant Frogman got stronger poison attack, which does less direct damage
  • Pumpkin Warrior got a damage boost from 5 to 10, and more knockback
  • Axe Thrower boss gets a large knockback boost
  • Decreased the Frog Witch’s attack speed, and gave the attack a tiny area of effect splash

bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where vampires lifesteal ability was 1000 times better than intended (meant to be 50%, was 50000% of damage dealt)
  • Fixed the issue that caused the sound settings to be reset after each match. This should not happen anymore. However, if it does still occur, be sure to reach out on the forum in the ‘bug reports’-section.
  • Fixed an issue where AI in Imperial Conflict stopped expanding
  • Display of strength and number of selected units is more visible now. It's in the bottom-middle of the screen
  • Fixed a bug that caused units to ignore certain enemies in a circle
  • Fixed a bug that caused that Druid tooltip to not show
  • Fixed a bug where some projectile sounds were playing in circles that are not discovered, most notably when playing vs AI
  • Sleeping NPC’s can no longer move around while sleeping

Alter Army

We're trying out a new format for our weekly list of new games on Steam you might have missed, with a separate entry for each week's collection. You can check out previous games we've highlighted here. As always, these are five of the smaller games that might have otherwise escaped your attention in the glut of titles that come out on Steam every day.


Steam pageReleased: August 10Developer: ZachtronicsPrice: $20

You may know Zachtronics as creator of puzzle games like Opus Magnum, Spacechem, and Infinifactory. He's also the brain behind hacking games TIS-100 and Shenzhen I/O, and EXAPUNKS is in that vein, thematically speaking. You're a hacker forced to make viruses and bust open the security of everything from banks to highway signs because it's the only way to get the medication you need. EXAPUNKS is set in 1997, so you learn how to hack by reading a zine called Trash World News between levels, which is a great concept. EXAPUNKS is in Early Access, but as with prior Zachtronics games it's feature-complete and will receive polish and balance tweaks over the next few months.

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

Steam pageReleased: August 8Developer: Kasey OzymyPrice: $15

It seems like there's an entire generation of game designers who grew up on the surreal JRPG Earthbound. Yume Nikki, Undertale, and now Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass all bear the weight of its influence. In this you're a boy who is sent out into the wide world by your mother on a quest for honey so she can make a cake, but along the way you'll use your power of imagination to transform into a variety of creatures with their own abilities and also get into turn-based battles with some real unusual monsters. It's quirky as all get-out, and pretty sizeable too.

Alter Army 

Steam pageReleased: August 7Developer: Vague PixelsPrice: $4.50

A 2D action-platformer made by two teenagers from India (you can read their story here). Alter Army has a rocking guitar soundtrack, and one of its heroes wields a guitar as a weapon. You'll be smacking up evil trees and exploring a dying civilization, all in service of collecting crystals that summon a new batch of enemies each time you grab one.


Steam pageReleased: August 10Developer: Happy SnakePrice: $2

A little game with the cutesiest visuals, LIBRARY is about throwing books at people. But in a nice way? You run through a colorful library making friends and then chucking books at them while everyone smiles as if it's all as delightful as tea and crumpets. It's got the jauntiest soundtrack, which is what makes it all seem like innocent fun. LIBRARY also contains Happy Snake's previous game, Morning Post, which was the same kind of thing only with envelopes instead of books. 

Circle Empires 

Steam pageReleased: August 9Developer: LuminousPrice: $8

Once a popular little demo you could get from Gamejolt, Circle Empires is now a full-fledged standalone game. It's an RTS where the map is made of circular areas representing mountaintops, all connected in a grid. You plunk down some workers in one circle, gather resources, make some fantasy troops and then march them over to one of the next mountains to take over. Circle Empires takes the RTS formula and makes it snackable.

These games were released in the week prior to August 12, 2018. Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links. Read our affiliate policy for more info.

Circle Empires - [ICE] Moonsugar
Circle Empires has released today through Steam and other major digital retailers. It is available at an impulse price of $7.99, with a further 10% discount offered during this week of launch!
The Circle Empires universe is made of interconnected circles, each containing loot to plunder and foes to defeat. Players take the role of the god-like leader of a tiny kingdom, hungry for power. Using guile and strategic prowess, gamers hunt down increasingly powerful foes to expand their territory.

Circle Empires features three modes - Monster Hunt, Full Conquest, Imperial Conflict - and six difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme, Nightmare, and Impossible.

Circle conquistadores can purchase the game at a 10% discount now!
Circle Empires - [ICE] Moonsugar
Circle Empires releases for PC & MacOS on August 8th! Be prepared, start sharpening your swords, axes, and... dragon teeth? 🐲
The Circle Empires universe consists of interconnected circles, each containing loot to plunder and foes to be defeated. Players take the role of the god-like leader of a tiny kingdom, hungry for power. Using guile and strategic prowess, gamers must hunt down increasingly powerful foes and expand their territory.

Circle Empires features 18 playable factions, 12 enemy boss monsters, and 150+ different creatures, buildings and resources. The game is procedurally generated, meaning no two playthroughs are ever the same.
Circle Empires started life as a small demo on Game Jolt, which was picked up by over 165,000 strategy fans – since then it has blossomed into a fully-fledged Real-Time Strategy game, with completely overhauled art and countless new features.

Upon release, Circle Empires will support the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Czech, Polish and Estonian.

Wishlist the game now!

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