Black Jack Story - AngryGames
We added native support Linux and Steam OS.
This game working on all main platforms now - Windows (x86/x64), Linux, MacOS.

And we are glad to say that the achievements are visible on the profile now.
May 27, 2018
Black Jack Story - AngryGames
A small update in the Black Jack story:
- in the English version the untranslated inscription on the remainder of cards in the deck is translated;
- the cap was withdrawn from the maximum stake of 2000 gold;
- if at the beginning of the game we get 10 + ace - automatically win;
- the mechanics of the "Double" button has been changed (now doubling is possible only after the initial delivery of two cards, after which you will be handed one more card and the move will be transferred to the dealer);
- corrected the work of some achievements, previously working incorrectly;
- few minor technical amendments were introduced.
We wish you a pleasant game!
May 7, 2018
Black Jack Story - AngryGames
Today there was a small update, which allows you to bet on the rest of the money in the event that for a minimum bet you or the dealer have insufficient funds. To do this, just click on any button to start the game for the entire available balance of funds. Thanks, Ezic for helping to identify this bug. We wish everyone a pleasant game! =)
Black Jack Story - AngryGames
We listened to the opinion of our first players and made some changes:
- Now you can see how many cards are left in the current deck;
- chests and a wheel of fortune open free of charge after Boris and Chanterelle respectively, waiting time for them is reduced;
- bought characters skins and decks are not lost, if you start the game again.
Thank you all for participating! It helps us make our games better!

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