Monster Crown - devotedtoneurosis

Yep, tune in tomorrow, October 25th at 5PM EST for a livestream showing off previously unrevealed BOOK OF THE DEAD monster transformations.

Tune in on twitch, or just here on the steam game page!

If all works out we'll have our newest artists, Alessandro and Arex join us as well, hope to see you there!

Monster Crown - devotedtoneurosis

Type: Unstable
Height: 2ft
Weight: 14lb
Life Expectancy: 5 yr
Strength: Soul of the Stars

Urs is a monster that is rumored to exist, described in several ancient books of dubious origin that have been found on Crown Island. The books tell of past events in detail that seem to contradict the known history of mankind. The authors remain unknown but seem to have collaborated, perhaps codifying some deeper meaning beyond the literal.

Each of these books however touch on "the gift" of Urs. Urs is said to spend its days behaving as any typical monster would, foraging for food, seeking shelter and leaving markings in the hope of locating others of its kind. While the books seem to describe Urs in different ages, apparently the creature "shall never find kin" and is stranded "very far from home".

By far the most remarkable feature of Urs however is how it reacts when attacked. Urs's fur will begin to glow, and the stars will dim and strobe. Urs will seemingly pull energy from the heavens, enveloping itself "in the soul of a star". While in this state Urs's power multiplies, giving it more than enough power to protect itself from any foe, a foe which is said to be now dazed from "an unreal sky above".

Will Urs make your team?
Monster Crown - devotedtoneurosis
Check out the highlights of our latest stream here:
Monster Crown - devotedtoneurosis
Hey guys,

Sorry about this but I mixed up my timezone's relation to the EST zone that I know most of you are in.

The stream instead will begin at 3:30PM EST tomorrow, Friday July 26th 2019!

Hope to see you there!
Monster Crown - devotedtoneurosis
Stream incoming!

Tune in at 6PM EST right here on steam!

Or subscribe on youtube or check us out on twitch:
Monster Crown - devotedtoneurosis
Interested in potentially being part of our next expansion of the private beta?

Check out the form here:
Monster Crown - devotedtoneurosis
Check out the latest and greatest about MONSTER CROWN in our recent Kickstarter update :)
Monster Crown - devotedtoneurosis

Type: Unstable
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 780lbs
Life Expectancy: 80 yr
Strength: Worried Energy

There is one Panipillr

Little is known about this monster, or what will become of it. Therefore, one must pay close attention to learn anything about it at all!

Panipillr seems to have hatched from an egg very long ago. Based on the husk of the discarded egg, Panipillr emerged at roughly its current size and weight, and has not left the location of its birth - a secluded cave tucked away in a secret location, for many decades, perhaps even centuries.

Anyone approaching Panipillr can sense the immense energy building within it. Fluctuations and increases of energy can be felt by anyone within 50 feet of this monster, and sudden spikes coincide with Panipillr's frantic, worried nature becoming even more dramatic. It never sleeps and seems to be in a constant state of dread. It's theorized that Panipillr can feel the massive energy building as well and, not understanding the nature of its own body, feels an ever increasing dread at all times.

Will Panipillr make your team?
Monster Crown - devotedtoneurosis
Check out our latest Monster of the Week!

Type: Will
Height: 4ft 6in
Weight: 148lbs
Life Expectancy: 30 yr
Strength: Mega Volt Power

Tucked away deep in an underground facility, Vult is rarely seen by outsiders. No records of the monster exist before recent times, seemingly having sprung forth from the stray bolts of an overwhelming source of electrical power.

This monster is quite slow but can unleash a thunderous surge of lightning. They seem to have poor eyesight. As they slither they drag their heavy heads along the ground lazily. Tamers are advised to resist leaning on Vult unnecessarily - while a rare occurrence, the energy stored deep within them can travel through a human and diffuse into the ground unexpectedly, a feat Vult seems to be unable to control consciously. This seems to happen less frequently as they age.

Vult do not appear to age physically, but instead grow weak or strong depending on the frequency with which they are commanded to let loose power.

Will Vult make your team?
Monster Crown - devotedtoneurosis

We had our Kickstarter Anniversary Livestream last night with guests, giveaways and new reveals!

Be sure to check it out below:

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