Dumb As Wizards - Random Dragon Games
You can now learn who has worked on and who is working on Dumb as Wizards in the credits section in the main menu.

We've added some clarification to the store and a new video teaser.

Fixed an issue with loading and splash screen.
Dumb As Wizards - Random Dragon Games
We have been working on making the online multiplayer experience more intuitive and clearer.

To that end, the first player on each client who join an online game, no longer have to click START for their wizard to appear. Making it much more obvious that you have actually joined the online lobby.

Additionally we have set created rooms to be open by default, making it more straight forward for you to join games, the rooms can still be closed by the host though.

We also had the opportunity to fix some minor issues with online game play, like the materials for hats not appearing as they should.
Dumb As Wizards - Random Dragon Games
Added cooldown flash to player crystals
Fixed and issue where keyboard players were unable to set a ready state
Dumb As Wizards - Random Dragon Games
All shopping is now done in one phase only,
this affects, Wizard Rumble and Defend the Eye.

Purchased spells are now directly added to the players hand!
This means that everyone can see what the other players have bought and have slotted, making it easier to react to their choices.

This also means that the wait between the action is HALVED!

Additionally we added a flashing spell icon above the player to let you(and your enemies) know when spells are ready to be used again.

Health bars are now player colour so confusion about who is who is lessened in the heat of battle.

There are still a lot of quality of life updates to be added, and we are working on fixing some issues with online play.
Dumb As Wizards - Random Dragon Games
Added particle effect when players defeat enemies
Dumb As Wizards - Random Dragon Games
Back online!
Dumb as Wizards is back online, now with lockable rooms so you can make sure you can play with you friends.
Use shift + tab to find and invite your friends using steam.

We are working on making the shopping phase more streamlined. So far we have changed the way you ready up for games. Hope you like it.

Thanks for the patience wizards, now go whale on each other!
Dumb As Wizards - Random Dragon Games
All spell icons changed with new clearer images!

Tweaks and changes to the sizing of UI

Added helpful UI to the shop cursor

Update text box added to keep players up to date with the development

Online issues persists, we are working on a solution.
Dumb As Wizards - Random Dragon Games
We are working on a lobby rework for online multiplayer, making it easier to use and play games with friends. Sadly that means we are currently experiencing some issues with online multiplayer.

We hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

While the issue persists, you can always play some solo Defend the Eye to practice your aim, or invite your online friends over for a Local rumble.

Thank you for you patience wizards, we will have you brawling across the ether as soon as we can!
Dumb As Wizards - Random Dragon Games
Midway update

Added the balloon spell!
Soar out of harms way with a red, blue, green or yellow balloon!

Featuring unique animations

You cant cast spells while in the air but you do look absolutely adorable and most spells cant get to you.

Added YAXB buttons to the in game UI

Minor UI changes to the main menu.

May 18, 2018
Dumb As Wizards - Random Dragon Games
Player circles added - runic direction helpers.

New Health bars! - with prettier damage reception.

Tutorial added - quick walk through of how to play

Game mode update - added explanations and UI for game mode selection.

The arena now gets filled with mystical clouds as the arena shrinks.

A ton of quality of life adjustments and bug fixes

Disabled balloon for now. - will be back with a vengeance!

Some placeholder Icons have been added of different types.

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