Spinnortality | cyberpunk management sim - James Patton
Hi everyone,

The soundtrack for the game is now available, along with some behind the scenes stuff that may be of interest to you if you want to know how/why the game got made:

  • Scans of my handwritten notes while making the game, from its initial conception (and list of potential names) to marketing and final tweaks.
  • "But what does it mean?: inspirations and motivations behind Spinnortality", a short document explaining the game's inspirations, and its theoretical underpinnings.

This was originally just a reward for Kickstarter backers, but I figured: why not make it available to everyone? Enjoy! :)

Spinnortality | cyberpunk management sim - James Patton
Hi, just a quick update. You can now mouse over Public Opinion to see what's changing it, a feature that's been requested since, like, forever! Yay!

Patch notes:
  • financial projections will now take moon costs/profits into account
  • "earnings" product tab in nation window now correctly displays items by earnings
  • PR stunts that require a certain type of nation cannot be triggered unless a nation with those qualities exists
  • AI climax has been tweaked so it appears more frequently. (Players seemed to report this was the rarest cliamx.)
  • if a corpornation somehow has more than 100% shares, the system will get rid of the excess.
  • mousing over public opinion now gives you a readout of all the things that affect it
  • Finance projections now include moon things and renewing PR projects
  • when clicking the top-left interface to see a product's launch success, you can also see which nations are launching something that turn.
  • Tutorial: it was previously possible to delete a notification, locking the tutorial up.
  • Fixed bug where "net neutrality" would trigger waaaaay too often.
Spinnortality | cyberpunk management sim - James Patton
Just a few bug fixes here. Highlights are: no more tsunamis on the moon, and there's a new graphics mode for those who got a totally black earth (it's because some shaders aren't supported by their graphics cards).

Full patch notes:

  • Politics pie chart now has lines dividing sectors for easier readibility.
  • Tutorial window can now be dragged around, in case it obscures something in some resolutions.
  • Added a "basic shaders" mode for (mostly mac) users who saw a black globe due to shaders not being supported. It looks less pretty than normal mode, but if your setup doesn't support the Shaderforge glitch globe shader it's better than the alternative.

  • Corpornation shares now always add up to 100%; when buying or selling shares, existing shares are bought from or sold to existing companies.
  • Corruption will not increase if you have zero workers.
  • Tweaked nation influence coloring on the globe.

Bug fixes:
  • The moon cannot get hit by storms, floods or other natural disasters. You cannot build climate defences or green energy on the moon, and you don't need to build green energy on the moon to get the climate victory.
  • Corpornation share calculations fixed.
  • "Launch cost" and "potential income" now update in the slogan window if you click the product list on the left-hand side.
  • Worker-related events should not pop up if you have no workers.
  • Fixed weird error in rival event which incorrectly displayed their vulnerability as "#v4#%" instead of "0%". THIS HAS PLAGUED ME FOR MONTHS YET I TRIUMPH, THE HUMAN WILL IS UNBENDABLE
  • Fixed odd bug where pause menu options scrollbar would get deleted.
Super Pixel Racers - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Sin Vega)

I have cancelled February. Today, and tomorrow, and most of the next two weeks, do not exist. It has been that kind of month, and I don’t think I’m the only one. Please purge responsibly, everyone. Don’t guillotine anything I wouldn’t guillotine.

Unknown Pleasures is running a little behind, not least because there were a truly ridiculous number of games to get through earlier this month, and almost several of them weren’t about fighting rats. We’ll get caught up, don’t you worry. The upshot is a jolly fine selection of the best indie games on Steam, and that I might even get away with not buying any Winter clothes if I can hold out for a bit longer.

Glumly enduring the twilight of civilisation this week: riotous robots, crashy cars, and competent cops. (more…)

Spinnortality | cyberpunk management sim - James Patton
Hi Spinnortality players, I just wanted to let you know that every game-breaking bug that's come to light since launch should now be fixed in the latest version, v06.02.2019.

There's still a long list of other bugs, as well as tweaks and features I'd like to implement, and I fully intend to get round to that. But anyone whose global corporate empire was halted by a mysterious inability to launch their products should be happier in the meantime.

Note: this is only true for Mac and Windows players. Linux people are still on the original launch version, unfortunately, since I'm having difficulty getting access to a Linux machine. (The one I tested the launch version on was borrowed from a friend.) This should be fixed soon, though, and I thought it wasn't fair to keep the fixes from everyone else in the meantime.

Full patch list:

  • Fixed bugs preventing time from passing correctly / money from being correctly added / campaigns and other actions being completed. (These were due to issues in the "law pushback" code, incorrectly indexed espionage actions, and the game getting confused when trying to sell corpornation shares due to Anti Monopoly laws.)
  • Fixed silly floating mouseover when closing a short newspaper window.
  • Ensured that if you switch nations while the "Choose slogan" interface is up, the slogans will update to indicate whether or not this slogan has been used in the new nation, and how successfully. (It was previously stuck with data from the old nation.)
  • Made "changing laws" tutorial fail elegantly if it fails to find a corpornation.
  • Music has more interesting tracks while reading notifications/events/newspapers.
  • Right clicking the "-" button to fire all workers now fires queued workers first, rather than firing all of that type of worker.
  • If you fire workers then click "Undo worker firing", the recalled workers will not be assigned a task, to avoid making them unavailable in the "assign research" panel.
  • Law changes at 100% political influence should now always default to the maximum law change chance.
  • In rival emails, the "Your rival has #v4#% vulnerability" bug should be fixed. (But I'm not sure, please email me if it persists.)
  • It is now impossible for laws to remain at -1, and if they do they will be quickly reset.
  • The AI and Climate crises require fewer connections to complete.
  • Added splash screen. (This may help with a certain mac bug?)
  • Fixed a bug where resource feedback (the green / red fading text) faded very slowly, and would slowly trail across the entire screen
Spinnortality | cyberpunk management sim - James Patton
Hi everyone,

Spinnortality is out now! Technically it was out about 18 hours ago but suddenly I had a bajillion things to do come launch, so this update is a little tardy.

What is Spinnortality, I hear you ask? (Well, not all of you - some lovely people have bought the game already!)

Spinnortality is a cyberpunk management sim where you run a giant evil megacorporation in a dystopian future. You can look forward to:
  • Rigging elections, spreading fake news or just smashing governments with riots and coups
  • Researching awful products, then marketing them to make them irresistible
  • Pushing the boundaries of brain transfer tech to make sure you and the Board of Directors are always young, fresh and ready to perform hostile takeovers

If this sounds like your thing, the game is out on Steam now.
Spinnortality | cyberpunk management sim - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Matt Cox)

In the future, nothing will be able to escape the clutches of transhuman capitalists – not even management sims. That future is about 6 hours from now, when Spinnortality comes out on Steam. It puts you in charge of a company attempting to take over the world through tech, manipulation and malice, on a journey to become an immortal despot. I am sure everybody will find this very funny in fifty years time.


Spinnortality | cyberpunk management sim - James Patton

Just wanted to let you know that cyberpunk management sim Spinnortality is launching on February 1st! You can see the announcement trailer on the game's Steam page.

This has been a long road for me - this game's been in development for over 3 years, and I've worked pretty much alone for all of that - but I'm excited (and slightly terrified) that it'll soon be in your hands!

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